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2010isiap Eng

2010isiap Eng

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Published by: Fred Mindlin on Oct 15, 2009
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The Central California Writing Project

Invitational Summer Institute
UCSC Education Dept. http://ccwp.ucsc.edu/ ISI Co-Directors: Graciela Vega & Louann Baker

San Juan Bautista, CA June 16 - July 9, 2010
The centerpiece of CCWP work with teachers, the Summer Institute develops teacher expertise and leadership in writing pedagogy.
Our programs and institutes are focused on issues of Access, Relevance, and Diversity.

Apply now! ¡Aplica ahora! Deadline: February 1, 2010
Apply Online:
Visit the Central California Writing Project website to fill out an application: http://ccwp.ucsc.edu

Apply via email:
Send an email to <louannb@ucsc.edu>

Apply via snail mail:
Central California Writing Project, Education, Soc. Sci. 1, UCSC, 1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Include the following information in your application:
! ! ! Your Name, School, Grade Level(s), Subject(s) you teach, and email address Number of years you have taught A typed Personal Statement: Briefly introduce your students, describe a lesson or strategy that has been successful, and reflect on why it has been successful. Also, describe yourself as a writer.

The Writing Project gives ALL teachers opportunities to collaborate: - to develop their writing voices - to use writing to empower their students and themselves - to learn ways to differentiate curriculum - to practice research-based strategies for teaching writing

We Welcome All Teachers:
- teachers who are English Learners, Bilingual and Monolingual Teachers - Elementary, Secondary, and College Teachers - all Content Areas Teachers, Special Education Teachers. and Administrators

A PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITY We bring together experienced teachers across grade levels and disciplines to celebrate and to enhance their professional roles as they share knowledge about how writing can be effectively taught and used in the classroom. It is a truly collaborative professional learning community that benefits from the multiple perspectives provided by the diversity and range of Summer Fellows. TEACHERS AS WRITERS By becoming grounded in the practice of writing, teachers are better positioned to help their students use writing successfully. The institute provides ample time to write for different purposes. TEACHERS TEACHING TEACHERS WITH A STRONG RESEARCH BASE Institute participants broaden and deepen their knowledge base and encounter new ideas to spark and challenge their thinking through readings and workshops by guest researchers as they develop their own classroom inquiry. All teachers in the institute present inquiry-based workshops of their own successful teaching practices. These demonstrations serve to broaden the knowledge base of participants and provide a classroom-based foundation for that knowledge. This institute is the beginning point for the development of CCWP Teacher Consultants and the teacher leadership that guides and sustains CCWP's work. TECHNOLOGY Participants will learn about ways to use technology for writing in their classrooms.

STIPENDS AND CREDITS Participants receive a stipend and may purchase units. They will receive a certificate of completion they can use to fulfill HOUSSE points for NCLB compliance.

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