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To change education loan from simple rate of interest to compound rate of interestEDUEMI 2. Cheque already paid in system can be marked as unpaid by- UCS 3. To inquire account number on the basis of cheque number and sol id INQACHQ 4. Mutual fund transfer transaction- MFTM 5. Request for duplicate pin for debit card- DPINREQ ; ATMCRA 6. Change account manager of customer- CAMC 7. Krishi card maintenance- KCM 8. Scheme wise distribution of deposit under fixed deposit- SDD 9. To print SI covering letter to customer- SICL 10. What if analysis of account liability- WIALL 11. To change the service outlet of an employee- CSE ; CCS 12. TO give TRACKING NO. to remitter at the time of remittance- XOOM 13. File transfer protocol- FTP 14. To recover charges from account for duplicate passbook, duplicate demand draft GCHRG 15. Option code for enquiry on the exception raised by system- K 16. Inquiry can be made on account opened between two dates by using- GDET 17. House loan under simple rate of interest can be opened by- TLSHL 18. Inward clearing can be uploaded by- Pcunix (SERVICE BRANCH) 19. for receipt of DIRECT taxes- OLTAS (online tax accounting system) 20. to combine the custids of customers CCA 21. Apply for duplicate password OF user- IBSRPOST 22. Interest rate modification- INTTM 23. Generation of interest rate advice- INTADV 24. To print the voucher- VCHR 25. credit card application- CCAPPL 26. Relaxation of inter-sol charges- ISOCR 27. Ledger print out of office accounts- ACLPOA 28. TO change the GL subhead code- TACBSH 29. TO unlock the user id- SAC 30. To restrict certain users to restrict certain accounts- AACM 31. TO attach teller duties to a user- GECM 32. To change your password on your own- PWMNT 33. Any kind of financial transaction (transfer, receipt, payment) - TM 34. Details (deep) of account balance- ACCBAL 35. TO reverse the proxy transaction SPTM 36. Interest run for an a/c- ACINT 37. Inquire into the exceptional transactions- TEI 38. VERification of the exceptional transactions- TEA 39. Inquiry for MINIMum work class required to post and approve a transaction- EXCDM 40. TO reverse a transaction HCRT 41. Print the transaction advice (to send to customer about bank induced charges)- ADVC 42. Option to inquire if a transaction is balanced or not- L 43. Cancellation of DD/PSI- DDC 44. Payment of dd- CDDMP 45. Payment of PSITM 46. Account balance of particular cust id- CUSTBALP 47. To know the total deposit for a customer- ACMP 48. Interest certificate- INTCERT 49. To view the standing instructions for a customer id- SII

50. Opening, suspending, releasing, regularizing the outward clearing zone (be extremely careful)- MCLZOH then O, S, R, G respectively each function after one day gap. 51. Reversal of wrongly debited ATM payment- ATMREV 52. TO check if a DD is printed or not? DDPALL 53. To unlock an outward clearing zone UNLKZ 54. TO generate report of turnover, min, max balance, avg balance- ATOR 55. Upload transactions through a floppy TTUM 56. Find out a/cS opened and closed during a specific period- ACS 57. View, modify, very, inquire informations about users/ user profile management- HUPM 58. INQUIRE abt enries pending for posting or verification- FTI 59. Inquire abt non-finacial entries pending for posting or verification- AFI 60. To check the scheme code parameters- GSPI 61. TO check interest parameters- TVSI 62. TO Create customer id- CUMM 63. TO create the account number of customer- OAAC 64. Verify account after generation- OAACAU 65. To unfreeze and freeze the accounts- AFSM 66. Generate the interest reports for all types of accounts- AINTRPT 67. TO change the scheme code if it is entered wrongly- ACXFRSC 68. To credit FFD amt. to SB a/c- SWOPS 69. TO charge a/c closure charges- CACC 70. To close an a/c- CAAC 71. To verify closure of an acc.- CAACAU 72. TO Set THE temporary overdraft limit (for cash credit a/c and OD a/c)- ACTODM 73. TOD Inqiry- ACTODI 74. To give the sanction limit and drawing power- ACLHM (if not performed timely, face exception- limit sanction expired) 75. To add the security- SRM 76. TO print acc. Statement- PSP 77. To or remove the lien amount ALM 78. To jotting the number of a/c opened and many more information- ACSP 79. To take ledger print of customer accounts- ACLPCA 80. For transferring cash from one branch to another branch- CASHTR 81. Request for cheque book generation- CREQ; ICHB; CHQBKR 82. VERIFY chqbk req- CREQAU; ICHBAU 83. To calculate interest for deposits before opening the acc.- DEPMOD 84. To print FDR or Deposit receipts- DRP; NEWDRP 85. To reprint the FDR or Deposit receipts- REDRP 86. To extend the period of deposit- TDEXT 87. To renew the FD- TDREN 88. To check the TDS for Particular TDS code- ASTI 89. To refund the TDS- RFTDS 90. To remit TDS to govt.- RMTDS 91. TO generate TDS REPORT/TDS CERTIFICATE/FORM 16 - TDSIP 92. To recover the TDS shortfall from the customer- RECSHF 93. Account limit history maintenance- ACLHM 94. Limit tree lookup- LTL 95. Limit node maintenance- LNM 96. Outward remittance maintenance- ORM

