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NadiAstrology Series:-

"Essence of OR Researches made on N adi Astrology"- Vol-II

-: A Text Book on Nadi Astrology :-
Dr. Prof. DineshChandra,
(Retd.Lt. Cdr. Naval NCC),
Jyotish Vidyadhipati, Jyotish Bhashkar,
Jyotish Samvardhak, Gold medalist,
Astro Research Centre, Bhavnagar.
PIN. :36400l.Gujarat-India.
Astro Research Centre,
PlotNo. 48A- "AmritBhagwan",
Behind Law College,
Post Graduate Hostel Road,
Opp. Bambhaniya's Wadis, Vidyanagar,
Bhavnagar- 364 001. Gujarat-India.
.. (2) ..
I have come across, a nadi reader of Orissa, who predicted many wonderful things to take
place in my life. He remarked about my future reading, through the nadi with him, which is known
as Sri Achyutananda Mahapurusa Nadi grantha that; I shall be a Devi Sadhak and go nitya
samadhi in the lap of my mother, the great Maa Kali, and covet various divine powers to "ward
off, the various sorrows and sufferings of the mankind by the Sadhana of Dasamahavidya and
Another nadi from Hyderabad, predicted me that, my wife will pass away first. I shall be a
renowned man and write innumerable books; within my life time and so on and so forth.
So Nadi is a wide term, which varies according to the sages, basing on Sun, Moon or
constellations. Among hundreds of nadi granthas - BHRIGU NADI, SAPTARSHI NADI,
NANDI NADI and so many other famous NADI GRANTHAS; which have come to the public
from our great sages; named V asistha, Agasthya, Parasar, N andikeswar, J aimini and many
Nadi Astrology is popular for its correct presentation offuture. The principles laid down;
they are very much reliable since their origin, which lie with the meditation of the astro-rishis of
this land. That is why, rishis warned to maintain their sanctity and not to take the advantages, by
using those for selfish motive.
Dr. Negandhi contributes regularly, in the page of 'PLANETS AND FORECAST' since
long and his write-ups are scientific and thought-provoking and most appealing for the
students, who desire to learn Nadi Astrology, for their own benefit.
Much efforts have gone into making of the book and I hope Prof. Negandhi will continue J)
to be actively involve in the dissemination of astrological knowledge and research in bl
general and Nadi Astrology in particular, by which, his popularity shall go up, day by day in
the country.
Some new fields, searched out by Dr. Prof. Dineshchandra Negandhi, are : TYPES OF
FORTUNE and HOROSCOPES OF FEMALES; are attracting the attention.
This book will FILL THE GAP of books on NADI ASTROLOGY and will satisfy the
timely need of, those persons, who are working in this field; as-well- as the students and
learners of NADI ASTROLOGY.
Let Maa Kali bless the author, a long and healthy life, for his regular contribution to the
astrological world at large.
Date. 20-7-2010
(Dr. Nimai Banerjee)
Owner 'Sarajukanti'
Local Office, Pithapur
After viewing several NADI texts and after various letters from INDIA and
abroad and particularly from the countries of far east; I have come to the conclusion
that, STILL SO MANY SUBJECTS are lying UNTOUCHED and my all efforts prove
limited. Emphases should be given to the remaining IMPORTANT TOPICS.
As I have stated earlier; if one goes on researching onNADI TEXTS with HARD
TOIL & LABOUR; as a result, there will be piles and piles of research papers. There
is peculiarity ofNADI ASTROLOGY, that every result will be precise and specific
i.e. happenings can be stated with specific years and one will be never wrong. THAT
is the reason, why PEOPLE HAVE FULL FAITH ON NADI .It is because of the
I am, too much impressed by the inner meanings of the SAGES, sought by
minute and repeated readings of various NADI TEXTS.My complete study is based
on specific NADI TEXTS like BRUHAT (BRIHAT) NADI ( by all seven
SAGES).It is really astonishing treasure of knowledge, given by the SAGES.The
results at OUT- SET; are presented, before the readers .I am never in equal capacity of
the SAGES; as it is rediculas and; I and anybody, can never claim so; but I amtrying to
DECODE THE LANGUAGE OF SAGES. I hope that readers will wholeheartedly
accept my humble efforts. PERSONS are not great, but KNOWLEDGE IS GREAT.
Still my efforts may be weak and such volumes, can be presented in DEEPER and in
This small volume is containing 30 articles covering 121 pages and 22
informative pages.Primarily,
read between the lines" isin revised format, which is
placed in front of all articles; particularly for new readers and beginners, it will be
helpful. Critical topic, END OF LIFE OR DEATH is discussed in two parts.Some
more combinations are given in this volume. Emphases is given to various DOSHAS
in this VOLUME.Certain YOGAS are presented in this book.Contradictory
portfolios of MOON are narrated, in context with, OLD STORIES OF
puranas. Article ofDAWN OF FORTUNE or HAPPY DAYS or
RAJA YOGA"; is in
co-relation with the chaptor; " ESSENCE OR RESEARCHES ON NADI
published in the 1st volume, page 83 - 92, which is applauded by
many readers and magazine- publishers.Female horoscopes and their readings are
narrated.Due to heavy demands for CASE STUDIES; one famous case study of
HON. JAGATGURU SAMKARACHARYA,is analysed in 2 parts, one of which was
published in PLANETS AND FORECAST - august, 2005 issue.Happenings
happened; are wellknown to the readers and can compare the same, even with the
happeninglike-"RULING OF Smt. JAYLALITAover T.N.".
After much demands for articles on married life, more pages are given to the
LANGOTI YOGA. From various such narration ofYOGAS; it will be helpful to
the readers, in determining; CONJUGAL BLISSfor a person.
I am in-debted to the readers. Several letters are received by the ASTRO
RESEARCH CENTRE. Some of the letters, have touched and enthused me to further
go on .. and on .. and on ... Every Research- Scholar believes that, his outcome of
knowledge, is the BEST & SUPREME. I do not wish to claim so, but at list, I will try
my level best, to present researches; rather searches; in a LUCID, easy and in
understandable ways. It may be at the cost of repetitions, which can be well observed
in the VOLUMES. It is because , the readers may easily grasp the philosophy of the
knowledge-or rather churned knowledge of GREAT SAGES.
In one of the CEREMONY, when I quoted that, "I have paid & Lost my valuable
34 years in research work". I remember that, I was interrupted in the midst of my
speech, by SHREE KETANBHAI POP AT, the overall in charge and ALL IN ALL of
BOMBAY); stated that," you have not wasted, but you have devoted the time for the
benefit of the astrological world".
Ketanbhai further cited the EXAMPLE OF GREAT SCIENTIST MARKONI.
His grand-son had confirmed that all the researches of SCIENTIST MARKONI,
BOSE. The press report is, somewhere, included forreference; in this volume.
So many readers have hinted me to place further volumes before the world and
particularly before the readers; particularly those, who are taking active interest.
Some readers have criticized about errors. Mostly pertain to linguistic. Some
criticized for grammatical errors and mistakes remained in the 1st volume. Even after
various efforts to place the book in an IDEAL FORM; I hope readers will pardon me
for small small grammatical mistakes. Though I confirm that, I am not expert in
ENGLISH LANGUAGE and particularly of SOUTH INDIAN STYLE; nor do I
claim so.
Though at this stage, I thank ASHOKBHAI MACHHAR and particularly,
from computer staff, KIRTIBHAI VAL.&_ JA YKANT BAROT and SHAILESH
V AGHELA; along with my computer staff and personal staff; who have taken keen
interest in early production of this book.
Some elaborations and repetitions are widely presented, to DEEPLY TOUCH
THE SUBJECT I principles. This is done, because a layman or an ordinary person can
understand the deep meanings ofthe SAGES. Thus this presentation is made in the
form of "TEXT BOOKS"l hope, readers will permit and accept this volume. Errors
and omissions; ifany, please convey the same to me; so that, the SAME MAY NOT
BE REPEATED in future and in further volumes. I am very much thankful to those
readers, who have diverted my attention towards, such matters, which I have tried to
adhere in this volume.
I am thank ful to,
, for presenting
VOLUME- 1 in a nice format and lay- out and for giving PRIORITIES in publishing
previous and this volume also. I am also enthused and encouraged by my friends and
relatives, particularly PROF. JYOT MEHTA and prof. CHAMPAKLAL
JA YKRUSHNA PANDYA. I thank my family members, particularly my wife
MADHU and my sons KEYURBHAI and Mrugeshbhai for handling, all my
activities on my behalf.
Volume III is ready, but due to some difficulties,Iam unable to LAUNCH THE
I thank my ELDERS and ANCESTORS and LORD KRISHNA; whose
BLESSINGS have made me, capable enough in presenting myself and my volume
before the readers.
I am, ever in service ofthe LORD KRISHNA AND HUMAN MANKIND.
DATE: 21-11-2010
( :J

( Sr.
( .



Astro Science
:Research Articles on Nandi Samhita & other Nadi Texts
Bhrigu Nadi and Brihat Nadi and Saptarshi Nadi etc.
Theme of the Article I Heading

. .3 ..
~ 3 .
"TIME CYCLE" 78-84
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu //
Shri Krishnarpanam Astu \\
Fixed Bh-Chakra ofNadi Texts
Important Note:- In the Bh-chakras, names of rashies are not written or figures
of Rashies are also not written; But as narrated above, Rashies are fixed. With
. Jj
the help of one hundred year ephemary or ALMANEK, any one can place the n ~
planets of any birth date of any living person and can prepare Bh-Chakra. Thus,
planets can be arranged without ascendant,( which is not a horoscope,) but it
NOT HAVE BIRTH TIME, can also, place his all nine planets of birth date
and from Bh-chakra, CANREAD OUT THE FUTURE, as per nadi principles;
given in the volumes I,H,III of "Essence of or Researches on Nadi Astrology"
written by Dr. Prof. Negandhi. Even a person, WHO DOES NOTHAVE HIS
SON ("SAGOTRA only"). After much practice, one will get perfection and
become expert in Nadi Astrology and become a Scientist like the Author.
*Courtesy: The Writer is very much thankful to Prof. R. G Rao, who has given
various Nadi Texts in English. With the help of his Texts, these articles are. J)
presented before you. Please refer: Brihat Nadi and Core of Nadi Astrology and
"Ashtama dosha" and Nadi texts
In the N adi texts, if one goes through, he will not find Moon and ascendant in the
horoscopes. Thus "Ashtama" at that time means, Ashtama of Bhachakra or natural chart
Astama means 8th house. It has Scorpio as a "Ashtamhouse". Her we will have to consider
the natural Bh-chakra of the sky, which starts from aries and com pletes at pisces.
Ashtamesh or owner ofthe 8th house means Mars. lfMars is aligned with Rahu, that
means, there is "Ashtama dosha", as it is stated in one of the horoscopes. At another place,
it is quoted as, "KantakaDosha" or accidental death. Mars andRahu are bitter enemies. So
all the good fruits of Mars are destroyed by, his worst enemy Rahu.
According to N adi texts, Mars Rahu shows extreme hit. Fever and typhoid and
zondies etc are common for such native. Rahu destroys the capacity and powers of Mars.
For males, mars provides power and strength and vigour. Such persons are fear-full and
they are feared of Kal I Rahu or death. Such persons can not show bravery. In one case,
Mars-Rahu combination is in Capricorn. Here, Mars is exalted; but because ofRahu;
Mars does not remain exalted in this case. Such persons have great proud, but because of
some incident, the pride is melted. But such persons, may be a male or female, they are
very sensitive.
Accordingto Nadi astrology, in a ladies horoscope, If there is Mars-Rahu
combination, then in that case, it is written that, "the husband of such lady, will be very
temperamental and after sometime, there will be no anger." In the same text, in an other
female horoscope, it is written that "if Mars is exalted, such a lady will have many
servants at her order, But she will have no good relations with husband. Such a lady will
be very proudy and may be doing big talks, Reference "core ofnadi astrology" . Thanks
toProf.R.G .Rao.
Accidental Effects:- In both male as well as female Horoscopes, Mars Rahu in any
sign creates "Ashtama dosha", fear of deaths is observed. Normally, when Jupiter passes
second time on the combination, it gives accident or heat like fever, which is faced by the
During the transit of Saturn, one in first round of Saturn and second time, at the time
of second round of Saturn; and in the seventh house to Mars-Rahu combination, Fetal
Accidental effects are observed. If at that time, in case of a male native, Jupiter, Rahu and
Saturn, Ketu is combined in the sky with Jupitor and Saturn by birth, then and then
only, endangering situation to the life is created and survival is difficult (please read
the articles "End of life" or "Death"). Thus, it becomes "Kantaka dosha" .It clearly
means, danger to the life. In case of female native, if similar position is with Venus, and in
the sky, venus-rahu and saturn-ketu combination take place, then such endangering
situation will take place. God may pardon us, for writing such things, which are not to be
written, as per Great Sages, as death is one of the matter, which is in the list of such
unrevealable things. The other things of such sinister matters are lifelong poverty or
servitude and matters which is in the list of unrevealable or sinister things. relating to
sexual relations etc.
Mars Rahu combination in cancer, gives accidental death by drowning in water.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
As per samhita or Nadi texts, trine Rashies are forming a combination. They are
Group of planets. Hence, Mars-Venus combination in the same house or mars has venus in
the next or previous house, or mars has venus in the 5th or 9th house or exchange of
houses between the two or constellation etc,' are all the examples of "Mars-Venus
combination". Similarly Venus-Mars combination is to be considered.
In this topic, we will discuss about Mars-Venus or Venus-Mars combination and its
impacts or effects.
The combination gives "Hearth Yoga" or "Bhathhi yoga". Life of the Native or person,
will be active. He will be able to wake even in late nights. Such native tries to help others;
While jupitor- venus combination provides approach with love/affection to children or
Friends. Sun-Jupiter combination provides also helping nature but not at cost of his pocket.
In this case of natives having Mars-Venus, will be helping, at the cost of his pocket.
Mars-Venus combination is an inimical combination. Mars means husband and venus
means wife. Hence husband wife, both will have quarreling aspect. Some times, the
neibours will be able to hear disputes of such couple. Wife will be adamant and powerful.
Venus will not allow, the husband to talk and will consider husband as subordinate.
Venus means issues I Children. Hence venus-mars means a daughter and a Son.
According to Nandi Keshvara Rishi, venus has aspect of mars, meaning wife and a
daughter, may be having angry and emotional temperament. Simultaneously mars has the
aspects of venus. Simple meanings is that, a son will be rich.
A person having mars-venus yoga, will not be able to have savings for the future
life. The main reason, of differences of opinion between husband and wife, will be this
one, as both the planets are "Dev-Danav (Demon)" combination. The wife, will have to
maintain the house, for that money is the necessity.
According to Nandi Keshwara rishi, in an acute yoga, finger of right palm of a male
native, will be tending to downwards (palmistry). Acute means joining by Retro effects.
Mars and venus, both are the Karakas of land and property. In a powerful
combination, mars-venus will provide a beautiful house for the native, at the transit time
of saturn. Venus-mars creates windfall profits also. Due to services rendered to unknown
persons, The native will ~ j o y t h benefit of a beautiful house.
Venus creates a zone for issues I children.lf it is not after Rahu or with Ketu as per
Combination effect, Transit of "Gochara" saturn over Venus, will give happiness of
children to the native. Thus, if we observe minutely, we can find out the yoga of children,
whether early or at later age. In one case, this fact is narrated by Nandi Keshwara Rishi,
that the native will have issues at the age of 44 years and after wards.
No Doubt, this is a sex Yoga. According to Nandi Keshwara Rishi, Mars is a
husband and venus is a wife. Hence between husband and wife, normally sex relation
Prevails. It is a normal Tendency of a couple to enjoy sexual happy life.
Thus according to Nandi Keshwara Rishi, this is not a bad or worst yoga of sex.
According to him, (which we have Reckoned out by Research of years) Moon-mercury
is a dirty sex yoga, while Jupiter-venus is an over sex yoga as narrated by Nandi Keshwara
Rishi. According to him, exchange between mars and Venus is a big sex yoga. This fact
is found out, by minute readings of the samhita charts. It is the nature of the Rishi, that he
never repeats, his sayings. In a case, when disciple asked that, "whether the same thing
will happen; which has been written in the previous chart; because of the same
Combination of planets". The reply was that "the same thing, you must have to understand
and you will not ask again and again."
Mars-venus Combination has a slight difference, than venus-mars combination.
The later one combination, creates expensive personality (extravagant as narrated by
Rishi). The former combination creates less expensive nature of the native. Savings and
Richies are possibble in case of mars- veuns combination. and not in case of venus-mars
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
(Courtesey: Times of Astrology, Express Star Teller, Planets and Forecast).
Phone numbers of the Author are:- +91 278-2510585, Mobile:- 09426979479
(Due to poor Network, requires repeated Dialings)
Important Note: In "Bha-Chakra", the names of signs are never written .In all nadi texts.
"Aries, Taurus, Gemini, ... etc" are, no where written in any of the charts or "Bha-chakras".
A person may become perfect and expert by practice. Only from ."one hundred year
ephemary", any one can place all nine planets of his I her birth date, without writing
ascendant or 'lagna'. One such example chart is given, by arranging all nine planets, of
birth date4-9-1944:-
Moon Gemini
Pisces Sat
Name:- Dineshchandra Cancer
Date of Birth : 4-9-1944
Sun ,Mer
Ketu Leo
'Calculations of happenings according to combinations of planets"
- A detailed study according to Nadi Texts.
There are various methods of forecasting future in classical astrology. And as such
classical method requires minute calculation. Moreover, if the birth time is not sure, such
classical astrologers, raise their hands and states that forecast I future can not be given in
this case. Even if, there is horoscope, "Dasha System" like Ashtotarri, Vishotarri, I Yogini
etc. are the one of the methods, while in other classical methods, 22 classified charts are
drown and it is stated that best planet will give good results. Similarly in other methods
'Shodhanbindu I points are considered or 'Jaimini' method etc. methods have given
detailed discussion for deliniation. After verifying all these methods, the conclusion is
that Nadi Astrology is the scientific easiest and best method of Astrology. It is found out
that, before "starting the good period of life", the person is not able to achieve good fruits;
may he I she have best 'Grahdasha' of life. There are such several cases have been found,
where the classical charts, which are mostly based on Vishotarri have failed to give years
wise accurate results. Exceptions may be there, but main aim is to give scientific base for
rules. In Nadi Astrology, which may be sole proof, ther Accuracies are more than
estimates. Now to give procedure or methods, which are based on research work of years,
the importance goes to combinations and to the time cycle.
Before proceeding the main theme, here, one example is given of about classified
charts to prove in nutshell. A small girl was placed to her grand parent's house.
According to "Vishotari dasha system", it was found out that "At this time, this girl
must be in poor living in forest." Thus, approximation can be found out at the cost of
On the contrary, meanings of nadi texts are accurate and they are found accurate or
nearest one to the truth. i.e. 98% accuracies can be achieved. This is the humble opinion
of the author.
This does not mean, that other methods of Astrology are wrong, but other methods
mostly failed to give certain happenings with years, in reply to questioner. For prasna
shastra, Kashyap hora method and Jaimini method, are found the best, out of which
Kashyap hora gives definet timing of happening of the year.
When we seek combinations of planets, particular method, is nowhere described or
given in nadi texts. Honourable Shree R. G Rao has tried best. Combinations are
formed by the planet, with other planets. Planets in near, by houses creat combinations.
Planets in trine to each other and planets in 7th to any planet, also forms the combination of
planets. Some authors do not give importance to the planets, which are in 12th to the
original planet. Actually Such planets give footage or base to the original planet, On
whose support such original planet moves foreword. For e.g.: Mercury gives education,
a person having Sun-Mercury in Sagittarius had completed C.A. In 12th to the Mercury,
Moon is in Scorpio and in the 2th house to Mercury, Saturn-Ketu are in Capricorn. Thus
Saturn has Moon in the 11th house. Not only that but, there is exchange of constellations
between Saturn and Moon. Now according to Nadi dictums, "Ketu Kuj vat Bhavet". Here
Ketu is like exalted Mars. There fore, when exchange ofMoon with Saturn took place,
This male native left his profession. On 21st March, 1990 and started his factory, which
still exists. Thus in case of exchange, certain day of happening, can be forecasted well
in advance. Though, it is not much difficult. One has to consider the rounds of Jupiter,
Saturn and Rahu-Ketu. It must be noted that, in every horoscope, second round of Jupitor
and Saturn are important. The date was given on the bases of transiting Saturn will enter
in Capricorn on that day. Thus, the planets, which are lying in 12th are providing
Planets in the same house and planets in the second house to the original planet
are liable I bound to give help. May they be enemy planets, but according to the
meanings of such combination, it gives help. E.g. Mercury-Mars combination provides
land or landed property, as per nadi astrology.
There are differences of opinions regarding effects planets, which are lying in
trine, means in fifth or seventh to the original planets and the planets which are in 7th
to each other planet; One writer has stated that, planets in trine, give 70% results. Planets
in 7th to each other give only 50% result. The writer is not agreeing with this idea of
percentage results. For eg: If Venus is in 5th to the Saturn, then as per Saturn-Venus
combination, incomes and prosperities are increased after marriage. But when Saturn in
transient, passes over such Venus who is in fifth, (means thirty years plus ten years) means
approximately at the age of 40 years of age, income of wife is increased and if Venus is
powerful, at the same time income of such male is also increased. In some cases native is
purchasing landed property in the name of wife. Happy married life of such persons, is
starting from 39 to 40 years of age. Thus, results are total and not less in percentage.
Thus, the results are total and not in part and can not be measured in percentage.
Any planet, which is having planets in 7th house gives re-reflectionary aspect.
Such example is cited herewith : a male person has retrograded Saturn in Tauras. He
has Sun-Jupitor -Mars in Libra. At the age of 29 years, he left the service without prior
notice, from the private company ofVapi and joins the Government hospital at Bhavnagar.
This is like an exchange effect, known as re-reflectionary aspect. Retrograded
planets are always moving backward or facing backward. Therefore, their progress
is not in the front, but in the backward sign. Their face is in the backside. Thus, it
must be noted that retrograded planets are always to be placed in previous sign. It is
an important principle of nadi texts. In this above example, Saturn and Jupiter both are
aspecting each other, known as like exchange effects. Thus, he had joined Government
Service. Here one result is already given. Similarly the second remaining big result will
be received by the native, when Saturn will transit in Scorpio and being retrograded; then
it will be "Saturn-Jupitor combination". At that time, the boy will get "rise and
upliftment yoga," approximately during 2014. Thus, the result will be 100%, but it is
available in two parts. When we talk bout power of planets, they must not be weak;
otherwise, result will be weaker.
Most powerful aspect of every planet is fifth aspect except Rahu and Ketu, Who
have 9th powerful aspect, Which is a most important matter.
Planets combining or joining by exchange, are also making combinations. If
friendly planets are joining by exchange, then they give nice results, Without prior notice
and it happens at a particular date. On the contrary, if adverse I enemy planets are
joining, then adverse I bad results are maximised. This is because of the maximum results
of friendly planets, are minimizing by adverse effects.
Similarly if enemy planets are combining by exchange, the results are adverse and
bad impacts are created on that particular date.
Thus, Nadi texts or Samhita Shashtras, have an unique method, by which reader
states instant results. For this, a timetable of transit of Jupitor-Saturn and Ketu mainly is
needed. It is known as, time cycle and such cycle is to be kept ready for forecasting the
happenings. (Future happening with date.) It is a very easy method. While the other
classical methods are not so easy and accurate like this method.
Now for example, let us move to "Dosha" namely "Saptama dosha" or "Panchama
dosha" etc., As it is seen earlier, that there is neither Moon nor ascendant, in any ofthe
N adi Texts. The meanings of "Panchma dosha" and "Saptama dosha" are to be determined
in this back ground. More over "Bhrugu N adi" has no female charts.
In the above context, the answer is very simple. "Minute observation will prove
that, all the charts given in all Nadi texts are not horoscopes, but they are "Bha-
Chakras". At the cost ofrepeation, it is again stated that. "Bha-Chakras" do not have
ascendant at all. Thus, phenomenon of "First Bhava", "Second Bhava" etc. are not
considered (which from the ascendant) at all. Thus, "Panchma Dosha" means fifth
house of natural chart or "Bha-chakra", which is Leo. Owner of the sign Leo is
Sun and if Sun is with his bitter enemy Rahu, then it is known as "Panchma Dosha".
Any person having only Sun-Rahu combination, in any one house of the horoscope,
then either he I she will have no children I sons or if they are, then they will not
survive. This matter is discussed separately with examples in an another article.
Similarly, "Saptama dosha" related to the 7th house. The 7th sign of Bha-Chakra is
Libra. Owner of Libra means Venus. If it is with enemy planets like Moon-Mars-Ketu or
Rahu, it creates "Saptama Dosha". Such male natives have the problems of the 7th house.
7th house is the house of spouce or wife. A separate article is written for this "saptama
dosha" also.
By seeing the length of the article, here it is concluded. If any detail of this article, is
not understandable, or ifthere is any confusion, any reader can contact the author.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astru II
According to Nadi Texts, Astrology is a science of planets. There is a combine effect
of planets, which is to be considered. One may fail, in giving true fore-cast, only on a base
of single planet. Though "Chandrakala Nadi" is an exception. No doubt it is a marvelous
presentation by the Great Rishi. In this text, degrees of Moon, create the resultant effects,
narrated in terminology & forecasts, which are given for whole life.
Science has rules and laws, like mathematics etc. "Jyotisha" or Astrology is
"'Chakshu" or eye ofvedas. It is like a mirror presented to a person. There is no scope of
fallacy or wrong phenominan in forecasting.
In Samhita- Nadi astrology, it is clearly stated that, "Graha charena vadami Aham."
It means "what the planets will do or what will be the impacts of planets; while moving
ahead; on the native, that I will tell you" these are the words of Samhita creator and Great
Sage. Here there is a hint that, he can not change the future, which is written by the
"goddess Vidhata". Thus rishi states that, he is a reader only.
