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Replacing Solenoids 1V6P

Replacing the solenoids requires first cleaning the Solenoids manifold with Alcohol so any and all oil, dust debris is completely removed so they will not corrupt the new solenoids when mounted.

Tools Needed:
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Masking Tape & Pen Small Straight Screw Driver 2.5mm Allen Wrench 3.0mm Allen Wrench 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Small Adjustable Wrench Bowl or Small Basin

Step 1; Removing the Shell Depressurize the air compressor and disconnect Power cord on the machine. Disconnect the air tubes to the machine it is recommended to replace any tube you cannot see through to ensure no latent oil residue still lodged in the tubes can enter the air system. Remove the top cover panel of the CAMS machine, locate and remove the 6 Phillip screws along the top of the machine.

Replacing Solenoids 1V6P

Step 2; Removing the Solenoids and Manifold Locate the solenoid assembly. Prior to disconnecting the tubes from the manifold, wrap the tubes with Masking tape and label them numerically so you remember which fitting they are inserted into. Remove the Solenoids, and disconnect the Black and red wires plugged in on the right side. (It is recommended to take a picture of the solenoid assembly with manifold prior to removing from the machine for recollection on how it goes back in). Now remove the manifold from the machine by unscrewing the four 3mm black Allen screws that secure it to the machine. Once the manifold is removed, remove all the fittings, the 2 silencers and the plugs so that the manifold is completely stripped down. Fill a bowl with the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and soak the manifold in the alcohol and let sit for 20-25 minutes (This will allow any oil and dust debris inside the manifold to dissolve). Once it has sit in the alcohol remove it and take the long Cue tips and clean through the large holes located on the front side of the manifold to clean out any remaining oil/dust inside. Once the manifold has allowed to completely dry reassemble with all the plugs, fittings and silencers and remount the manifold to the machine and re-insert the tubes back into their fittings. Mount the new solenoids and plug the Red/Black wired connections to the solenoids.

Once the New solenoids are mounted and all tubes are connected, remount the top cover panel.