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The-Precious Metals Equity Restoration Act of 2014

The-Precious Metals Equity Restoration Act of 2014

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55 page writing by Charles Savoie; presented January 2014; titled "Legislative Proposal For Silver Users Association"'
55 page writing by Charles Savoie; presented January 2014; titled "Legislative Proposal For Silver Users Association"'

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Published by: jkkoh2004 on Mar 07, 2014
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The Precious Metals Equity Restoration Act of 2014 Legislative Proposal for Silver Users Association

Presented January 2014 by Charles Savoie

“A presidential commission has yet to start preparing plans for an eventual end to the Treasury’s policy of silver sales to hold down the price…to end the price controlling operation.” --Wall Street Journal, May 19, 1967, page 2. The same article noted that COMEX had a 5 cent upside limit at least as of May 18, on the futures price for silver delivery a year out! An official of Hecla Mining Company stated--“We’re talking about two silver shortages, domestic and worldwide.” “Ever since the closing days of the Civil War, silver has been a whipping boy for politicians” ---Eve
Adams, legislative assistant to Nevada silver Senator Patrick McCarran (1940-1954), quoted in New York Times, March 14, 1965, section 3, page 1. In fact, it traces back to colonial and Revolutionary War times, this matter of silver being “a whipping boy for politicians.” The story, continued on page 14, revealed that 55 tons of silver coins from Ecuador were sent to New Jersey for smelting---sponsored by Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank!

“THE CFTC HAS ALLOWED ILLEGAL MARKET ACTIVITIES TO GO ON UNPOLICED. CFTC COMMISSIONERS AND STAFFERS REJECT THE NOTION THAT THEIR CHIEF ROLE IS TO PROTECT INVESTORS. IT WAS HARD TO GET ANYONE DECENT ONTO THE COMMISSION; ITS POOR RECORD IN PROTECTING THE PUBLIC FROM BLATANT SWINDLES.” ---Financial World Magazine, June 1, 1979, page 24. “THE GOVERNMENT’S CONCERN OVER SILVER HAS A LONG AND COLORFUL HISTORY” ---U.S. News & World Report, December 11, 1961, page 106 The October 26, 1979 Wall Street Journal, page 48, called the Silver Users Association, “Industrialists who see their companies profits endangered as silver’s price rises.” Can we say it again? Too low silver prices endanger silver miners, and with a rising price, all silver users need do is price in silver cost increases to the consumer, who is already accustomed to seeing price increases! Are SUA members missing some necessary lobe of the brain that they can’t understand a dead dairy herd can no longer produce milk? Silver users rave about rising silver prices causing them to lay off employees; this is at all times a lie; they laid employees off in order to move plants offshore! They were caught doing this ten years ago http://nosilvernationalization.org/28.pdf Economists lying for bankers and silver users have stressed that silver mining jobs are no more important than a dead roach crushed flat in the street--“As to the number of men to whom the silver industry gives employment, it is of no consequence.” ---Economics professor Neil Caruthers, North American Review, January 1932, pp 14-15. But jobs of silver users? Now we have

transited from “manure” importance to “gem diamond” importance, in the eyes of these born out of wedlock hacks! And were the 91 miners who died in the Sunshine Silver Mine disaster of May 2, 1972, also of no consequence, because they weren’t store managers for Tiffany & Company, (SUA members)? It has been internationally acknowledged literally for generations that the UK/USA bankers and governments have staged a completely lowballed silver market! Edward Suarez, Mexican Finance Minister, was quoted in The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, July 27, 1944, page 411, (five days after the Bretton Woods Conference intentionally ignored silver, due to Pilgrims Society member Cordell Hull sending Dean Acheson to superintend it; Hull was the same bastard who authored the Federal income tax and inheritance tax laws and was a Democratic National Committee chairman and “Father of the United Nations;” Acheson was another Pilgrims Society member known as the “Father of NATO”) --“They claim that silver has no place in the monetary structure of the world…the only way of course will be for her to sell her silver stocks INTO A FORCED MARKET, AT WHATEVER PRICE THE BUYERS WANT TO PAY FOR THEM.”

As one of two voices on the long side of silver to have ever been mentioned by the Silver Users Association in their Washington Report, January 2006 http://www.silverusersassociation.org/news/January_2006.pdf --

-I feel qualified to self-invite to present the “SUA” (a hog call for those with a unique metallic appetite) with a legislative suggestion for the 2014 Congressional sessions. It would strike the SUA as grotesque folly that it would do anything that would boost silver longs, but read it through. Not that I can conceive of anything the SUA hasn’t already thought of! Yet, some ideas are more quickly trashed than others, and maybe should be retrieved while time allows. Let me help you retrieve an idea I feel sure you trashed; first let’s examine the idea I feel you most prefer! The worst idea the SUA can have about silver is to ask the President to issue a nationalization order along the lines of Franklin Roosevelt’s executive order 6814 dated August 9, 1934, using the Silver Purchase Act of June 1934 as his excuse; today the excuse would be “we have no strategic stockpile;” yet that is no excuse, as the government fed most of that silver to users for price suppression! By the SPA of 1934, silver was supposed to be stockpiled in the Treasury to the extent of up to 33.33% of the value of the gold held as a backing for the dollar. That was a laugh, since Roosevelt already made it illegal for Americans to own gold over a year before! A currency is not “backed” (or as George Washington said, “funded”) by removing the backing from public hands! The SPA and EO 6814 were part of the global pingpong game the U.S. was playing with the British, who started the too sinister for words game in the first place, they always remaining the senior partners in fighting silver prices and fighting silver as money. “But” someone whines, “the SPA and EO 6814 raised silver prices,” yeah, just enough so cannon fodder and desperate Western states miners could be tricked from noticing the plan, which was to concentrate an immense quantity of silver in the U.S. Treasury so the Anglo-American bankers in The Pilgrims Society could have a stockpile for global price suppression that would last several generations! Let me not digress farther in this vein; I have addressed it at great length

paid Americans the meager pittance of 50. he was to my knowledge.01 cents per ounce for their silver.000 ounces by February 1937---the world price increased at least 40% so. This is no competition between Ted and myself. he of course being more widely read as people have less tolerance for lengthier documentaries---and are less acclimated to charges of an organized. Of course. raking in 113. Consider that before outsmarting yourself! No access and no repatriation = no ownership! I am also concerned as to the motives of persons advocating you hold gold overseas---in some cases it could be a ploy to separate you from your wealth and remember what they say the road to hell is paved with! Ted Butler remains the only other silver long the SUA has ever cited. then I went on to ferret out more details about them than anyone else. From March 1933 into February 1937 as the public was being looted of gold and silver. the first long to mention the SUA.” that is evasive and opaque in most vocabularies) in silver. Pilgrims Society member Vincent Astor was smirking in the shadows. with his tyrannical. then it became a confiscation. there is a need for this. that if gold is seized here. after FDR. this is not my role. it was first a nationalization. so obsessive is the impulse to control all Americans on the part of the DC government. however. may I inquire of the SUA. international conspiracy (not “cabal. steps will certainly accompany that to block access overseas unless the individual moves residence beforehand.before. see “The Silver Raiders” and following exposes. Fascist order.031. the great-great grandson of gold and silver stealer John Jacob Astor who cheated Americans of specie conversion of notes issued by the second United States Bank! Holding gold overseas might be suitable for some. But before proceeding. we each have a niche. for the enlightenment of interested readers---and . Ted and others deal with nuts and bolts of COMEX. FDR’s mentor.