There are more than 22 places in India, where "Nadi Granthas" are lying. They are on
"TaadaPatras" -or written on tree leaves/ skin of the tree. The reader searches out the
horoscope, according to index and if the same horoscope is available, in "Samhita
granthas" or N adi texts, (In south India minute reading of a horoscope is known as reading
from N adi texts), then and then only the reader- pandit or shashtri, will be able to give the
readings. It means, they can give only translation of the scripts. In some samhitas
remedies are also narrated, as how to overcome difficulties. Thus, they are readers. They
are unable to change the script I Translation. In some texts, remedial mantras or holy stanzas
in Sanskrit, are written to overcome bad effects or in some texts other remedial measures are
given. Some where, suggestions are given or some-where solutions are given in samhita I
Nadi granthas. The author of this article does not believe, such remedies, as they are suffix.
He had an experience of such reader. He was asking to chant remedial mantras by the Pandit
or reader, which was denied by the author. The author surprised to hear the verdict, that native
or listener is an astrologer etc. etc. Ketu is karaka of improvement and knowledge &
New life. Ketu means, the end of previous Birth Kannas. Apart from all those, it is the
strong belief of the author that, all such remedies written in such texts, are added by
the followers at a later stage and they are not original or scientific.
After seeing various cases, the author had concluded, that "mantras" and remedial
measures are diverting the attention of the native. Thus, they decreases the impacts of
bad future, psychologically only and not in real sense. At the same time they provide,
psychological help. In other words, that "Some-thing is done against bad or worst
impacts of planets"; is the psychology of human being.
Science does not have any loop-falls. There are two different ways to
believe, this phenomenon. According to rishies, one may believe in previous birth
karmas. It is a "Karmik Control" according to Great Sages. Previous and this birth
"karmas" or deeds are ruling the native, known as karmik control Or one may
believe that, astrology is a science of impacts of planets on the native. "The key is
the horoscope of the native or Bha-chakra of the native"; according to the Nadi text. It
may be bad impacts, as well as good impacts.
However, science of astrology is very clear Remedies or measures have no place in
science and they actually can not change the future. As philosophy of Karmik control
one can not change, the future or Bhagya. Not only that but there are so many multi
millionaire, who will, by this way, will rub there previous karmas. it is not possible. But
it may help the native psychologically at large or mentally prepares the native, for facing
good/bad results.
Planets are moving or progressing in the sky and forming various combinations
resulting in many and various kinds of happenings. Each and every happening of the sky
can not happen to every person, because "Gochara" transiting combinations are taking
place in the sky. Thus, the key for reading, is the planetary position at the time of birth,
which is known as Bh-chakra or horoscope. Only happenings or Incidents lying in the
personal horoscope, can only happen and not all happenings revealed by the
combination and positions, which are taking place in the sky. Every good Astrologer
knows this fact. It is known as "Karmik Control" in the language of science of Astrology.
(Nadi Astrology)
Now then, what is the importance ofGemology. According to the opinion of one
Great Sage, Gems are ornaments and can not change the future. Anything can not
happen except and otherwise narrated in the horoscope. The author of this article has
delivered, several lectures on "Astrology is a science" in many Rotary Clubs and
University & Colleges. Readers may please pardon the writer for, writer is not against the
science of Gemology or Mantra, Tantra etc.- "Vidya"; Neither his intention is to hurt the
feelings of experts of such sciences of Gems, Mantra, Tantra etc. etc. The author
humbly believes that any change in readings are next to the word "Impossible".
(Not Changeable). Such above experts are requested to prove the science of Gems, Mantras,
Tantras etc. etc. At present it has lost the faith of the people, who had their faith in such
sciences. II Shri Knshnarpanam Astu II
Moon venus are the karkas of arts and beauty. When we talk about combination,
according to nadi and Samhita Shastras (Texts), Trine Rashies are forming a combination
known as "Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha." They are forming four separate groups of
planets. Thus, when we talk about moon-venus combination, it means, either they should
be in the same house or in trine Rashies; means 5th or 9th to each other; or they should be in
nearby houses and last but not the least, there may be an exchange of houses or
constellations between moon and venus; These are all the examples of moon-venus
Moon and venus are powerful in taurus or Vrushbha Rashi, because moon is exalted
here and venus, is in his own house. In a horoscope of a one namely VJ.P. (VICE-
CHANCELLOR) of one university, who is having more than five I six landed properties, over
and above twelve flats in a single building. He is having this combination, though it is with
Venus means happiness and moon means expenses. Thus, such a
person will be expencing more amounts; on fashion, comforts, Drinks, hobbies,
style, happiness, luxaries etc. etc. Thus, it creates expensive nature for the native.
If only moon and venus combination is present and if both are powerful and without
the Rahu Ketu axes, it promotes beautiful body, artistic and attractive personality to the
native, particularly to a female lady. Their livings\ life are Artistic.
Now, let us See the various individual portfolios of moon and venus combination.
Moon governs mother, while venus governs paternal and maternal aunts; as well as sister
and wife. Thus, a male native having such combination will have all the above four or any
such relatives, beautiful and suffering from cold and cough diseases. They are having
expensive natures (vainglorious nature). At the same time, native may have a tendency of
cold, soft drinks and Hard drinks even. He will have musical tendency for music.
A powerful moon - venus combination, creates, musicians and Artists and
Dramaticians, while such weak combination, gives musical tendency means, they are
often hearing Radio, TV. etc. Thieving nature is also observed in some cases.
Female natives having such powerful combination, are beautiful, having musical
tendency, trying to live systematic life and having aesthetic sense, Having vainglorious
nature. Venus is karaka of female native. Venus in "karkataka" Rashi or in sign of Cancer,
gives poverty and in one case Nandikeshvera Rishi has written that "there are curses
on the female relatives of the native and they are suffering of poverty."
Venus- Moon means drinks- giving, bad smells, like wine, toddy etc. hard drinks.
if powerful combination prevails; it creates, DRUNKARDS. Even "nicha" or
debilitated venus or moon in the combination with venus, may provide the hait of
drinking hard drinks.
Moon-Venus combination also creates Liars, Robbers, Dramaticians, film artists
etc. etc. They are having this combination, aligned with saturn. As saturn means business
or profession etc etc.
A separate article is prepared for Speculative nature for Venus-Moon or Moon-
Venus combination; the former gives losses. Persons having such combination are losing
everything, once in a life; when Saturn transits on the degrees of moon. This
combination in a single house, will give minimum two such yogas in life (a) at the time,
when saturn passes from such point and (b) when saturn passes from the 7th house to
such combination. Some times heavy losses or debts are observed at both the times, if
Moon is powerful or debilitated. Debilitation house of moon is, his own debilitation
house. Bank balance is, almost becomes zero or nil, at both the times.
Such is the science of Astrology. My humble salutes to Great Sage Nandi
Keshwara Rishi.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
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Blank Bha-chakr_a :
Important Note : In "Bha-Chakra", the names of signs are never written. In all nadi texts.
"Aries, Taurus, Gemini, ... etc" are, no where written, in any of the charts or "Bha-chakras". A
person may become perfect and expert by practice. Only from "one hundred year
ephemary", any one can place all nine planets, of own birth date, without writing
ascendant or 'lagna'. One such example chart is given, by arranging all nine planets, of birth
Moon Gemini
Pisces Sat
Name:- Dineshchandra cancer
Capricorr Date ofBirth: 4-9-1944 Sun,Me
Ketu Leo
Venus is a "Karaka" of happiness. Nicha or debilitated venus does not allow the
native to have full extent ofhappiness. Even the wife ofthe native, will be like a sickly
woman. In height and body, wife of the native will not be strong, sound and strait, (Not
padachhand kaya or strong body)
Venus is a Karaka of sister, as well as paternal aunt and last but not the least, it
governs wife and daughter also. All the four have (Who so ever is alive, or in case of dead,
see the nature of such persons, when they were alive) understanding capacity or level of
thinking will be below par. In the starting level, Such female persons will not be able to
understand the position. Even though, in case of Mercury-Venus combination in Virgo; It is a
"Nicha Bhanga Raj yoga" of Venus Mercury in "KanyaRashi" or Virgo.
In research, it is found that, if two planets are in opposition to each other or in case of
"pratiyuti", they create repeatitive aspect on each other. It is like exchange ofhouses
between the planets or like "parivartana" ofGrahas. This fact is revealed in minimum two
horoscopes. This fact is reflected in narration of resultant effects on various charts by
"Nandi Keshwara Rushi". Thus venus having Mercury in the seventh, may have such
effect like, exchange of houses, resulting in, the native may get enormous richies. But the
nature of the concerned persons, can not have any change narrated in the above
paragraph, as debilitation of Venus can not be removed.
If Mars is also present with debilitated Venus, as narrated in one of the horoscope'
Rishi states that, such a native will have animals, but those who can not give milk. Such
male may have some problems of sexin starting of married life.
If Mercury is exchanging house with Venus, it will be a great yoga of Easy
education, easy income, wealth and prosperity Rushi has stated that," venus by this way
occupies two houses." For education, one must check, whether "Budhha Guru
visheshita" yoga is also present in the horoscope or not. It offers two degrees; except
mars is in nearby houses.
One of the stanza/verdict of Rushi is strange and surprising: The stanza states that
"the Virgo or Kanya is debilitation sign of Venus; though it is a "Nicha gruha", for venus;
but "Nicha is nicha but, it is a house ofits own" (Venus). Though it is debilitated, but
there is the aspect of pisces or Meena Rashi on Virgo. The volume of the wealth, will be
less in comparison to which, an exalted Venus can provide. A female native having
debilitated Venus, such venus can not provide excellent understanding power. to her OR
to wife in case of male native Such a person will not be able to "read between the lines".
or understand real facts of the situation. Inner meanings will be difficult to be followed,
by such female natives. "Such a lady will not have the capacities I power to understand
such" inverted coma words or "phenominanas". As such Venus can not endow such
intellectual understanding I strength I capacity to the female native. Such a person may
not be able to understand or judge others also. Similarly is the case of, Debilitated Jupiter
in case ofmale native, Such male natives will be having the same characteristics, as
narrated above, for the females in the above paragraph.
In the above case ofthe lady native, which 1s not a too bad case like
"Simhastha Shukra"- Venus in Leo, or Venus in cancer or Venus in Mithuna, as the
resultant effects are, worst for wealth and happiness. One such worst case is narrated
in "Nandi Samhita", where Venus-Mars combination is the Gemini. The great Sage has
stated that, " both the planets are proceeding and advancing towards the worst inimical
house." The house lords of Cancer is Moon, which is the worst enemy of both the planets.
Thus venus in sign Leo is not powerful, because the Venus is progressing towards
debilitation sign. Other interesting factor is that, that whether Venus is with, more
inimical planets or with friendly planets; will create vast different results. At the
same time, it is important to note that, in a combination case degreecally, which planet
will cross Virgo first, whether Venus will cross first or other planet; is not equally
important. Thus Venus alone in Virgo is better than Venus-Sun combination in Virgo or
Venus-Moon combination in Virgo; or last but not the least; debilitated Venus with sun-
Jupiter- Mercury- Moon combination in Virgo. As per experience and research, in first
case the lady native will come out from such psychological position of mind or such
state of mind; than in the later case of four planets combination, because Here venus
IS only in starting degrees of Virgo.
The debilitation of any planet can only be, removed by their fast friends. In
case of debilitated Venus; Saturn-Mercury-Rahu can remove the complete debilitation.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
Particularly, Mercury with moon combination gives this "Kapat yoga", to the
person or native, who belongs such horoscope. This yoga means the native will be looted
by various ways like anything. According to Samhita or Nadi Texts moon-mercury
combination means, either the combination in the same house or in 5th/9th house to each
other or in the nearby houses or in 7th house to each other or 'Parivartana' or Exchange of
houses or even exchange of sub-sub constellations between moon and mercury, is known
as moon mercury combination. The worst case is of one in 9th house to the other planet,
or cases of exchanges, creat worst position in life.
Meaning : "Cheating" or "Kapat yoga", is governed by various ways. It starts from
younger age-native is being cheated in sex. Such type of native is also cheated by friends. Such a
native is cheated in either purchase or sale of landed properties. Here Mercury is narrated as a
landlord in "Nandi Samhita". Landed property means land, building, Flat, Shop etc ...
Mercury governs business, shop, flat, friends, land, vehicle, relatives, sex
relation/contact etc ... etc. Here at every stage, the native of such horoscope, who is having
combination of moon-mercury will be cheated by others . "Nandikeshwara Rushi" has
clearly stated that, "such a native has taken birth for being cheated." If such a native
does not take care, in the last part of life, he will have no money, even for his food. In one
case, it was found that ,children of one native, were not allowing him to enjoy his own
saved money. Children are also coming in the definition of relatives, which
must be noted.
Though there is one advantage part ofthis Moon-Mercury combination. Moon-
Mercury means 'Roaring trade or gigantic business" etc ... The native will enjoy such
benefits ofwealth and riches, at the same time. In a case of, such one multimillionaire
native, having moon mercury combination in Pisces or Meena rashi; When by asking, he
replied that during 1995 to 1998 his near relatives looted ornaments from him
weighing in Kilogrammes.
Such native is being cheated after every 10 years normally. But if Rahu or Ketu are
also joining with the combination, such native will be cheated, after every 7 years 6 months.
If saturn is also aligned with mercury-moon combination, Such a person's business
may be, of cheating others. It is like saturn with mars-Rahu combination, which creates
engineers or anti-social element like, 'Gundas' etc .. It provides "Gundaism" as Profession.
It is discussed in separate article.
The nature of such a person having moon mercury combination, is "to try to cheat
others" also, but ultimately the native is being cheated often. It will be interesting to note
that, relatives must have looted or cheated Moon or the mother of such native.
It is also found that, out of either parent's near relatives, Same one had done love
marriage or the native had done love marriage.
If Ketu is aligned with, moon- Mercury; then "Ketu Kujavat Bhavet" (Ketu is like
Mars); Looting/Cheating will be less. Moon Mars relation is a strange relation, because
both are being debilitated or Nicha in each other's sign I rashi I house.
Person having Moon of Mesha or Aries will not be a very generous person. Person
having Vrishchika or scorpio-moon, can not give much power to the native to expense as
per "Nandi Keshwar Rushi". This is the meaning of "nicha Moon" or debilitated Moon.
Such a person is not able to expence money for his own necessities even. Outwardly,
They seem greedy, as debilitated Moon can not give Expencing power.
In "Purana" or ancient texts, There is an interesting story, about moon-mercury
known as "Tara and Bruhaspati story". Guru or master was teaching lession in a class
ofthe disciples or students, At that time, one disciple came with the wife of guruji, he
asked the permission to leave the Ashram permenantly because of love affairs. Guruji of
that ancient time gave the permission. It is the relationship between Moon and Mercury. It
is narrated as." bad I dirty sex yo gas prevails" according to "Nandi Keshwar Rushi".
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
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Blank Bha-chakra :
Important Note : In "Bha-Chakra", the names of signs are never written In all nadi texts
"Aries, Taurus, Gemini, ... etc" are, no where written, in any ofthe charts or "Bha-chakras".
A person may become perfect and expert by practice. Only from "one hundred year
ephemary", any one can place, all nine planets, of any birth date, without writing
ascendant or 'lagna'. One such example of D .0 .B. 4-9-1944 inserted belowp
Moon Gemini
Pisces Sat
Name:- Dineshchandra Cancer
Date ofBirth : 4-9-1944 Sun ,Mer
Ketu Leo
Great sages, Astro science and narration of birth place
according to Nadi texts or Samhitas and Nandi Nadi.
In southern part of India, particularly in former Madras State/Tamilnadu, there are
many Nadi texts. According to north Indian languages, "Nadi texts" means "Samhita
Granthas". In a very small village of Tamilnadu named "Veidishwaram coil", "there are
many Nadi texts, lying from door to door houses. They are making additions and
interpretations and are charging high charges. These pandits are known as "Nadi
astrologers", who have Nadi-texts (Samhita Granthas) on tree-leaves, known as
"Taad patras". They are in Prakrut Sanskrit, Magadhi or in Ardh-magadhi or tamil
etc. languages. Old Sanskrit is known as "prakrit Sanskrit", which today's experts of
Sanskrit can not translate. Their entire meanings are different. If anybody's horoscope
named as Bh-Chakra, is not found in Nadi texts; then the translator or Nadi reader
astrologer states the future happenings, by computation of his own. So many a time, there
are many discrepancies in readings. Thus Nadi Astrologers are merely translators.
Well known Nadi texts have many divisions. For example "Deva-Keralam" Nadi
text or "chandra-KalaNadi text" is based on moon, ascendant, Bhavas, Navmansh or the
degrees ofMoon or constellation of Moon or ("Charana" or "Nakshatra padas") and on
different divisional charts. They have given various discussions and minute predictions.
While 'Dhruva Nadi', 'Nava Nadi' etc. are giving life time time table, only on the basis of
degrees of ascendants, but here "Ayanamsha" is a problem. Including "Brihat Nadi
Astrology" and "Saptarshi Brahm vakya" and "Nandi Nadi;" and moreover all
seven sages, have given their own individual Nadi texts and they_have not given any
importance either to ascendant or to Moon. Hence if one goes through, "Bhrigu
Samhita" or "Bhrigu Nadi" or any original Nadi texts of ancient seven sages, there is
neither Moon. nor ascendant in any charts of such "Samhitas." This proves that there
was neither fiXed time of birth; nor the fixed day was available in almost all horoscopes,
which known as charts OR BH-chakras. The natives were not having any such detail,
also. The verdicts of sages sages are having great importance. "Graha- Charena- Vadami
Aham" which is the essence of Nadi astrology. Thus transit part is very much important.
All the great sages; by dialogues and by exchanges of knowledge or by discussions
in "gatherings" like todays conferences, symposiums, workshops, debates etc ... etc .... of
(Modem words); ever sage had become expert in their particular and choice field of their
knowledge. This is writer's humble opinion. This great work was done with the help of
"holy Goddess Mata Parvati". The knowledge must be verbal and was kept as very
secret, known as "Gems wrapped in rags." But these secrets can be evaluated from such
"Nadi Bha-chakras or charts" some of which are in dialogue forms also between sages and
disciples. Research work shows that, it is in "coded language" and answers are not
given directly. (but given secretly.) "Thus knowledge is kept as _secret, proof of which is
"Brihad Nadi Astrology" text, which proves the above phenominan." Only one sentence
will suffice the verdict : "If you know astrology, by applying intellectual ability and if
one finds the true science of astrology, then do not appoint I make any disciple." The
great sage has given the reasons also which is a very logical and understandable also. The
sages have further stated that" the disciple will exploit in every way; economically,
psychologically, physically etc ... etc ... etc .... " This statement proves that knowledge of
astrology is a secret science or "Gudha and Gahana" Science. Hard labours are
required like "divers of the sea." In this short article discussions are given on birth place
or descriptions and narrations of buildings of births. They are enumerated from
various such charts of Nadi texts, like Nandi Samhita or nandi nadi. They are given in
following paragraphs:-
First of all, let we discuss about the road of the birth place/birth building. Roads
are determined by "Rahu Ketu axes," e.g. (example gratia) in one horoscope, Rahu is in
pieces/Meena and Ketu is in Virgo/Kanya. Signs "four, eight and twelve or meena", all
these three Rashies are showing, or assigned to north direction. Simultaneously Ketu
is in Virgo, showing south direction. One can easily say that, the building of birth place
must be on Road, which is going from north to south direction. It means Road must be
in "from north to south direction of the birth building." In case, ifRahu is of29 degree
in Taurus, then we can say that, its most part is in Mesha or Aries. As Rahu is always
retrograded, It shows "east and south", which means Road or Rahu Ketu are in "Agni" to
"Vayavya"( or "east-south" to "west-north") direction. Rahu Ketu are always in opposite
direction. Such narrations of roads are often seen in : "Nandi Samhita", "Saptarshi
Samhita" and "Brihat Nadi Astrology" texts etc ... In other words Rahu is narrated as
Royal Road or Raj Marga, while Ketu is known for small street or narrow street also.
Moon and Venus are watery planets. lfboth are in single house, e.g. one male
native has Moon Venus combination in Taurus/Vrishabha. It clearly states that the watery
planets are in south direction. Hence the whole village/city of birth, had water facility in
south part of the city. it may be a pond, dam or lake, river etc. In a case Moon-Rahu
combination in a horoscope, then in "suggested direction of Moon Rahu", there must be
sea or a big river like sea, in that direction. Rahu means Brihat and Moon means Water.
Moon Ketu or Moon Mars combination shows, a wall checking or opposing the
water. May it be a dam break water, or check-dam, in that direction. Suppose a person
is having Moon-Rahu combination in Karkataka!Cancer, one can easily say, that there
must be sea or huge water in the northern direction of the city of birth.
Similarly great sages have narrated temples of different-different Gods in various
horoscopes. Before going into deep, we must understand the philosophy ofNadi texts.
Ketu means flag-(square or triangular). There are main three Gods, Brahma, Vishnu
and Mahesha. These different Planets, are considered for different Gods. Saturn
means "God oftruth" I "lshwara" (Nandi Nadi) or "Lord Shivji". Mercury means
"Lord Vishnu" or "Mohini Swarupa." Thus, Mercury is a Male, as well as a female
planet Let us consider one example:- If one native has Ketu in Aries and Mercury is in
Sagittarius sign, then it becomes "Mercury-Ketu combination". Aries and Sagittarius and
Leo; all the three signs, are showing eastern direction. It can be stated that, there must be a
temple of Lord Vishnu or Lord Sri Krishna or Shri Rama, in eastern direction or in
the east part of the city OR in other words the Eastern Direction to the Birth Building. The
reason is that, all the three Gods are the forms/ "swarupa" of Lord Vishnu. While
Jupiter-Ketu combination shows the temple of Brahma, - the creator of the world.
Similarly Mars-Ketu shows Shakti/Goddess. Saturn -Mars - Ketu combination or
Even Mars, Ketu shows "Hanumanji" temple, as Mars means power and strength. For
example, if one chart has Mars -Ketu combination in Virgo, then it means that, there is
"Hanumanji" temple in the south direction ofthe birth building. For Saturn, Sages
have used the words as his/her own house. Similarly Signs Capricorn and aquarious or
the house of saturn relates to native's own house I building, such words are used. Mars
Ketu in Capricorn with Saturn in near bye houses provides Marriage etc. Ceremony,
in own house at near about Native's birth time and approximately near about 30 year of age
of the native.
Mercury is reckoned, as "Bhudevi" means, Goddess of land. It means land.
Exalted Mars gives high priced Building OR land, while Mars -Mercury combination
provides low priced land. It will be interesting to note that, in almost all horoscopes of
farmers, one can find Mars-Mercury combination. Mars and Mercury both are
staunch enemies. Mercury means education/vidya. "Budha Dadati Buddhi, eeti
Buddhi Hi." Hence it is very clear that Karaka of education and study, has staunch
Enemy, mars with him. Mars is a karaka of poverty. According to sages," mercury-
mars provides disrupted education." Hence farmers can not study, which is a general
phenomenon of this combination; but have vast land of Low values.
Mercury-Rahu combination means, a building with dilapidated walls,
"khander". For combination of Mars -Venus, words like "Beautiful house", are used,
while Mars -Venus -Rahu means, a beautiful flat. The other meaning ofRahu with
mercury is equipments OR comforts. Rahu provides, a place in a shopping complex or
multistorey building. Thus according to combinations, various interpretations are given,
Budh-Rahu also means, to demolish an old building or a building with dilapidated
walls, at the time, when Saturn passes, on such Budha-Rahu combination. The old house is
tumbled down. Saturn-Mercury means a place of business or a shop. Saturn- Jupiter-Ketu

means service in a religious place and birth of male. Near Religious place. In one case of
Nandi Nadi, where Saturn-Jupiter are in pieces/Meena, having Ketu in the next house, is
interpreted as "Ahead of religious institution." Saturn-Mars-Ketu means a factory or
workshop, Leading to langoti yoga or zero income. Vacant part /division OR Direction
out of four Directions of a horoscope, e.g. East, south, west, north, means a ground or an
open plot or vacant land in that direction of the building of birth .or Birth city.
Thus, narrations I descriptions of birth place or city of birth, can very easily be given
according to Nadi principles. To keep minimum length of this article, it is presumed that,
this is more than sufficient and better to stop. ASTU.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
~ P i t r u Dosha Yoga" or "Pitru Karma Yoga" ?
A truth according to "Samhita" or Nadi Shashtras
Great Seven Sages had created texts of "Nadi Astrology" or "Samhita Shashtras".
There is Marvelous knowledge, in suchNadi texts. It is believed that, such texts are written
prior to 3,000 years to 7,000 years before today. They have covered several matters of life.
Even minute occasions of life are narrated. Some sages had their mastery over a particular
subject, While on the other hand, they had mastery on the various subjects also. The
examples can be given of Saptarshi Samhita, and nandi nadi, which are in dialogue form.
Dialogues are between the great sages and Mata Parvati and with the group of disciples.
The texts are in form of discussions. Discussions are shallow as serets were not be
revealed. Several examples can be given.Thus essence or principles are no where,
directly or indirectly, expressed or other wise given. Hence searches or researches are
only the remedy. Nandi N adi is the best example. One example will be sufficient to prove
this fact. During the discussion of a male horoscope, that, "Guruji you stated that a
particular happening will happen at the age of 19 years of the boy. How did you found out
the year? "The answer was "you also try to see, how I calculated the year and you will also
learn to count the year." Thus to achieve the knowledge of science of astrology, one will
have to try hard.
After studying various Nadi texts, it was found out that, at some places, "Pitru
Karma Yoga" is narrated. For this yoga Saturn - Rahu combination is considered. It
means Saturn- Rahu may be in, one house or in near by houses or in trine to each other or
exchange of houses between Lords or constellation lords etc., and forming the combination.
It will be interesting to note that this yoga is narrated as an "Auspicious Yoga".
