The general thing about Northwestern that make me want to be a student there is its majestic scenery.

The idea to be stood by the Great Lake had attracted a nature lover like me. Dreaming myself sitting under a tree by the Great Lake to study while enjoy the sight. Haaaaa The universe is always seen mysterious to me. When I say “the universe” , I literally mean all that exist within it. I’m curious to know how the universe woks both in science field and economic field and not only how it works now but in the past and the future too. Due to that, I choose to enroll in Weinberg College of Art and Sciences. As I am learning economic for my major, I can still acknowledge what currently happening in the science world. The combination of art and science school together, enables me to emerge in both communities. The sharing of idea and thought from both side will expand my mind and knowledge. I admire the idea that presented by Steven Johnson that in late 16th century in England, coffee shops back then were `beds’ for good ideas to `reproduce’ (expand or create). People from all background would go there to have a drink and implicitly share their ideas and thoughts. These sharing of ideas from an engineer to a professor of Oxford generated fresh good idea, and I believe Weinberg College of Art and Sciences can provide the “coffee shop” I dream for.

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