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Report on Rowdies The Pressure Kracker

Venue: College Ground Date: 18th February, 2014 Event: Rowdies

On 18th February, 2014 Dhruv2014 an inter-collegiate fest by department of Banking & Insurance. To celebrate 10 years of Banking & Insurance there were 10 activities held, Rowdies was one of the events. Rowdies participants had participated in a team consisting of 3 members. Around 23 teams from various colleges across Mumbai participated. The incharge for this event was Ashwathi Ajayan, Bharti Ashhplay, Avinash Rohra & Ravi Panjwani. The event initiated at 12:30pm at College Ground and concluded at 5:00 pm. In Rowdies all teams had to perform 8 tasks, these 8 tasks were games which tested teams coordination and similar skills. They had to record details of their each task and upon that eligibility for final rounds were considered. In an event out of 23 teams, 3 teams were in finals and out of those 2 teams were the finalists. 1st finalist was Geeta & group & 2nd finalist was Vivek & group and the winners were honoured by the certificates and trophy.