"Pitru Karma Yoga" means this boy I girl will serve his I her elders. As a result the native
will get, more then one landed property. or properties at various places.
Later on some rishies have converted the language and made this yoga, as a "Pitru
Dosha Yoga". Actually it is a "Pitru Karma Yoga". The combination is same i.e. Saturn -
Rahu Combination. Religious widhies are performed for such doshas. This vidhi is a
part of rituals. Vidhies can not change, any future of any person and hence it has no
All the Seven Sages, believed in philosophy of Karma."Karmanu Bandhini
Manushya Loke" - these are the words of lord Krishna great Sanskrit text of the world
Gita. Thus, fortune and future can not be changed. Destiny is predetermined. Even
though, one has to believe in philosophy of Karma. "KarmanyevaAdhikaraste"- again
this are the verdicts of Gita.
In no Samhita or in any Nadi Text "Pitru Dosha Yoga," is written, thus Nadi Texts do
not give any importance to "Pitru Dosha Yoga" or such dosha has any values; as it is no
where cited even. In fact, it is a "Pitru Karma Yoga", which we have seen above. Though
word "dosha" has came from aliance I contacts of rahu with saturn. In fact these verdicts
like "Panchama Dosha", "saptama Dosha," Astama Dosha" or "Kantaka yoga," etc. are
narrated becaus of alignment ofrahu with sun, venus or mars etc. There is no reference of
"pitru Dosha" in contect with remedies or "vidhis" are written. On the contrary, great
sages have stated that such Doshas are the results of previous Birth Karmas.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
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All the seven sages have created nadi or samhita Shastras on tree leaves. There is
neither moon, nor ascendant, in any ofthe horoscope of nadi texts. Even though, in every
horoscope, year of death is given. Not only that but, Tithi and Indian month is also given
for the timing of death. Every living person faces the endor death. Death is not the end of
life cycle. "punarapiJanani, punarapi Marnam, Mundh mate, Bhaj Govindam"-
are the Verdicts of the Sanskrit Song "Bhaj Govindam". Thus it is a gateway or the
beginning of the next birth. Thus death is the way towards "Amrita" (Nectar) and that is
why, "ammtam gamaya" are the words used for death.
Unless and untill, it is not needed, one must not say about the death. To say about
death, is not considered a good matter. So many a time orthodox astrologers find out "sixty
fourth dvesha kana" for narration of the type death. These are not considered as
"Shlishtha matter". There fore, there is a bann over making predictions on death.
Great sages have narrated such banned matters in various horoscopes and at various
places. Some such sinister matters which are as follows; In which death is also included.
1. Some sinister matters, which are not to be discussed in public, are also not to be
revealed. In one of the example, holy Mata Parvati has hinted.
2. If any person, who is never going to get good results in life; for which "Servitude or
Gulami" words are used. The importance is assigned to the worst position of Saturn and
Jupiter. Such matters are never to be revealed.
3. Astrological principles, are never to be discussed with a person, who is extremely
selfish. Because of this, all the seven sages have forbidden to make a disciple or student. Thus
knowledge is kept, as secret. Therefore, it is advised to have discussions, with good people.
4. It is strictly stated that, the time of death is never to be stated. No forecast is to be
done on the death. Astrology is a part of science and it is an eye of Vedas. In the time of
difficulties, Astrology helps the people. Death is not considered as a good thing.
Now let we discuss the above matters in details.
L Some sinister matters, which are not to be discussed in public. In one example of a
female horoscope, which was discussed in public, during which, the great sage
commented that, "The character of the lady will not be good". Mata Parvati argued that,
"to discuses such matter in public, will not make the living of the lady a difficult one?" The
great sage stated that, "now onwards I will take care for such things". Below that chart the
words are used that, such Sinister matters should not be revealed in public. Good
astrologers should never peep into such matters, neither it should be discussed, nor such
things should be read.
2. If any person, is never going to get good position in life, for which "servitude or
Gulamy" words are used then, he should not be revealed. It is because of the worst
position of Saturn and Jupiter of the horoscope. Worst position of a planet means, no
planets are in nearby houses or in the seventh to a planet. Such planets, are known as in
"worst condition".
3. Astrological principles are never to be discussed with extremely selfish person,
otherwise every type of exploitation is possible. Some of the main nadi texts, are in form
of discussion, between the great sage and disciples. The principles are never and nowhere
discussed or stated. Thus knowledge is kept, as secret. Because ofthe exploitation,the
Guru or master will have bad name in the society, becasu of his disciple.
4. Strict prohibition for forecasting death :- It is true that one should not say about the
time of death. After death "Atma or Jiva" is taking next birth or ifmoksha or mukti is
written, then the "Atma" proceeds to "celestial abode" or goes to heaven. Thus death is not
the end, but it is an entrance to the second world. Though death is a part oflife. To read
every happenings of life, one will have to need demarkation of various parts of life. It is a
subject of Astrology. As death is also, one kind of an incident of life, J?eath determination is a
part of study of astrology.
During the discussion of the horoscope of great sage Rishi Markandeya, principles
regarding how death occurs, is narrated. Life means Jupiter or venus and end oflife, is a "Kala" or
Rahu, means death or end oflife. Simulteniously on the other side work means Karma and end of
Karma means also Moksha or death. This is assigned to Saturn-Ketu combination. Thus, when
Rahu meets Jupiter or venus vis-a-vis, Similary Saturn meeting Ketu or Ketu touching the point,
where Saturn is placed, means end of Karma. In every horoscope position of Saturn, Jupiter,
Rahu and Ketu are fixed. So the death can be easily predicted or determined.
Thus, one has to calculate that Rahu, which is always retrograded and in his movements;
when he will come across the Jupiter, it means death in case of a male native. As for example, if
Rahu is in the second to Jupiter, then the Rahu will transit over the Jupiter, after approximately
one year and six months. It depends upon the degrees or actual position of both the planets. Thus
to find out such time a ready made table is given at Appendix-' A'. The calculations are given on
the position ofRahu from the Jupiter at the time ofbirth. For example, ifrahu is in the 6th to
jupiter, 6th round ofjupiter will fructify the happening.
Similarly distance of Ketu from Saturn, gives the clue of the time of death. For example if
Ketu is in the seventh house to Saturn, retrograded Ketu will pass over the Saturn approximately
at about 9th (ninth) year. A ready made table is prepared and given at appendix- 'B'. :-Table of 18
months is important.
Similarly tables for Jupitor's movement and movement of Saturn, can be prepared in
advance and time can be well found out, when Jupiter will reach, at the point, where Rahu is
placed and the time of crossing the Ketu by Saturn, can be prepared in advance.
Thus all four tables will give us the exact time of death, because the two tables minimum
age will tally at a particular age.
Most of the living person do not have "Alpayu yoga" or the death at a smaller age. The
calculation are, though complicated, but assessable. As per example, Rahu is touching Jupiter
at a particular age, but it is not necessary, that at the same time ketu may be touching Saturn (or
Saturn may be touching ketu). As for example, if a male person is having Rahu in twelveth to
Jupiter. Normally It will take 16 years and 6 month, because Rahu will have to cross eleven
houses to reach Jupiter.
But at the some time, ketu will not be catching Saturn. (or Saturn may not be touching ketu
at the same time). Here we will have to utilize the table of eighteen years, as Rahu and ketu both
are completing a rashi chakra or twelve houses in his transit at exactly at eighteen years. so
in both the tables, we will have to add multiplications of eighteen years and when we get equal
numbers in both the tables, it is the exact year of death. Similarly ninth aspect ofRahu and ketu
is dangerous for the life. Thus such calculations are also to be considered for the calculation of
death.Thus table of 9th aspect of rahu and ketu are also needed.
Example: Thus ifRahu is in twelveth to Jupiter and ketu is in eighth to Saturn then:-
Time of Rahu Time of ketu meeting
reaching Jupiter:- Saturn in transit:-
Years Months Years Months
16 06 10 06
_1.8__ _00 18 00
34 06 28 06
Here, we will have to calculate exact degrees of Saturn, Jupiter,Rahu and ketu. Thus, if we
go on calculating, 72 Years will come, as an exact year of death. Maximum there will be
difference of 18 months. Here it will be interesting to note that, out of all nine planets, only
Rahu and Ketu has fixed speed or Gati/ movement.
Exception :- If there is an exchange between the Jupiter with any other planet, then there
is a narrow escape from the death and the person will be survived from the death.
In "Bhrugu samhita" in every chart (horoscope) the year of death, the month of death and Tithi I
date of death is narrated. For finding out the month, we will have to take the help of transiting
sun, while for determining the day, we will have to take help of moon. Only in one case, the great
sage has stated that, "where rahu is placed, that particular month, will be month of death" (sun
will cross rahu and death will take place).
Thus not only the year but also the month and date of death can be predetermined well in
advance. The great sages have banned for such predictions of death. For this one e x m p ~ e will
be sufficient it should not be foretold because, if a grand-son accompanied with an aged man
and asking for the year of death and if the astrologer predicted that, death is in near future. After
the death, the grand-son will believe, that astrologer has killed his grand father. The_ Great sage
has stated, that "there will be rain of curses on such revealor of death and misfortunes will
be faced by the revealor I Astrologer."
II Shree Krishnapanum Astu II
Placement ofRahu from Jupiter
appndix- "A"
JuQiter with Rahu zero or 18 years
rahu in 2"" to Jupiter
1 year 6 months
rahu in 3 rd to Jupiter 3 year 0 months
rahu in 4th to Jupiter 4 year 6 months
rahu in 5th to Jupiter 6 year 0 months
rahu in 6th to Jupiter 7 year 6 months
rahu in 7th to Jupiter 9 year 0 months
rahu in 8th to Jupiter 10 year 6 months
rahu in 9th to Jupiter 12 year 0 months
rahu in 1Oth to Jupiter 13 year 6 months
rahu in 11th to Jupiter 15 year 0 months
rahu in 12th to Jupiter 16 year 6 months
rahu with Jupiter 18 year 0 months
Placement of Ketu from Saturn
ketu in 2nd to Saturn
1 year 6 months
ketu in 3rd to Saturn 3 year 0 months
ketu in 4th to Saturn 4 year 6 months
ketu in 5th to Saturn 6 year 0 months
ketu in 6th to Saturn 7 year 6 months
ketu in 7th to Saturn 9 year 0 months
ketu in 8th to Saturn 10 year 6 months
ketu in 9'h to Saturn 2 year 0 months
ketu in 1 O'h to Sa 1 tum 13 year 6 months
ketu in 11th to Saturn 15 yearO months
ketu in 12'h to Saturn 16 year 6 months
ketu with Saturn 18 year 0 months
Note: maximum variation will be ofO months to 18 months. It depends upon the degrees of both
the twin planets of the concerned tables.
Note 2: Similarly tables for "Jupiter from Rahu" and Table for "Saturn from ketu" and
Ninth aspect tables of rahu ketu, can be prepared. Exception only lies with the exchange of any
planet with Saturn or Jupiter. or venus, in case of female native. In that case native gets a new
life from that very point of life/yeare. Such native gets more added years in life-span.
II Shree Krishnarpanum A stu II
Now let we consider the practical examples. An example is cited, which is of a
young boy. Your attention is invited towards the nadi principles on "Mrityu Yoga" or
death. More over a Sanskrit Verdict is to be applied here." "IIKetu Kujavat Bhavet II".
Here, we will have to consider Ketu as, equal to Mars.
The boy's name is on Moon sign Leo. His birth date is 11-01-1985. Positions of
planets are as under :- Ketu 0" degree and 52 Kala in Scorpio. Along with Ketu, Saturn is
also in Scorpio-2 degree. Mercury 5 degree and Sun 27 degree in Sagittarius, while Jupiter
is of 0 degree in Capricorn. In Aquarius Venus is of 13 degree and Mars is of 20" degree.
Rahu is in Taurus 0 degree, while Moon is in Leo 29 degree.
Mar 20
Ven 13
Date: 11-Jan.-1985
Sun 27 Sat 2
Mers 5
Dt. oo
This boy met with an accident on 11-03-2009. There was movement in head portion
only. This was informed to Astra-Scientist on 13-03-2009. (First the birth date given was
wrong as 11-01-1986. The scientist replied that, there will be no more difficulty. In reply to
the query, Astra-Scientist replied that, this boy will be survived.) On the other day, the birth
date was corrected as of 1985. The Astra-Scientist replied to his friend, "it is a difficult case.
Survival is very difficult." As we know that, the day of happening is determined by the Moon.
The family of the boy belongs to Bhavnagar. At present, the family is at Mumbai.
On 16th March 2009, there was a phone call in early morning, that the doctor, who was
in charge of the boy; who had came from London; has given a caution, that this boy will not
be survived, Because of the development in the situation. Astra-scientist replied that,
there is an exchange between Ketu and Moon and by exchange, Ketu is joining with
Saturn, creating Mrityu Yoga. Thus it is very difficult to save the boy. It is also not
possible. This boy expired at the very early age of 23. He expired on 1 7' of March 2009.
Here readers should understand that, Rahu was in fifth to Jupiter by birth. Not only
that, but"Saturn Ketu were all together. According to Nadi texts, 9th aspect ofRahu is
considered as, very powerful. Thus Jupiter by birth was in the clutches ofRahu, while
Saturn was 2 degree more, then Ketu by birth. Because of this, the boy got the life
of 23 years.
(2) During the same time of the above happening, a boy was born at Bhavnagar on 15th
of March 2009, was shifted to Incubator. He was kept on Incubator up to 6(six) p.m.
evening of 18th of March 2009. Thus the boy was survived with the help of Incubator only.
(3) So many other examples, can be cited. Here there are 3 more cases, which are
discussed in public and are given for the benefit of readers :-
(3)( a) A lady was living in America and his father was living at Gandhidham, Kutch.
Now let us go to an extra ordinary case. The lady was in a serious stage. She was
advised to be operated. Moreover She was advised by the "Medical Council of America"
that, even if the operation is done, she will die. Because of such advice, no doctor in U.S.A
was ready to operate. This was said to the Astra-scientist. It was stated by her mother that,
"this lady is going to die at the age of 23". The Astra-scientist raised the hands to the sky
and stated, that "This lady has to live up to 58 I 59 years of age". Father was the owner of a
resort, which is on 56 acres ofland. No Doctor in America was ready to operate, because of
the advice of the medical council. as we have seen above.
Her foster father; (because, the father had adopted her at a very small age;) took her
to Japan and two operations of Spinal Cord, had taken place. First operations lasted for
22 hours and second operations took 18 hours. The expenses were more then one crore
rupees. Still the lady is living. The owner of the resort, there afterwards, invited Astra-
scientist and Astro Scientist was hosted; not in the resort; but he was hosted at the
owner's residential house for more then a week. (3)(b) Second example is of Tata
Cancer Research Institute of Bombay. one Gold smith of Bhavnagar, had seven
daughters and then a son. The institute had given to Gold smith in writing that, his son has
Blood Cancer. Red cells will cease at the end of22 years of age.
It means, he will die at 22 years of age. His father had expenced more then 22
thousands of Rupees after Mantra, Tantra, Vidhi, Dora etc. The reply from all such
Persons was that, "He may survive".
This case was refered to Astro -scientist, as "a case of danger to life". First Astra-
scientist checked, various happenings of father, from the horoscope of the boy and stated
that, "The married boy has much long life to live, as he is having "Sanjivani Yoga". Still
two issues or children are going to come (pending). Then how the death will be in 22nd
year, was the question. The scientist stated in reply of his father's questions that (1) this
boy has "Sanjivani Yoga" and therefore, he required some Ayurvedic Doctor, who will
protect and survive him. (2) Boy has the life up to 57 to 58, which was not to be disclosed
to any body. (3) As the boy was on the Verge of 22nd year and therefore maximum, he
can become unconscious for a quarter and two days maximum. There afterwards, he will
be conscious.
After completion of 22 years of age, the boy and parents and the brother in law of the
boy, all went to Mumbai for health check-up. In the midst of surprises, the doctor of the
Institute found that, "Cancer counts are reducing", according to Computerized
Blood Report. They asked the person, that what they had done.
They stated that, as per the advise of Astro- scientist, they had continued the
Allopathic medicines. Because of Sanjivani Yoga, they had consulted Ayurvedic expert
Named Shri Krishna Dhara Nandji Maharaj of Gir Forest. He is residing in a very
small village, named "Sher bag gadu" ofkhorasa gir, via Gadu. His phone nos. Are
02870- 285233. He is curing Cancer and T.B. patients even in 3n:l stage. Readers will be
surprised to note that, there is a always a big queue of Europeans, compared to Indians, for
Ayurvedic treatment. The Doctors of the Institute took two samples or "padika I pudi" of
the Ayurvedic medicines, for laboratory check up. They also noted the name and address
of Shri Krishna Dhara Nandji Maharaj of Sher Bag Gadu. At that time ayurvedacharya of
"sher bag", had no phone Nos .They also took the address card of the Astra-scientist.
Sher Bag Gadu is a very small Railway Station, on the Western Railway route of
Junagadh to Veraval. Both the computerized reports, were seen by the Astra-scientist.
(3)(C) Third case was of an Industrialist of "Alang Ship Breaking Industries". This case
is of the owner of Viral Oxygen Company Pvt. Ltd. One of Director's sisters was married
at Bombay. She fell in to Coma I Unconsciousness and she was shifted to Hinduja
Hospital, a famous hospital in Bombay. After 22 days, the doctor stated that, "There is
nothing in the body, you can take body for creamation". So the brother-in-law ofthe
industrialist ranged at Bhavnagar and requested the industrialist to come urgently,
because of the situation. The Industrialist, instead of going to Airport, he asked sofer I
driver to take the car to the Astro- scientist. He requested the Astro- scientist that, "My
sister is in Comma and lying in the Hinduja Hospital, please state her future". Astra-
scientist replied that "have you spoken?" The Reason behind this is that, that Astra-
scientist never takes any information from the questor, coming for astrological analysis.
There are certain condition of astro Scientist. More over his clear cut First suggestion is
that, what ever the Astro- scientist asks, replies must be give in "yes" or "no". His
next condition is that, "You will not be able to say "no" and you will have to confirm
the "yes" for past Occasions .
The reply from industrialist was that, "Now, I will not speak".
From the birth date of the lady, the questions were replied favorably. Further it was
stated that "Lady is running in 33 I 34 age, and this lady has to live up to 61 I 62 years. She
has to serve, her husband and children". The industrialist's last question was that, "If the
lady is to survive, then when she will come out ofthe bed?" The Astro- scientist called for
"Present year Ephemary," from the other room, after verifying, the scientist replied that,
"Tomorrow sharp at 10 a.m., she will come out of bed." The reply was based on the
Exchange of planet with Venus, which going was to take place at 10 A.M. Next day. The
next and last question from industrialist was that, "Will she have any defect in the
body?" In reply to the query, the Scientist stated that, "she will have a little defect, but for
that, you will have to come to us, once again, to say that what the defect was".
Next day the lady come to life and woke up from the bed sharp before 10 minutes to
the given time. It was a surprise to the Hospital Authorities also.
Next time the industrialist came with his wife along with the box of sweets and
stated that, "you were right. Because ofmany days of Comma, herear lid I "padada"
was grabbed or engraved by, some insect. She has become deaf by one ear". More
over the reason given by Hinduja Authorities, was a strange one. They had stated that,
at the time of bath, we are clearing the ear. If the ear was not clean then, such insect can
not bite the smoodh thin skin of the ear lid. If it was unclean, then ear lid might
remain intact. Whatever it may be, but the lady is still living at Bombay.
(3) (D) One recent case is of a lady, Who is the Wife of a retired Assistant director,
Animal husbandry. Breast cancer was detected to her and were proceeding by bus, to V. S.
Hospital, Ahmedabad, for Shock Treatment. They dialed to the scientist, while
travelling. From the Birth date, it was very clear that, there was exchange of Vinus and
after exchange, Vinus was joining with Jupiter, forming "Sanjivani yoga." It meant
that, She will get a New life after exchange. The advice given to them, was that, She will
not need more shock treatment. Only one shock is sufficient and the same happened.
Such is the true science or Acurate Science ofNadi Astrology.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu \\
: Blank Bha-chakra :
Fixed Bh-Chakra of Nadi Texts
Pisces Aries Taurus emm1
Aquarius Cancer
Capricorn Leo
Sagittarius Scorpio Libra Virgo
Astrology is a limb I part of "Vedas". Astrology is known, as an eye I 'chakshu' of
'Vedas'. "Vedas" means "old literature" of ancient times. It is a literature of "reality". The
word Jyoti of "Jyotish shastra" is derived from "Jyot or Prakash I Light". Thus, Astrology
means, literature of knowledge, which provides light in darkness. Hence Astrology, guide
the people, who are road-trodden or wandering in darkness. Thus it shows the true path for
such people, who have lost hopes & Seek Guidance.
Lord Krishna has clearly stated in the holy book or text "Gita", that "Karmanu
bandhini Manushyaloke", which means every person of this world, is bound and
bind I Governed by his "acts and actions," known as, "Karma".
All the seven sages are believing in the philosophy of "karma" or "deeds".
According to the principles of time cycle, which is founded I searched out by them, which
is, at longer run, governing the life of living persons. The writer is only via-media and
presenting the same before you. Whatever the good or bad fruits are achieved by the
person, which are according to his deeds. The "chart I horoscope" is nothing but a
"well drawn map of previous deeds" Thus horoscope means a map of Karma/ deeds.
A word "Destiny" has come out, from this philosophy, which shows the basic path of a
person. On this path, a person, will move. what will be his ultimate aim, means, basic
chart of a life known as, a horoscope, the same is also known as, destiny. Thus destiny
means, resultant effects of a horoscope
If we refer various N adi texts, created by seven sages, who have given many charts I
horoscopes of various persons by, straightly narrating the co-relation of deeds/ Karma. In
most of the charts, previous births are given, narrating previous birth deeds. They are
co-related with this birth. The time table of this birth is given accordingly. One may
believe in previous birth or may not, it does not make any difference, in the series of or
chronology of future happenings. One expert can find out, even minute happenings of
life, which is a science or essence of astrology. Happenings are parts of time cycle.
"Karmakands" are the ceremonies accorded with the various happenings. May it be
Bad and Good and various auspicious happenings of life also. Thus, like astrology,
Karmakandas are also a part of Vedas. But both are entirely different knowledge and
both are separate knowledge, which has no direct links, with each others. It seems that
follower sages, have added some verdicts of remedies, known as "vidhies". or mantara-
Tantras or even gemology etc, For any reason or may be for source of living etc. The
theories like "by doing certain things, there will be less bad impacts" or "one can survive
from facing the fruits ofbad karma" etc., Such statements are added by follower Sages.
This is a logical presumption of Astro Research Center, which seems proper. Thus, this is
the difference between "Nadi Texts" and "Samhita Texts". It will be a great grace, if
"Karmkandexperts" may restrict them selves, to sixteen "sanskars of life", than entering
in to the subjects of Astrology. Both are entirely different divisions of "Vedas".
Writer himself believes. that anv wise and intellectual person will remain away
from gemologist or mantra-Tantras or from Vidhi-vidhans etc. as facing of results of
as Deeds. are not changed. It is impossible to change, either performed deeds or its
results. This is next to impossible. In our society, we will find several examples, that for
changing future "particular vidhi was performed" or "Gems ware worn " or "Mantra
japas" or "Garha Anusthanas" are performed etc. etc. but, there was no resultant effects of
such things. Even sometimes, we hear that "a particular Astrologer had a bad happening".
Thus, even the Astrologer is not, above the rules of "kala" or time-cycle and it means, he is
also not above the time cycle or "the principles of karma". It is impossible, like "flowers
can be grown in the sky" or "Akash kusum-vat". Though this is a subject of discussion, but
gemologers or mantra tantra shashtries or pandits performing vidhi vidhans
etc .... such all experts will have to prove, by citing examples and experiments, that
this is a pure science or parts of pure science. Then and then only, people will have faith
in such Rituals or such astrology. Again at the cost ofrepeatation, it is here by stated that,
"Astro Research Center" is never saying that such Astrology is neither a science, nor a
part of science and at the same time the center never protests against such astrological
Sciences. If there are experts, they will have to come forward and prove by making
impossible to possible e.g. life span is for one hundred years but with the help of such
experts, it may be converted in to two hundred or five hundred years, in the larger interest
and welfare of the society, etc. This is the humble opinion. Of the center.
All the seven sages believed in the philosophy of Karmas and had not given any
importance to any other thing. If a person, who is capable enough to nullify, all the bad
happenings, he will become the "master of the world." All will worship such person,
like god, which is impossible. Even death is a part of time cycle. Astrologers himself
cannot stop death for, he himself or can not stop his parents going to Heaven I Moksha or
Death; as these are the part of time-cycle or "kala". Hence this simply proves that, by such
method, a disappointed person can sought temporary relief. Happenings can not be
changed and Men must understand realities that, they are not above or not even parallel to
In Nandi Nadil Nandi Samhita, the following words are often repeated that,
"Astrology is a science". Science means a special type of know ledge. Every science has
four major parts known as (a) study (b) experiments (c) observation (d) researches. If
any part is missing or absent, than it can not be reckoned as a science. Knowledge of
future can be achieved. Time can be, fixed I detected for every happening; that, at what
time, it will happen. According to time cycle, future bad or good happenings or future
realities and storms can be Reckoned, well in Advance. Further it must be noted that_, there
is a minimum period of fifteen years, out of whole life as, a Best period of life. It comes
in every person's life. This research is placed before you and the public. Please refer
volume I part 2 page no. 88 principle. Now exceptions are being checked. Moreover
85% to 95% minimum happenings are good or best happenings of life. Solutions for
stability and peace of mind can be determined by altering or changing way of thinking or
behavior or living or by maintaining safe distance. One best example cari be cited, about
ketu of the horoscope of everybody. When Saturn passes on the point of Ketu
(degreecally) of a related person, this time or period, which only comes once in life; is
normally a worst period of life. It is approximately two and half year's period and is
considerably a bad one. According to the verdicts of the sages I Rishies, It is a point (degree
of the ketu), where the previous birth deeds are completed.
