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BUSINESS PLAN A. DATE DE IDENTIFICARE A FIRMEI 1. The full name of the company !.

A""#e$%ate& name of the company < if necessary > : '. Company() &eta%l) < specify the full address, telephone and fax > ♦ Headquarters: ♦ Operational Headquarters: ♦ Operation departments: ♦ Offices: ♦ Production departments: *. Re+%)t#at%on num"e# , T#a&e Re+%)te# -ff%ce . , ///// 0 //////////// 0 //////// - , Un%1ue #e+%)t#at%on co&e ___________________ Le+al fo#m of %nco#po#at%on <check> 2 S.R.L3 2 S.A.3 2 S.C.S.3

5. 4.

2 S.C.A.3

2 S.N.C.

Date an& locat%on of the "e+%nn%n+ of company() act%$%ty Date /////0/////0////// Locat%on ///////////////////// 5to6n7 county8

9. F%el& of act%$%ty <detailed description of the main activities: services, tourism, commerce etc . %nclu&%n+ NACE co&e fo# each act%$%ty %nclu&%n+ the ma%n act%$%ty>: Act%$%t%e) NACE co&e



/////////// ///////////

Le% at &ate of ///////////<specify> e1u%$alent %n EURat e;chan+e #ate of ////////Le%0EUR- <specify the exchange rate that is taken into account>


Tu#no$e# of p#e$%ou) yea# (If needed) /////////// /////////// le% at &ate of //////////<specify> e1u%$alent %n EURat e;chan+e #ate of ////////Le%0EUR- <specify the exchange rate that is taken into account>

1=. A))oc%ate)7 )ha#ehol&e#) Private individuals 1. 2. 3. 4. &orporate 1. Full adress and telephone number ationalit! "hares of capital #$%

Full adress and telephone number, no. &om. 'e(., fiscal code

o. of emplo!ees


"hares of capital #$%


2.mar4etin(: 5/ • . !arketing !anager.4u!an resorce !anage etc5 specify the experience and 6ualifications of each !anager that are i!portant for !anaging the &usiness and for the proposed in"est!ent pro7ect> #osition 8ast a!e %irst a!e 'tudies . econo!ic !anager.lei I)+ .) <specify (/.%)t%n+ pe#)onnel )t#uctu#e <includin( business or(ani0ation and specification of the follo1in( s!nthetic numerical data >: • • or(ani0ation2s mana(ement3 direct productive staff: .ear since has &eing hired at the co!pany !. 3. E. Cen>o#) an& 0 o# au&%to#) of the company...1or4ers3 . Total num"e#) of employee) 9otal nu!&ers of e!ployees 3f *hich:: 4a"ing e!ploy!ent contract of indefinite duration 4a"ing a cooperation agree!ent or other for!s of te!porary e!ploy!ent !. Bu)%ne)) pa#tne# "an?) of the company )anks *here the co!pany has opened accounts +dress of the &ranch .//$ 11. a!e (corporate or pri"ate #osition (cen$or indi"idual) or auditor) %ull adress..other qualifications <specify *hich> indirect productive staff: . fax 'ince taking up the post of cen$or or auditor of the co!pany (ate of last report prepared &y the cen$or or auditor 1!. production !anager. telephone nu!&er..en(ineers . P#e)ent pe#)onell of the company !. sales !anager. +O+.1. Company() mana+ement <gi"e details concerning the present !anage!ent of the co!pany0123.ear and !onth *hen opening the account I)+ ..-: .. C-MPAN@ MANAAEMENT AND PERRS-NELL 1.foremen: .administrative: .currency (.!. euro etc)> B.

