Rossum Corporation LA

TO: All Employees and Contractors FROM: Adelle DeWitt DATE: 10/15/09 RE: Weekly Staff Meeting


It has come to my attention that there still is some confusion about the weekly staff meeting. I suspect that some of our newest hires are not reading their mail on a daily basis. As previously announced, and as reiterated in my recent memo of 10/12, there is no meeting tomorrow. As you know, certain resources and personnel, especially from Communications and Networking, are required at another event, one which is very important to Mr. Ambrose and the Board of Directors as it offers the company and its research major national exposure. The impact upon our weekly staff meeting was announced quite some time ago. Notwithstanding the urgent or the unexpected, please hold discussion of routine matters until next week at the 10/23 staff meeting. The majority of that meeting will be spent discussing client acquisition and retention, the subject of the previous memo from this office. Given the apparent persistence of rumor and misinformation due to memoranda not being read, Judith will be checking in with each of you over the course of the next week to go over our interoffice communications policies. This house must be kept in order. It is more important than ever that we all remain properly informed. On that very point, it appears that Mr. Brink might be taking advantage of tomorrow’s schedule to perform some diagnostics. I trust he will avail himself of an opportunity to update us all as to the specifics.

Adelle DeWitt