Mostly persons are facing "turning point" at this point. These words are used in
"Nandi Samhita". In One chart of "Nandi-Nadi", there is a combination of "Saturn-
mars- ketu" and the combination is completing at the point ofketu. Rishi's verdicts
are that "this person is in badly need of worshiping gods" . In other case, when
transiting Saturn, was passing on ketu, the verdicts are "gods must be worshiped and
worshiping is needed" Jt is needed for the peace of Mind.
In worst period of time, "peace of mind" is very much important:, which an
Astrologer can not provide. At one place, sage/ Rishi has written that "Gems are the
ornaments, which can not change future happenings".
Thus, one has to follow "karmanyevaAdhikaras Te, Maa Falesbesu Kadacbna'', is
an universal principle given in text Gita. If one follows principle of karma, he will have
no miseries or worries. Satisfaction is the basis of life and it makes one happy for ever. We
are living in a physical age, which has created many problems in this Modem age. Here it will .
be sufficient to note the verdicts ofRishi Nandikeshwara,regarding astrology; which he has
given in chart 406 page 269 of"Nandi samhita": "Astrology is a science and is a part of
"vaidik literature. Vaidik literature means old literature, which narrates truth in
real senses. "People have changed". (Great sage has used these words for his ancient
time and has hinted to-words, starting physical approach of the people, of that time). Hence
it is very difficult to study and learn this knowledge of Astrology." Without blessings of
god to become an expert in this science; is difficult. Astrologers, who have blessings of
gods, only will predict truly and accurately, which is a pre-conduction". These verdicts of
Rishi Nandi Keshwara applies to, today's Astrologers also. This is possible By altering or
changing way of thinking or behavior or living. Formal worshiping or "vidhivat seva puja" is
not needed, in this age of "Kaviyuga."
A stu
:Blank Bha-chakra o(Nadi Texts :
Important Note: In "Bha-Chakra", the names of signs are never written In all nadi texts
"Aries, Taurus, Gemini, ... etc" are, no where written, in any of the charts or "Bha-chakras".
A person may become perfect and expert by practice. Only from "one hundred year
ephemary", any one can place, all nine planets, of any birth date, without writing
ascendant or 'lagna'. One such example of D .0 .B. 4-9-1944 inserted belowp
Moon Gemini
Pisces Sat
Name:- Dineshchandra Cancer
Date ofBirth: 4-9-1944
Sun ,Mer
Ketu Leo
'Panchma dosha' and Nadi texts
All the original Nadi texts are in South India. All the charts I horoscopes are, neither
have ascendant nor have the moon. These charts are known as natural 'Bha-Chakras'.
Secret lies here in this point. Fifth house is the house of children. Normally fifth sign of
'Bhachakra', is Leo.
The owner of the fifth house, there fore becomes the Sun. If Sun is spoiled I weak,
then we can say that, the person is having 'Panchma dosa'. "Dosha ofNadi astrology,
relates with Rahu.
Sun is having only one bitter enemy and that is Rahu. The combination Sun-Rahu
shows that, here Sun is in the weakest position. Sun means Issues or children.' Panchma
dosha' means, defect in the fifth house. (Not from ascendant or moon). Only sun-
Rahu combination, (less degree of sun and more degreess ofrahu), is a severe case. It
is observed, from many horoscopes that, chronologically, if there is Sun-Rahu
combination, the person will have no issues and ifthey are, they will not live long. One
critical example is of an Account Clerk of a College, who had Sun Rahu in the fifth house
from the ascendant. He had 3 sons. All of the them died, within their age of20.
Thus only Sun-Rahu combination, any where in the horoscope, gives the same
effects. Either children are rare or there are no children. If there are children, then their
longevity is very less. In one Nadi text, so many such examples are given.
Sun is a Karaka of Male children. Hence there is no question of male progeny, in such
case. Out of many Nadi texts, some of the examples ofNadi texts are given below:-
Examples given in "Bhrigunandi Nadi", chart/'Bha-chakra'No.144, where, there
is Sun-Rahu combination. It is stated that, there will be no sons. Similarly in chart no 176
and 141 has Sun-Ketucombination and there is Rahu in the 7th house. It is stated that "here
there is Fifth house affliction and therefore, there will be no children". While in chart
178, there is Saturn-Mercury-Mars along with Sun Rahu combination. Because ofthis
"there will be only one son"; While on the other side chart No.164 has Rahu-Mars in
second to the Sun. It is stated that, there are some defects in the uterus and there are no
possibilities of children. "Moon is not given but, "Vrishchik" is the debilitation
house of moon.
While in the other Nadi text book named 'BrihatNadi,' in chart No. 86, there is Sun-
Moon-Mercury-Rahu and it is stated that, "there will be no son". While in chart No.85,
there is Sun-Mercury-Rahu combination, in which it is stated that, "there will be a Son, but
he will not live long". On the other hand in the chartNo.90, there is Sun-Rahu combination
in Gemini. Here, it is stated that, there will be no son. While in chart No. 164, there is
Sun- Rahu combination in Aries and in Chart No. 165, Sun has Ketu in the next house.
Because of the combination, in both cases, there will be no children in the family,
while in chart No. 171 there is Sun-Saturn and Rahu combination. The result is that, there
will be no Sons.
Mter seeing so much such examples, one can come to the conclusion that, if there is
Sun-Rahu combination, than it is known as 'Panchma dosha' or aflliction I defect to
the fifth house. It is a fact that, if there is "only Sun Rahu combination," than there
are no children and it is a fact.
Similarly in one chart of Nadi text, 'Mars-Rahu combination' is stated as,
'Ashthma Dosha' means aflliction to the eightth houses. In other words such
combination is, danger to life. In fiery sign, this combination provides, minimum two
accidents in life.
Thus "Nadi Texts" are "the acurate scientific Texts of Astrology". In longer run, it
gives 98% acuracy in predictions.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
Saptma Dosha and Nadi Texts
Normally Nadi Texts are Found in South India. All the 7 sages have gtven
individual and their separate Nadi Texts. At the same time, combined texts are also
available, known as 'BrihatNadi' and 'Saptarshi nadi or Samhita'. English Translations
are also not accurate. First Sanskrit texts were converted in to Tamil and there afterwards,
they were translated in to English. After researches, oneby one, secrets are humbly placed
before you, for which many thanks to lord Krishna, who has given power and capacity to
the writer to read between the lines.
In Classical Astrology, Seventh house is suspiciously calculated from ascendant.
For this, "Brihat Nadi" text and "core of Nadi" text have given entirely different way of
calculation. 'Saptama Dosha' means, Seventh house or house of wife. If the house of wife
is spoiled, means the lord of seventh house, may be with enemies or in the seventh house
itself, there are enemies; there will be less pass happiness of seventh house.
It creates 'Kalatra-dosha'. The chart may be, of a male or a female, but happy
married life, is disappeared. It must be noted that, venus is the owner of seventh house, as
well as, second house "Vrishabha" also. As we have seen earliar, that rahu with seventh
house owner vinus, creates such "Saptama Dosha". There will be problems, in one way or
the other in the, married life. Disharmony and struggles are observed. Such couple does
not have complete happy married life. The ideal example is of 'Mars-Venus
Combination'. The classical nadi meaning is "husband and wife". Venus is with his
enemy Mars. Diffrences will be extreme, but, wife and husband cannot be
separated;Because ofthe enimical combination, Quarrels and disputes and differences
are visible. Normally female I wife is, of angry nature, as venus is with "Angaraka". Most
of the sages out of 7, have not given any importance to ascendant. as all charts given in all
nadi text, are in the form of Bh-cakra and not in the form of horoscopes. All the charts of
seven sages, are not in the form of horoscopes. Thus, the '7" house from the ascendant'
is not proper for 'Saptama Dosha'.
At the time, when Nadi texts were engraved or written, writer believes that,
ascendant was a new word and therefore there, are no much discussions on ascendant or
moon. Hence, most of the 7 sages have not given, any importance to ascendant or moon, as
Moon is a fast moving planet and if day is not remmebered. Moon can not be placed.The
Bha-chakra starts from Aries. It is known to all of us, that all the charts of all nadi texts are
in Natural chakra form, known as Bha-chakras.
Any male or 'manism' I 'purushatva', is seen from the position of Mars or from the
sign Capricorn, scorpio, Aries. The reason is power, strengths and 'purushtva' or manism
is observed from mars. A strange fact is observed, that Mars in the house of enuch planet
mercury or either in Gemini or in Vergo; does not allow the man to stare at woman or
flirt with women similarly Venus is a Female planet. Female is observed by Venus.
lfthe sign Libra, is having enemy planets, then we can say that, such a male is
having 'Saptama Dosha' and his seventh house is spoiled. The virtues of the wife can be
observed from sign Libra. Similarly, the seventh house lord is Venus and ifVenus is in
combination with enemy planets, Nadi texts have narrated it, as 'Saptama Dosha'. Or
unhappiness in married life.
In a male horoscope, if female planets are aligned with Mars or Saturn; it is not
considered as a good horoscope. Exception lies, only with Venus as; Venus means wife.
Road romeo or lovers male I female (Romeo Juliet); have the combinations like
Jupiter-Mars-Moon-Rahu etc. At the same time such person is knowledgeable, in many
fields and sometimes comes in the capacity of 'Guru'. In an other example, in a female
horoscope, there is 'Mars-Rahu-Moon combination'. Here, it is stated that "husband
will have bad habits. Husband will not be a good person. Husband will be giving
mental torture. Mother must have faced troubles after Marriage". Here, Mars is
considered both ways. Mars means maleness for a male and Mars with Moon- Rahu
creates 'Saptama Dosha' for a Female, As mars is polluted by Moon Rahu and mars is
husband. Similarly in one case, Debilitated Mars with Ketu and Saturn means "hen
packed husband". Sometimes it is observed that such females are beating their
According to Nadi texts, Female signs are Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra,
and Aquarius. Leaving Aquarius; remaining five, are known as 'Panch kanya'. It is
because, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn and Ketu are five female planets. Happiness
and walfare of a family means 'Kalatra'; which is observed from Mars and Venus, as they
are husband and wife. Similarly lonely Sun and Rahu in Libra, can not give children I
San tan. Sun is the natural house-Lord of Fifth house. Thus Sun with Rahu creates
'Panchma Dosha'. Sun with Rahu does not allow male issues. It may be in any sign or in
any place, but for this, there must not be any other planet aligning or combining with
Sun-Rahu. Similarly, be comes it is "Panchama Dosha"; reference core of Nadi
Astrology by Learned Prof. R. G Rao, who has mentioned about sun-rahu combination.
Similarly Venus in Cancer is also, not favorable. It gives poverty. Great Sage Nandi
Keshvara has stated that, "some curses are there for the ladies of the family, from the
previous birth. Females of the family must be facing problems".
In a female horoscope, if Venus is aligned with Jupiter and Sun, then such females
are suffering, due to her nature of pride, haste and anger. Similarly, 'Mars-Jupiter-
Saturn combination' also gives the same results, it is because of Mars-saturn combination
means, 'Saptama Dosha' saturn is a karaka of "Kalatra sukh" (family happines). Thanks to
Prof. R. G. Rao for giving such Nadi Texts, Where one can confirm this, in such charts.
Thus, in a male horoscope, if Venus is in weak position; similarly in a female
horoscope, Mars is spoiled or weak; without any doubts, it is 'Saptama Dosha', it
does not require any Vidhi-Vidhan, but such person suffers due to previous birth karmas.
Thus, there is no remedy for 'Saptama dosha' in Nadi Texts. For happy married life, it is
advisable to them to keep "safe distance". There is a well known Sanskrit proverb, 'II
Tad dure Tad antike II' It also means, safe distance, in other words.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
"Horoscopes offemales and Nadi Texts"
-A Detailed Discussion
While researching the subject, a secret was found out that, in "Bhrigu nadi" or
"Bhrugu Samhita", out of thousands of horoscopes, not a single one is of a lady, while in
'Nandi Nadi' and 'BrihatNadi', so many (ladies) female horoscopes are found. The detailed
readings of a female horoscopes are given entirely, in a different way, than to a male
horoscope. The ladies are reckoned by Venus. If such Venus is in a "Paap Kartari"
condition means, if such Venus has no Planets in Second, Twelth or Seventh house, then
the life of such lady is simple and ordinary and miserable in first part of life. Such lady
has no other way, except servitudeness or gulami. Such a lady has no support from any
It is believed that, ifthere is any planet in 9th to such Venus, then that planet is
directly aspecting the Venus; while the planets in 7th and in 5thand in 11th to such Venus, are
also helping such Venus, but in second part oflife. Now, the question is, how the second
part of life is to be calculated. Mostly round about from 30 or 40 years of the age,
second part of life is considered.
When we are considering female natives, then let we consider about Fiery Planets.
Venus in combination with such Fiery Planets, makes her hot tempered. If Sun Mars or Mars
Jupiter, if are aligned with Venus, makes the lady proudy or of adamant nature. Such a lady,
because of her such nature, losses peace and happiness of life. To take work with wisdom
andcolmness is very difficult for her. It is her habit, to become angry, very speedy. Except,
there is mercury with such Mars, in the horoscope. In any horoscope of a male or female;
if ~ r is Mars-Mercury combination, such person is always speaking in mild tone.
Such persons are known, as soft spoken. Here Mars losses his temper, because Mars and
Mercury, both are bitter enemies of each other. Similarly mercury also losses his power.
As a result education of such person is disrupted. Such combination stops the person to
become angry. Venus- Mars-Rahu combination, in a female horoscope, makes her angry,
hasty and speedy and arguementative and she will have supremacy over her husband, the
reason behind this, is that Rahu is a disciple of Venus or "Shukrachary." On the other
hand Mars I husband becomes lonely in the midst of enemies. Chart no. 173 BNA-
Satum-Jupiter-Mars combination, has made the lady unnecessary adamant and of
proudy nature.
If there is Mercury-Saturn combination with Venus, i.e. Saturn-Mercury-Venus
combination, gives fear, suspective nature, slight dullness and delay in nature, to the
femalenative. Such person male or female, is unable to wake up, early in the morning. So
many a time, it is observed that, such person, before entering in to married life, feces fear
complex. Because of the idle nature, such person leaves the education in the midst; Or
because of the income, such person joins the job and education is held up.
In a female horoscope, if Venus is combined with Mars and Ketu, such a lady always
favoures struggle. She often enters in quarrels and disputes with her husband. In one
horoscope, it is stated that, "the wife will hit three times, on the head of the husband."
Combination of Saturn-Mars-Ketu, may be in a female or male, such persons are
very independent in nature and sometimes idle. If, at the same time if they are in house of
Saturn or Mercury, then it is sure that, such person is idle.
In a female horoscope, if Venus is combined with Saturn, it provides happy married
life. At the same time it provides "secrecy in life" and "such persons try to detect
independent own income" and to have "independent own house after separation" etc. are
the feelings of such lady Saturn-Venus combination provides the earning nature of
wife. Saturn-Venus combination either in a female or male, gives rise or upliftment in
income after marriage.
If Venus is having Saturn-Mercury-Rahu in near by houses or in the same house,
such ladies are found "bindhast". So many a time, such a lady states to her own persons
that, "you do for yourself and I will manage for myself".
Saturn-moon combination provides bitterness in married life to such lady. She faces
bitterness in her life, though such combination is known as "Shivamsha". For Saturn-
Moon -Ketu combination, the Great Sage has written that, such person had worshiped the
"God of truth" in the previous birth, known as lord Shivji. This is a "Chandra
Mauleshvar Yoga". Lord Shivji had wife and children, but he had not collected wealth or
reaches in life. Such a person will clung to the truth, during his sojourn of life.
During the above discussion, the word "Combination" is often used here.
Combination means (1) planets in near by houses. (2) planets in trine to each other. (3)
planets in 7th house having re-reflectionary aspect. (4) Joining of planets by exchange of
houses or constellations or even sub-sub-constellations. All such planets are forming the
combination. And last but not the least, (5) planets in 3td and 11th to the original planet, are
also forming combinations of the planets.
Thus, in N adi texts, ladies horoscopes are entirely analysed in a different way.
Because it is a branch of pure Science, such reader is known as "Nadi Astrologer" or Astro
Scientist. He will never be wrong, in forecasting the future.
Though, regarding education, happy or unhappy married life, parents,
prosperity, service, religion, foreigh four, pilgrimages, best period of life, happy
occasions etc. will be the same as per male natives. For marriage, there is a slight
change and it will be like, "when Venus will meet Mars, the marriage ceremony will take
place," are the verdicts; For female natives. The simple meaing is, when jupitar will pass
from the sign, where mars is placed, the marraige ceremony will take place in case of
female natives. Here it is believed that Jupiter will move with venus of the horoscope
and will form the combination. In forward movement "Mangalya Yoga" will remain same.
In case of ladies; For foreign tours and pilgrimage; consideration is given to "Venus-
Moon-Ketu combination".
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
In the horoscope ofswamijiofD.O.B. 18-7-1935, we will find that the retrogrative
effect of saturn Ketu on Mars, the planet of strength and vellour means acute yoga of
"Sanyas." This is a case ofRetro planets, Instead of "Margi" or Progressing forword
planets. Retro planets give severe and strong impacts. One should record it, that the worst
and severe impacts, were observed not in transiting saturn in Mithuna, but in Retro
motion, while transiting in" Karkataka rashi;" as a part of time cycle principles.
Though saturn is retrograded and seeing backward to the Moon means mother. The
resultant effect is for mother. He may be hesitated to take "Sanyas."
Accute yoga of Satum-Mars-Ketu means, very very independent nature. The
other meanings of such acute yoga means, all the trio are having other portfolios like
"Langoti Yoga", disputes, Quarrels, Imprisonment, bad Health etc. etc. The planets are :
saturn means justice "Nyaya", Mars means police and Ketu means handcuffs, and the
same combination means acute and repeatative "Langoti yoga". The same combination
will provide problems in health, which has already started either from 23rd July 2002, or at
the approximate age of 69 or at the starting time of Karkata transiting saturn in
Ratro motion.
A weak Saturn, had not progressed to aquarious - "Kumbha Rashi" at the time of
Birth. According to samhita or Nadi Texts, it is a known fact that, ketu provides the worst
period of life (according to the reading of the time cycle). The saturn forward progressed
only in third cycle. Thus difficulties or root cause of this problem, must have been started
from 59th year of age or 69th year of age of swamiji (from 23 July 2002 on wards).
Because of this problem, his health will deteriorate as again. At the cost of repeatation, he
is having a combination of saturn- mars- ketu.
The question is that, when this position will improve. lfwe see his horoscope
minutely, he is having a combination of Jupiter-ketu also, which is a strong combination.
As per the principles of Nandi Samhita', This is his last birth. Not only that but, this is a
"Vijaya yoga". The combination have proved that Jupiter-Saturn-Mars-Ketu means top
most rank amongst "Swamijies and saints," who has worn "Langoties". The relief will be
from 'Tula Guru" of "Gochara", means after Jupiter enters in Libra. It seems that the
Bad period of life will continue up to 15-11-2011, when saturn will enter in libra on 4-
8-2012. Even though small reliefs, will be often available to him, because of Jupiter-Ketu
combination. At present sun has entered in" Dhanaraka" means segiterious. After the
halfpart means, between31st December, 2004to 16thJanuary,2005;hewillget relief.
Why this combination had not given acute yoga at the age 39 to 41, is a question. Here
if we see minutely, retrograded saturn means weak saturn. But at the same time previous
house to saturn is Capricorn, which is saturn's own house. Thus he is not too much weak.
Again by retrogation, it joins with Moon, known as "Shivamsha", means he
has taken this birth after worshiping the lord of truth means "God Shiva". Thus he is unable
to speak lie. It seems that because of truth and truthfulness, he is facing imprisonment.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
"Importance ofMoon in Nadi astrology"
Almost all nadi texts, do not say about moon, in one nadi text namely "Nandi
Samhita", if one goes deep, he will able to find the negative characteristics of moon. Moon
is a Karaka of expenses, losses, debts, speculation and bad relations etc.
Here, it will be important to note, that in "Puranas", two examples are given for
Moon, which are as follows:-
(1) In the midst of a lecture of a Sage, one disciple interrupts and asks the Guruji to
give permission to elope with Gurumata I wife of the Guruji. Here disciple and "Mata"
are Mercury and Moon. Here, it is very clear that Moon is a Karaka of sexual relationship
or bad relations or even dirty relations. This was the story about Tara andBrihaspati.
(2) The other example is of a birth of a Prince or boy I male child in the king's house.
Before the birth, Sage orders all the planets, to go in to the eleventh house. May it be
aquarius (or may it be from ascendant. It is immaterial according to Nadi principles.)
All the planets were sad and in miserable condition. At that time, Moon calms down the
remaining planets and stated that the "great Sage has forgotten my role. I will
destroy all the good fruits, which are given by you (all or other planets.)" This proves
negative role of Moon.
Here, it is very clear that, what moon can give, are the negative portfolios of moon.
It is also visible that, whenever Saturn passes over the Moon ofthe horoscope, it gives
expenses and losses. Not only that, but the transits of Saturn in near by houses to Moon, is
also the cause of expenses or losses or debts, May it be for good cause or bad. If moon is
aligned with Rahu, then at the point of Moon Rahu or Rahu, there will be heavy expenses
or losses like sea. Moon or Moon Rahu also creates debts.
Now, let us go, to the other aspects of moon. The nadi meanings of Moon in various
signs, are entirely different, than the classical meanings. Moon in aries, will not allow the
person to expense too much or he is not much liberal in expenses for other, While Moon in
Taurus gives, some what cheating type or some times may not be speaking the truths and
always interested in money and having aesthetic sense. Moon in the sign Gemini and Virgo,
always gives interests in friendship and sometime dirty relations, but interested in education
and business and income; as Virgo is a sign of center of business (Exaltation sign of
Mercury means trade and business) and garden like land. Moon in Cancer gives
wanderings or "Bhramana yoga". The persons are interested in movements and try to help
others even at the cost of his pocket money. Mostly generous and donors are seen of this
sign. Even moon-jupitor combination gives the same results, as Jupiter become exalted.
Moon in Leo, means kings house. It gives kingly attitude and are mostlyproudy and
The worst expressions are given for Moon in Libra and Moon in Scorpio. Moon
in Scorpio means, debilitated Moon. The Great Sage had stated, that such Moon is unable
to give the power or strength to expense. Such natives are mostly miser. Moon - Mars
combination also creates, such situation. On the other hand, Moon in Libra means, Moon
is forwarding, towards his debilitation house. At one place, the Sage has stated that such
person is always advising the others that, "Dogs also do not smell the money", but
internally, they are hoarding the wealth.
Moon in Sagittarius gives the taste and fancy to live in forests and they are
"satvik". While the Moon in Capricorn means, Moon is in the exaltation house or sign of
Mars. Such persons are always clungingto the truths, sensitive and speaks truth, on the face
of opposite person and never fears of relationship. Moon in Aquarius means such persons
are secretive. If such persons are beaten outside, they never say to the family. Moon in Pisces;
which is a sign of "S wargaloka" or heaven; means such persons are never trapped and such
native's mothers are living like living in heaven. The simple meaning is that, that mothers
of such natives, do not care physicaly even, if one gives or takes away from her. Such
persons are interested in movements and traveling and prefers tasty food, prepared from
milk, ghee or sweets etc.
There are many other important matters. related to Moon. Moon means face. In one of
the horoscopes, where there is Moon-Venus combination, it is said that, "the person has
laughing face." It is observed that, mostly birth of a "full moon day" are having round
face, and such persons are achieving much wealth. While the Moon of Amavasya means,
vertical or long face. Moon after Amavasya to full Moon day, means increasing Moon. They
have increasing prosperity.
Last but not the least, is the importance of Moon for finding the day of happening.
In horary astrology, when forecasts are determined, the year is determined by Jupiter,
month by Sun and day by Moon. Thus here, Moon is very important for determining the
day for future happening.
Normally a person visits an astrologer, after he is tired from the world. Though he
may have a good nature, but when he doesn't get money, even after hard labour or such
parson may be possessing a devotional nature, he may be suffering worst economic
position and unable to come out from such situation or having physical, or mental,
unhappiness or are having problems or troubles, diseaseas ... etc., ... etc. such several
examples can be cited.
During the research work, an important matter has attracted, attention to
the time of birth, means finding of ascendant or lagna, which is not present in most of the
charts of samhita or N adi texts. (99% of horoscopes do not have ascendant). Not only that,
but moon is also, hardly visible in the horoscopes of N adi/ Samhita texts. Roughly it comes
to 95% of horoscopes I Charts, which do not have the moon.
Thus, mostly the base and support, we take from Nadi/ Samhita texts, (as We rely on
such texts), are not having accurate time of birth or even accurate day in the
horoscopes. We often consult Samhita Shastris or Nadi astrologers, possessing "Tad
Patras" -Tree leaves, by paying 500 Rs. To Rs. 10,000 or more; who are prepared to
translate or read. Though several persons are dissappointed, due to non-availability of
their horoscopes. While others, who do find their horoscopes, have the other ways like
remedies to sort out their problems. Later on They are generally charging from
Rs.IOOOOI- Rs. 20,0001- even to lacs ofRs., which are taken in the name ofMantrasl
Tantras, Gems or Vidhies etc .. ; which, let's put aside but, basically such Nadi Astrologers
or Samhita Astrologers do not have research work (They are merely Translators only).
They, only can read out from Sanskrit or Prakrut Sanskrit OR Magadhi or Ardha-Magadhi
or Tamil, I Telugu etc. languages. Hon'ble Dr. Shri Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi had
experienced many such texts. Writer also had experiences. Thus, whatever, we
experience, bad or good and whatever, we write for Nadi texts or Samhita Shastras, is
less. andnotto-to.