6uantity. "pecif!:> a!e and address of the custo!er 3*nership type . crt. B%)to#y of company() act%$%ty an& le+al %))ue) <please detail> P#o&uct) an& )e#$%ce) offe#e& "y the company < specify the !ain ele!ents that you consider rele"ant to pro"ide an i!age of your products and ser"ices: assort!ent.- sale: other departments <specify *hich>: C.a* !aterial 9he present supplier (na!e5 address) #ercent<) in total of ra* !aterials (in "alue) (=) '.3) 1urrent state @ age D.. . !. 1here. Compet%t%on 5name7 &ata a"out the)e8 <Bho are your co!petitors on the !arket you sell your products@ser"icesC Bhat can you say a&out the!C +re they !ore successful than youC If yes. The ma%n) )uppl%e#) of #a6 mate#%al) .!. ?f !es.8 *.> *. present a details in an anne6 to the 7usiness Plan>: E. '. Ho1 man! potential customers there are on this mar4et. U)e& an& nee&e& &%)t#%"ut%on )y)tem <#ro"ide ele!ents concerning the !odality of distri&ution and selling your products at the ti!e &eing.e& a))et) o6ne& "y the company7 the )%tuat%on of e1u%pment an& "u%l&%n+) o6ne&0u)e& r. calitatea !ai &unD decEt cele ale concurentilor ("sC +"eti preturile !ai !iciC 5. De)c#%pt%on of the p#e)ent technolo+%cal p#oce)) Dif necessar!.ear and "alue of the transactions. =hih are !our present customers. . Techn%cal &ata on p#%ma#y f%. in 1hat countries. DESCIPTI-N -F TBE CURRENT ACTICIT@ -F TBE C-MPAN@ 1. fatD de cele ale concurentilor fir!ei ("sC +u produsele si ser"iciile fir!ei ("s. *hyC 4a"e they &een present on the !arket for a long ti!eC etc. >6port. The co)t) of #a6 mate#%al) 5monthly a$e#a+e7 etc. Po)%t%on%n+ p#o&uct) an& )e#$%ce) of the company face to the compet%t%on <1u! se plasea$D produsele si ser"iciile oferite de fir!a ("s. the "ariation of 6uantity and 6uality of products and ser"ices in ti!e etc. > '. 5 +he percent in 1hich the supplier suppl! the ra1 material. 8 9 F Total 1ategory and na!e of the group of fixed assets >alue (2?. 6uality. (e6ui"alent An 2?. +he! 1ill address e6clusivel! to a local mar4et : count!. <roup of counties.3) !.Cu)tome#) D specif! 1hich mar4et the products and services of !our compan! 1ill address to.1. TBE CURRENT MARGET -F TBE C-MPAN@ 1. Bhat i!pro"e!ents do you consider that are neededC etc.): Ra6 mate#%al) '.etc. =hat counties. from the total ra1 material of that 4ind used of the firm.

>indeti pe credit@An rateC +"eti punctele de desfacere !ai aproape de clientiC +sigurati o !odalitate de desfacere a produselor !ai con"ena&ilD pentru clientiC (acD da.> E.. Type of %n$e)tment < check all options that fit to the in"est!ent pro7ect proposed &y you.pan)%on ! 3 ne6 "u%l&%n+ ! b) Acquisition of Machines/Equipment %f ye) e)t%mate& $alue FFFF EURne6 !3 )econ& han& ! c) Acquisition of vehicles with a production purpose : %f ye) e)t%mate& $alue FFFF. > *.ECT F-R HBICB IS REIUESTED FINANCINA .> : ! %f ye)7 $alue FFFF EURac1u%)%t%on ! 3 e.EURf) $raining directl! related to pro%ect: ! %f ye) e)t%mate& $alue FFFFFEURg) &thers: < please detail > • ''''''''''''''''''''''" #ACE code CAE# code) of the pro%ect activit!:: FFF EUR- The total $alue of the p#opo)e& %n$e)tment p#oJect '. cu!C #rin ce "D diferentiati de concurentDC 1u! "D atrageti clientiiC 2tc.> Ne6 %n$e)tment ! Inc#ea)%n+ the %n)talle& p#o&uct%on capac%ty an& 0 o# capac%ty to p#o$%&e )e#$%ce) P#o&uct%on &%$e#)%f%cat%on ! Inc#ea)%n+ p#o&uct%$%ty ! -the#) <please detail> FFFFFFFFFF. P#o&uct) an& 0 o# )e#$%ce) you 6ant to ach%e$e f#om %mplement%n+ the p#opo)e& p#oJect 51ual%ty7 1uant%ty an& t%me )ta++e#%n+8 <descri&e in detail> 58 . PRESENTATI-N -F TBE PR-.. The o"Ject of %n$e)tment a) Construction of buildings for production and related facilitieswith a productive purpose < check all options that fit to the in"est!ent pro7ect proposed &y you. Aene#al element) of the p#oJect < pro"ide so!e details a&out the pro7ect: Bhat goals ha"e you proposed to reach fro! i!ple!enting this pro7ectC 4o* ha"e you thought of the idea of this pro7ectC Bhy do you *ant to reali$e this pro7ectC 2tc. etc. ! !. etc. EURne6 ! 3 )econ& han& ! lea)%n+ ! ! d) Investments in intangible assets: ! %f ye) pu#cha)e of manufactu#%n+ l%cen)e) an& patent) ! 3 f#anch%)%n+ l%cen)e) ! 3 )oft6a#e <please detail>///////////////////////////////// !3 othe#) e) Investment in stocks for production raw materials / materials / packaging / inventor! etc" #ecessar! for manufacturing c!cle: ! %f ye) e)t%mate& $alue FFFFF.