” Lending some credence to this notion of heightened secrecy on the part of the SUA is the festering matter of its ominously suggestive anti-free market meeting with Homeland Security officials on November 6 and 7 of 2007 at the Army-Navy Club in D.000 deaths in Bhopal.silverusersassociation.” When I pressed him about using correct words. he explained that beating sounds more impactful than meeting and besides---the words rhyme! So we may safely say.24hgold. India? No! The SUA is “good” and anyone opposing them is “bad.C. I notice no subsequent monthly reports! Is it that the WR has gone “underground?” http://www. the fall 2007 SUA meeting with Homeland Security was surely also a “beating” in a definite sense---or the intention of a beating---administered to physical silver investors! PUNKS! You best look out---such intentions may easily backfire! I have warned you on several occasions if we are nationalized.aspx?article=89 A boy I knew in my earlier days always used to say “We’re going to have a beating---we’re going to have a beating” when what he meant to say was “We’re going to have a meeting. we will devise crippling consumer boycotts of all SUA companies including their operations in other countries! Once the boycotts are seen as effective. independent interests will short the living hell out of your equities! The internet is a concern.com/english/contributor.org/news/index. with no concern of contradiction. interested legislators---what happened with you sniping blackguards? After the January 2009 Washington Report. The meeting was described at http://www.perhaps.shtml Are they embarrassed over Tiffany’s silver mark-up? Are they embarrassed over carting off most of the former national silver reserve? Are they ashamed of Union Carbide causing some 16. huh? Too many uncensored voices! You can’t continue accessing silver at .

April 20. Where is Nevada Senator Reid on silver today? He gets Goldman Sachs money and money from the same law firm as does the extraordinarily dangerous Senator Durbin (see near close)! The news item noted that in anticipation of a $1. Office of Price Administration. not needing any tragicomical “government guarantee” nor any asinine legal tender laws to compel acceptance! Over the years since the SUA was founded in 1947 it has been wildly successful at accessing (“carting off”) government silver (“taxpayer and miner subsidized silver”) at “Brog rates. page 2).theft rates by government intervention. “I guess a man can bid whatever he wants” Brog retorted as the free market was dead! Note that the SUA existed before 1947 as the “Silver Users Emergency Committee” (September 17. 1942. nor by banks tossing phantom silver into a mirage of supply! The greatest use for silver is as money! The groundswell is unstoppable---silver will return! It’s happening in various States and as the dollar skids and pensions are repudiated. The 71 cent figure was set by the OPA. Commercial & Financial Chronicle. page 994) and they brazenly demanded “that the price of silver be fixed at 71 cents an ounce for all time for imports and silver held by the treasury” (New York Times.” Brog was a racketeer in Alan Ladd’s 1957 film “The Big Land” who squeezed out all competitors at cattle auctions and made a farce of the auctions being free market.29 per ounce price sought by the Silver Bloc. when it could get higher rates elsewhere? The USA is not the entire world market for anything! Utah Senator Abe Murdock---a Democrat---said silver couldn’t be profitably mined at that price (1946). 1946. another of Franklin Roosevelt’s Fascist agencies! Dumb bastards--why should silver mined elsewhere be attracted to a stuffed in the hole price in America. stealing cattle for $1. .50 per head. people will insist on universal money of substance that stands on its own.

The SUA attitude towards silver miners and investors was stated in the 1986 Stallone movie “Cobra” ---“I WANT YOUR EYES. but after the second World War. fountainhead of silver subversion/contagion across Mexico to this day! Of course that SUA 71 cent sandcastle got washed away eventually.org/29.000 ounce bars of silver bullion the Treasury sells to industrial users…” ---WSJ. not because of the treacherous Mexican central bank. silver jewelry concerns in the SUA like Reed & Barton. PIG! I WANT THEM!” Over the years when miners protested they needed enough of a rate for silver to scrape by (even a peanut butter sandwich. Bolivia and Canada were holding back silver exports. silver users carried on like the miners were demanding lampshades made of human skin from Hollywood celebrities! Meantime.Peru. April 1955.000. said one Dow Chemical plant was “loaned” or leased $18. while Mexico was holding back up to 50MOZ! The Mexican situation was due to objections in its Congress. Tiffany & Company and “Christian” company James Avery Craftsmen price silver like they were the only ones on earth with any silver! Can any of you guess how riotously profitable silver mining would be if the miners got Tiffany prices for a portion of their silver? In February 2004 I advocated silver miners do just that http://nosilvernationalization. Treasury silver “leasing” to SUA enterprises ramped up in the Truman and Eisenhower years---at a meager 91 cents per ounce! Coronet Magazine.000 ounces--from the United States Treasury. rather than a steak and baked potato rate).000 worth of silver ingots---about 19. “I’m reading the comics and you’re so rude to interrupt!” “The 1. March 25.780. page 108. at 91 cents per ounce! This was an activity the regular media had a singular disinterest in mentioning. page 11. as if someone told them a rattlesnake was in the room and they said.pdf . 1964.

NY Times. agribusiness giants being run by Wall Streeters who hate silver! The candy store has been raided so many times the shelves are empty! The SUA must adjust to paying free market rates for silver! Well crush a cupful of aspirin and hold it on your taste buds for an hour! Just damn! In 1964 the U. March 26.” of states like Nebraska. See what’s coming.S. page 1.S Treasury supplied 43% (forty-three percent) of world silver demand. because the assassination caused historic demand for a commemorative silver coin!” The WSJ.” It’s a wonder he lasted as long as he did. God how it must have irked the megabankers about the huge issue of 90% silver Kennedy half dollars! I think they must have mused. feeding off silver miners for years. 1964. 1965. they correctly . The old “Farm Bloc. New Jersey. “Kennedy Half Dollars Are Grabbed Quickly. Looks like you end up the big loser! The SUA long enjoyed supremacy in House of Representatives affairs. which used to vote with the “Silver Bloc” of Western silver mining states. coinage dated 1964--. Iowa and Kansas. when the population balance was East of the Mississippi--silver using states like Rhode Island. “We should have impeached JFK or paid psychiatrists to declare him mentally ill. section 3. battling to retard price advances! This did not include the 203MOZ silver ounces used in U. largely ceased existence with the domination exerted by large agribusiness cartels who placed Congressmen and Senators in their vest pockets. the worst of your fears! We’ll make our own items for the end user. page 6 article was. with second generation Pilgrims Society member Douglas Dillon fighting silver as Treasury Secretary and the Secret Service being a Treasury Department operation! By staging the hit on JFK well away from Washington and the ever-suspicious East coast. New York and Pennsylvania had their way.Industrial users. March 14.