Various principles, searched out by researches, ifwe go on writing, it will be in
volumes and volumes. Such one example is of abduction or "Apaharana" or duping
which is the resultant effect of Sun - Rahu and Mars-Ketu. if all the four planets are
aligned with transiting Saturn, then abduction is, definite. He may be making
abductions (work of abductions) or duping if saturn also aling hed by birth. such person is
also being duped or the native may be pres uri sed or forced to commit some actions or not
to commit some actions; also known as abduction.
Sage Bhrigu Rushi and Nandi Keshwar Rushi had developed a system, for
finding better days I happy days or somewhere written as, dawn of fortune etc ....
etc ... These methods are not narrated directly, anywhere, except in one horoscope,
where it was stated that, "from a particular year, happy days, will start; as Jupitor will
progress (more than Saturn.)" Thus, This method was adopted by both these sages,
which is acurately found out in more than 60% of horoscopes; where it is applied 100%
accurately. Though there are exceptions, which are stated earlier in separate article and
which also lies in some horoscopes. (See the ready made table on page No. 91 appended
with the articals- " esence or Inp researches made on nadi astrology" Vol. II along with
other in port an for researches) exceptions are is still under research work, but this method
shows the latest late period of starting of good days, which is narrated in the later
paragraphs, with details.
Astro Research Center of Bhavnagar IS proud of finding out the method of
'Bhagyachakra Locked Horoscopes', which is overall agreed by most of all academic
astrological institutions, similarly this is the 2rrl important principle, we are going to place
before the Astrological world by this article. This principle is narrated as 'A starting of
happy days or Batter days or dawn of fortune or prosperous time or in some
horoscopes narrated asstarting ofRajyoga' etc. Such Words are used by great sages.
Even though, there may be the weakest Saturn in the horoscope, this principle will
apply definately.Weakest Saturn means, there may not be any planets in the second,
twelevth, or even in the seventh house to Saturn and, in all the above cases it will give
servitude or gulami yoga if such Saturn is retrograded Saturn, it will form the worst case,
which all give servitude or Gulami yoga. Even if, such weakest Saturn, having Mars
Venus in the Eleventh house, gives extra ordinary or wind- fall fortunement. Similarly is
the case with fourth and tenth house planets, which are considered as "sitting togethor
Method of Calculating the Period
Grate sage, has used such words, only in one horoscope that, "The native (person of the
horoscope ) will have happy and prosperous period, only after a particular year. when
Jupitor (will crosse the Saturn and) progress ahead." This is found out by research by the
A.R.C. Bhavnagar. It is also found out that, such period is of minimum 15 years, as checked
in the Nadi horoscopes. Fortune or prosperity may start earlier also. But this is the latest late
period, which is found out by the researches. It applies to all horoscopes, except the
exceptions narrated in related article.
'Graha charena Vadami Aham,' is the motto ofNadi texts/ Samhita Shastras-
Granthas. That means that, the planets are at -a fiXed place, in a particular horoscope,
but all the planets move forward and meets the next situations and positions and the
resultant effects are created, know has various the various happenings of life. A
nice research text has recently come out in the market, is on Bharigu Nadi written by
Dr. Shrinivas Shastri, which shows such resultant effects I various happenings of life.
Let we put it aside. Then 'in any of the horoscope, we will have to find out the position of
Saturn and Jupiter. Starting from the age 25, every 'two and half years' interval of transit
of saturn, is to be calculated. In movements, both the planets; Saturn and Jupiter; where
they will align together; in the sky is a point; which is to be found out. From there
onwards, the Jupiter will progress, ahead, keeping Saturn in the backside.
Let's take one example and try to prove this matter, between two similar horoscopes
of 1982. Saturn is in Virgo and Jupiter is in Libra. In one horoscope both are
retrograded. But, it is very clear that, at the time of birth of both the persons, Jupiter has
progressed more than the Saturn. Hence fathers ofboth the persons, were having good
times, started from the birth of such children and both the fathers, had building and
vehicle, after the births of the natives.
Now, let's talk about the natives. It must be noted that, the native may be a boy or a
girl, principle applies in the same way, for transit progreson of Jupiter; keeping r n s i t ~
progression of Saturn in the backside. It, creates "Bhagyodaya". It is the basic principle.]
Saturn completes his round and comes to the same point of birth time, at every thirty
years approx. (with a very little variation). Similarly Jupiter comes to the same point in
the horoscope, at every twelve to thirteen yeas of a cycle. It means Jupiter will be at the
birth point approximately again at tharty sixth year. Saturn, will be in the third house to his
position at thirty three to thirty six years of the native. Thus, Jupiter will be in third house at
thirty eight years. Thus, bothjupiter and saturn in transit, in the above example, will be
crossing each other at the age 3 7 I 3 8 and then jupitor entering in segitirious I
Dhanusha, leaving Saturn behind. Hence it is very definite that, both the persons will
have happy days/ dawn of fortune/ beginning of yoga or prosperous time, which will
start from that year i.e. 38th years of age. From that point on wards J upitor, will progress
keeping Saturn behind.
Here the question is, why the sages had considered Jupiter and Saturn only ? The
answer is very simple, that both the planets- Jupitor and Saturn are forming Bhagya or
fortune or both are the or creator of prosperity. Both the planets creat "Maha Bhagya
yoga". Not only that but, both are good friends; according to sage N andikeshwara- creator
ofNandi Samhita/Nadi.
We must not forget that best friend of Saturn is Venus also. If Saturn has the direct
aspect of Venus ( eighther in front side or in backside or Venus himself is in front side or
backside; resulting in 'Matsya Yoga' on the mount of Venus in the palm of the native.
This is according to Nandi samhita/ Nadi, such native will have early prosperity and
fortune, as narrated above at 30th and 38thyearofhis age.
In the above, similar horoscopes, one boy has Venus in Aquarius and it has
resulted in
(1) On date 1-11-2006 saturn entered in Leo, which is under the direct aspect of venus, in
transit. Saturn always shows the time cycle and fructification of time cycle, resulting
father acquired huge hard cash from the government, which was the biggest rise of his life.
(2) Similarly the boy himself who was working in a lower capacity, got two high jumps in
income from 4000 I- to 15,000 salary per month.
Thus, according to Nandi Samhita, one can read about father or the son from the
same horoscope. a n g u ~ g e of sages, is entirely different than, the layman or ordinary
astrologer. Here the verdicts of great seven sages will be like; "Saturn will see, before
entering into Virgo sign; that the native, whether he had achieved great position/ rise
or not and after such checking, Saturn will enter into Virgo sign .(afterverifying ).
This example is of Jupitor is in the second sign to Saturn and we are talking about
present position i.e. of date 16-1-2008. But, according to Rishis's verdict, "Saturn will
look back, before entering into Virgo that, whether the boy had achieved rise I uplifted
position or not" in this case, both Jupiter and Saturn both are retrograded. In Virgo and
Libra respectively.
Here, we have seen in several articles that, if there is a retrograded planet, we
must have to place him/ planet in the rear I previous sign, which principle should be
over looked. As this principle will not apply for the calculation of years._ This is an
exception to the rule. Otherwise, there will be difference of2/3 years.
Thus every example, is an unique example according to the language of Rishies.
Even according to Nadi principles, Male and female horoscopes are to be read out
separately or in a different way, as the principles are different for readings. But for
'Happy days I dawn of fortune I better days/ beginning of Rajyoga etc. etc., the principles
narrated above are the same, for both males as well as females.
Simultaneously, for the different-different positions of Jupiter and Saturn of
horoscopes, calculation can be done seperately. Similarly for remammg twelve
combinations of Saturn and Jupiter, one has to find out the year of starting of happy I better
time, from the above example.
Let's consider one more example of Saturn and Jupiter in, opposite signs, means
'Pratiyuti'. At the age 30, both the planets will be, at the Saturn's position of the horoscope
and the boy I girls will have a better time from 31 onwards of the age, as jupiter will
move ahead, as being a speedy planet, than saturn.
Generally, it is found out that this better I happy time is of minimum for 15 years,
m ever case, including even when Saturn and Jupiter, both are in opposition I Pratiyuti.
It must be noted that, "This is the minimum time of happiness", as it is written In
nadi texts.
If one wishes to cross check, this applied principle, it is very visible and one can
experience in reality also. It is calculated in more than 60% in 'Bhrigu Nandi Nadi",
written by great author and translator Prof. R.G. Rao. Humble salutes to great sage
Nandikeshwara and Bhrigu Rishi and last but not the least, to Prof. R. G. Rao.
II Shri Krishnaraparnam Astu II
In particular in India, famous nadi texts are available. At various places in
Nandi Nadi and Bhrigu Nadi charts, one can find descriptions like "He will become
Sanyasi" or "He will have renunciation yoga" .All such charts have "Satum-Mars-Ketu
Combination". Prof. R. G. Rao had described, this yoga of "Saturn-Mars-Ketu-
combination", as "Langoti yoga", in one of his conference at Bangalore. Samhita texts are
known as, Nadi texts in Tamil language. In Tamilnadu, there are many Nadi texts, but
famous texts are Nandi Nadi, Bhrigu Nadi, Dhruv Nadi, Saptarshi nadi, Brihat nadi, Nav
nadi etc .... etc ... Any person, who is having a combination of "Satum-Mars-Ketu," can
become "Sadhu", "Sanyasi", "Sadhvi", "Poojari", "Archaka", "Bhakta." or
devotee, If Jupitor is also joining with the combination, the netive may become head of
religious institution or Dharmaguru in case if powerful Jupitor, is aligning with the
combination etc. etc. words are used.
Southern states of India, starting from Vaidishwaram koil to various cities and
villages, particularly of Tamilnadu State, Madrasi Pandits have various Nadi texts-
Samhitas on tree- leaves (Tad patras). Even to-day in one village of Kerala, Pandits are
drawing horoscopes on tree-leaves. One trustee of KPES-one educational institution of
Bhavanagar, had visited, Astro Research Center with such recent horoscope prepared on
tree leaves. Thus still today charts or horoscopes are prepared by pandits according to
"vaidik" traditions. On the other, hand, people of Jagannathpuri, Orisa, have such
horoscopes, drawn upon Tadpatras, which are seen by the writer of this article recently. Such
horoscopes are kept with the "idols ofGods" and are, worshiped with holy sense and are
considered heavenly or godly things. Though it is also a truth that, southern pandits are
collecting high charges for Nadi Readings and Mantra-Vidhies etc., as remedial measures.
It is found out during the observation that, most of the charts of Bhrigu Samhita and
Nandi Nadi, which are having Mars- Ketu combination, are having resultant effects, as
"ill fame" or prestige being downed I decreased or having decreasing along
with or physical fights or having decreased income along with or being
devotional person etc .. etc .. words are used in Nadi texts. Such persons are of
independent nature and sometimes idle and are dispute-lovers-"Sangharsh-Priya".
They have high prestige only for self and are self centered. Ketu is a planet of knowledge I
"Gyana" and Mars is contradicting with education, as Mercury and Mars are bitter
enemies. If both are in same house, education is disrupted. If such combination is in
nearby house to Mercury and within the range of four Rashies/ houses/ signs, then such
combination; at least gives, one break in education. But ifketu is in the fifth house to
Mars, and having No planets in Between, it gives reflectionary aspects to each other;
which spoils 5 years in education, such two birth charts of boys; born at two days
intervals had similar 5 years spoiled time for education to both of the them.
Mars-Ketu combination provides "renunciation yoga" or "selflessness" or 'Tyaga'.
Mars-ketu means duping or to take work, forcibly from the native. One such example is
given in Nandi Samhita. The native of the chart had Mars-ketu combination in Leo. The
prediction given by the sage was, that "The native will have difficulties and harassment
from the government." By research one will find that, Mars-ketu means knowledge of
engineering or in case, it was narrated as "rigid nature" of the native. Thus by
research, one can find karakatva or the portfolios of the planet. Such research was
carried out on the verious verdicts of the sages. similar such Jupitor - Mercury
combination as, "mishappening or misfortune yoga," given by the sage Nandikeshwara
and which was presented by the Astro research center, Bhavnagar in an other article.
Here, in this case ofMars-ketu combination, it is found that; at the time of transit of
Saturn on such combination; "prestige is degraded I lowered to zero level" and ill fame
is observed for the native, in the society.
In one of the horoscope of "Nandi Nadi;" (a wonderful samhita) given by sage
Nandikeshwara; - has a very touching details regarding astrology. It is narrated as
"Astrology is a science. Astrology is a part of veda Shastra namely Vedanga".
Regarding Vedas sage states that "Vedas are part of old literature, which describes
reality, In true sense. People have changed." here sage Nandikeshwara points I hints
towards the physical age of that time. Rishi states for his time that, ideology of thinking
and behaviour ofthe people had, entirely changed and "therefore it is very difficult to
learn astrology .It is very difficult to become an expert in this knowledge, without the
grace of God. Those astrologers, only can predict true and real meanings or can
narrate future happenings accurately, if they have blessings of God." (B.N .N. Ch.
406, pg. no. 267). This applies to 'Today's Astrologers and People also.
In one chart, No. 204 has, Mars-ketu combination, means Rahu is in seventh to
Mars. Sage Nandikeshwara has used words- "Duplicity or un-faithfullnessor breach of
faith or "prapanch" etc. For Mars- Rahu combination."
Mars- ketu means, duping or pressurized, by one way or the other. Abduction is
placed in the life of such Native, but for that, condition is that, "sun and Saturn must
have aligned in the combination". Such person, if Saturn in more powerful, then, he will
have a profession of abduction. If only "Saturn -Mars - Sun - Ketu" combination is
found, in the horoscope, then such people must be pressurizing or duping others. His
profession will be of settling disputes. Normally such persons are lawyers, as ketu
provides the knowledge oflaw. Most of the lawyers and advocates, are having "Saturn-
Mars-Ketu" combination. Other lawyers, who do not have such combination directly, but
indirectly having exchange of houses effects and "Saturn-Mars-Ketu" combination is
formed as a result of exchange ( Nakshatra Lords, Sub or sub sub Nakshatra lords may
be exchanging the houses), then Such effect are observed. In advocates as well as in the
case of Charted Accountants. Such but "Saturn -Mars - Ketu" with "Sun" combination is
having to a lawyer, who settles all disputes, outside the court compound and settles by
duping and by pressure technique. Thus in this way, he earns money.
The "Shankaracharya" of "Kachi-kam-koti pitham" is directly, not having the
combination of" Saturn-Mars- Ketu" in near by houses; But according to the four direction
or divisions of his horoscope, Saturn mars ketu are in Trine Rashies and forming
Saturn-Mars-Ketu combination, by remaining in fifth or ninth house from each
other. Hence "Jagat-Guru" is Sanyasi and he is head of religious institution. When
Shankaracharya was imprisoned, Astro Research Center of Bhavnagar prepared an
Article and sent to the "Express Star-Teller" (An Astrological Magazine of Indian Express
Group of News papers), whose editor is, Hon. Shankarchraya himself and with his
permission; it was published by "planets and forecast" a Magazine being published in
Orissa, who had published the article in his August 2005 issue and gave 3 full pages. In
the summary point Number 2(b), It was clearly predicted that, there will be change
in government I flag and Swamiji will be released from jails and advantageous
situations will be on or before 1-11-2006. Such is the science ofNadi Astrology.
There are various Nadi Texts, where combination of Saturn-ketu is narrated as, god
of truth. Thus meaning of Saturn is "Shiva," as well as truth. God of truth means, Saturn-
keto. In common mans language it means, "Lord Shivji" or lord "Shreenath Bhagvan" of
Vaishnav Religion or God "Shree Rama I Shree Narayana I Shree Krishna" etc. In one of
the horoscope, there is "Jupitor-Saturn-ketu" combination. Here sage/ Rushi has
used such words that "this boy will be respecting saints, sages and Mahtama I
Acharya". This boy I native is religious and devotional. Not only that but "this boy will
become a leader of Religious institution". These words are used for "Jupiter-Saturn-
Ketu combination". On the other hand, for the female Native "Venues-Saturn-Ketu
combination" gives the same results. Thus to verify I check and to give predication for a
female and a male native, is having entirely a different method. This method is given by
Astro Research Center B havnagar, in a seperate article.
.. G ..
All Nadi texts I samhita texts are mostly written during the age of and written by
great seven Sages. These all texts are written on bundles and bundles ofTadpatras and are
mostly written in front of Goddess I Mata Pan,ati. All are in Sanskrit texts, eighther in
Prakrit Sanskrit or in Moderate Sanskrit. It is very difficult to translate. Even though from
ages, we are having translations done by experts. Even by today's publishers, moderate
translations are available on 'Bhrigu Samhita'. Remaining all Nadi texts are mostly
available in Tamilnadu in Tamil or hardly in English; which is a parental home of
Goddess Mata Parvati. Even still today, there are such bundles and bundles of Tadpatras I
tree-leaves, which are yet remaining untranslated, because no experts are capable to
read such bundles. Out of all these Nadi texts, "Nandi Nadi" is the unique text of "Astro
-sciences" and is engraved on tree leaves I Tad patras. As it is in the form of dialogues,
between disciple and Guruji, (Teacher- Student I "Guru Shishya Shamvad") or
churning or gaining ofknowledge is easy. It is a marvellous text written by great sage
Nandi keshwara.
Before proceeding further, one must learn the basic philosophy, that all the
meanings and phenominans of N adi Astrology, are entirely different than the dictionary of
ordinary Astrology. Here only Karakatva I Sphere of or portfolios or scope planets is
important. All the twelve parts/ Rashies I places of horoscope, are to be divided into
four parts, namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha and whenever Saturn enteres
in the Group, it gives combined results and effects of that group I combination of
planets. Then and then onlv .. happenings, can be forecasted accurately .According to
time cycle or Kal-chakra; occassions which are under the preview ofthe horoscope or
written in the horoscope, are happenning.
There may be differences of opinions between the sages. As for example, one sage
has narrated, Saturn and mercury as land-lords or owners of landed properties, while
according to other sages the same combination, provides fear-complex, idleness etc.
and the same combination provides early leaving of education in the midst, eigh ther
because of idleness or for earning. These all detailed meanings are true and correct
and checked by experience. In such other case Rishi Nandi-keshwara has stated that,
"Mars - Venus provides beautiful building". At other place, it is stated that,
mercury means land, Mars means stones and labour, resulting in construction of a
house/ building.
To construct a house, one will have to expense. Hard and huge cash is required,
which are the portfolios of Moon and Venus. Thus, out ofthe twelve houses of horoscope,
one has to find out the point or the house, where moon and Venus are joining I aspecting
each other. Then and then only, one can have house property.
At one place mercury is stated as "Bhudevi", and Mars means "BHOOMI-PUTRA"
stones and Rahu means stories. But if Mercury and Mars both planets are aligned together
in a single house, resulting in poor land I low valued land. Such a native will have
disrupted education. In an other chart there is exalted Mars. Rishi has stated that, He
will purchase a valuable I high priced land.
In one other chart of Nandi Samhita, some clues are given. Before discussing that
chart I horoscope, let us understand two important matters, which has much significance and
that is (1) unless and until prosperity starts, the native will not purchase or construct a
building (2) Jupiter forwarding I progressing ahead than Saturn; is the other principle for
better/ happy I prosperous etc ... etc ... time. In Brigu samhita, more then 95% horoscope
are having this calculation and accordingly, years for acqring the properties are
narrated. After that only a native is purchasing or constructing a house.
In one chart numbered 406 Rishi stated, (in reply to a disciple,) for giving the
reasoning, for "native's father will purchase an old house". Rishi replied against this
humble request, that building or a house means a collection ofland and stones. It means
Mercury and Mars are creating house/ building yoga. But for a building I house or
accommodation, Venus must be near to Mercury-Mars combination and so Venus
must be in twelevth or in second house or in the seventh house, to or with such
combination. Venus means Money-hard cash or tengible assets.
"By practice, it is found that, where Mars Venus are combining together,fiXed
assets are purchased. It is found out during research that, such combination may be in
anyone, above planet's house, then at such point, a person gets beautiful house.lfRahu is
combining together, then it means, flat or an old house. Ketu gives improvement. Rahu
is always retrograded, when it comes to the planet mercury I Mars-venus, then at that point
the old house is tumbled down I broken down and a new is constructed. If the
combinations are formed due to exchange of houses, then the decision eighther of
construction or of purchase, is taken all of a sudden for which; there was no
Moon's aspect is a must. As Moon is a karaka of expenses. Without expenses a
person can not construct I purchase a building Here moon should be aspecting or must be
with the above planets or aspect must be on second house or on tweleth house of the above
Powerful Saturn-venus combination means, "earning wife" or "a building in the
name of wife". In female horoscope Saturn-Venus combination means house, in the name
of such lady, also gives earning capacity, in case of powerful Saturn. It also gives happy
married life in both the cases. It also provides rise in income after marriage. While
Moon-Mercury shows the losses from purchase I sale of a house; While on the other hand,
Mars-Venus shows the sense of service to the unknown persons. His life is, like a hearth
and the results are: a beautiful house to the native. While Saturn-Rahu shows the
nature to serve the elders or old aged family members. The result of such service,
the native gets hereditary properties I flat I shop I building or 'a shop in shopping center
etc., at verious places. Properity starts only when Venus and Mercury are crossed by saturn
in the 2rrl round.
Jupiter near to sun in case of male native shows that, the male person will hold
father's properties, but there must not be Rahu or ketu in the midst. Similarly this applies
to Venus, if a native is a lady/ or female. Thus this combination of planets, is complicated
and with sound mind and thinking the meanings/ effects, are to be arrived at and then
only, forecasts should be done. This provides accuracy and acuteness in forecasting. Such
astrologer is known as, an Astro Scientist and he will never be wrong in forecasting.
In view of all above points and considering all the factors, one should arrive at a
particular decision.
All the seven sages were known as "Sapta-Rushies", who were highly intellectuals
and ideal Rishiesl Sages ofthat time. They were "Kulgurus", means family guru or
teacher. Every sage had his own "Ashramas," which were considered as" acedemic
institutions with residential accomodations of that age. They were very famous. The
language, at that time, was perhaps Prakrit I old Sanskrit; than to modern Sanskrit of this
time or of today. It was the time of "Guru Shishya Parampara" or "Guru disciple
tradition". They were roaming all over India, for the sake of spreading the knowledge.
This motive was only the pinpoint or pivot center, around which, they were circling Round
and moving from parts to parts of Greater India of that time. (right from Afghanistan to
Burma, Java, Sumatra, Mali etc. and from Tibet to Shri lanka). Goddess Parvati Mata
was gathering I inviting all the sages. The result was the creation of marvelous texts,
known as "Sapta-Rishi Brahma vakya", "Brihat Nadi", "Sapta-Rishi Samhita" or
"Saptarshi Nadi" etc. They are gifts to our modern world. This texts are described in
details by, Prof. Rao in his famous text known as "Brihat N adi Astrology" etc.
"Lord/ Bhgwan Shankara" was often shifting to the Himalaya for "Tapashya",
which is a well known fact. His beloved place for eternal knowledge was, "Swarga
Bhumi" or heaven of the world-Himalaya, Particularly the "Mount Kailas". Often and
often he was leaving his family in Tamilnadu and going to the "Kailash" for living
and worshiping or meditation.
In North India, there was a great ruler "Maharaja Sagar", who had one hundred sons.
He handed over all ofthe them -(sons) to "Rishi Narad" to educate and to provide real
knowledge to them. Sage Narad had no interest in family life. He gave "Dixa I
Sanyasa"- (knowledge of renunciation) and made them all Sanyasi. They all settled near
"Narayan Sarovara" (a lake ofWestem Gujarat oftoday) for worshiping. King Sagar
sent other sons, who also were changed into Sanyasis, similarly by Sage Narada. By
knowing this, king Sagar Cursed Narad Rishi that, "You will never settle at any place
on earth and will be roaming constantly on this earth."
One time, "Goddess mata Parvati", was in acute need of Lord Shankara and she
ordered Rishi Narad to find out lord Shankara. In search of "Bhgwan Shankara", Rishi
Narad went to the Himalaya -"Swarga Loka" of earth (heaven)- known as abode of Gods.
He found out that Lord Mahadevl Shankara was in "Dhyan Magna Avastha" I
Meditation stage and he feared and did not woke him up, as his anger is well known.
He informed Mata Parvati. But one other side of the fact is that, Rishi Narad met
Bhagwan Narayana I Vishnu in Punya Loka/ Swarg Bhumi and he Narrated his
difficulties and curses given by Maharaja Sagar. Lord Vishnu gave him permanent
place near his place (Badrinath Temple). The place was a stone, known as "Narad
Shila", where it is said that Rishi Narad worshiped God for sixty Thousand years.
Goddess Mata Parvati went to Himalaya/ swarga/ abode of Gods and saw Lord
Shankara in Samadhi/ Tapashcharya/ Meditation stage. It is an extraordinary and out
of imagination happening, that instead of disturbing or by saying her matter or reason for
coming, she was so much astonished by the atmosphere and she took a form of
"Badri-tree". She had an ideology to provide shelter against wind, rain, cold, snow-
fall, and against direct heat of sun. By passing of time the plant Badri developed and
formed in to a huge tree and by the rule of nature, it had flowers and fruits. After ripping,
the fruits were falling on the ground, with sweet fragrance; which disturbed all the Gods
and Rishies, who were in meditation. All were angry. Lord Shankara was also disturbed
and opened his eyes. He found Goddess mata Parvati in the form of Badri tree and
asked the reason for taking this form. After knowing all the facts, Lord Shankara,
became calm and stated that," this place will be famous as "Badri Narayana in
Kaliyuga" and people before taking the name of Lord Narayana, will take first name as
"Badri" (Parvati) and then "Narayana". This part of Himalaya was known as,
"Vishalapuri or Badrika ashram" in Mahabharata Age. Because ofNarad Muni's
worshiping, this area is known as "Narad-kshetra". In Satyayuga, It was known as
"Muktiprada. In "Treta yuga", It was known as "yoga siddha". In "Dwaparayuga", It was
also known as "Vishala" OR "Vishalapuri".