De)c#%pt%on of p#opo)e& %n$e)tment %n the conte. etc.E. De)c#%pt%on of technolo+%cal p#oce)) 6%th the %mp#o$ement) p#opo)e& "y the p#oJect <(escri&e in detail. *ill &e re6uired to !ake and sell products and ser"ices that *ill &e o&tained as a result of pro7ect i!ple!entation. 9he in"est!entFs o&7ect (e6uip!ents. !ou have to include the estimated estimated construction e6penses. +re @ *ill &e all these utilities and para!eters pro"ided *hen necessaryC 2tc.. packaging etc. !aterials. per!its etc. *ill &e needed for the i!ple!entation of the pro7ectC 4. En$%#onmental %mpact <Bhat i!pact *ill the pro7ect ha"e on the en"iron!entC It is needed an en"iron!ental i!pact studyC It is re6uired an en"iron!ental authori$ationC If you ha"e already prepared en"iron!ental i!pact study. %ill.'. If necessary. packaging. and ha"e identified and ensure a good supply . c) . (id you identify the suppliers of ra* !aterials C Bho are theyC Bhat for! of o*nership o*n eachC (o you already ha"e &usiness relationships *ith the!C Bhat percentage of the ra* !aterials neededFs "alue *ill &e purchased fro! each supplierC Bith *hat fre6uency you *ill need to supply ade6uate to !eet production re6uire!entsC +nd so on and so on and so on . P#o$%)%on of ut%l%t%e) 5elect#%c%ty7 6ate#7 +a) etc. !aterials. -the# #ele$ant le+al %))ue) <%or exa!ple: Bhat other licenses.t of the technolo+%cal p#oce)) &e)c#%"e& a"o$e r. @ ?mportant: ?n case of the proAects that include industrial buildin(s.. . if it is too lar(e. &).1. 59 . pro"ide here only a su!!ary and attach to the )usiness #lan a !ore detailed description>: E. g). 1rt.a* !aterial :.8 < Bhat utilities are re6uired for the i!ple!entation of the pro7ect (6uantity. a). 6uality and so on). etc.) @ Total 9ype@ #ieces 9echnical features #otential suppliers +nd address 2sti!ated "alue (2?. present details in an annex to the )usiness #lan> E. para!eters. reha&ilitation @ construction of &uildings.> E.*.!.ou should de!onstrate in this section that you ha"e analy$ed in detail the issues of &eing supplied *ith ra* !aterials.. sho*ing *hy is needed each o&7ect of the in"est!ent !entioned a&o"e in section 2. The mana+ement )t#uctu#e %n %mplement%n+ the p#oJect < #resent !anage!ent structure of the proposed pro7ect: *ho *ill &e the people *ho *ill &e in"ol"ed in the coordination and !anage!ent of this pro7ectC Bhat pro7ect !anage!ent structure you plan to i!ple!ent to ensure the i!ple!entation of the pro7ect on ti!e and *ithin the para!eters descri&ed in this )usiness #lanC Bhat role and *hat responsi&ilities *ill ha"e each tea! !e!&er of the !anage!ent of the pro7ectC The ma%n )uppl%e#) of #a6 mate#%al fo# the act%$%t%e) of the p#opo)e& %n$e)tment p#oJect < 'ho* *hat ra* !aterials. &an be presented as a separate appendi6 to the business plan. the synthetic picture &elo*:> 'upplierFs na!e #ercent = #eriodicity 9.. attach it to the )usiness #lan> E. in addition. De)c#%pt%on of the technolo+%cal p#oce))7 6%th the p#opo)e& %mp#o$ement) th#ou+h p#e)ent %n$e)tment p#oJect (If needed.3) 3&s.