November 29. http://nosilvernationalization. page 16. 1961.” ---Wall Street Journal.org/37.pdf . “Silver producers received the news yesterday that President Kennedy had halted sales of nonmonetary silver to industry with undisguised glee. Silver users received it with shocked surprise.concluded accusations against DC and NYC insiders would be softened.

especially when no one has made any challenge of fact to the presentations! I again ask readers of such sites to ask of them why they deem this matter of Volcker with Obama not significant and the organization Volcker represents. Then also some sites have featured these presentations only when they felt I wasn’t “probing too deeply. I cannot be a wimpy timid compromiser and do not understand why they feel there is a level of controversy too hot for them to handle! Controversy is no reason for denial of coverage. I have stressed repeatedly this major league gold and silver suppressor is a vice president of The Pilgrims Society in Manhattan---that the shadow group of world financiers and king makers exists to “seize the wealth necessary” (Review of Reviews. then doling it out to Silver Users Association members! There is the persistent temptation to make exactly that move as long as Paul Volcker is still Obama’s top economic adviser. pp557-558) and has a documented history of doing exactly that---and cannot get any coverage from many leading sites. . 1979. page 1 also November 29.” it appears. 1979. starved-for-publicity organization which does not WANT any publicity! Volcker stole 60+ MOZ silver from the Hunts. concentrating it in Treasury vaults. And that the President is an “honorary” member of this astonishingly low profile. consummated in 1986! While the silver bull was charging. page 6). May 1902. Volcker “put fetters on gold and silver speculators” (Wall Street Journal October 10.We cannot answer an industrial silver shortage by a Presidential executive order seizing silver from the public.

and will encourage disinvestment on the part of hard assets investors! It is already patently immoral to tax Americans for transferring from bastardized. New Jersey. Rhode Island. and bullion silver. Pennsylvania. and the “Rockefeller” Republican Party of neocons also must be scrapped! As moral compensation for long generations of attacks against silver and silver miners. it would be unfair to not also cast this free market net over corresponding gold investments as well! This will have the impact of allowing the MAXIMUM amount of silver come in from mining. this proposed legislation would initiate a counterbalancing of those awful injustices! We have to join the trend in place in other major nations of recognizing precious . unconstitutional Federal Reserve currency. New York.SUA---here’s my proposal for legislation you may introduce through your kept Senators and Congressmen from Michigan. Connecticut and Massachusetts (to name the most obvious only) ---suppose you devise a bill removing all capital gains and collectible taxation from silver mining shares and all hard silver---numismatic and common date coins. of course. into LAWFUL currency---precious metals! The Democrat Party as it exists today is NOT the party of Andrew Jackson.

Export and Melting of Coin Banned” reported (excerpt.” The story for public consumption was about the developing coin shortage.” In fact. Treasury halted sales of its silver for export and limited sales of the metal to “LEGITIMATE DOMESTIC CONCERNS WHICH USE SILVER IN THEIR BUSINESSES. a free market in all sectors.” effective immediately. because many members of the public were quite understandably hoarding silver coin in response to issuance of the drastically cheapened cupronickel issues---business. especially the vending machine industry.S. ever eager . some will use it as long as it is acceptable. and against silver commodity prices. 1967. May 19.” The Treasury also banned the “MELTING. was hollering about being unable to transact business due to coin shortages. rather than any man-created currency! Another of SUA instances of influence over government policy is seen in the lifting of the ban on melting of silver coins! The Wall Street Journal. “Treasury Takes Steps to Protect Silver Stockpile” subtitled “Sales Limited to Legitimate Domestic Users. and the best money anyone can use. emphasis added) --“The U.metals as the true underpinnings of global trade. Bitcoin? It strikes me as another megabanker conspiracy to distract from precious metals. The story noted the Johnson administration “has asked Congress for power to write off enough of these (silver certificate notes) to free an additional 116 million ounces. page 2. My orientation is to resort to what the Almighty intended for use as money. There was such a valid concern. The bill would end the redemptions altogether one year after enactment. However as always the real story was deeper--the Money Power was moving against silver as money. the Johnson administration. TREATMENT AND EXPORT OF SILVER COINS. however.

1965. June 26. which corresponds with the London branch of top global precious metals antagonists since 1902--- . From the leaked list for 1969 of The Pilgrims.to please the Money Power. I mean to say--the industrial silver users (WSJ. New York. page 18). 1967. LBJ ran down the monetary workhorse 90% lawful silver coins in an address to Congress on June 3. saw LBJ---Lousy Bastard Jerk---sign a bill “to let Treasury free $200 million of silver” from silver cert redemption so it instead could get carted off by the Treasury building burglars abetted by the house-sitters.


refer to http://silverstealers.html The SUA noted Jeffrey Christians address to them about “conspiracies” in silver. Gardner of the Carnegie interests asked in his 1961 book “Excellence” (rear cover) --“CAN WE BE EQUAL AND EXCELLENT TOO?” By way of precision. Whitehead http://www.org/news/September_2008. together with its correspondent branch in London. which is always necessary---this New York group. Pilgrims Society member John C. with him covering for his old boss during the 1980s at Goldman Sachs. Give them another cup of hot cocoa before their .silverusersassociation. which has plenty of European representation---IS “The One Bank.pdf John W.net/tss.For more details on the apex precious metals suppressors whose names appear on that obscure document.” a matter which the uninitiated Swiss researchers are clueless about.

May 1902 pp556-558!) “The One Bank” is not an actual organization and harping on this adds up to zero pressure to make this demonstrably real Pilgrims group release a roster! They were founded on July 11. the article’s author. 1902 in London---two months after the little read article came out---it can be referencing no other group.set up to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world” (Review of Reviews. who had both Rothschild and Crown backing--. Galatians 5:7 asks “who hindered you?” The Pilgrims were the one and only group conceived by diamond cartel organizer Cecil Rhodes. .Matterhorn experience has them forgetting about the height of Everest. William Stead.

” like having the President order gold and silver nationalized! The Pilgrims Society name was chosen by the Royal family and if you pause you can see why. The Pilgrims Society has been using the COMEX and CFTC to steal income from gold and silver miners (COMEX since June 12. 2013. On November 13.later surfaced as a member! We need to know who the members are instead of a few of them! This is the jacked-up situation we need to focus on! We need confirmation that people like Jamie Dimon. et al are members so we can show they’re all working in concert for this 200 year timetable and how they use government power to “seize wealth. with vastly scaled down world population by war and other means and no freedom for the masses. 1974 in gold) and the CFTC since 1975 respectively! Here’s an excerpt of ten names from page 19 of the leaked list of The Pilgrims. Had I chosen their name it would be. George Soros. mentioned “machinations” in precious metals. Eric Sprott in an interview. New York. These modern Pilgrims are leaving the old world order and are transiting towards a New World Order. the original Pilgrims left the Old World for the New World. David Rockefeller Jr. Bill Gates. for 1980. No leaked list has surfaced now in more than one-third of a century! . Timothy Mellon. Warren Buffet. 1963 in silver and December 31. CONGRESS OR THE COURTS TO ONCE AGAIN STEAL GOLD AND SILVER FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.” I CONTINUE TO ACCUSE THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY TODAY OF CONSPIRING TO USE THE PRESIDENT. “Transcontinental League of Overlords” or some such. which is like scheming and plotting---all words compatible with “conspiracy.


