Wisdom can come without the slightest effort takes to open your eyes.

- Anthony de Mello

in the time that it

If to

I wish to be alive, I must learn to die at every moment, that is,

say goodbye, let go, move on. - Anthony de Mello


what you run away from--and what you yearn for--is within


- Anthony de Mello

#o relate is to react. #o react is to understand oneself. #o understand oneself is to be enlightened. enlightenment. - Anthony de Mello $elationships are schools for

What you are aware of you are in control of% of is in control of you. - Anthony de Mello.

what you are not aware

-If it is love that you truly desire then set out at once on the task

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of seeing ... As you do this the hard, protective shell around your heart will soften and melt and your heart will come alive in sensitivity and responsiveness. #he darkness in your eyes will be dispelled and your vision will become clear and penetrating, and you will know at last what love is. - Anthony de Mello.

&#he man talks nonsense,& said a visitor after hearing the master speak. 'aid a disciple, & ou would talk nonsense, too, if you were trying to e(press the ine(pressible.& - Anthony de Mello.

h:\docs\new folder (2)\anthony di mello.doc

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