Often and Often "Goddess Parvati Mata" had gathered sages and Rishies, in
absence of Lord Shankara and had discussed the "science of astrology" in details. But
compilations of charts were done are in the volumes, Not as a text book but, horoscopes in
Bunch of tree leaves. Some times, there are some instances of many sages, discussing a
single horoscope or in other way "verdicts and sayings of other sages" are also
recorded in the same horoscope. These all discussions are, in the form of dialogues.
They are with names of sages in such marvelous Sanskrit texts, known as texts reffered
above. Later on these texts were translated into Tamil. The question is, why such all
Nadi texts are available in southern part of India and particularly in Tamil Nadu,
Kerala and Karnataka. The answer is, Tamilnadu is a home and father's house of
Mata Parvati and that is why, all Nadi texts are available in Southern part of India,
particularly in Tamilnadu.
All the seven sages, mostly had their Ashrams/ Schools in Northern part oflndia.
because of the above reason all Northern States/ People did not get exact translation, but
Rough Translation or broken Translation. This all extract of Knowledge is in the text,
known as "Briht- Nadi-Astrology". Thus, all the seven sages must be often seeing/
visiting Mata Parvati for "the exchange of knowledge". In the Absentia of sages,
their followers may be managing their schools/Gurukulas or Ashrams of that time.
Several families, all over India, were sanding their sons, to these ashrams for study.
Later on all the families were known by "K 00 LAS" and "Gotras" of the concerned
sage. The auther of this article belongs to "Atri Gotra". Thus the koola and Gotra system
came into existence in India. Mostly Ksharitya and Brahmin families, were sending
became calm and stated that," this place will be famous as "Badri Narayana in
Kaliyuga" and people before taking the name of Lord Narayana, will take first name as
"Badri" (Parvati) and then "Narayana". This part of Himalaya was known as,
"Vishalapuri or Badrika ashram" in Mahabharata Age. Because ofNarad Muni's
worshiping, this area is known as "Narad-kshetra". In Satyayuga, It was known as
"Muktiprada. In "Treta yuga", It was known as "yoga siddha". In "Dwaparayuga", It was
also known as "Vishala" OR "Vishalapuri".
Often and Often "Goddess Parvati Mata" had gathered sages and Rishies, in
absence of Lord Shankara and had discussed the "science of astrology" in details. But
compilations of charts were done are in the volumes, Not as a text book but, horoscopes in
Bunch of tree leaves. Some times, there are some instances of many sages, discussing a
single horoscope or in other way "verdicts and sayings of other sages" are also
recorded in the same horoscope. These all discussions are, in the form of dialogues.
They are with names of sages in such marvelous Sanskrit texts, known as texts reffered
above. Later on these texts were translated into Tamil. The question is, why such all
Nadi texts are available in southern part of India and particularly in Tamil Nadu,
Important Note : In "Bha-Chakra"of all nadi texts, the names of signs are never
written. "Aries, Taurus, Gemini, ... etc" are, no where written, in any ofthe charts or "Bha-
chakras". A person may become perfect and expert by practice. Only from "one hundred
year ephemary", any one can place all nine planets, of any birth date,without writing
ascendant or 'lagna'.
Concept ::
Astrology is a science of planets. There is a combined effect of planets, which is
to be considered. One may fail in giving true forecast, only on a base of a single planet.
Though "Chandrakala Nadi" is an exception. No doubt, it is a marvelous creation
presented by the Rishi. In this text degrees of Ascendant and degrees of planets create the
resultant effects, which is narrated in terminology offorecasts ofwhole life. so many a
time, it does not slut properly.
The functions of Astronomy and functions of Astrology, though they are co-
related with each other, but they are entirely different. Astronomy determines the
planets and their movements. Astronomor can show us the particular place of particular
planet I planets, at a particular time of the day; While nadi astrology states incidents with
particular years, on the basis of placement of various planets. Thus astronomy is the
base of astrology. Similarly maths and calculations and countings are also needed.
Branches of Astrology :
Horary is a part of Astrological Science. There are many such Branches like Market
(Price) Astrology, political or media Science, Gemology, Ramal science, feng sui (Chinese),
Vastu, numerology, Tarret cards, etc. etc. Hora Shastra is for Muhurta and Problems or Prashna
vidya or astrological science on questions raised at a time. Palmistry, Face reading etc. are also
parts of astrology. These all are sciences and are the fields of Research.
Science has rules and laws like mathematics. "Jyotisha'-Astrology IS
"Chakshu" eyes of vedas. It is like a mirror, presented to a person. There is no
scope of fallacy or wrong phenomenans in forecasting.
In Samhita- Nadi astrology, it is clearly stated that "Graha charena Vadami Aham"
Means, 'What the planets of horoscope, when they progress, or moveaheadand will do
or what will be the impacts of progressed planets on the native, that I will tell to you.
"Here there is a hint that I can not change the future". (It is written by the goddess
"Vidhata" - which is well known Indian Phenomenon.) Thus Rishi states that, he is a
reader only.
It has greater values in shaping preplanned happy and peaceful life.
Old Nadi Texts ::
There are more than 22 places in India where Nadi Granthas are lying. They are on
"Tada Patras" - written on tree leaves I skin. The reader searches out the horoscope
according to index and if the same horoscope is available in Samhita granthas- Nadi texts,
(In south India minute reading of a horoscope, is known as N adi reading from Tada
patras-tree leaves or Nadi texts); then and then only, the reader- pandit or shashtri, will be
able to give the readings means, translation of the script. In some samhitas remedies are
also narrated, as how to overcome difficulties. Thus, such Nadi Pandits or Nadi
Astrologers are only readers. They are unable to change the script I Translation or Unable
to give own predictions on the horoscopes. (Which are not part of Nadi Texts or
written in Nadi texts.) In some texts remedial mantras - holy stanzas in Sanskrit are
written, to overcome bad effects or in some texts remedial measures are given. Some
where suggestions are given. Though it seems that, they are perverted translations,
as far as mantras tantras or remedial measures are concerned. The author of this
article had an experience of such N adi reader. He was asking to chant remedial mantras,
by he himself- the reader/ the Pandit, - which was denied by the author. Though The
author surprised to hear the verdict that native - listener is an astrologer etc. etc. Learned
Dr. K. M. Munshi has recorded several such examples, in his articles.
Mantra Tantra & Vidhies ::
After seeing various cases the author had concluded that, "mantras" and remedial
measures are diverting the attention of the native. Mantra Tantras are for the
development or upliftment of the soul. Thus, they decrease the bad impacts of bad
future psychologically only and kill the bad time, At the same time they provide
psychological help. In other words that "Some-thing is done against bad or worst impacts
of planets", is the consolation.
Science does not have any loop-holes. There are two different ways to believe this
phenominan. According to great Sages or Rishies, One may believe in previous birth. It is
a "Karmik" Control. "Previous birth Karmas or deeds are ruling the native" ,known
as Karmik control or one may believe that, astrology is a science of impacts of planets
on the native. It may be bad impacts as well as good impacts. The key to know
happenings, is the Horoscope or chart of the Date of Birth, or bh-cakra of the day. It is a
strange fact that manta, tantra, planets, vidhies or gems had no place in original nadi texts
written by great seven sages. It is a strong belief of the writer.
Modern Concept ::
It is a Scientific Concept of Recording the Effects of planets on human beings.
Sun controls all planets, known as our Planets world. Similarly each and every planet is
affecting the human beings and happenings, which can be found out well in advance.
This technighe is known as "horary Astrology"-predictions from horoscopes- readings
are given as per Nadi Principles.
Every big and Prosperous personality, is keeping his own Astrologer. Thus
Astrology is not an ornament but the need of time. It is a lamp enlightening future planing.
To know happenings, well in advance, which has become a part of life for them. This
is also necessary as it works as, shock absorber for good or bad happenings.
However, science of astrology is very clear and remedies actually, can not change
the future, but helps the native psychologically, at large or mentally prepares the native for
facing good I bad results, by killing such bad gap of time; if any. Maximum bad
happenings are 15% of the total happenings of life only. Planing for losses, expences, etc.
Even for worst period of life required will in advance.
Horary Ideology : Basic Principles ::
Planets are, moving - (progressing) in the sky and forming various combinations
resulting in many and various kinds of happenings. Each and every happening Forming
in the sky, can not happen to all persons, because of the
combinations (combinations taking place in the sky). Thus, the key for reading is the
planetary position at the time of birth, which is known as horoscope. Only
happenings and Incidents lying in the personal horoscope, can happen only to that
particular person and not all happenings revealed by the 'combination positions taking
place in the sky. Every good Astrologer knows this fact, known as science of Astrology.
Acute accuracy of happenings with time, can be given by scientific Astrology, known as
Nadi Astrology, It has no place for Mantra, Tantra, vidhi known as "Kalsarpa",
etc. etc. and Gems or Vidhies for planets. Nadi astrology considers only two
things, namely (A) Combination of the horoscope. (B) Transit of Saturn, Jupiter-
Rahu and Ketu mainly.
Methodology ::
The basik combinations of planet, which are formed in a horoscope, calculation
for year wise happenings method, is clearly found out by researches. Normal guiding
principles are narrated in "Hints & Notes"; elsewhere in this book. Every planet and
combination of planets have particular and resultant effects. Portfolio of planets, and
combination of planets create results, known as happenings. This is in form of or
language of psycho analysis.
Transit :This part of Time cycle is a Branch of pure science and helps in giving year
wise will be interesting to Note that, Saturn's movement, provides big
parts oftime cycle oflife. Saturn is the king oftime cycle. Each part is of30 months.
Jupiter helps in finding year - wise happenings. Again if Proceeded minutely, Month is
cited and reckoned by sun's movement. To find particular day for happening,
movement of moon is considered. This part is attributed to movements of planets or
science of Astronomy.
One may believe or not, minute reading of Horoscope, which includes several
happenings; takes days to read as per sages and Rishies. In this context, one has to refer
Sapta Rishi Nadi
, where every sage gives his saying on various different subjects and
by quite a different phase; but with 100% accurate angle.
Remedies ::
The importance of Gemology: According to one expert sage, they are ornaments
and can not change the future. Anything can not happen, except and otherwise, narrated in
the horoscope. The author of this article has delivered several lectures on "Astrology is a
science", in many Rotary Clubs and Colleges and Seminars and conferences and
world conventions and particularly in Saurashtra University ofRajkotetc. etc. Readers
may please pardon the writer; for writer is not against the science of "Gemology etc. -
Vidya"; Neither his intention is to hurt the feelings of experts of such sciences ofGems,
Mantra, Tantra etc. etc. The author humbly believes that any change in readings are next
to the word "Impossible"- Not Changeable according to great sage Nandi Keshwara
Rishi- the creater of marvellous text: "Nandi Nadi IN andi Samhita".
Parts in Ancient Horary Astrology ::
According to sage Bhrigu and sage Nandikeshwara, parts of predictions are
attributed to : last birth, this birth and next birth, known as reading of time cycle or
known as "trikala gyana".
Human beings of today have no spare life time and even faith for these three -
known as "Trikal" knowledges. Thus "Trikal gyani's" are considered as, out dated
particularly for reading of previous and next Birth, as nobody isintrested such sciences.
Parts of Mordern Horary Astrology ::
There are three parts in modem horary astrology, namely: History or past, present or
nearby happenings and future happenings, which are going to take place in future. These
all consists as, parts of life cycle of a person, as per Nadi Astrology. (Past= father's
Then the Question is, why there are failures in predictions. The answer is, it is a
social science and all analysis are, psychological analysis.Psychology is related to
human beings. One small example will be sufficient. Satum-mars-ketugovems Langoti
Yoga. Now a days hardly persons are taking sanyas. There are Several modern meanings :-
(1) It provides complete independent Nature, Service or servitude is impossible for
such person. One may take Sanyas in the ethical families, who have faith in eternal
matters; While the other one may become (2) a good Lawyer, who is from the family,
where no sanyasis have taken birth. This is a physical age. Simultaneously one has to
consider the educational back ground from the horary planets. For the Sake of
academician's interest, following parts are adjoined with this article as parts ofthe article.
They are namely First methodology for happenings, (Time cycle) Then : different parts
like (A) Education (B) Business (C) Promotion (D) Re-Births (E) Langoti Yoga with
Examples (F) Sex (G) Male-Female (H) Extra ordinary richies- multi millionaires.
Holy pilgrimages, foreign tours, foreign business, (I) foreign education (J) Marraiges
and mangalya yoga, (K) own house I Flat I Building, (L) when the person will come
out from ordinary life and will become valuable person, etc. etc. are the few important
phases of life to understand this social science. Though every phase and happening of life
is prescribed by different combinations (adjoining) of planets.
Generally main topics of Astro Science are :- Marriage Point, Pilgrimage,
"Mangalya Prasanga" or Marriage like Ceremonies, Cheating Yoga, Speculation,
"'Jivatma Samyoga" or Rajpratap Yoga, Issues or Progeny, Diseases, Nature, Foreign
Tours, Decision Power, Mand Buddhi Yoga, Rise and Upliftment, Happiness, Aesthetic
Sense, Tendency for Music, Duping Yoga (Abduction), "Locked Bhagya Chakra,"
foreign tour, Long-Journeys, Kapat Yoga, Sanjivani or Long life yoga etc. etc. The list
may take pages and pages.
Now the Basic Question Is, why one should know the future, if it is not
changeable. Dr. Nanavati placed the same question during one of the, a Rotary Club
Addresses of the author. The simple answer is, about the Comparison with barometer, who
also states regarding atmospheric bad & good happenings in advance. Even though, One
does not destroy the barometer, but all are rushing and running for safeguarding. Similarly
here in Astro Science, One can not change the Situation, which is going to happen, but one
can be well aware ofbad or good Happenings, well in Advance. This is a science of
happening, which one only can read, but can not change.
Out Come ::
Last but not the least: It will be interesting to note one example. One Darbar Coming
from a Royal Family, came for Astro consultation. By viewing the horoscope or
"Janmapatri," it was stated that, a vehicular accident is going to happen in near future, on
or after a given particular date i.e. 23 July 2002. Though he disliked, but when he came
next time, he was lame. Both legs were damaged. When by asking, he stated that, at the
time of accident, first he was unconscious, but after half an hour, he came to senses. He
was facing heavy pain in legs.
He asked the encircled crowd on high way No. 8, to shift him to hospital. So this
much strength and power, science of Astrology can give and enabled him to think
ahead further; instead of having shocks and frustration in life.
One example will be sufficient to prove this science. One industrialist- the owner of
"Viral Oxygen Ltd." came for consultation, when his sister was unconscious and was in
coma and was lying in "Hinduja Hospital of Bombay". It was advised that the body be
taken for cremation. Astro Research Center advised the family to wait till 3rd day.
Between the surprise of Doctors, the lady become conscious; before lOminutes to given
time i.e. 10 a.m. in the morning.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
Annexure :
(I) Methodology for finding happenings : (II) (A) Education (B) Business (C)
Promotion (D) Next Birth, Previous Birth (E) Langoti Yoga- with practical Examples (F)
Sex terminologies (G) Male- Female (H) Multimillionaires (I) Progany etc. etc ...
Texts of Reference ::
All nadi texts including Bhrigu Samhita and Nandi Nadi, written by great sage
Nandi Keshwara, "Brihat Nadi Astrology" & "Bhrigu Nandi Nadi" (by Prof. R. G. Rao.)
All other orthodox ancient Nadi texts written by great sages.
Tools : (1) 100 Year ephemary (11) Advanced ephemeris for next 50/100
years (111) Present year's minute ephemary.
Planetary combinations : Mars-Ketu combination and saturu-Moon
Combination and jupitor-Ketu combination.
Position ofplanets ofD.O.B. 18-7-1935:TENTATIVE POSITION OF PLANETS
Aquarius saturn retrograded 16 degrees. Gemini mercury 11 degrees and Ketu
(Dragon Tail) 28 degrees. Sun in cancer 1 degree. Leo venus 16 degrees. Libra mars 0
degree and Jupiter 20 degrees and has became, in forward motion from retro on dated
12-7-1935.Rahu Sagittarius 28 degrees. Moon in Capricorn is in last degrees. Analysis:-
Background :-
Bha-chakra of Swamiji :
Mer 11
Dt. 28 ..
SatRx Swami Shri Sun 1
16 Jayendra Saraswati
Moon D.O.B. 18-7-1935 Ven 16
Dh 28
Mars 1
Jupt 20
By seeing the tentative position of planets, at the time of birth of D.O.B. 18-7-1935
ofswamiji, It is stated that, possible all reliefs will be available to swamiji before 16-
4-2005 as we have predicted in our earlier article of dated 31-12-2004 to
express "Star tellar"
Saturn moon is in Capricorn As per nadi principles Retrograded Saturn of aquarius
is considered as, saturn in Capricorn means, "Visha yoga" or Poison yoga"-saturnjoins
with Moon for swamiji. Thus swamiji'slife, would have become full of bitterness through
a lady, as moon is in even sign Capricorn. It is a presumption that, one high dignitary of
government official or a minister is in favour of swamiji, as sun is in cancer, who is not
powerful (Sun is between Rahu Ketu axes). In case of swamiji Seeing the Jupiter, severe
Govt. opposition started from 6-9-2004 to 1-Nov-2006
This situation is up to 1-11-2006 only.
But the worst or severe position will subside_from the date, when retro
saturn, stops retrogation and becomes "margi" on Dt. 22-3-2005.
This bitter situation will prolong up to 28-9-2005, as Jupiter is remaining in virgo
till 28-9-2005. But Jupiter-Ketu combination means, Ketu is Pushing Jupiter back to
virgo. Means .. earlier help is also possible.
From 28-9-2005 the Jupiter will enter in to libra. Again mars Ketu combination is
there. Though Ketu has 9th aspect and not 5th; swamiji will get some beneficial results from
litigation because, of the benign aspect of Jupiter. But mars venus shows huge expenses or
loss of some property, by way of sale etc. Langoti means loosing of property also.
As saturn will enter in leo on 1-11-2006; swamiji's langoti period or tough
period, Govt. opposition etc will be over, As sun's aspect will help the swamiji. Some
government official will help swamiji or some dignitaries will help from 1 Nov. 2006 on
wards. (Rise with the help of Govt.)
Swamiji will have rise or upliftment on 1-11-2006 on wards. This is because of
h ~ i n of planets, which will give early relief to Swamiji and will get big monetary help.
This is available from sun-venus combination, like release of properties etc. It means
political leader or cream class of high dignitaries or officer's help -Monetary help, all will
be available from 1-11 -2006 onwards. Though sun Saturn combination means difficulties
and differences with the government along with Government opposition up to 1 -11 -2006
Devotees must help Swamiji, till1-11-2006. as Swamijiis in badly need of the help.
It will be happy periodfrom 1-11-2006 to 16-7-2007till transiting saturn
leaves leo, except From 10-1-2007, tillretrogetion period, which is of slight bitterness,
then. Saturn will start forward moving again.
From _13-1-2005 ti1126-5-2005:a severe "Longoti yoga"has started. Itseems
that Swamiji will try to catch help of Judiciary, which will not be available to
Swamiji. He should be very careful about it. It seems Swamiji has to refrain
away from worldly affection and physical or worldly things, till saturn becomes
"Margi" or forward in motion (22-3-2005). It is a Simple meaning of "Langoti Yoga".
At the time, when saturn becomes "Margi", Swamiji will get complete
relief from 22-3-2005 to 1-11-2006. Some minor difficulties will be there up to
From 26-5-2005, Saturn will enter in cancer again and Jupiter will enter into libra on
28-9-2005. Which is good period, though this combination is making a complete change
in the Judiciary, which will ultimately help in all respects to Swamiji.
On 28-9-2005, it seems, Swamiji will be freed after one month, as mars is of one
degree only.
It seems that venus-mars combination will play an important role. Swamiji have
to Suffer monatorily.
But advantageous situation, like windfall profits etc. in the situation, are also
presumed before 9-9-2009.
Transiting saturn will enter m virgo means, Saturn-Moon plus mars-
mercury- Jupiter- Ketu - combination, seems beneficial position on 9-9-2009 and on
words, till the retrogation. Again retrogation in virgo will form saturn- venus- Rahu
combination, means huge amount of money and heavy expenses.
Transiting saturn will enter in libra on 15-11-2011, shows health problems to
Swamiji. It means delicate health on4-8-2012 onwards. With the help of highly intelligent
lawyer, Swamiji will have freedom from all cases. The lawyer will be a supreme
authority in law. (9-9-2009to 15-11-2011)
According to Nadi texts, there is saturn-moon combination m Capricorn as per
A. Mars- mercury-saturn-Jupiter Ketu original combination
B. After calculating retro saturn, the combination will be saturn- moon-sun combination
& Saturn-Sun opposition.
C. Total combination of saturn are :mars- mercury- saturn- jupiter- Ketu and saturn-moon-
sun means, high influences in government sources and political leaders. (satum-moon-
mercury-Ketu) minister with flags of state Government, must be visiting the holy temple
(Moon-mercury). It means high flow and volume of income and expenditure or high
monetary flow in the temple also. Mercury-Ketu combination, means temple, where
Sanskrit intellectual slokas are being chanted and the Mother of Sankaracharya (of past
life) must be timid, fearful in nature and must be always worshiping gods. Her birth was
the last birth. Approximately at the age 10 (9 to 11 ), She mast have suffered a lot.
Saturn-moon combination means, birth in "Shivamsha". It seems from 57
to 72/73 of age of Swamiji, bad part of bitterness of life, pre vail. Particularly worst
position is up to retrogration of transiting saturn, In cancer will prevail.
Worst period of life started on 23 July 2002 up to, till the retrogration of transiting saturn.
Particularly it started. when saturn started retrogration in cancer. There will be
"Hide and Seek" game between the litigation and Swamiji, till the retrogration of
transiting saturn is completed. As Ketu is always retrograded and saturn will not be able
to catch it. On the contrary Swamiji must have met some highly intellectual
personalities ofthe world, due to "Budha -Guru-Ketu " means mercury -Jupiter -Ketu
combination. Here Ketu means flag.
Dignitories wearing flags, is the simple meaning. Transfer is also visible or heavy
movements will be there, because of Jupiter-Moon-Ketu. These are all presumptions, on
the bases of planets.
Transiting saturn having an aspect of moon and meeting Jupiter means heavy
movement in life like transfers, of degnitories etc. etc ...
II Shri Krishnaarpanam Astu II
( Courtesey : Times of Astrology, Express Star Teller, Planets and Forecast).

(Due to poor Network, requires repeated Dialings)
Speciman of"Bh-Chakra."where signs I Rashies are fixed:-
Fixed Bh-Chakra ofNadi Texts
Pisces Aries Taurus emm1
Aquarius Cancer
Capricorn Leo
Sagittarius Scorpio Libra Virgo
Important Note: In "Bha-Chakra", the names of signs are never written. In all nadi texts "Aries,
Taurus, Gemini, ... etc" are, no where written, in any of the charts or "Bha-chakras". A person
may become perfect and expert by practice. Only from "one hundred year ephemary", any one
can place all nine planets of date ofbirth, without writing ascendant or 'lagna'.
Bha-chakra of Swamiji
Mer 11
Dt. 28
Sun 1
Swami Shri
Jayendra Saraswati
D.O.B. 18-7-1935 Ven 16
Jupt. 20
Learned Dr. Prof. Negandhi launched a book on "Essence of or Researches on
Nadi Astrology" ,in January, 2009, which is a collection of38 Research Articles, mostly
published or abstracts are published or abstracts are published in three Imminent
Astrological magazines namely "Times of Astrology" of Delhi, "Express Star Teller" of
Chennai and "Planets & Forecast" of Patna Bhuvneshwar. The book was released at a
function of "Jyotish vidhya mandir" Bombay.
The book "Essence of Nadi Astrology or Researches on Nadi Astrology", which is
based on all the "Samhitas" written by, the great Seven sages; namely Shapt Rishi 's
"Bruhath Nadi Astrology", "Bhrigu Samhita" and "Saptrshi brahma vakya" and "Nandi
Nadi" etc.
The Book was inaugurated by the hands of great Astrologer Shree Pande
Ashokbhai of Bombay - Maharashtra; at the A. C. Banquet Hall of "Manav Seva
Sangh"- Sion, at the special programme, which was arranged by The Institute of
Astrologers -"Jyotish Vidhyamandir". The Institute arranges "Free of charge"
coaching at 5 places at Bombay. At this event great Astrologer and Honorable
consultant Editor of "Times of Astrology", Shri Dayashanker, Remained present as a
special appearance I guest from Delhi.
Along with other speakers "THE ALL IN ALL" of Jyotish vidhyamandir, Shree
Ketanbhai Popat, cited the example of great scientist Marconi; whose grand son had
given public statement recently, that his grand father's inventions were not original, but
were copied from the great scient, Jagdishchandra Bose. All the scientist are
presenting Researches, before the society and they never think about themself. further he
stated that, Such similar scientist is Dr. Prof. Negandhi, who is a respectable person, had
also a carrier of navel N.C.C., his golden period of 34 years of researches will be
remembered by the Astrological world permanently in the history of nadi astrology.
He assured Dr. Prof. Negandhi to invite and to honour in the next meet of imminent
Astrologers. The benefit of various faculties in the field of Astrology, is being taken by the
students the institute, of Astrology, who are more than 400. This great institution is being
run by "Guru Shisya Parampara" at Bombay.
He also gave emphasis and encouraged, Dr. Prof. Negandhi to produce books on
"Nadi Astrology" or "Samhita Shashtras" in Gujarati also. He also stated that, people must
have to increase reading habits. Books are highly valued capital and everybody must
hand-over them to "heirs and successors." All must encourage the habit of purchasing
of books. Normally people are expencing in Tours & Travels or for garments & fashions
and food & drinks etc. Similarly we must expense on books, along with entertainments,
for which we expanse thousands of Rupees. Similarly we must invest for books also,
which will be a heritage for future generations.