1983 N. the Council on Foreign Relations.Rockefeller’s “Memoirs” 2002 mentions his membership in other groups but NOT THIS ONE! Robinson of American Express. Roosa was a Rockefeller Foundation trustee. Times). director of The Pilgrims subsidiary. the anti-silver American Economic Association. Bristol Myers Squibb and other entities. the anti-silver American Finance . David Rockefeller is a major gold antagonist from way back and supported the London Gold Pool. Roosa of 59 Wall Street was undersecretary of the Treasury who helped remove silver coinage from circulation and wrote “Monetary Reform for the World Economy” (1965) and “The Dollar and World Liquidity” (1967).Y. was associated with the anti-silver Brookings Institution and the anti-silver Economic Club of New York. member of the anti-silver Royal Economic Society. and died at Roosevelt Hospital (July 2. and was the main founder of Bilderberg and Trilateral and appeared in the leaked 1949 list of The Pilgrims. Roesler was “an international banker for more than three decades” and headed Standard Bank of Amsterdam. Rocky is also the one who led the way to open up United States China trade! Rockhill was one of Rocky’s top lieutenants.

former New . many more top tier gold and silver suppressors on both sides of the Atlantic---members of an organization almost no one has heard of---and it’s a severe challenge to get coverage in the metals community.Association (president for 1967). and click on images. and the anti-silver Economic Club of New York (president. another financier. The Pilgrims Society---not the Federal government---is the nationalization threat---hiding behind the government! Exposing The Pilgrims organization may be the difference between protecting our ownership rights in gold and silver---or having those precious rights trampled on! Ignoring this group will not make them go away! Julian Kean Roosevelt. Roosevelt was Franklin Roosevelt’s son! The thief who stole gold and silver from the American public! John was also part of Bache & Company who helped sabotage the 1980 Hunt silver play! All these and many. How many images are there due to Charlie Savoie’s work? My noncompensated work on your behalf which many sites have blacked out? Why is it they haven’t joined the effort to shield our property rights? I am only one person. John A. director of Prudential Insurance (once listed as a Silver Users Association member). besides several sites who aren’t into this cult of personalities blowing kisses at each other and favoritism! GATA did NOT disclose this organization to you nor ever assist since I did so starting in December 2004! Please corner these people and their pals at conferences and insist they explain why the information is not relevant. I don’t have an “army” of supporters---please help. shows the Roosevelt relation to Tom Kean. Coverage---not money---is the need. This is about our property rights---this is the source of the potential nationalization threat! Please enter “silver nationalization” and “no silver nationalization” at Google. 1970-1971). We can’t wait hoping nationalization won’t happen again. We have to oppose it now.

it still would not be believed. even if The Pilgrims Society publicly admitted to being the top precious metals suppressors. who happens to be the Pilgrims Society member who chaired the 9/11 Commission and as expected. though many negligently refuse assistance! “The rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes. Georgia. But truth will out. covered up everything pointing to The Society! Douglas S. was managing director of Rothschild Ventures during 1987-1990 http://www. Roosevelt.” 10/20/1966--“You brought the disease among us! You brought the inferior ones!” .com/people/990/000128606/ Just exactly what does it take to have leaders of the gold and silver long community see this Pilgrims Society is something their followers need to know about? Luke’s uncle David surfaced in the leaked list of The Pilgrims for 1969! The 1980 leaked list also shows Frank Vanderlip Jr on page 22. we can quote the android from Star Trek episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of. son in law of John A..nndb.Jersey Governor and director of the near trillion dollar Franklin Templeton Funds. Federal Reserve Act planners! Vanderlip Senior was a charter 1903 Pilgrims member! Some people are so mule stubborn. Luke Jr.” ---Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) To LBJ in relation to displacing silver coins with cupronickel elcheapos. son of one of the 1910 Jekyll Island.

has an Obama White House calling card reading “Any Time!” Sour face Biden had Senate funding from a law firm working for the Du Ponts (Pilgrims Society/SUA) --- . who as Treasury Secretary.P. silence only! This is a slap in the face of all precious metals longs to obstinately continue blacklisting this information! At left. three Ambassadors to England. Ambassadors to Canada.Again I state what I consider a valid complaint---why are major metals sites refusing coverage to this matter of the President--who can order gold and silver nationalization---being under the covers with the central committee of global gold and silver antagonists? Presidents in a group nearly no outsiders have heard of. Secretaries of State. nine powerful Americans holding decorations from the British government. supervised the gold suppressing Exchange Stabilization Fund and most likely also had a big hand in the global silver leasing transactions. a Central Intelligence Agency chief. world home base of central banking. Switzerland. a naval Admiral. the grandson of the original J. Pilgrims Society member James Baker III. France. and no coverage. several Americans including a Treasury Secretary who supported the London Gold Pool fighting gold rising past $35. Wall Street megabankers and directors of the biggest corporations. top military Generals. people running better known globalist groups. United Nations founders. February 1985 to August 1988. Air Force Secretaries. Morgan. and they deem this is not an item for metals investors! No attempt at refutation. with the son of the Senator who crafted the Federal Reserve Act and son of another Federal Reserve System planner.

1967--.000 silver ounces were fulfilled for foreign destinations! The 5/19/1967 item also noted (emphasis added) --“The Treasury said that even pending orders for its silver WILL BE FILLED ONLY UPON COMPLETION OF “END USE” CERTIFICATES ATTESTING THAT THE METAL WILL BE USED FOR NORMAL BUSINESS OPERATIONS.5.767.” .The users and their megabanker Pilgrims sponsors were also worried over the outflow of Treasury held silver to suppress world rates---on the peak day of May 12.

It should also be illegal for anyone to give any Federal . increasing precious metals supply will enhance prosperity by adding sound currency. “Treasury Set to Begin Melting Silver Coins After Christmas” mentioned the crooks at Treasury intended to achieve up to 425MOZ silver bullion from the coin melts. page 23.The Money Power wanted silver to flow to industry and jewelry--not used for monetary insurance hoards! The ban on melting silver coins did not apply to Uncle Sam! The October 25. where royalties are extant. a ban against Federal and State governments seizing mineral deposits. “enough to supply industry for three to four years. we must additionally have a prohibition against any government price fixing or capping of gold and silver.” Huh? Since when is it the role of any part of the Federal government to supply industry with any commodity whatsoever? Commodity producers are supposed to do that! In addition to a zero capital gains tax status for gold and silver mining shares and hard metal. so producers can receive maximum incentive to ramp up output! Creating more dollars will cause more inflation. 1967 WSJ. we must have a prohibition in the proposed legislation against any government agency acquiring silver or gold by any means whatsoever. and a royalty scale back to zero. and then act as a dispensing agent to industry or banks for these metals.

