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Silencer Replacement 1V2p & 1V6P

The Silencer is a component on your machine that performs two very important Duties: 1) Silences the action of the Pneumatic Solenoids 2) Evacuates un-needed air from the Solenoid Manifold. The solenoids can be found on the far end of the solenoid manifold, there are 2 of them, one to help evacuate air for the solenoids that fire the Swing and Setter guns up and down motion, and one that evacuates un-needed air for the solenoids that provide vacuum power to each Gun.

These silencers over time can become clogged with lint and dust and sometimes oil residue from oil lubricated air compressors, when this happens in-needed air cannot evacuate the manifold causing the solenoids to perform poorly. When this happens vacuum can be diminished on the Swing and Setter guns or the up and down motion of the guns can become slow and not keeping up with the speed at which the machine operates, causing stones to throw etc Replacing the Silencers: No tools are needed to replace, after new silencers are ordered and received, simply gain access to the solenoid assembly and unscrew the old silencers from off the manifold and install the new ones in place. **Do not over-tighten as the screw threads on the silencers are plastic and can strip easily**

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