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President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech during the commemoration of International Women’s Day.

President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech during the commemoration of International Women’s Day.

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Published by State House Kenya
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech during the commemoration of International Women’s Day.
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech during the commemoration of International Women’s Day.

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Published by: State House Kenya on Mar 08, 2014
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Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my pleasure to preside over today’s commemoration of International Women’s Day. This year, International Women’s Day coincides with our 50 years anniversary of independence. It is a watershed moment a time to appreciate how far we as a people have come. !ut more importantly, it is a time to re"dedicate ourselves to the full freedom and participation of our mothers and sisters in #uildin$ our nation. We all %now the role our women played to li#erate our nation. &ver the decades, we have made $reat strides in $ender e'uality and the empowerment of (enyan women. !ut the )ourney is far from over. *'uality in the home, in the pu#lic sphere and at wor% remains to #e attained. Ladies and Gentlemen, Di$nity, e'uity and inclusiveness are at the core of our constitution. +y Government, I have openly admitted, see%s nothin$ short of the complete transformation of this country. That is why we ta%e these values so seriously these are the values that $uard our advance to the free and prosperous country that is our destiny. ,nd that is why we are whole"heartedly implementin$ specific measures to empower the women of (enya. &ur first action in office was the implementation of free maternal healthcare in centers ri$ht across the country. ,lready, --. of deliveries are in these centers, up from //., and we e0pect the num#er to rise.

We have also ensured we adhere to the constitutional re'uirement in as far as women’s representation in assem#lies and appointments in pu#lic positions are concerned. Ladies and Gentlemen, +y Government is %eepin$ its pled$es on empowerin$ women and the youn$ people. I made a campai$n promise that, in the event there would #e no run off, the #alance of funds allocated for the second round election would #e used to support enterprises for the women and youth of this country. +y Government has since delivered the (shs - !illion 1we2o 3und, which I launched in 4eptem#er 5067, was the fulfillment of this promise. The le$al framewor% has finally #een approved #y 8arliament, and the supervisin$ +inistry has made all necessary arran$ements to ensure that the funds are dis#ursed to the women and youth of this country soonest. 4econd, Ladies and Gentlemen, my Government also introduced the 70. ,ffirmative ,ction policy for women, youth and persons with disa#ilities in pu#lic procurement. In easin$ access to pu#lic procurement #y women, youth and persons with disa#ilities, who had lon$ #een shunted into the periphery of economic opportunities in this country, we too% a mi$hty step on the road to full inclusion. , recent survey underta%en #y the +inistry of Devolution and 8lannin$ to assess this provision indicated that Government ministries and a$encies were actively implementin$ the policy. We did not do this )ust for the $ood of our economy9 we did it #ecause it was also fundamentally ri$ht for our nation. Ladies and Gentlemen, When matters turn to the inclusion of women in leadership, the :onstitution has provided the country with a framewor% in which to achieve e'uity. Today, we can proudly say that women are much #etter off than they were in the 60 th 8arliament where representation stood at ;.;..

In the 66th 8arliament, representation stands at 5/.-/.. This is the lar$est proportion of women in 8arliament in the history of (enya. *ven then, the minimum one"third constitutional re'uirement is yet to #e met, this is, indeed, a real transformation of our leadership. !ut transformation is not confined to 8arliament the composition of my :a#inet already meets the constitutionally"mandated 77.7. mar%, and the women appointed lead +inistries that reflect the #roadest, most challen$in$ of $overnment responsi#ilities < forei$n relations, defence, lands and devolution and national coordination amon$. Let me ma%e it plainly clear, women are at the very core of my $overnment’s operations, in a way that no previous administration in our country’s history has ever mana$ed. This is a transformative $overnment. Ladies and Gentlemen, In our effort to accelerate the a#andonment of a handful of harmful practices such as 3emale Gential +utilation, the $overnment has put in place the ,nti"3G+ !oard, which is now operational. The appointment of the :hairperson and other !oard mem#ers has #een $a2etted. The !oard has its wor% cut out for it, #ut it will find a willin$ and patient partner in the =u#ilee $overnment. We share their desire for the total a#andonment of a practice, which, adds no value to humanity. Ladies and Gentlemen, In education, (enya lon$ a$o adopted free primary education 5007. ,lmost as important as sheer num#ers of enrolment was $ender parity it would have #een cruel and wasteful to limit the learnin$ to #oys. >ow, $ender parity has #een achieved in the primary school level enrollment rate, the ne0t step must #e to e0tend parity to secondary schools. Ladies and Gentlemen, &n this )ourney to ma%e $ender e'uality a reality, we continue to count on our partners to )oin us in upliftin$ the lives of women and

$irls. I encoura$e the private sector, and development partners, to continue to partner with us in this no#le endeavour. +y Government is indeed fully committed to deliver on its promises to the women of (enya. I loo% forward to wor%in$ with you to #uild stron$ families and communities in which the women and men of this $reat nation can reali2e their full potential and find meanin$ in their lives. Let me close #y con$ratulatin$ the 3irst Lady for her sterlin$ e0ample in fi$htin$ for the ri$hts of women and youn$ people. ?ou all %now that tomorrow she will run in a marathon < the first #y a 3irst Lady anywhere on the $lo#e. 4he is doin$ it as part of her !eyond @ero campai$n whose $oal is to improve maternal health care, and to #uy mo#ile clinics to ensure that many of our people have access to important health facilities. I wish her well. +any of you will run with her, and, if you haven’t re$istered, it is not too late. Ladies and Gentlemen, I than% you all and wish the women and $irls of this our land and nation a memora#le day.

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