” none of us today would have any significant amount of these Constitutionally lawful silver coins! They would all have been extincted for silver price suppression! Nor were these strategies being employed only in these United States! The WSJ.Reserve System employee higher up than a janitor. coins for their silver content. page 28. This story admitted--“All the old dimes and quarters are being withdrawn from circulation when they return in the normal course of business to the Federal Reserve banks and branches.” Yeah! Bet on it! This was going on well before 1967! See WSJ. officials of Canada’s Finance Department have asked Canadian silver refiners not to melt down U. silver coins in Canada. In Ottawa.” We have therefore a solid admission that were it not for the actions of so-called “hoarders” and “coin speculators. about “big buyers of silver through Federal Reserve Banks. A spot check of silver refiners in the New York City metropolitan area showed most major refiners either had ceased melting Canadian silver coins after hearing from the Treasury or had never done so in the first place. 1968.S. and took advantage. the mere time of day. “Treasury Advises Refiners Not to Melt Canadian Coins” had this--“It is definitely against Treasury policy to condone the breaking of another country’s laws. The Money Power wanted all bullion yielded from coin melts to be under its direct control! . page 10. August 16.S. until a damper was placed on it. 1964. and that of melting Canadian silver coins here as an opportunity. March 27.” Many people viewed the loophole of melting U.

“Two Men Are Seized. Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon (1961-1965) was on The Pilgrims executive committee for a long stretch starting in the 1970s! More--“Dillon said the men were melting old coins in crucibles mounted over gas flames.S. and Arthur T. A metals expert said the silver from the melted coins was 88.2% pure and would be worth about $1. 1968.S.” Sounds like enough silver to flatten the tires and cause other damage! The below 90% content could have to do with uneven separation of the copper.The WSJ. Secret Service investigators said they moved in Tuesday night to close a coin smelting “factory” run by Nathaniel Robinson. Charged With Illegal Melting of Coins” reported from Brooklyn. Assistant U.” Dennis Dillon? The name is eerily suggestive of anti-silver activist. and/or with part of the crucible being melted. Attorney Dennis Dillon said the men melted more than $100. He said investigators found partially melted dimes in the bottom of a steel sink where the men would pour molten silver into ingot forms. as this is out of my expertise. New York--“Two men were arraigned in Federal court here accused of trying to capitalize on the high price of silver by melting down U. an investment adviser. an insurance consultant. He said the men extracted the high silver content from pre-1965 dimes and quarters.000 troy ounces of silver ingots in the men’s cars. coins.82 per troy ounce at current prices.000 in American coins. They also found about 50. O’ Leary. a guess. intending to double their money---though metals experts expressed doubt the men could have gotten so high a return. More--- . December 5. page 29.

” Englehard. After investigation. Englehard officials called in the Secret Service. the Secret Service said.500 ounces of silver? More like they’d be considered leaders of a very large burglary ring or fences! Those guys were dumb. I helped the paper money educator to grasp saying. when the men sold an initial load of ingots to officials of Englehard Minerals & Chemicals in Newark. long time SUA members. “Why is it that the old 90% silver coins have largely ceased accumulating wear?” and unbelievably.” (YES. and when the men came back at the end of September with 135 more troy ounces. They were said to have paid a premium of $100 on each $1.000 worth of old silver coins from a Brooklyn dealer. would be only too happy to pull the drain plug on anyone outside the charmed circle having the effrontery to attempt to profit from being long silver! And what a story those dummies made up---how many lifetimes would it take to be “sifting through rubbish” to find enough sterling objects to equate to around 71. “Because people the government calls hoarders are holding them inactive locked up in safes!” His expression of dismay suggested he was thinking “I’ll discuss this with the psychology staff to see if they think coin hoarding is a mental illness. The scheme began to go awry several months ago.“The Secret Service claimed the two men bought $100. saying they had melted down sterling silver GATHERED BY SIFTING THROUGH RUBBISH. he was stuck for an answer.000 worth of coins. but other dummies are around! I asked a question of a university economics faculty member. the Secret Service obtained a search warrant and waited for the right . if the bankers on the university board of trustees slip them that suggestion!) Continued-“Alert workers at Englehard noticed that the silver content in the ingots was below that of sterling.

” I can’t see it was just coincidence the government imposed a ban on melting silver coins. Investigators said this was perhaps the biggest case of illegal coin melting ever uncovered in the U. The hesitancy means frustration so far for the Federal Government’s effort to free more silver metal for industrial users by making available the 90% silver content of dimes and larger denomination coins minted before 1965.htm The WSJ. quarters and halves. Camden New Jersey Courier & Post. together with the SUA’s notion that all silver should flow just to them! However. 1969.time to make their move. The Government moved to open up that supple two weeks ago when it removed its two year ban on the melting of coins for the silver they contain. page 8. reported a larger coin melting operation http://www.” Frustration? More like the quote from “The Octagon” (1980) with Chuck Norris---“I still say he looks like the constipated type!” . They evidently think the coins are going to be worth much more than the 15% to 16% premium over face value that dealers are offering now. 1969.dvrbs.S. when it became more in the SUA’s interest that the ban on silver coins be lifted---like some great sleight of hand trick---it was lifted! The April 10. “Coin Speculators Toss Silver Melting Drive For Temporary Loss” subtitled “Premium of 15% 16% Is Being Rejected in the Aftermath of Lifting of Federal Ban” --“New York---Coin speculators are passing up substantial markups and are holding on to their accumulated hoards of silver dimes.com/people/camdenpeoplemyronpeplevin. May 27.

about 1. Of the total. Otherwise. That leaves 800 million ounces that could be obtainable if the price were right. huge amounts of the still surviving 90% coin were factored out of existence into bullion--never to be seen again.” Yes. effectively. about 900 million ounces are in coins that are old enough or rare enough to be worth more to the numismatist than to the silver refiner. SUA companies are at risk of closed industrial plants! There is no price increase. hundreds of millions of silver ounces can be freed up for use--if the price becomes right.“According to industry estimates. but to end user consumers! No SUA company I know of has silver as the only raw material it depends on! If you want .S.7 billion ounces of silver are locked up in U.” After the run up to January 1980. currency still in circulation. I suggest to the geniuses of the SUA this sentence contains a formula they could work today if they can get over this mania they have of getting silver while miners are suffering--“800 MILLION OUNCES COULD BE OBTAINABLE IF THE PRICE WERE RIGHT.

nor will these suffer tax levies. dore and stockpiled ore and any other company assets including demand deposits and shares held by the public. Electric power.S. seek sponsors for new legislation which will include--(1) Elimination of any and all capital gains taxes on precious metals “collectibles” or numismatics. buildings. (bank stock was once exempted from gains tax in New York State!) (3) Elimination of any and all Federal royalties on gold and silver mining in any State of the United States. (4) Incorporation of the provisions of Competing Currencies described by Ron Paul so as to harmonize America with sound money trends apparent in major nations such as China. Russia and India. that no particular organization of industrial users of silver (including an alleged “nonprofit”) receive any preferential treatment over any nonaligned silver users in securing silver. . mining premises.” be it monetary or military. water and mining supplies and materials will not be withheld from miners. (6) A permanent ban against any State government and against the Federal government seizing any precious metals mining capital equipment. no “Legitimate End User Certificates” for any industrial users of silver to be issued by any Federal nor any State agency.maximum silver availability. (5) Provisions mandating that any and all industrial users be able to bid for silver in a 100% free market. (2) Elimination of any and all capital gains taxes on gold and silver mining companies subject to U. jurisdiction and trading in their shares. Silver user legitimacy to be determined only by high bidder. by eminent domain under color of “national emergency. concentrate.