if you ha"e the necessary infor!ation. In addition. co!pared to the current nu!&er of 7o&s in the co!panyC Bill &e per!anent 7o&s. *hich othersC Bill you &e a&le to export products and ser"ices offeredC If yes. ho* !any custo!ers @ &uyers do you expect to ha"e @ *in for products and ser"ices offered in addition of your co!pany as a result of i!ple!entation of this pro7ectC 9hese clients are exclusi"ely local custo!ersC 9he potential !arket that you address to is only in the county *here the pro7ect *ill &e i!ple!entedC 3r in other counties alsoC If yes. *hyC Bhat re6uire!ents should !eet the potential ne* e!ployersC 2tc. Cha#acte#%)t%c) of the local la"o# face to #e1u%#ement) <=ill you &e a&le to recruit la&or a"aila&le locally in the county in ne*ly created 7o&sC If not. *here and ho*C Bhat specific re6uire!ents ha"e the potential custo!ers for products and ser"ices that you *ill produce as a result of i!ple!entation of this pro7ectC etc. co!plete the ta&le &elo*:> a!e and address of the potential custo!er #roduct = of sales +nnual "alue (2?. 2tc. <(escri&e as detailed as you can 942 G+. Nece))a#y mo&%f%cat%on) to e. 2tc. E)t%mate& )ale) $olume at the en& of ne. ha"ing e!ploy!ent contracts of indefinite durationC +&out ho* long do you esti!ate that these positions *ill &e re6uired and !aintained in your co!panyC Bill &e created and @ only te!porary postsC %or ho* long (on *hat period)C Bhat professional re6uire!ents should !eet those *ho *ill &e e!ployed in ne* 7o&s createdC Bill you pro"ide the re6uired professional training C Bhat is the nu!&er of une!ployed people that you esti!ate that *ill &e e!ployed &y your co!pany as a result of the i!ple!entation of this in"est!ent pro7ectC 2tc. >: 1!. DATA C-NCERNINA TBE P-TENTIAL MARGET AND PR-DUCTS PR-M-TI-N 1. De)c#%pt%on of the ma#?et fo# p#o&uct) an& )e#$%ce) that you 6%ll ach%e$e a) a #e)ult of p#oJect %mplementat%on. etc. Nece))a#y chan+e) %n the )t#uctu#e an& num"e# of )taff < %ill in as detailed as you can this section of the &usiness plan. 4o* !any ne* people *ill &e hired after !aking this in"est!ent pro7ectC 4o* !any @ ne* 7o&s *ill &e created. > F. etc. 1rt.<.3 e6ui"alent) 5) .I29 that the products and ser"ices that your co!pany *ill achie"e as a result of the i!ple!entation of your proposed in"est!ent pro7ec *ill &e addresed tot: ho* !any potential custo!ers do you esti!ate that exist for these products and ser"icesC 3f these.%)t%n+ e1u%pment o# "u%l&%n+) <please detail> 11.t * 5fou#8 yea#) fo# p#o&uct) an& )e#$%ce) ma&e a) a #e)ult of the p#opo)e& p#oJect7 %f p#oJect f%nanc%n+ %) &one @ea# I //////// EUR@ea# II //////// EUR@ea# III //////// EUR@ea# IC //////// EUR- 8. T%meta"le fo# %mplement%n+ the p#opo)e& %n$e)tment p#oJect 5&eta%le& )che&ule of p#oJect %mplementat%on pha)e) an& act%$%t%e)8 E)t%mate& )ta#t &ate of the p#oJect act%$%ty ////0//////0/////// E)t%mate& &ate of complet%on of the p#oJect act%$%ty ////0//////0/////// E)t%mate& &ate of )ta#t%n+ of p#o&uct%on act%$%ty at full capac%ty ////0//////0/////// r. #ro"ided acti"ity #ro7ect duration 9he !onth of reali$ing the action Gonth 1 Gonth 2 Gonth 3 H 1=.

