From: KISHANKUMAR J. SOLANKI Clo MANOJ SOLANKI B TIRUPATI APPTS 16 SANGAM SOC AMBAWADI HIRABAUG CROSSING AHMEDABAD - 380015 GUJARAT STATE, INDIA e-mail: kishan_solanki@rediffmail.com Mob. + 971 507396163 (UAE) I +91 9727999034 (India) 1st September 2009 To,

The Coordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-11 0 068.

Subject: Submission of Project Proposal for MS-1 00 (Student Enrolment no. MP - 909150356) Dear Sir, With reference to the above, please find attached following: 1. Proforma for Approval of Project Proposal duly signed by me & the Project Guide Synopsis of Project Proposal (4 pages) duly signed 3. 4.

by me & project


Detailed Bio-data of the Project Guide Mr. Chetluru S. Ravi, duly signed by him Copy of Re-registration acceptance at IGNOU Regional Centre, Ahmedabad dated 14/1/2009

Kindly note that my recorded address is as stated above, but I frequently visit Dubai, UAE & intend to take up employment there shortly & hence taken up project relating to UAE with project guide who is well experienced Professional working in Insurance sector in UAE. Kindly requested to approve my Project proposal at the earliest and enable me to complete the Project Work MS-100 at the earliest.

Thanking you Yours faithfully

~Olanki MP Regn no. 909150356 Encl: As above

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