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Suppose for an hour every day, That we somehow found a way To render your mind a blank, rom the mind all emotion yanked

!our mine would enter a dead "one, #nside your head it$s dark, you$re all alone !ou would feel no emotion, No pre%on%eived notions

&ove, hate and worry, void, No %on%ern about bein' annoyed A time for your brain to rela(, !our emotions would be less ta(ed

)ould this be a way of healin'* To ease all those internal feelin's )ould it help you live lon'er, +eep your mind fo%us, mind would not wonder

Our mind does have this dead "one, And we %an train our brain to be alone ,ive us a healin' power, #t$s up to us to make it ours

by Tim Thayer