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Virtual Mast System

Valkyrie Virtual Mast Extends Your Vision

Increase situational awareness for maritime platforms Customizable features to suit specic needs Unlimited ight time No motor or fuel - powered by wind Tethered by a ber optic cable for direct video and communication relay
Situational Awareness

Shipboard Control Station

L-3 Tactical Systems Valkyrie, is a tethered autogyro system which provides enhanced situational awareness for maritime platforms. Valkyries birds-eye view provides a persistent and unique perspective as well as supporting communications at extended ranges. With its customizable features, Valkyrie can be easily adapted for a wide range of applications including Search and Rescue, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, beyond Line of Sight communication and more. The shipboard control station provides real-time secure communication with Valkyries payloads including live video feed from Valkyries cameras. For more information contact L-3 Tactical Systems.

View from Valkyrie in ight

Valkyrie in ight 400 ft. aloft

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