02_Ch17: Women in Public Life!

Timeline: 1890 - 1920" FQ: How do women attempt to build a 'Public Life' AND fail/ succeed?" #" Main Idea: As a result of social and economic change, many women entered public life.

" CCSS...! " I. Women in the Work Force! "

A. Farm: Relative equality with men in these roles.! B. Industry! 1. Garment/ Textiles: Half of all employed women in industry. Half the income of men. Why? How would a factory owner justify the income disparity?! 2. Offices/ Schools: Women high school graduates outnumbered men." 3. Domestics: Most uneducated women were employed in this field. Severely impacted by the emancipation of slave women."

II. Women Lead Reform! Why do women make great reformers?" A. Education: Colleges begin catering to women education." B. Reform Leaders: Not having the vote forced women to target areas of society that they can 'reform' by grassroots action." • National Association of Colored Women (NACW)" • Suffrage Movement: National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA) => National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA)." - Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Julia Ward Howe." - Three Step Approach: *Convince State Legislatures, *Court challenges to 14th Amendment interpretation of "Citizen", *National Constitutional Amendment"



Summary: Why it matters today:! Women won new opportunities in labor and education that are enjoyed today.! pertinent due dates." !

" Materials/Sources:#Refer to the course calendar for additional assignments and

" "

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