” Governments at all levels must adjust to sharply reduced spending so the private sector can begin to recover in earnest. (8) A provision exempting items mentioned in (7) from any and all civil asset forfeiture laws by means of abolition of the “you have to prove you acquired it lawfully” doctrine. which investors should not trust unless we see this protection. which would come out of the miners hides! (7) A permanent ban against any Federal. Transportation Security Agency. front page of Wall Street Journal. (8) No interference on the part of the Postal Service. platinum. Additionally. such as “annual inventory tax.No government imposed smelting or refinery surcharges to be added to dore and concentrate. The “compensating tax” was mentioned as a 5% levy on the Hunt physical silver holdings as described on March 19. a prohibition to get around the prohibition by using any other terminology. rhodium. . (9) A ban on State. and nullification of any Presidential executive orders disrespecting private property rights of American citizens to own gold and silver. palladium. State municipal or county agencies seizing silver and gold from the public. state police or any Federal agency and shippers including FedEx and UPS with moving precious metals and gemstones across state lines or within states across county lines. county and municipal governments enacting any so called “compensating tax” related to holding items mentioned in (7) inside their jurisdictions. 1980. nor other collectibles such as diamonds and colored stones. The ban against seizure to apply to any public depositories or similar private vault operations including common safety deposit boxes at banks. No imposition of any such ownership taxation by calling it “inventory tax” or any other jargon.

“Silver Price Falls” reported the COMEX response to the “House of Representatives committee vote to authorize the sale of 105. and we have a moral right to hold silver against government caused inflation! The Times of London. imports or exports. More to the point---the Silver Users Association. who facilitated the looting. should be compelled to replace it at their expense. jointly with living members of Congress. should be compelled to make robust contributions to the stockpile restoration.(10) A provision banning any capital controls obstructing or hindering movement. Customs Service. (11) No VAT. 1981. Gold fell in sympathy with silver’s decline. value added taxes imposed on precious metals and gemstones by the Federal or by state. and their estates. and all Federal officials up to and including Defense Secretaries and Presidents. open market environment. by sea or by air and regardless of shipping method. June 16. whether still in Congress or out. impounding or delaying any such items unless they can demonstrate proof of criminal or treasonous activity. whether on domestic purchases. expatriation or repatriation of precious metals. county or city governments. who carted off most of the one-time 165 million ounce reserve. (12) A provision that the Defense Department begin creating a replenished national strategic silver stockpile or reserve.” we weren’t the silver carpetbaggers. diamonds and colored stones across state and national borders. by bidding for silver in free. Postal Inspectors and Transportation Security Agency personnel are barred from seizing.2 million ounces over the next three years from the American government stockpile.” . page 15. The American public is not the “new stockpile. without being accorded precedence over other bidders.

(20) Investigation of possible collusion between SEC regulators and any naked short selling of gold and silver mining equities. (17) Similar to (16).(13) Elimination of any Federal or state estate tax or transfer tax on everything described in (7) (14) No requirement that mining companies deliver any of their output to any Federal or State. county or municipal government. dismissal from the CFTC of anyone ex-of Goldman Sachs or any similar entity. or proof of actual locked in hedges. 21) Investigation to determine if any “persuasion” has been applied to mining managements to say nothing in the face of extreme price suppression. (19) Investigation of intentional collusion of all CFTC personnel with naked precious metals shorts. Barclays and others holding large share blocks. No tyrannical powers over the mining industry vested in the Interior. (16) Criminalization of short sales of gold and silver unless the short seller can first document ownership of a corresponding quantity of refined bullion. Commerce. the SEC and DTCC required to cooperate! (18) Prohibition of Wall Streeters being tapped to staff the CFTC and a ban on ex-CFTC commissioners and staffers being hired by Wall Street connected firms. due to entities such as State Street in Boston. (15) No Federal “mining czar” or any such equivalent agency or agency chief. Imprisonment and asset forfeiture for attempted naked short sales of any traded commodity. Defense or Treasury Departments. . investigation into possible naked short sales of shares of precious metals miners.

Treasury Secretary broadcast to the world for acting in concert with Great Britain for generations. reasonable precautions taken by dealers against buying stolen merchandise. they may however send representatives to bid on their lawful acquisition. no fingerprinting nor photographing of persons tendering these goods for sale without their freely given consent. The Founding Fathers believed in gold and silver money. no onerous record keeping requirements for dealers. (24) No requirement that any public businesses buying gold and silver from the public be required to remit these metals to the Treasury Department. Privacy rights must be restored in all areas of our lives. intentionally depressing silver and gold prices and acting against their use as money. (27) A public apology issued by the U. (23) No tampering with IRA gold and silver accounts. county or municipal government.S. let us not allow any philosophical desecration of their graves! (26) No investigation by any entity of government at any level of clients of safe or vault sellers.(22) All provisions of the Patriot Act and other acts with monetary control or surveillance aspects contradicting any of these provisions to be rescinded and nullified. nor to any State. silver. (28) Reinstatement of the free and unlimited coinage of gold and silver for persons and business organizations bringing these money metals to reopened areas of United States Mint offices in . platinum group metals and gemstones by dealers from the public. Persons buying major appliances for cash aren’t treated as criminals. (25) No banning of cash purchases of gold. suspects or terrorists---back off treating persons with precious metals as undesirables.

with nominal seigniorage for the mints. New York. however. naturally prices will be jacked up 800% or more so The Pilgrims Society can continue “seizing wealth” from the public. considering that we are menaced by such Stalinist Senators as the “Hell 666” Richard Durbin. Socialist. (29) Complete. I am not forwarding this to the SUA as clearly they have simpering toadies monitoring everything discussed in the silver investing community. they are all just provisions and we must strive for them. who is conniving to remove vitamins. San Francisco and West Point.mercola. Reinstatement of former Mint production services to foreign governments in minting silver and gold coins for circulation in their countries. I realize that having all these provisions passed in a bill is like expecting the dead to rise. Illinois Democrat. minerals and herbs from direct public access by cartelizing these for Big Pharma by Rx only. possibly to be called the “Precious Metals Equity Restoration Act.” though less appealing to the Silver Users Association than stink bug cologne. unhindered audit of the Federal Reserve System including all Federal Reserve branch bank vaults and the vaults of megabanks these branch banks share interlocking directors with. than any Fascist.Philadelphia. will nevertheless do much more to assure a continued. These proposals for a Congressional bill. Denver.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/06/19/dur bin-supplement-bill.aspx and a gun ownership opponent! . and multiple independent audits of Fort Knox. eventually impoverishing everyone! Durbin is also a persistent Internet censor http://articles. the coming depression will be several times worse. and an enlarged. or Wall Street Pilgrims Society scheme of extended repression and monetary tyranny! If the country doesn’t get such legislation in the next several years. supply of silver for industry. This Act does seem impossible at present.

