03_Ch17: Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal! Timeline: 1890 - 1920" FS: Theodore Roosevelt: The Person, Politician, & Progressive.

" #" Main Idea: As a president, Theodore Roosevelt worked to give citizens a ‘Square Deal” via Progressive Reform.

" CCSS...! " I. Rough-Riding President! " "

A. Ambitious: City, State, and Federal office." B. Bold & Adventurous: Rough Riders of the Spanish-American War! C. President by Chance: Vice President becomes president via assassination of Pres. McKinley.! D. Presidency as the “Bully Pulpit”"

II. Reforms to Provide a “Square Deal”! The use of federal power to…" A. TrustBusting: Colleges begin catering to women education." B. Arbitration: 1902 Coal Strike." C. Federal Regulations: 1. Railroads and Interstate Commerce Act (birth of the Interstate Commerce Commission). 2. Food & Drugs. (Pure Food and Drug Act). 3. Conservation & the National Park System."

" " "

III. Civil Rights" Considered by many as a major failure of this progressive president." A. Token Support: Any support for the equal treatment of African-Americans was minor and ineffective." A. W.E.B Dubois and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)." Summary: Why it matters today:! Women won new opportunities in labor and education that are enjoyed today.! pertinent due dates." ! Presentation

" Materials/Sources:#Refer to the course calendar for additional assignments and

" "

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