> A. !ore than this. describe on 1hich forei(n mar4ets do !ou intend to sell the products andCor services and 1hat 1ill !ou do to (et !our products 1ell 4no1n on these mar4ets.3 e6ui"alent)C 4o* *ill increase co!pany profits (percentage and "alue 0 2?.ECT <#resent *hich *ere the assu!ptions and risks that you considered *hen ela&orating the proposed in"est!ent pro7ect5 if needed. other factors that you consider rele"ant to your co!pany and proposed pro7ect: technical studies @ feasi&ility studies. annex the presentation of these ele!ents to the )usiness #lan> B.pecte& %mpact of the p#oJect %n econom%c te#m) <#ro"ide details that you consider &eing rele"ant concerning the "ia&ility and susteina&ility of the pro7ect:%urni$ati detalii pe care le considerati rele"ante pri"ind "ia&ilitatea si sustena&ilitatea proiectului: 4o* *ill increase export sales (percentage and "alue 0 2?. =ill !ou participate in fairs. 5e+ p#%ce7 1ual%ty7 )pec%al featu#e)7 othe#)8 <please detail> E.if you considerer necessary. ?f !es. -TBERS <+nnex. 1here. . -the# elemet) conce#n%n+ the ma#?et%n+ )t#ate+y of the company <detail5 %or eg: Bhat changes do you think *ill occur on the !arket of the products and ser"ices that you offer as a result of this pro7ectC 4o* *ill your co!pany adapt to these changesC 4o* do you prepare for the future changes in the !arketCetc> <. ?f !es.. P#omot%on act%$%t%e) <Betail: Ho1 1ill potential customers find about !our products. -the# )ynthet%c %nfo#mat%on on the e. =hat advertisin( methods 1ill !ou use. The ma%n a&$anta+e) of the p#o&uct) offe#e& "y you# company.'. you should co!plete the ta&le &elo*:> a!e and address 9he !arket seg!ent Goti"ation *. etc. ASSUMPTI-NS AND C-NSIDERED RISGS HBEN ELAB-RATINA TBE PR-.3 e6ui"alent)C2tc. en"iron!ental i!pact.8 K of total )ale) Comment) 9.eferring on the proposed in"est!ent. etc. Potent%al compet%t%on <(etail: *ho *ill &e the potential co!petitors. *hat is their position on the !arket at the ti!e &eing etc. e6hibitions and so on.> 55 . Bo6 6%ll you en)u#e the )ale of p#o&uct) an& )e#$%ce)2 <please detail> Metho& of )ale -6n net6o#? of )hop) D%)t#%"uto#) Hhole)ale At the facto#y -the#) 5F. etc.. Bo !ou intend to e6port products. =hat bud(et 1ill !ou allocate in the follo1in( !ears for promotin( the products. price offers. P#e&%cta"le #eact%on of the compet%t%on at launch%n+ the ne6 offe# on the ma#?et <please detail> 4.> :.