Suppose the SUA got an Executive Order from the President to seize our silver at $5 the ounce (a “non-inflationary” price).Durbin has received backing from a Pilgrims Society connected Manhattan law firm whose original office was at 43 Wall Street and whose clients have included the silver suppressing Astor family and the silver stealing. enormous amounts of silver were “tapped” by leasing from foreign central banks. silver using Du Pont family http://www. The USA amassed the biggest hoard of silver. contact your mining managements and tell them not to cooperate. multiple foreign hoards had to be a smaller tally. in history. so we are informed. We’d expect it to go to the SUA afterwards for . Then 80 million ounces of purloined silver appeared in the Treasury Department. Now as the silver price is in the last days of derivative control. That business was always under great secrecy. But after that. turn in all your gold including jewelry like South Koreans did!” Treasury silver is gone. and much more. That also was/is finite. Is the plan to so drain America of gold so as to later announce “Hey! National Emergency! Be patriotic.paulweiss. There cannot be any meaningful amount left. known since the leaked 1949 list. by far. Does the law firm care to gift the country with a 2014 roster of The Pilgrims Society? More Americans are wanting to know who the current gold and silver antagonists are. with the assistance of the big USA/UK bankers and their huge influence web. Dear readers.aspx Pilgrims Society vice president John Hay Whitney and his fellow inner circle Pilgrims member David Rockefeller.com/about-the-firm/history. the bankers and their con men are trying to get miners to place hedges at these bottom scraping prices. the Pharma financiers.

50 silver. Since domestic mines can’t supply enough silver (especially at “Brog” rates). Peru. We don’t expect these scenarios to play out. It is as if the infamous 1966 Chicago killer. Argentine. Richard Speck.50 the ounce. but there remain three victims who can be saved by intervention. if they can make license plates. has just slashed the fifth student nurse to death.$2. 1987-1998 and became a trustee of the antisilver Brookings Institution in 2001 and in 2002 joined the Trilateral Commission (more Pilgrims Society front organizations) --- . they can be trained to work the mines. and since other countries won’t sell silver for a cup of goat urine. Scott in “The Formula” (1980) as he was contending with corporate ripoff giant Adam Steiffel --“Son of a bitch---SON OF A BITCH!” Richard Fisher of the Dallas FED chaired the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations. Mexico et al.50 the ounce! Meantime. convict labor would be conscripted. To get silver for the SUA at $2. To borrow words from George C. the SUA should petition for military invasion and occupation of Chile. Bolivia. After all. the mines also would be seized. so they can continue to get $2. they are too extreme.

direct subsidiary of The Pilgrims Society! Fisher married the daughter of a Texas Congressman. who as undersecretary of the Treasury helped Pilgrims Society . personally held over $1 million in gold (exact amount not stated---it could be way north of a flat $1 million) very likely acquired at under the $1000 ounce mark. January 31. “oldest private bank in the United States.The New York Times. How come these sacks o’ shit tell us to hold money in dollars.” a Pilgrims Society entity also staffed with Rhodes Scholars and Skull & Bones Society members oh and don’t forget the Wolf’s Head Society is also at BBH. 2012. reported the spooky Richard Fisher. and they’re holding money in gold? (He also holds platinum. Harriman & Company. president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank. uranium and agricultural land---things of actual value!) Above he’s at the CFR in New York. at BBH Fisher was assistant to Pilgrims Society member Robert Roosa. He started at 59 Wall Street at Brown Brothers.

cfm I figure he doesn’t golf for a hobby.acgusa.dallasfed. 2007. a vice president of The Pilgrims Society! Fisher.org/news/speeches/fisher/2007/fs071114.” http://www.iamericas. now do my best to avoid answering your questions. He steals corn from blind chickens. after a speech in Australia.org/index. in time-honored central banking fashion. FED OFFICIALS LIKE FISHER MUST BE THE FIRST IN LINE TO SURRENDER THEIR GOLD IN EXCHANGE FOR THE “PROSPERITY COUPONS” COMING FROM U.org/en/aboutioa/board IF THE PRESIDENT ISSUES A GOLD NATIONALIZATION ORDER. Fisher stated--“I will stop here and.member Douglas Dillon take the country off silver coins and helped feed the London Gold Pool! After being a rep for the anti-middle class North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) Fisher worked for over three years under Rockefeller agent Henry Kissinger. same as everything else that just always happened because no one planned anything! From 1987 to 1993 Fisher chaired the Institute of the Americas which today has a rep from JP Morgan and a Barrick Gold rep https://www. may easily be a Pilgrims member but it’s not as if the world’s most secret organization desires any public profile! My opinion.S. a Harvard University overseer.php?section=about-us-board-ofdirectors coincidence? Of course. . Fisher’s gold should be seized and shipped to GERMANY! FED officials may have accessed German gold for themselves! Since 2002 Fisher has been on the board of the American Council on Germany with Pilgrims Society members Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker http://www. CURRENCY PRINTING PLANTS! On November 14.

it should be as good for you as silver in industry! Just cupronickel your way through a silver famine! “SILVER SUPPLIES MAY GET TIGHTER” ---WSJ.” an award he’d have never received from Sam Houston. So? Fast forward over a half century. Fisher lists himself as a Presbyterian. May 27. the SUA silver lowballers in 2014 can look back at the $18 COMEX price quotes for silver during 2013 and tell producers and owners---“You’re not offering silver to us at a price we’re willing to pay!” So jackass---go mine your own silver! Since you feel cupronickel is as good for the country as silver for coinage. because Houston was a silver money man. Someone should inquire of him. “Are you not concerned about being sent to hell for monetary subversion?” ********************** “A spokesman at Handy & Harman said---“We are trying to get silver for our daily needs but producers have not yet offered enough at a price we are willing to pay.In 1987 Fisher was named an “Admiral in the Texas Navy. page 8.” ---Wall Street Journal. November 30. silver supplies WILL get tighter unless you start lobbying for changes encouraging a free market in silver and more mining production! Price capping is like tightening a tourniquet around your own neck---you are restricting blood supply (“silver metal”). 1961. Father of Texas. 1969. page 8 Silver Users Association. .

pp 14-15! This jive comedian was a member of the anti-silver American Economic Association. today’s at right! “SILVER CALLS FOR NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT AND HAS NO COST. We look at him and he’s covered with flies! He stands in supreme disgrace.” ---Economics professor Neil Caruthers in North American Review. January 1932. There must be some hot-shot like him today in the AEA who can tell silver miners how profitable they should be since they have no cost to build and operate mines and that silver just pops into thin air for free! As the economist wipes the pus from his eyes. Lying for bankers all over the place! . headquartered at Vanderbilt University (of the same family who helped organize The Pilgrims Society in 1902-1903!) Caruthers was director of the College of Business Administration at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in the 1930s.Yesterday’s silver stockpiles at left.

” ---Mining Congress Journal. who went on record complaining of Great Britain’s war against monetary silver (Mining Congress Journal. chaired by Nevada Governor E. and Nevada silver Senator Patrick McCarran (below).“The prosperity of the mining industry of the West contributes in large measure to the prosperity of the entire nation. February 1946. and various mining men. We urge that the present uncertain condition be remedied by the enactment of laws which will definitely and permanently remonetize silver to its rightful place in our monetary system. page 56) --- .P. page 56. with the employment of both gold and silver in such base. May 1939. We favor a metallic base for United States currency. declaration at close of silver conference at Reno. We urge Congress and the President to take action immediately. Those engaged in mining are harassed and constantly deterred from making commitments for continuing operation and development and in planning for employment. thereby taking thousands of men off our relief rolls and putting them back to work. Carville. attended by the Governors of Utah and Arizona. The present situation with regard to silver is most unsatisfactory.


