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Everything 1 do

Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams / Miahel Kaman /
Robert John Lange.

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C Gsus4 G F Gsus4 G

Look in- to my eyes yon will see wlml yon mean to me search your

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henA scare F your soul and whenyou find rue you'll

there scorch no more don't

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tell me it'snol worth ny-in' for you call I tell me il'snotworlhdy-in for you know it's

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~l:r~~~.~l~~mu :>: ar~" au mw_Wr

you there's no love like your love and no oilr er could give

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te11991 by Zachary Leek Music InoJhfrede Geak Mmic lne,/Akno tArae Core/B . Adams b4lsic/Zon" PubfahM
6 Used by permesion d : Warner 9easl .kLsic Publehere. Hearden. Flalend