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Problems for Flow measurements 1. Velocity in an air flow is to be measured with a stagnation tube that has a resolution of 0.1-in.

H2O. Find the minimum fluid speed in ft/s that can be measured. eglect !iscous effects and assume that the air is at room condition. 2. " !enturi meter is to be installed in a 100-mm line to measure the flow of water. #a$imum flow rate is e$pected to be %&m'/h at 1&(. #anometer fluid used to measure will be mercury. )ater temperature will be 1&(. a. *f the ma$imum manometer reading is 1.2&m with !enturi coefficient is 0.+,- what throat diameter should be specified for the !enturi. b. /ower to operate the meter at full load if the pressure reco!ery is +00 of the differential pressure '. "n orifice meter e1uipped with flange taps is t be installed to measure the flowrate of topped crude to a crac2ing unit. Oil is flowing at '%.,( through a 3-in sch30 pipe. "n ade1uate run of straight hori4ontal pipe is a!ailable for the installation. 5he e$pected ma$imum flow rate is %+.& m'/h measured at 1&.6(. #ercury is to be used as manometer fluid- with glycol 7sp g. 1.118 is to be used in the leads as sealing li1uid. 5he ma$imum reading of the manometer is to be '0 in. 5he !iscosity of the oil at '%.,( is &.3&c/. 9pecific gra!ity of the oil is 0.,+2%. :atio of density of the oil at '%.,( to that at 1&.6( is 0.+,3. (alculate the diameter of the orifice and the power loss.