This adamant intransigence has persisted longer than any of us have been alive! Government officials and silver users both want silver flowing to industry. 1964.” 1954 (on behalf of Senator McCarran) --“NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME. September 10. but it has to be at gutter rates! There are earlier examples. Utah Senator Wallace . but for one. YOU PASTY-FACED EASTERN TINHORN!” “Most officials aren’t of a mind to try to coax specialized silver mining firms into greater activity by pegging the price at some new height. than do anything to remonetize precious metals! To the SUA we quote Spencer Tracy in “Boom Town.Current Nevada Senator Harry Reid would sooner come into Senate chambers naked carrying a severed hog’s head in each hand. page 10.” ---WSJ.

Maximize incentive to sell. Fascist government and banker interference in a natural marketplace. any coercive silver sales mean bad publicity for the SUA! Louisiana and Texas moved to exempt gold and silver from State sales tax! . overbearing.Bennett remarked about this conundrum as far back as September 17. page 59. he said since silver price advances would always be BLOCKED. The hero was promised $3000 and was paid $100---sounds like a silver users ripoff of silver miners. It’s more than the COMEX “Brog” silver rates. Protesting to the hero about not stopping the robber. or silver at prices determined without intrusive. the con man sniggered. Others are even more determined to not sell into any forced market. considering the con man hadn’t inculcated any charitable response. As prices are finally forced to rise past the old 1980 peak. The choice is now---no silver. the hero had no alternative but to reply--“I MISSED THE PART WHERE THAT’S MY PROBLEM!” When you silver users are starved for silver we should tell you “we missed the part where that’s our problem!” Want more silver available? Lobby Congress to lift capital gains collectible tax off silver---no gains tax on silver. The hero had a chance to stop the robber but was motivated to decline. scrapping the tax to zero will free up the most metal by rewarding disinvestment. we’re also waiting for confiscatory taxation to be expunged! The punitive 28% gains tax on precious metals was instituted to discourage people owning these metals. 1964 New York Times. I know a retired person who took a cheap mall job so as to avoid selling any silver. and world supplies would have to evaporate before prices could rise! The SUA can no longer have it both ways. “I missed the part where that’s my problem!” As the dejected hero left the con man was held up and his loot taken. You can no longer have silver. and have it dirt cheap. a scene from “Spiderman” 2002 comes to mind.

Not that you fatherless jackals in the SUA deserve one more gram! The November 22. ending metals taxes will free up the most silver. SUA sure has a tough nut to crack! CFTC ever ready to spit out more lies! Silver shortage is a heart attack! Somebody’s future is pitch black! . I know some individuals who made physical precious metals in their possession. their pension! Think of precious metals taxation in the same way as the former ban on melting silver coins.This is the start of a trend against any taxation in gold and silver! There are gold and silver money movements in multiple States.org No silver for sale with 28% gains tax! We’re no longer your punching bag! You’re on K2 with no ice axe! Still trying to fly the pirate flag! You just hit a hopeless snag! Starved for silver but can’t let prices rise. the repealing of that ban freed up more silver. had this--“One of the players on the other side. and to www. I ask interested parties to forward a link to this presentation to your Congressmen and Senators.nosilvernationalization. professes to be bleeding to death. all negative financial news strengthens their cause. a holder of obligations to deliver silver rather than receive it.” “Smile though our hearts are breaking!” ---James Garner as Jim Rockford in “The Rockford Files” 19741980. page 38. including at State level. 1978 (not 1979) WSJ.

The most important statement in this presentation--“Exposing The Pilgrims organization as gold and silver antagonists may be the difference between protecting our ownership rights in gold and silver---or having those precious rights trampled on by Executive Order!” .


gold and silver antagonist. Bilderberg discloses its meeting sites and issues attendance rosters---The Pilgrims do not.The annual meeting of these thieving British Crown collaborators is on the fourth Wednesday in January. as they are the inner core of the globalist movement and manage the other globalist organizations! Pilgrims Society vice president Paul Volcker. bosses Obama--- .

S.net/tss. Founder of GNB was Albert Gallatin. 1801-1814 who argued for . Treasury Secretary.html The April 26. 1912 New York Times reported the merger of Gallatin National Bank of 36 Wall Street (founded 1829) with Hanover Bank (founder 1851).http://silverstealers. U.

Camoys was a director of luxury goods auctioneer Sotheby’s. Camoys is a relative of the Drexel family of Pilgrims Society members in the U. long associated with J. A member of the House of Lords since 1976.renewal of the charter of the first United States Bank in 1811. later he supported chartering the second United States Bank in 1816 (forerunners of the Federal Reserve!) The name James P. a member of Parliament and owner of iron foundries who in 1601 was granted a Royal monopoly on production of military ordnance for England. In 1979-1981 he was an official of the European Economic Community.P. Pilgrims of Great Britain leaked list dated 1980. in 1975 he became managing director of AMEX Bank and chairman till 1978. Angier Biddle Duke was also listed in The Pilgrims 1980 leaked roster! These details are not mere chance---The Pilgrims are the central committee behind the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England---the dynastic families feeding off the central banks! With incomplete information I’ve ID’d 5 out of 7 of the Jekyll Island conspirators where the Federal Reserve Act was planned as members of The Pilgrims! Please ask gold and silver websites who have allowed no coverage to this organization how they can justify ignoring it! Hanover Bank merged into what is today JPMorgan Chase! Among recent or upcoming additions to The Silver Stealers documentary is the following--Lord Camoys.S.com/home.stonor. In 1968 Camoys became managing director of National Provincial & Rothschilds Limited.htm and of Baron Henry Bergavenny. Gallatin appears in the 1980 leaked list of The Pilgrims in New York! Nicholas Biddle was president of the second United States Bank. is a descendant of King Charles II of England (1660 to 1685) and of the Earls of Camoy. Morgan & Company (Drexels . English aristocrats dating back over 850 years http://www. 1993 to 1997. and in 1969 to 1975 held the same post at Rothschild Intercontinental Bank in London.

org/wiki/Thomas_Stonor. National Provident Institution. He was a Barclay’s Bank International director. From 1991 to 2006 he held official standing in Vatican financial management---a Crown agent active in Vatican financial affairs http://en. Invesco Perpetual and of 3i Group. Camoys was a Lord in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth II. 1978 to 1984 and its chairman till 1986. its symbol strongly suggests “Illuminati” heraldry--- .wikipedia. a major silver suppressor.originally from Austria). and a Permanent Lord in Waiting since 2000. 1980 to 1994._7th_Baron_Camoys He held other directorships including Mercantile Credit. formed in 1945 by the Bank of England and Pilgrims Society run London megabanks. 1992-1997. same as Rothschilds. and is a member of the City of London Fishmongers Company guild. He was managing director of Barclays Merchant Bank.

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