In his speech Dr. Prof. Negandhi stated that, there are 38 main research articles
in the Book ofNadi Astrology, which consists of a ready-made table for the "Best
period of life"; varying from 15 to 25 years; according to the position of Saturn and
Jupitor by birth. Main important Researches made are on "Bhagya Chakra" and
locked "Bhagya Chakra", which is entirely a new concept developed from Nandi
Samhita. Along with that, future about the relatives from the horoscope of a native,
destiny and in the contexts of destiny; Yogkaraka planets, First Job, Narration of Birth
place, "Retrograded planets and planets considered as retrograded", mental
imbalance, airy planets and their impacts on business and on the body, "Maha bhagya
yoga" - (great fortune) of Saturn-Jupitor combination, time cycle and Transits I Rotation
of Saturn - The king of Time cycle, Terminologies of sex, Previous birth and next
birth, promotion yoga, Rise and upliftment yoga, Bahu vidhya yoga of Mercury-Rahu
combination, "JiVatma Samyoga"- A great yoga for successful Astrologers, abduction
and planets for abduction, service or business yog_,_ Sarp Dosha, Shivamsha yoga
progany and their characteristics, "Chandra mauleweshar" yoga and "Sanjivani
yoga", various portfolios of Ketu, need of accurate birth time, Speculation and shares and
Y.Qga's for losses, first job, sound and weak planets, nature and study, great sages and
their nature, Multimillionaires. "when one will own a house" or accommodation,
Jagatguru Sankracharya and his Bha-chakara and an article on various business, how to
read and revel various happenings of life, seperate principles for reading male and
female horoscopes, Venus, Rahu and Saturn yoga and prosperity yoga, Essence of Nadi
Astrology or various Researches made on Nadi Astrology?_"Mand buddhi Yoga"_of
Saturn-Mercury, Moon-Rahu and decision power etc. etc. were discussed with examples.
Honorable shree Daya Shankarji, The Editor of "Times of Astrology", stated
that the articles written by Dr. Prof. Negandhi, are published in Times of Astrology
regularly and permanently. His Research articles are given prime priority.
Dr. Prof. Negandi Dineshchandra is Hon. Director of 48/ A Astro Research center of
Vidhynagar, Bhavnagar.
The Snaps of the function are attached here with.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astru II
Sd- Jignasha Shroff,
For and on be halfof,
The director,
Astrorearch center. (Arc.)
Every planet has got various karakatwas. If any one goes in details, every planet has
more than hundred karakatwas. If one wish to find the combined effects of two planets,
then the happening will be more than 150 to 200. So many a time, it happens, that an
Astro scientist or nadi astrologer is questioned I asked to develop a software; where
all the questions are having solutions. According to the feedback provided to the
computer, the answers or solutions will be approximately minimum 150 to 200. Thus
without the intellectual ability of human mankind; true, meaningful and scientific
solution, is very difficult.
To understand the above subject in details, let first of all check the master force or
the scope or field of a particular planet. It is the timely question. It is important, as well
as wide in understanding. Let we check the supremacy or such master force of every planet
oneby one:
SATURN :- Saturn is considered as, " Iswaraumsha shambhuta". Thus saturn is
considered as god. Saturn is a god of truth. Thus saturn is lord Mahadev or Shivaji.
Saturn has a portfolio I Karakatwa of family happiness. Saturn is a karaka of whole
life and business, profession, vocation etc. or even every type of work. If saturn is with
enemies, then it becomes an example of" Kalatra Dosha". Saturn and Venus jointly or
combinely provides the family happiness. The acute enimies of saturn are; Mars, Moon
and Ketu. Such saturn with mars ketu; is not able to give family happiness and on the
contrary, such combination makes " Sadhu " or " Sadhvi I Nun" or " Archaka", as
narrated in nadi texts. Satum-mars-ketu combination is known as " langoti yoga",
Means wondering life like, swamiji or sage. All such virtues like sadhu I sage are present
in Such persons, who are sitting in Aaradhana or Worshiping, if the combination is in dharma
or moxa rashi. Such persons are hot in temperament, stiffness and anger is visible. Similarly
idleness is, one part of their life.lf some one much pressures him, then bad words with anger are
used by such persons. These are two characteristics ofLangoti yoga, narrated at so many places
in purana and ancient texts. Narrations of anger oflord Shivaji, are given at many places. Thus
saturn is god or "iswara" or presiding deity. Saturn has the supremacy over faith, fortune or
future, known as "bhagya" or the results of work. Thus saturn is" kalatrakaraka" and he has
supremacy over the lives of every body and he is a karaka of work. Not only that but he is iswara
or religion also. He is king of time cycle. He is Justice giver.
SUN :- Sun is a "Atma Karaka". Sun is a king of all nine planets. Exalted sun shows
the supremacy of father. Sun has a portfolio of "full glory of fame". Sun is a worldly
life force. It means, it protects the life of all the living world, which is dependant on
the planet sun. Sun is a kingsly planet and with, who so ever (planets), He is placed, he
gives some what status and proudiness. At the same time, it provides kingsly life. Sun has
worst and bitter enemies, like Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Saturn .If Rahu is aligned with sun, then
it gives difficulty to the father and then to the soul of the person. It means, it gives heart
problems like blood pressure. In almost all ancient texts, except nadi texts, the remedy
given is chanting of "Gayatri Mantras" and giving "Ardhya" or water to the rising sun. If
there is exalted sun, in the 7th to exalted saturn, in any of the horoscope; it breaks the power of
one an other. According to nadi texts such saturn and sun, both planets are not remaining
exalted. Sun, Ketu shows, the worshiping of a family god or " Kuldevata". Such person is
worshiping family god. Thus sun is an Atma and it is a main life strength or life force
for living.
MARS :- Mars is a master force or main force of strength, power," Purusatwa" and
" Purushartha". In any male horoscope powerful mars shows, the strength and
power of the person. Mars governs maleness and sex. For creation of next generation
or" Prajotpati", mars and venus both are karaka planets. Mars is "Bhumi Putra" or son
of" Bhudevi". Exalted mars, if it is powerful, then it gives highest valued land and
building. In a female horoscope, mars has the portfolio of husband, as well as his
purushartha I power or strength of the husband. In a female horoscope, if mars aligned
with female planets, except venus, it shows the relationship of husband with others.
Similarly such combination in a male horoscope, shows other female relations. Exalted
mars in a male horoscope, provides red skin or "Tamra varna" (Copper like red face).
VENUS:- Venus is a karaka of all types of happiness or hobbies or luxuries. Venus is
also karaka of female happiness. Thus venus is a master force of happiness. If Venus is
aligned with his fast friend saturn, then it creates every types of happiness. Venus has a
portfolio of gems, jewelory, cash and all tengible assets and is a karaka of female
happiness. The worst enemies of venus are sun, ketu and mars and at some what extent,
mercury. All the trio, if aligned with venus, disrupts every type of happiness in life, may
the native be a male or female. For example, if mars is aligned with venus in a male
horoscope or female, the wife or lady may be adamant or proudy in nature and this
combination gives struggles through out the life. So many a time, neibour are hearings
the quarrels and disputes of such families. The worst combination is of "mars-ketu-
venus". Such family has the quarrels and disputes, which are reaching to the court of law
and such family takes divorce; is a fact. If there is venus-sun combination, it shows the
hold of the lady I wife and she is a adamant and proudy, if sun is powerful. If venus is
aligned with mercury, then mercury is an "enuch" planet. Mercury has no interest in
family life or in children, as it is a "Napunshaka Graha". Though such lady I wife will
be intelligent and educated. Both the planets are karakas ofprosperity for life. Thus
every planet has, bad as well as good results, but in which part I way of life, They help
each other or in which way they have obstacle with each other, that governs an
important part of prediction. In case of venus ketu combination the lady; in the case of
female horoscope or wife in case of male horoscope; is chanting the name of god with "
Sanskrit Stanzas". Though this combination creates difficulties of viginal route or
manses problems. At the same time, it gives
moxa" or no rebirths in future to the lady I
It must be noted that
Ketu Kujawat Bhavet", means ketu is equal like mars.
Hence, it creates disturbances in case ofmars-ketu-venus combination. The struggles and
problems are visible between the pair. Thus any one can see the life of a lady or wife by
seeing the combination of plants with venus, from the horoscope. Combination of
male planets with venus, except mars and j upiter, states the other relations.
If venus in the midst of enemies, and if venus is powerful, then it takes over the
enemies. Venus is the owner of Saptama or seventh zodiacal and natural sign and if, it is
with enemies, it creates "Saptama-dosha". Such combination creates hurdles in
married life or decreases happiness of 7th house. Exalted venus fills the family or
house with happiness of course for the native and every type of happiness is available to
the family. Restricted to the exceptions of the rile. Though at one stage the great sage has
stated this combination, as adverse combination, as mars has to face two enimies for
coujugalbliss" -(familyhapiness).
JUPITOR :- Jupitor means life or a living thing. Jupiter is a master force for every
living thing like planets, animals and human mankind etc. Even the living crop is also
covered under jupitor. For a male person, his life is seen from Jupiter. Alignment of
female planets with jupiter except venus, shows the other relations of that male person.
Jupiter gives bhagya or fortune to every other planet who are in combination with
Jupitor. (It means, bhagya combination with planets related persons). Jupitor with sun
means, fortunate father. According to the verdict of sages, it is a" Jeevatma Shamyoga".
It provides intuitive ability. In an other verdict, it is " Raj Pratap Yoga". This yoga gives
government job to father or and to the male native. Jupiter gives fortune by works and
abilitity, while fortune of venus is heraditary. Every person gets fortune by his own
work. It is known as benign aspect of jupitor on the person. Jupitor has no enimies, even
though he being guru he corrects the student or disciples by giving punishments. Thus
some times, students believe master or guru as an enemy. Thus mercury is the main
enemy of jupiter and at some what extent, venus is also an enemy. Though jupitor mercury
combination gives "Guru buddhi Vishashita Yoga". It means the person tries to get
education upto two degrees. Jupitor-mercury combination gives bad and Mis-
happening in life, at the time, when saturn passes the combination. Mis-happening
includes particularly difficulties from government or elderly person is expired during
this period, which results into a set back for a few days. Great sages have narrated jupitor
as "Jeeva Yoga", Means children are taking births, when transiting saturn crosses jupiter
Thus" Jeeva Yoga" of jupiter, is also necessary for crops and farms I fields. Jupitor
has close relationship with moon and if both are aligned in any rashi I sign, jupiter gets
exalted position. Exalted jupitor gives mental stability and maturity to a male person.
Jupitor-Saturn combination is a combination of divine and demon planets. Even though,
it creates " Maha Bhagya Yoga ". It is because, it is a combination of 9th and 11th house
owners of natural Bh-chakra. Therefore whenever saturn passes over the jupitor of a chart
or a horoscope, it gives economic I monitory rise & upliftment. Jupitor-Rahu
combination is narrated as "Chandala Yoga", in orthodox texts of astrology, but it
provides best position in life, when such combination is passed by transiting saturn. This
is known as "top most rank in life" according to various nadi texts. Thus jupitor
provides life or new life.
MERCURY :- Mercury is a karaka planet for intellectual ability. Intellectual ability
of a person can easily be measured by the position of mercury in the horoscope.
Teacher is making additions in the intellectual ability. A person having mercury-jupiter
combination is having powerful intellectual ability. This yoga is
Guru buddhi
Vishashita Yoga" and it gives two degrees or two types ofknowledges.
Mercury or budha is having two inveterate enemies. The names are mars and
ketu. Mercury-mars combination does not allow education or
Vidhya Yoga" and the
education of such person is disrupted. Mercury is a karaka of skin and speech: A person
having mercury-mars combination gives intermittent speed of speech , or some times
such person is not speaking properly or starts speaking latein child-hood. Mercury
mars combination makes a person silent or introvert. Mercury-saturn combination is
a friendly combination, even though it creates
Bhaya Yoga" and the person is fearing I
fearful and it makes such person idle. It is an example of
Mand buddhi Yoga".
According to a nadi text, person having saturn-mercury combination in horoscope, is not
taking proper interest in study or education. "Ketu Kujawat Bhavet". It means ketu
is also creating bad position for education. Beneficial part of ketu is that, that ketu is a
karaka of knowledge and ketu means law. Such a person by experience gets the
knowledge of law. Ketu makes triple results and hence such person gets 3 different
knowledges. Budha-Rahu creates "Bahu Vidhya Yogaha". Such person gets
knowledge of various types. Thus by totally seeing, "budha dadati buddhi, eeti
buddhihi". Means mercury is a karaka of intellectual ability and one can measure the
power of intellect from the position of mercury of the horoscope.
MOON :-According to mostly all nadi texts, moon is a negative planet. Therefore it
has not been given any place in any of the horoscopes, known as bh-chakras. Even
though moon is a karaka of travels, expenses, losses, cheating, thefts and of bad
relations. If moon is aligned with ketu, it gives foreign travels or pilgrimages, as well
as, struggles with male/female. Moon in cancer or in Pisces gives wide and distant and
long travels. Moon gives air to the quarrelsome situation. Moon with mercury has
given, a well known famous story of ancient text known as "Tara and Bruhaspati".
In this love story, one can find that, a desciple or student has taken away master's
wife, who is equal to mother. This story throws light on bad elements or
characteristics of moon.
"Debilitated moon does ntot give capacity to expense" , are the words of great sage
Nandikeswara. Thus the master force or important factors of the moon are transfer,
travel, voyage, expenses and losses along with bad relations.
Rahu magnifies the result, while ketu minimize the result, but with correction,
except in case of disputes and quarrels.
Thus in this short article good fruits and bad fruits or resultant effects of master force or the
portfollios of planets. are seen with details. Such important effects are known as master force
of every planet. If one adds values of sign, in which a planet is placed and adds combination
effects of other planets, (combining or joining with the planet,) then sametoto effect will be,
perfect and accurate for the prediction purpose.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
Moon Gemini
Pisces Sat
Name :-Dineshchandra Cancer
Capricorn Date ofBirth: 4-9-1944 Sun ,Mer
Ketu Leo
Mars, Vin
Important Note : In "Bha-Chakra", the names of signs are never written. In all nadi texts.
"Aries, Taurus, Gemini, ... etc" are, no where written, in any of the charts or "Bha-chakras".
A person may become perfect and expert by practice. Only from "one hundred year
ephemary", any one can place all nine planets of any birth date, without writing ascepdant
A case study of Importance of Saturn-Mars and Venus in" Kalatra Dosha"
and Nadi Texts
Out of all great seven sages, only great sage Atri Rushi has mentioned about "
Kalatra Dosha" in one horoscope. There is an opposition of saturn and mars, in one
horoscope. Venus is the karaka of every type of happiness. The great sage had
commented and stated that, this boy is having Kalatra Dosha. "Kalatra" means family and
" Dosha" means some defect in happiness of family life. The great sage has clearly stated
that, "This boy will have nothing like, family happiness". Here it must be noted that for
family happiness, venus is as important, as saturn and mars also. All the 3 TRIO planets are
responsible for" Kalatra Shukha" or family happiness. If all the 3 planets are weak and I
or, if they are encircled by enemies, then they will fail to give any good fruits. Here in this
small article, the chart given by sage Atri Rushi, is taken as an example. It is discussed in
following paragraphs :-
This Bh-chakra of" Kalatra Dosha " presented by great sage Atri Rushi is taken
from the book "Core ofNadi Astrology", written by Prof. R. G Rao. * In this male
chart given by sage Atri rishi, has jupitor -mercury -sun-venus combination in cancer. In
second house to the combination, there is ketu in leo and in the 8th house, there is Rahu
Chandra. More over in the 4th house, there is exalted saturn. In the lOth house, mars is in
his own house Aries. The original Bha-chakra is depicted at the end of this article.
Here saturn is with his inveterate enemies mars, ketu and moon. Here there is an
opposition, between saturn and mars, as discussed above there are other obstacles also.
As a principle, " Transit of saturn over mars, ketu or moon are not beneficial".
Readers must have experiences of the same. The resultant effects of various combinations,
are given by the Astro Scientist, are:-
In 7th house to saturn, there is mars-ketu combination; as per the rules of nadi
Astrology. Therefore, this boy will have difficulties even in living ordinary life. At the
same time, he will have difficulties in married life. Here there are two marriages written
for this boy. More over his first wife will have abortion, which is stated by great sage Atri.
The second important planet or pivot for happy family life or
, is venus. If venus is powerful and if, he is in combination with his
friendly planets, then it provides every type of happiness to the female. Thus venus has
supremacy over, the every matters of happiness. Inveterate enemies of venus are; mars,
sun, moon and ketu. In the above example, venus is with sun and in the second house,
there is mars-ketu combination. Thus venus can not move forward. Because it is
obstructed by mars and ketu, the inveterate enemies, venus is heldup. In addition to the
above, venus is in the house of moon. Thus venus is imprisoned or is in the enemy camp.
The great sage has stated that, this boy will have no happiness ofmarried life, because
venus is spoiled. This is an example of" Saptama Dosha". Venus is the owner of the 7th
house of natural Bh is a karaka of the happiness of 7th house. Because of the
contradictory position of Venus, happiness is disrupted.
Exalted saturn has Rahu and moon in the 9th house. It is a combination of saturn-
moon-Rahu and it creates "Mahavisha Yoga" ,or "Great position Yoga". In second to
this combination, there is sun-mercury-jupiter-venus combination and in the 3rd there is
Mars-Ketu combination. Because of the " Mahavisha Yoga", the ovaries of the wife
will be defective and the result is abortion. Moon-rahu gives abortion. Moon
means ovary.
The 3rd important planet of" Kalatra Shukha" or happiness, is mars. Here venus
has mars ketu in the next house and mars is in 11th house to Rahu, these all creates
The resultant effect will be, the wife of this boy will be hot in temperament and his
life will be struggle-some. Because of the
Angaraka Dosha
, this boy will have to bear the
anger of his wife. From the out side, the wife will apparently be seeming calm, because ofthe
mars-mercury combination. Mercury has mars in the next house, as per combination rule, it
means, quarreling members are present in the family. Defect of mars shows that, there is
some defect in maleness/ purushatwa or purushatana or purushartha. Moreover saturn
has rahu in 5th house /trine.
Thus because of all the 3 " Doshas"; known as "Tri Dosha"; which are present in the above
horoscope, it creates total " Kalatra Dosha". Hence in the life of this boy, there will be no
average happiness. There will be no happiness of married life and even there will be no ordinary
happiness in such horoscope. The person is living struggle-some life or the life of misery.
After the second marriage with mercury' there will be somewhat peace in the life.
His life is, full of renunciation or like a sadhu. It is because of" Langoti Yoga" of saturn-
mars-ketu. All the "Brahmin Devatas" are humbly requested, not to create new vidhies or
mantra chanting for" Kalatra Dosha" or" Angaraka Dosha" or" Shaptama Dosha" etc.
and they are prayed that, their work may be restricted or limited to 16 samsakaras or
Karma kands or karma kandas only.
Thus in case of" Kalatra Dosha" the wife or lady will be of hot in temperament.
While on the other side, there is some defects in mars or in the maleness of the male or
husband. In case of woman native. saturn is a karaka of whole life, means the whole life
is encircle a with contradictions. The life of such person will be with full of
difficulties. Happiness is not visible even in the horizons. In such horoscope the only
support is of children. The chart of Atri Rushi is given below :-
The Chart or Bh-chakra given by great Sage Atri rushi.
Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini
Aquarius Cancer
Rahu Jupiter
Moon Mercury
Capricorn Leo
Sagittarius Scorpio Saturn Vergo
Courtesy:- Core ofNadi Astrology, written by Prof. R. G. Rao.
Phone Numbers of Author are +91 278 2510585, Mobile +91 9426 97 94 79 (Due to poor
network requires repeated dialing.)
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
There are various nadi texts; which are only in India and no where else, in the
world. Even in India nadi texts are only available in former "Madras State", which is
the paternal house of Mata Parvati and in rare cases; in the nearby states, like Andhra
pradesa, Karnataka and Kerala. Nadi text means, samhita texts, which are written by
the great seven sages. It will be surprising to note that, there is no recommendation of mantra,
tantra, gems, vidhies of planets or any other vidhies like " Pitru Dosha", " Kalsharpa Dosha",
"Chandal Yoga" etc. etc. by any of the great sage. For such suspensive and unauthentic things,
responsibility lies with the follower sages. Not only that, but Whether they are beneficial or not,
is a seperate question.
In married life, happiness is the foundation of married life. Every person, for the
sake of happiness, enters into married life. Marriage means physical happiness also, it is
known as Grace of god or conjugal bliss. It depends upon" maleness" or" Purushatwa"
of male. At the same time, family happiness behign aspect of saturn and venus is also a
must. Not only that, but family means husband, wife and children of either father or of
native himself. Thus we have seen the main three factors of married life. The same will
be seen in the following paragraphs :-
Venus is a karaka planet of happiness and richness. Venus and mars are husband
and wife. Combination of mars and venus with other planets create obstacles in
married life. Particularly sun-moon-mercury or Rahu-ketu-mercury etc. are severe
combinations. Venus has sun, mars and ketu as inveterate enemies. Mercury also, up to
some what extent, is an enemy. Mercury is an enuch planet. Mercury, who has no
interest in married life or he has no interest for children. Thus venus mercury does not
have happy relation, for sexual matters. On the other hand, mercury is an acute enemy of
mars. Thus, if there is combination of mercury-venus, in any of the horoscopes, male or
husband will have less happiness or less easiness in married life.
Even though venus -mercury are the karakas of prosperity. The family will be rich
and prosperous. Venus-mars means wife and husband. But, because it is an inimical
combination, one can find, that persons having such combinations, have always life long
struggles, between husband and wife. Thus venus-mars combination or venus -rahu or
venus-ketu combination or sun-venus combination creates "Saptama Dosha".
because 7th house of natural bh-chakra is Tula or Libra. The house lord of Tula is
venus and if, venus is not powerful or in other words, if venus is encircled by enemies, like
mars, ketu and sun, it creates "Saptama Dosha". Such person does not have happiness of
7th house. Combination of venus and sun enables the lady/wife and also believes that, she
is aU-in-all. Such lady tries to hold power. Such lady/wife is not able to bear the supremacy
of others and they are adamant and very proudy in nature. In case of venus with sun
or/and mars and I or with Rahu, it becomes " Angarka Dosha " to wife or lady, resulting in
hot temprament.
Here it must be noted that, if it is a male horoscope, then the narration is of the
wife of the native. In the case of female native, it narrates the lady herself. This is
because, Venus is the wife and venus is the life of the lady, who is having such
horoscope. lfmars and Rahu are is combining with sun-venus combination, then, the
limits are increased and extremity is achieved; resulting in very, very proudy and very
adamant nature of the lady. Such person do not have happy married life. Venus-ketu
combination creates psychological disorder or creates difficulty in viginal route.
Thus venus-sun creates an adamant lady. Venus-moon in Libra creates fickle
minded lady. In" Saptarshi Nadi", there is one combination of venus -jupiter -rahu-
shani, which is narrated as " Sangad Dosha" and it creates "Saptama Dosha". also In
an other case combination of jupitor -mars-venus is narrated as, an arrogant nature of the
lady; While saturn- jupitor-venus combination is narrated as egoistic lady/wife.
If venus is weak and if near by houses to venus, are vacant and if 7th house is also
vacant then, it decreases the life span oflady or wife. In one case ofnandi nadi chart
No.493; where there is venus -mercury combination in a house, which are in 6th from the
Mars of Aries and in 5th; there is Jupitor in Leo. Between mars and Jupiter, there are no
planets. It is very clearly indicated that
mars is going to meet Venus, but there is
exalted mercury, who will fail or will make every effort of mars in failure or inactive.
Thus this boy will have no happiness of married life". "He will not be able to marry."
Mars is known as " Angaraka". If mars is with Rahu, it creates " Maha
Angaraka Dosha". Similarly mars-sun-rahu creates " Severe or maha Angaraka
Dosha" .Which creates the yoga of inflammability or creates "Dahak Yoga".
gives high temperament or extreme anger. But for understanding let us take venus
-mars yoga, where venus is the wife/lady and mars means
Thus the female
is extremely angry; in case of Venus-mars combination; May it be in male or in
female horoscope. If sun-mars-rahu or if any two planets out of three; if are placed in
fiery signs; then extremity is increased. Mercury-mars combination is a combination of
inveterate enemies. It shows contrast and quarrels between family members. Such
combination disrupts peace of mind. Sages have hinted that first of all, one must
understand the combination of planets and there after words only, the future must be
decided. There are no solutions as far as, nadi texts are concerned. In chart no .495; there is
moon-mars combination in lOth to the combination of mercury-jupitor-venus-sun, who are
in Vergo. The resultant effects are first there will be obstacles in the efforts of marriage,
because of mercury-venus. Secondly moon-mars will not allow harmony in married
life, if marriage takes place.
Mars-sun-venus-rahu combination creates a big
Maha Angaraka Dosha
meaning of "Angaraka Dosha" is that, the lady/wife will have extreme angry nature
and the husband will have to remain silent. In this case lady or wife will be proudy,
adamant, egoistic and arrogant in nature. "Angaraka Dosha", may be in a male or in
a female horoscope or Bh-chakra, the resultant effects are the same. The lady/wife
will be angry, hasty, speedy and somewhat argumentative in nature. Normally such
ladies or wives are adamant a11d arrogant.
Mars with saturn- rahu combination effects the "Purushartha" or "Purushatwa". In
this case the male/husband seems powerless. Such males are "Hen pecked husband",
known as "Kahyagara Kantha". This combination is a part of" Kalatra Dosha";
resulting in no family happiness.
