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Gmail - Fw: Village's reopening contribu…

Jenn Farr <jennfarr.superstar@gmail.com>

Fw: Village's reopening contribution
1 message Bank Street B.I.A. <bankstreetbia@rogers.com> To: jennfarr.superstar@gmail.com Part 2 ----- Original Message ----From: Glenn Crawford To: bankstreetbia@rogers.com ; 'Keays, Jeffrey' ; 'Holmes, Diane' Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 3:47 PM Subject: Village's reopening contribution Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Good afternoon, Kimberley, Diane and Jeffrey, A Village committee meeting was held last night and we came up with some more decisions/questions regarding the grand re-opening party. 1. Location - Vinci Park is dragging their heels too much and an uneven gravel parking lot won't be ideal for all the events we are planning, so the committee decided it would be best if we could get a side street where we could set up and project somewhat onto Bank, and doing a walk-through of the area, it was decided that Florence Street would be the preferred location, although if there was already something set for that location, we could certainly look at other streets, such as Gilmour, Lewis, James, Waverley or Frank. Dealing with the City should be less hassle than a private company with all the street closures already happening, and I assume all insurance/liability issues will be covered by what is planned for the rest of the street. Please let me know if this is possible and if my assumptions are correct. If we have to cover any insurance costs, we'd need to know what the costs would be and if we could be personally liable in case of an accident, as we are not a registered charity. 2. Licences - We want to apply for a liquor licence and for a food licence and figure the sooner the better. Jeffrey, I know you said you'd be able to help with that... can you send us the necessary application forms to fill out? We have a group with Smart Serve dealing with serving, but in terms of selling tickets for liquor and food, are there any issues we need to address, other than carding people to ensure we are selling to persons older than 19? 3. Timing - I'm still a bit unclear about the general event times and when we should be setting up and striking down. We'll need to know that so we can put a call out for volunteers. If memory serves, the main event is from 9-10am to about 5-6pm, correct? Do we have a firm opening and starting time, and a time for when the streets are closed for set up and strike down? 4. Promotion - How is event promotion coming along? What's been decided? Is
https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik… 1/3


Gmail - Fw: Village's reopening contribu… there an estimate on how many people could attend, so we know how much food and liquor to purchase? Certainly we'll be able to market the event in our community and Capital Pride has already begun working on that.

5. Village contribution - We're getting more details on the various parts of the day. • General - I have a rough site plan based on having Florence Street, but if that changes, I can adjust it to suit our final location. Obivously, the sooner we have the location nailed down, the faster we can finalize plans. We will probably have the food set up to sell all day, and we'd like to project Village promo materials and photos on the large screen during the day, as long as people will be able to see it. • 12-4pm - Family event - Looks like we have PTS wanting to be involved in the kid's/youth section from 12-4pm, and we are going to approach Spins and Needles to do a craft event for part of the day... hopefully, they will be interested in taking part. We've also contacted Ten Oak Project and the YSB... no final word on what they may be able to do. We are hoping to get some more ideas on kid/youth events, but so far for sure we'll do face-painting, crafts and probably balloon animals. For youth, I think the dunk tank is still a good idea, but our events coordinator is a bit worried about logistics. Again, I hope to have a few more ideas... we could certainty show cartoons or something short on the screen if we have it yup all day. • 4-8pm - Tea Dance - I think we've decided to approach two DJ's for music and we want to have the area tented for protection in case of rain. We'll begin to sell liquor at this time, and will continue to so until say 9pm after the movie has started. • 8-10pm - Movie - no major new developments here, though we were thinking of making Rocky Horror kit bags with all the things that people "need" to participate in the movie... we could charged a $5-10 suggested donation for the movie that would include the kit. It's supposed to include the following, according to a Web site (seems like cleanup is going to be a chore): Rice Party Hat Toast Watergun Noisemaker Hot Dogs Newspaper Rubber Glove Playing Cards Lighter or Flashlight Toilet Paper

Please let me know what you think of this, and if you can answer some of the critical questions like final location, insurance and licencing. Have a great week, Glenn Crawford Jack Of All Trades Design 3-35 James Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0T4




Gmail - Fw: Village's reopening contribu…



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