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2028 Microsoft Office System ReadMe File Xxxxxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyyyyyy

2006 Microsoft Corporation. All ri !ts reser"ed. This document provides links to late-breaking information about the 2007 Microsoft Office System #no$n %ss&es'ReadMe ggggggggggggggggggggggggggg here System Re(&irements The summary of system re!uirements "latest# are as follo$s% Minimum OS re!uirement% &indo$s '( S(2 or &indo$s 200) S(* or "see belo$# Minimum hard$are re!uirement% () +00 M,-. 2+/ M0 12M 2 complete listing of 2007 Microsoft Office system re!uirements is posted on% 2007 Microsoft Office 1elease System 1e!uirements