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Published by: Danika S. Santos on Mar 08, 2014
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SANTOS, Danika Marie S.

Section 2-I

March 8, 2014 Seminar 4

Based on the discussion of the daily schedule of activities of the Benedictine Monks inside the Abbey, I noticed that they start each activity with a prayer. I also noticed that the activities are almost arranged alternatively in such a way that after an activity with other monks (i.e., Conventual Mass), there is an individual act (i.e., Thanksgiving Prayer). People nowadays forget to say their daily prayers primarily because most of us are too busy and preoccupied. One of the biggest obstacles to prayer is our schedules. We say we have a hard time finding time to pray. We need our sleep in the morning so we can function during the day. We are busy in family activities after our work. We stay up late because we need to finish our work for the next day. We want to pray, we say, but we don't have time. This is what the Benedictine monks show in living their lives: every activity, to be successful and fulfilling, should start and end with a prayer.

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