"Kalatra Shukha" means, family happiness in family life. There are two such happy
combinations, which provide happy married life. They are saturn passing of venus and
jupitor -venus combination. On the contrary and on the other hand "Saturn-mars-
ketu" combination creates " Langoti Yoga". Such persons either do not take interest
in married life or their married life is full of struggles. Most of saints, sadhus, sadhvis,
or even in the horoscope of great "Mahantas" or sages etc., "Langoti yoga" of saturn-
mars -ketu is always present. Either they do not marry or if they marry, they leave
"Sansar" or family life or such persons are devoted to their work and business and they
avoid family life or minimum attention is paid to family life. It entirely depends upon the
combinations of planets. Here it must be noted that, a single planet is unable to give any
result. The criteria of "Langoti Yoga" is, that in case of a male, there must not be any female
planets in combination with jupitor. Similarly in case of a female, venus must not be
combining with any male planet, except mars; otherwise such persons, may have left family
life and entered into the life of a "sanyasi"or vis-a-vis. Even though such persons are likely to
return to the family life, if opposite sex combinations are with Saturn. Saturn-moon
combination creates bitterness in life. It creates " Shivamsha Yoga". Lord Shivji had wife
and children, but he remained away from the properties and family life and wealth. Saturn
means life and moon means travels. Lord shivji lived entire life in wanderings. Thus saturn has
two bitter and inveterate enemies, mars and ketu. The third one is moon. If saturn in association
with such planets, it destroys good fruits of the happy family life. It creats "Kalatra Dosha".
Good family life means "Conjugal Bliss". For this conjugal happiness,
combinations of other planets with mars/venus and last but not the least, with saturn are
responsible. Thus family life is entirely depending on saturn, mars and venus and their
combinations. Thus this theory of knowledge of family happiness is a wonderful and it
is unique knowledge, which is the out come from various such charts, given by sages.
Not only that but fortunate people are capable enough, to understand this knowledge of
nine planets. To achieve such knowledge, venus -ketu combination and moon-ketu
combination, are required. They are karakas ofknowledge ofVedas or Puranas or of
ancient texts. Not only that, but to give true and correct meanings, one is needed to have
"Jeevatma Sam yoga
These yoga is given by powerful sun-jupiter combination. h ~
author ofthis article has, both these Yogas and with the blessings of god, he is presenting
this secret knowledge Humbly in form of articles, before you.
Thus great sages have narrated
Tri Dosha" also against the happiness of
married life, (1) If mars is spoiled or mars is with enemies, it creates
Dosha". (2) If venus is in bad position, it creates
Saptama Dosha" or it is a dosha for
7th house. (3) And if saturn is also spoiled, along - with mars and venus, it creates
"Kalatra Dosha ".It disrupts every happiness of family life.
If all the above three planets are spoiled, then it is known as "Tri Dosha
person may be a male or a female can not get happiness of married life or even of family life.
"Angaraka dosha" is closely connected with mars. If mars-sun-rahu
combination is in fiery sign, then it creates
Maha Angaraka Dosha
An important
stage of married life is a contact between husband and wife.
Angaraka Dosha
extreme inflammability or extreme heat. This heat does not allow semen or sperms to
develope and advance.
Angaraka Dosha
affects the nature of the person and moreover
on the contrary, does not allow the bliss or happiness of the children.
Weak Venus is responsible for "Saptama Dosha". Weak venus, with enemies in
near by circumferences, destroys the good fruits of venus. Happiness ofvenus is the
base of happiness of family life. Peace is extreme necessity for a peaceful and happy
family life. Venus has sun and ketu, as an inveterate enemies. Lonely sun - rahu
combination creates " Panchama Dosha", which does not allow happiness of male
children. Mercury is also, at some what extent, an enemy for venus and it does not allow
full extent of happiness,
Thus the great sages had minutely calculated from every angles and there after
words only; they have narrated the results. Nature is the base of every kind of disputes and
struggles. Independent nature of saturn -mars -ketu or "Rashika Yoga" of rosy sexual
nature, creates dis-haramony in the married life. Some times, it breaks the happy
married life, almost resulting in divorce. For divorce, the responsible combination is
mars-ketu-venus or venus -ketu -mars. Thus by seeing all combination of nine
planets, one can come to a conclusion or decision. It is to be decided, whether there is "
Angaraka Dosha " of mars or " Saptama Dosha " of venus or there is a kalatra dosha
of saturn, mars and venus or all the (three doshas) "Tri Doshas", are present in the
horoscope and then only the decision for married life should be taken, that, whether
this boy or girl will have happiness or not and if it is, then up to what extent.It should
be determined well in advance. There are no vidhies or remedies narrated against any of
the dosha or for all doshas, in any of the original nadi texts. At so many places one can
find, " I am telling the truth" and "Happenings can not be changed", etc. verdicts
normally, are given by the great sages. Here the author would like to cite the n ~ m of a
great sage "Shri Sataya Charya". Some verdicts ofnadi texts are remarkable. Such
verdicts are "Gratia Charena Vadami Aham", it means happenings will happen,
according to movements of planets. Hence there is no scope of vidhi, vidhanas, gems
and jewelry. Today astrologers have given place to vidhis, vidhanas or remedies at every
stage. It may be doing walfare of astrologer and not of the native.
Thus it is very difficult to get a horoscope; which has a no " Dosha"; out of three
Doshas narrated above. According to nadi texts every combination of planets has
entirely a different meaning. Even the formation of combination, entirely gives
results in different ways. Combination means planets in near by houses or in trine to
each other or in 7th to each other or in eleventh house from the planet or by exchange
effects. In case of exchange, it is not predetermined and it happens all of a sudden, but it
must be noted that, the date of happening can be well determined, Not only that but well
in advance. Here at the same time, it must be noted that planets in 7th or in the 5th, can
give the effects in the second part of the life. Such simple rules and calculations can give
accuracy and correctness in forecasting the happenings (well in advance).
Courtesy:- Core ofNadi Astrology, written by Prof. R. G. Rao.
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network requires repeated dialing.)
The Chart or Bh-chakra given by great Sage Atri rushi.
Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini
Capricorn Leo
Sagittarius Scorpio Saturn Vergo
Important Note :- Names of signs/Rashies like Aries to Pisces; are never written in
original Bh-chakra I chart of nadi text. By practice, one may become perfect or expert
Only fium the birth date, any one can place all nine planets, without ascendant. It can be
arranged with the help of 100 year ephemary for any date of birth.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II
:Blank Bha-chakra :
Planets Mars-Ketu-Moon-Rahu of the horoscope and its impacts over the mastery on
bad elements oflife and work and Nadi texts.
Normally a person does not approach an astrologer, unless and until he does not feel
that, he does not get sufficient rewards or charges for his efforts and labor; as he is not
able to understand computation of planets or the drama of "Karma" or the god. In other
words normally a person does not understand, that these are the results ofhis previous
karmas. Horoscope is nothing, but a mirror of his works, previously done by him.
Not only that, but it is also a mirror reflecting the person, as who he is and what he will
become in future. Thus karmas, which are to be performed in future, are reflected by the
mirror. Thus it shows the destiny. This meaning can be well understood by experts and
scientists of Astrology. "Kannakandi Pandits", who are performing rituals, have given
bad prestige to the science of astrology .Though there are exceptions. To putting
allegation on, one or other; it is meaningless; as it will not show the reality or real
Saturn is forming future or he is a servant of " Bhagya Vidhata". Bhagya
Vidhata is a deity. It is believed that, "vidhata" is writing every bodies future on the 6th
day after birth and one can not change the bhagya written by goddess vidhata. Saturn
is very important planet of time cycle. He weighs the deeds, may be a bad or good
and He gives the results of the same, by his transit over the planets. Thus Saturn is a
justice giver. Saturn is not only a planet, but he is god of truth, namely lord Shiva
Bhagwan. Hence his transits or Gochara are very much important. Thus saturn is
the king of time cycle. The planets, which give adverse effects or bad results or
contradictory effects; are mars-ketu-moon and Rahu mainly.
Normally Nadi texts are not giving any importance to moon. On the contrary, they
are clearly stating about moon. Moon is a karaka or prime planet for expenses, losses,
travels, tours and for bad relations etc. The best example is of "Bruhaspati and
Tara". Here in this case, a student falls in love with "Guru Mata" or the wife of the
master and he takes her away. Thus one can find that, moon is a karaka of bad and
dirty relations, if he is aligned with mercury(student).More over moon gives
allegations, bad names etc. If moon and rahu are combining with each other, then the
resultant effects or such matters are severe, wider and vast in terms. As for example
Moon-Rahu means heavy expenses, losses like sea. If one has moon-Rahu combination,
(the mother of the native is narrated as moon). The mother is in
Daitya Amsha". Moon
Rahu combination gives dangerous cold like pneumonia. The readers can well
determine this fact. Thus moon means expenses or losses.
Similarly mars is the other planet. Mars is considered as an "Angaraka". He is not
believing in peace, or in "Dharma" even. He is creating obstacles. He creates break or
disturbance or stoppage. Mars is also karaka for poverty and labour. Whenever saturn
crosses mars ofthe horoscope, the transit gives adverse and contradictory results. It
creates difficulties in work or service. Powerful mars gives break or stoppages in work.
If there is independent business, then during that period, income is decreased. Saturn-
mars creates chances of accidents, but such accidents must be present in the horoscope.
Mars and ketu are equivalent planets, but with slight difference. Sages have narrated
Ketu Kujawat Bhavet". Ketu gives more bad results than mars. Mars ketu
aligning to gather, gives struggles and quarrels and court cases and some time
physical fights also.
Ketu is a karaka of struggles, disputes, quarrels and physical fights. It creates legal
problems. "When saturn crosses the degrees of ketu, on that very point, previous
birth karmas are completed". This is the language of great sages. Therefore when
saturn is passing over the ketu of birth chart, it is the worst period of life. At the tail
point at the last, which is a very bad period of life. Thus transit of saturn on the sign,
where ketu is placed, 30 months of such transit of saturn, prove a very difficult time
or "the worst period of life". The sages have state-d that, this is a period of worshiping
the gods. There are several such examples in nadi texts, where the sages have asked the
native, in such horoscopes, to worship god. In case of saturn -mars -ketu combination, it
gives fetal difficulties and struggles or suicide or "Imprisonment Yogas". It is known
as " Langoti yoga" .
If any person is having mars-ketu combination means, if both are in same sign or
are in near by houses or in trine or in 7th or in 11th to each other, it forms mars-ketu
combination. resultant effects are the same. Even there may be exchange of
constellations, between mars and ketu, it is also considered as mars-ketu combination.
When saturn crosses over such mars-ketu combination, it gives struggles, disputes,
physical fights or police cases or imprisonment yogas etc. Resulting in zero income and
adversely affecting the physique of the native. The logical reason behind this is that,
saturn means justice, mars means police and ketu means hand-cuffs. It creates
"Bandhana Yoga", means imprisonment yoga. The reason of such bad period is that, in
previous birth, he had not taken care of his father, mother and Brother and family and he
had worn "Langoti". He had avoided the responsibility of family or in some cases ofnadi
texts, it is narrated that, in previous birth, he had quarrels, disputes, physical fights
with brothers and because of him, one or two brothers died. The resultant effect is
that, in this birth also, he has no good relation with father, mother or brother. During
such transit of saturn, the prestige of the person is also decreased. These all bad results
have been faced by Holy Jagat- Guru Shakara Charya- Shri Jayendra Sharaswati.
The case of his holiness is discussed in a separate chapter.
Rahu and ketu are not planets, they are shadowy planets. Even though the
resultant effects or happenings of Rahu-ketu can be forecasted in advance. According to
Nadi Texts, the meanings are entirely different. Even though the results are accurate
and without fail. Mars Rahu combination is a combination, which creates "
Yoga". As per Nadi texts mars-Rahu creates "Kantaka Yoga", means danger for life.
It is given in Saptarshi Nadi and the native died because of an accident. In one
horoscope of a female, there is mars -rahu combination. Great sage Atri has stated that,
it is a " Kantaka Yoga" and the husband will die, because of un-natural death. Rahu is a
karaka of diseases and sorrow. The transit of saturn, over the combination of mars-Rahu
gives an accident to brother, while at the same time, the native may face accident or
dangerous fever or typhoid or zondis etc. It is known as excessive heat yoga. The
beneficial aspect of mars Rahu is that, it provides much men power under the person or
contacts are increased or work field is having ample lot of men power. Some times
person goes to perform work, where much persons are gathering, like stock exchange
(share market) etc. At the same time, such mars-Rahu creates losses, because of haste,
anger, speed or because of arguements.
When saturn crosses venus ofthe horoscope, it gives economics rise, in income
and tangible wealth. It depends upon, whether the venus ofhoroscope is, powerful or
not. Similarly venus is a female planet and when Rahu is aligned with venus, it gives
contacts with many females, in case of a male horoscope, it is resulted in "Flirting
Nature". Similarly mercury -rahu provides " Buhu Vidhya Yogaha", means many
types of know ledges.
The out come is that, if the above narrated planets: moon, mars, ketu/ Rahu or its
combinations; like moon-mars or mars-ketu or moon-Rahu or mars-Rahu combination;
if they are present in any of the horoscope the resultant effects are same, as narrated
as earlier .If such planets are in 3 near by houses, then such period of the transit of saturn
is very difficult. The period can be said as period of pit falls. Such three signs, when are
crossed by transitting saturn, then within such minimum seven years and six month time
and if next sign is blank, then 10 years period, is a very- very bad period of life of the
native. At the same time, if there are no planets in the 7th sign to such planets, again
period of a seven and half year after 15 years, is very difficult. Such combination can not
give good results. Economic position is spoiled and language of happiness becomes
restricted or limited. Because of difficulties, the health is also spoiled. Thus every type
of difficulties, are created by such planets and their combinations. The results are
according to the nature of planets and the signs, in which they are placed.
The Chart or Bh-chakra given by great Sage Atri rushi .
Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini
Aquarius Cancer
Rahu Jupiter
Moon Mercury
Capricorn Leo
Sagittarius Scorpio Saturn /Libra Vergo
Courtesy:- Core ofNadi Astrology, written by Prof. R. G. Rao.
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network requires repeated dialing.)
Important Note:- Names of signs/Rashies like Aries to Pisces are never written in Bh-
chakra I chart. By practice, one may become perfect or expert and only from the birth
date, one can place all nine planets, without ascendant. It can be arranged with the help
of 1 00 year ephemary.
II Shri KrishnarpanamAstu II
Blank Bha-chakra :
Importance of Saturn-Mars and Venus in Kalatra Dosha and Nadi Texts
:A case study.
If one goes through all the Nadi texts, lying in Tamilnadu, Aandhra and Kerala, one
will find, " Kalatra Dosha " only in one chart narrated by the great sage Atri Rushi. This
chart is appended below. It is a male chart and it is given in the book, "core of Nadi
Astrology", written by Prof. R. G Rao. Thanks to hon. Pro.R. G. Rao. The positions of all
Nine planets are given below :-
There is jupiter- mercury-sun-venus combination in cancer and in second, there is
ketu in Leo and in the fourth, there is exalted saturn. In the 8thRahu and moon combination
is in Aquarius and in the 1 01 mars is in his own house, Aries.
As seen in other article, mars, ketu and moon are inveterate enemies of saturn,
transits of saturn; over such planets; are not beneficial, which every reader can observe.
Here there is saturn mars opposition, which is a combination of acute enemies. Mars and
ketu both are in the same direction signs and are in religious or eastern sign. Thus
Saturn is opposed by mars ketu combination and gets re-reflectionoryaspect from each
other. Saturn-Mars-Ketu combinationoften bedrags a pesson away from family life.
Because of independant, idle and quarrelsome hature family life is spoiled.Therefore this boy
will have difficulties in living common life also. He must have difficulties in married life
also. There are two marriages, which are written in this Nadi text for this boy. Not only that,
but the firSt wife will have an abortion.
The second important planet for "Kalatra Shukha" or happy family life is venus. If
venus is powerful and if he is encircled by friendly planets, then or, if there is jupiter-
venus or saturn-venus combination, then the person I native will have "every type of
happiness". Mercury denotes comforts of life. Transit of Saturn on venus indicates
happy married life. Thus venus has supremacy; or master force; over every type of
happiness. Mars-sun-moon and ketu are inveterate enemies of venus. In the above
example, venus is with sun and in the second, there is mars ketu combination. Thus venus
can not progress and is obstructed and encircled by enemies. Over and above venus is
in sign cancer. Such moon-venus combination is narrated, as similar to debilitated
venus. Thus he is placed in enemy camp and imprisoned in the house of enemy. The
result is that, this boy will have no happiness in married life.
The great sage has stated, at other place that, there is "Saptama Dosha". It is
because, venus is spoiled. Venus is the owner of the 7th house of the natural sign
Libra ofthe zodiac. Venus in bad condition creates, "Saptama Dosha". Thus this
boy will have defects in happiness of the 7th house or in married life. Because of the
contrary and adverse position of the venus, it creates breach of every type of
happiness. Even enimies in taurus and libra also creats,
Saptama Dosha

In addition to the above, there is saturn- moon-Rahu combination, in western
direction, which creates,
Maha Vish Yoga". It means great poisonous yoga. In the
second to saturn, there is sun-mercury-jupiter-venus combination and in the 3rd, there is
mars-ketu combination. Thus saturn- sun-mars-ketu are in serial order, which is an
adverse combination for saturn. Family life is also defective. In other words, it means,
there are quarelling members in the family ofthe boy/girl.
Third important planet for kalatra or family happiness is mars. Here there is mars-
ketu combination and mars has Rahu in the 11th house from him. Because of this situation
of mars, it creates
Angaraka Dosha". As a result, wife will have extreme hot
temperament. This boy will have to bear the anger of the wife. Because of mars and
mercury in center to each other, from "out worldly ", the wife will be calm. Defect of
mars is created by (1) mars-saturn opposition and (2) there are no planet in near by
houses to mars. (3) Next two houses from mars are vacant. The third house is
debilitation house of mars and next, there is ketu. Such next four houses create
defects for mars. Defect in mars shows defects in purushatwa and maleness.
Thus here all the 3 "Doshas" known as "Tri Dosha", are present in this
horoscope. In other words, it is "kalatra Dosha". Therefore, this boy will have, not
even ordinary happiness and happiness of married life and he will have no such
things like happy family life or even ordinary happiness.Thus this boy will have
struggles throughout, difficult and sad life and he must be living the life like "Sanyashi
or Sadh u". After the second marriage with mercury, this boy will have little peace.
In short, where there is a "Kalatra Dosha", the wife I lady in case of female
horoscope; will have hot temperament. On the other hand, male may have some defect
in" maleness" or "Purushartha" or "Purushatwa". In addition to the above, saturn is a
karaka for whole life. Hence the life will be struggle-some and encircled by
contradictions, resulting in life, full of miseries and difficulties, there are no hopes of
happiness even in the horizons. At some-what extent, the help can only be received from
the children.
The Chart or Bh-chakra given by great Sage Atri rushi.
Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini
Aquarius Cancer
Rahu Jupiter
Moon Mercury
Capricorn Leo
Sagittarius Scorpio Saturn Vergo
Courtesy :- Core of Nadi Astrology, written by Prof. R. G. Rao.
Important Note :- Names of signs/Rashies like Aries to Pisces are never written in
original Bh-chakra I chart of nadi text. By practice, one may become perfect or expert. Only
from the birth date, one can place all nine planets of any birth date, without ascendant. It can
be arranged with the help of 1 00 year ephemary for any date of birth.
Fortune is to be divided in to two parts. It is an humble opinion that, by toil and
labor, one gets fortune or by intellectual ability, one gets fortune, is known as fortune by
"Purushartha". It may be by intellectual ability also; while on the other side; hereditary
fortune is known as luck. Luck is the fortune, which is not by labour (Mental or
Physical even); but by birth. These main two parts are to be seen with details:
According to planets, Jupiter gives the first type of fortune, by labour and toil.
Powerful jupiter prepare a capable and strong male person, helped by his own efforts
and work of native.
"Venus is giving the luck, which is by birth" and hereditary. This fortune is
known as "Deiva" or "Prarabdhha". Luck may be available through, sale of heraditary
properties also.
Third type of fortune; which is with mixed and combine effects of jupiter and
venus.It is like the windfall benefits by gambling or by horse-racing or by speculation
etc. It is the resultant effect of both the planets namely jupiter and venus. There
intellectual ability, efforts as well as money, all are needed.
Thus as seen above :-
(1) Fortune is available by labor and "Purushartha" to a person. It is known as
jupiterian fortune. It is resultant and combine effects of saturn and jupiter. By hard
toil and labour; may be with intellectual or physical labour; one gets this kind of fortune.
It is depending on personal and individual efforts. A person may be a male or female,
"Saturn jupiter combination" gives "Maha Bhagya Yoga". It is by "Purushartha". Work
is worship. One get fortune by his own efforts and work. This is a Karma-Dharma yoga,
which was with great archar Arjun-Pandavputra.
(2) Luck is known as " Prarabdhha". This fortune is hereditary and is available by birth.
Luck does not require much individual efforts. Though between these two, there is a very
narrow margin. Windfall profits are also available, which may be considered as fourth
part, but it is, because of the combine effects of mars and venus, where personal
intellectual efforts are required. Mars means "Purushartha" and venus means "Luck".
If venus is aligned with saturn, it is also a case of "Mahabhagya Yoga", as saturn has
two best friends; one is jupiter and other is venus. Seturn owns tenth and eleventh house
and Jupiter owns ninth house of natural bh-chakra or netural zodiac sign.
As perlogic venus always remains near to the sun, It gives hereditary luck.
Venus can not remain far ahead or too behind from sun; but Venus has to remain within
three next signs and within previous three signs. Sun is karaka of father. Hence venus
is correlated with paternal properties . Venus is known as laxmi and is the wife of sun.
Thus luck is the resultant effect of venus, which is known as" Bhagya" or it may be even,
luck of wife.
In case of a male, if jupiter is combined with sun, (see the rules of combination of
planets, as per nadi texts, which are entirely different than the orthodox astrology), it is
sure that the male will have paternal properties. if jupiter is with sun, by any of theN adi
rule, then it is sure that jupiter I male may get hereditary properties. The word "may" is
used. It will be proved by one example. If one person is having Venus, mercury, Rahu
combination before sun-jupiter combination or vis-a-vis,planets, then such properties will
not reach to the hands of such male native, as father also will not get benefit of such
heraditory properties.
The combination rules are: planets in near by houses or planets in trine to each
other or in seventh to each other or if there is any exchange of planets; such planets are
forming the combinations of planets.
At the same time, Venus near to the sun-ketu, shows the properties of father-in-law
also. Ketu shows in-laws' properties.
Similarly Rahu means grand father and venus, mercury, saturn are the karakas
of landed properties and wealth. Here venus is "Shridevi" or "laximi" and mercury
means "Bhudevi". In so many cases of "Nandi Samhita". It is cited that, Saturn and
mercury are considered, as "land lord planets". If Rahu is aligned with mercury,
venus, and saturn, then it shows hereditary properties from ages. Or from ancestors.
Rahu means mouth and Rahu is grabbing or swallowing every thing. Thus if Rahu is last
with these three planets and if two houses are vacant and if Jupiter is there after words in
the fourth house, then such male native does not get anything from the hereditary
If there is Saturn-jupiter combination and if such combination is powerful, then
such male person; and in case of female native is saturn- venus combination is powerful
; he or she gets a big fortune by own labor or by own earning. Here it must be noted that
saturn is a karaka of "karma" or work. Such person will get advantage of such fortune
by his own labour and work.
Here there is a pre-condition, that such saturn-jupiter or saturn-venus
combination must not have vacant houses in near by houses or in the seventh or in
11th house. If such houses are also vacant, then it is a case of "Bhagya Yoga Bhanga".
It means all fortune yogas are vanished.
According to nadi texts; As we have seen above; saturn mercury are karaka of
fixed assets; for them,(" land lords" words are used.) Venus is a karaka of tangible
assets, like cash, jewelary, gems etc. and it is karaka for fiXed assets also. If such
venus is aligned with saturn mercury or mars or if mercury-venus are with Rahu, then it
creates a "big yoga for houses, buildings, lands and tangible assets". For determination of
the wealth of father, which planets are combined with venus and sun, is the determining
factor for the wealth of the father. The combination mast be of favaurable planets. The
planets of such combination, except sun, are the partners of such properties.
The out come is that, in case of a male native, if jupiter is placed near-by to sun or in
7th or in 11th to sun, then such boy, is partner in his father's properties and gets
hereditary property. The condition is only one that, if there is rahu or ketu in between
such planets and Jupiter then such boy will receive, that much less properties. Even if
it is in same house in degrees, then also it will be the same result.
FEMALE NATIVE : On the contrary, ifvenus is in near by houses to sun, then such.
female gets part of properties from her father or father-in-law. It is very easy to
determine from Bh-Chakra (only planets of birth date) or from the horoscope that, whether
this boy or (this gir )I (native) will get the part of hereditary properties or not. Even it is
very easy to decide, how much properties, the native will get from the hereditary properties
or from the father.
So many a time, it is seen that a person, who has got hereditary properties, because
of the extra-vagant nature; either he expenses or makes losses and as a result; there no
properties remain. This matter can also be observed from the horoscope very easily.
The karaka grahas of wealth and properties are venus, mercury and saturn and if there
after words; there is mars or moon or mars-moon combination or mars-moon-Rahu
combination; then such a person is not able to maintain his family properties. Even if
properties are received, such properties are depreciated or decreased.
lfthere is saturn- venus combination or saturn- venus- mercury combination
in the bh-chakras or horoscope, such person is doing independent business. Such
person gets best and favorable position in independent business and collects huge
wealth and properties. But if at the same time, if there is combination of luminaries
likes sun or moon with saturn, then such person does " Gulami " or service and
independent business or vis-a-vis as a, part time job.
If a person; after a very hard labor; if does not get "Bhagya" or fortune; in that
case saturn is a "Karma karaka" means karaka of work; then his saturn must be
weak, which is definite. Such a person's saturn must have not, any planets in near by
houses or in 5th or in 9th or in 7th house to saturn, ifthere is a friendly planet (venus or
jupiter) in 5th or in 11th or in 7th or in 9th house, then in that case the person gets
"Bhagya" or fortune in the second part oflife. Generally second part starts, only after
30 years of age. Such details, one can gather only by the deep readings of "nadi texts" and
such matters can not be seen any where else. Thus we have seen various types of fortunes
available to a human mankind from nadi texts in details and the next part will be given with
examples on fortune or luck etc.
II Shri Krishnarpanam Astu II