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Our mission: The family of Good Samaritan Lutheran Church welcomes all to gather and grow, give of themselves

and go into the world to serve as disciples of Jesus Christ. Good Samaritan Goals for Ministry in 2014 (a conversation between Mutual Ministry, Good Sam Council and Pastor Mitch) The Good Samaritan congregation will respond in faith to the call of the Holy Spirit to give ourselves to worship, discipleship, study of the Scriptures and Serve to those in need. Outreach goal area The Good Samaritan congregation will support and participate in our outreach programs and practice building bridges with those whom God brings into our lives, walking in faith with those we are called to walk along with. Interconnections goal area The Good Samaritan congregation will make a personal mission of expanding our circle of friends and connections in the life of the congregation. And discover ways to invite our friends and neighbors in the community into fellowship, worship and ministry activity with Good Sam. Lay Leadership goal area The Good Samaritan congregation will challenge ourselves to grow personally and in our expression of ministry, ready to learn best practices, new ways for being about our mission and purpose together. Journey and Change in the Congregation goal area The Good Samaritan congregation will learn to express for ourselves the vision and purpose that guide our expressions of ministry and activity at Good Sam. Communication/information goal area The Good Samaritan congregation will participate in the flow of communication in parish life by sharing of our faith stories and experiences, engaging in conversations around faith and life, giving and receiving in the faith journey endeavor so that we all are active in supporting the faith lives that comprise our community. Develop a desire to stretch beyond simple pew sitting or being passive consumers of worship, communication and information. The Good Samaritan congregation will work with Pastor to develop appropriate Continuing Education and Sabbatical Plans that are mutually beneficial to Pastor and the Congregation.

(Last revised 2-3-14)