97. Inward remittance maintenance- IRM 98. GUARANTEE master maintenance- GMM 99. GUARANTEE inquiry- GI 100. Guarantee printing- GP 101. GUARANTEE jotting- GILR 102. BILL maintenance- BM 103. BILL inquiry- BI 104. Foreign BILL maintenance-FBM 105. Foreign bill INQUIRY- FBI 106. FOReign bill balancing register- FBBR 107. Foreign bill advice printing- FBADVP 108. HOW to delete/modify outward clearing in verified status open a new zone in MCLZOH other than outward clearing zone. Then TROFSETS- transfer the entry from outward zone to new zone. Delete/ modify entry in new zone. 109. Verify outward clearing entries- OCTM 110. VERIFY inward clg. Entries- ICTM 111. TO check whether all instruments entered in zone are verified IOCLS 112. WROng chebk series issued to account, how to destroy, reissue new series- CHBM then CHBMAU 113. Inventory management- ISIA 114. STOP cheque payment- SPP then SPPAU 115. TO transfer inventory from one operator to another- IMC 116. Employee file maintenance or users functions management - EFM 117. Role profile management- RPM 118. Disable user- PAPW 119. ACC. Ledger inquiry- ACLI 120. ACCOUNT maintenance/ modification ACM 121. View the joint holders for an account- JTHOLDER 122. Passbook printing- PBP; NEWPBP 123. CASH WINDOW NORMAL PAYMENT/NORMAL RECEIPT- NP; NR Respectively 124. Mass posting/ verification- TV 125. Intersol transaction report- ISTR 126. Previous day transaction verification- PTV 127. Post proxy transaction- PPT 128. Abnormal transaction inqiry- ATI 129. Financial transactions report- FTR 130. RATE list query (gold coins rates)- RTHQRY 131. CUStomer unutilized limit inquiry- CULI 132. Exceptions report- EXCPRPT 133. Report of matured od/fd acc.- ODFDREP 134. Loan overdue position inqiry- LAOPI 135. Loan repayment schedule report- LARSH 136. Pending instalments list- PLIST 137. Loan overdue reports- LOANODUE 138. Overdue foreign bills- ODFB 139. LOAN sanction limit review- LAROR 140. Change in sanction limit- CHLMT 141. Non submitted stock statement- STKSTMT 142. Loan account master report- LAMP

143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185.

Assets Classification report- ASSCR ABMR- Report of Accounts Below Min Balance Shroff cash report- SCWRPTA CALendar table maintenance/TO Mark holiday CTM Branch inquiry- BRTI Bank inquiry- BKTI Loan account general inquiry- LAGI Loan amount disbursement- LAMOD DEBIT cum ATM card request- ADCREQ Verify debit catd/atm request ADCMOD NEFT verification- NEFT then option V RTGS verification- HRTGS VERIFICATIONN of JET clearing- JETCL; verify TICKET no.; jcs generation- J; report generation- R Printing of Reports- PR; then P; F10 Quick OPENING OF acc.- MACOP Load scanned images of customer photo/sign- LDIMG Verify images- IMGMNT REPORT generation of outward clearing zone- CHQENCDL A/C for NPA CREDIT- LAPAY Loan against TERM deposit- LATDR Duplicate FDR print- DUDRP Standing instructions execution- SIE To mark pending- MARKPEN To reverse pending- REVPEND Opening the reject zone- MICZ Batch processing of inward zone (loading inward clearing data)- RMI Inward rejects report generation- REJREP Printing of Demand draft/pay order- DDMI Entering loss of DD/pay order- DDLOST Print non-payment advice- DDNPADV Issue of duplicate DD/Pay order- DDD Reversing the status of DD/pay order lost- DDREVERT Inquiry on DD/pay order issued- DDIC Inquiry on DD/pay order paid- DDID Validation of operation at branch (to view pending jobs)- SOLVAL Address and name maintenance- ADDRM Inventory status report- ISRA Outward clearing instrument inquiry- OIQ Print clearing schedule- PCLSO Print outward clearing schedule- PICS Day end activity- check AFI and FTI; then DDXFERNE; then OTCHRGDL; then OTCHRGAP; then CSOLOP Status of SOL- SOLSTAT END OF THE day report- EODREP