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Published by: Circuit Media on Oct 15, 2009
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15, 2009 CONTACT Myung Oak Kim, 303-947-5708, Myung.kim@state.co.us GOV. RITTER ANNOUNCES NEW WAY TO TRACK RECOVERY ACT PROJECTS

Gov. Bill Ritter Jr. today announced the release of new reports that outline how funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are being used in every county across Colorado. The 64 reports can be found at www.colorado.gov/recovery and are the first of several new sources of data that will be released in the next few weeks to help Coloradans track Recovery Act dollars.

“The Recovery Act is helping every Colorado community by supporting school programs, reducing taxes for most working families, and creating jobs in construction, infrastructure and weatherization projects,” Gov. Ritter said. “We are working hard to track Recovery Act dollars and these county reports are another way for Coloradans to see how the money is being spent.”

In addition to the county reports, a new blog has been posted on the state website, www.colorado.gov/recovery. The blog offers insight from Don Elliman, Chief Operating Officer for the State of Colorado and Chair of the Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability Board, an oversight panel appointed by Gov. Ritter in February.

The Governor’s Economic Recovery Team is compiling a variety of reports to help Coloradans track spending of Recovery Act dollars that will be posted on www.colorado.gov/recovery. More information, including new federal contract data, is available at www.recovery.gov, the official national website.

The Recovery Act was signed in Denver in February by President Obama and is designed to boost the economy through a steady two-year plan. The Recovery Act distributes $787 billion to create jobs, maintain safety net services, support education and vital services, reduce taxes and invest in infrastructure and growth industries. Colorado expects to receive at least $5.5 billion. That number could increase significantly after major competitive grants are awarded in coming months.

The county reports were compiled from a number of sources and do not represent every dollar coming from the Recovery Act. Tax breaks for working families and other direct benefits to individuals could not be calculated by county and are not

listed on the reports. Governor’s Economic Recovery Team will release more reports in the next two weeks. On Oct. 30, the national website, www.recovery.gov is scheduled to release an unprecedented amount of spending information, including job impact estimates, for thousands of Recovery Act projects nationwide.

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