The ten most buzzed-about books for professionals 1.

"Mandela's Way: Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage" by Richard Stengel LinkedIn Member Pramod umar Srivastava on Stengel's book:

!e sa" the innate hidden as#irations in his #eo#le $ to be e%ual&
2. '(he ) !abits of highly *ffective Peo#le+ Stephen R. Covey LinkedIn member ,nna Stelmu-h:

.ften common sense is hidden in the routine, and therefore "hen someone li-e Mr& Covey brings it to the surface again, it starts ma-ing even more sense&
3. '(he /lchemist+ Paolo Coehlo Lin-ed,n Member Charles !urst:

(he 0ourney of Santiago and follo"ing his #ersonal legend has changed the "ay , looat my life&
4. '!o" to Win 1riends and ,nfluence Peo#le+ Dale Carnegie LinkedIn Member 2arney P& Po#-in:

3nderstanding your customer in de#th is a brilliant yet obvious and often overloo-ed conce#t&
5. “ tlas Shr!gged" yn Rand Lin-ed,n Member 4onna 5reiner:

6Rand7 "as a bit ahead of her time, but also very much a "oman of her time& (here is much to admire about her, and also much to disagree "ith&
6. “Les Miserables" #i$tor %!go LinkedIn Member Chris 2urton:

,t teaches us the im#ortance of 0ustice, redem#tion, "ords "ith actions, commitment and endurance, faithfulness and love& /nd it's a great story&
7. “ s a Man &hinketh" 'ames llen Lin-ed,n member *ri-a Po"ell$2urson:

,t's a short, #ithy read, advocating a change in thought #rocess to change outcome&&&, sing its effectiveness "henever , can8
8. &he (ible Lin-ed,n member Sam Lee:

(he #roverbs are full of incredible "isdom regarding ho" to conduct yourself in your #ersonal and business life&
9. “&hink and )ro* Ri$h" +apoleon %ill Lin-ed,n member (alha 9(erry: !usayn:

;othing has changed me more &&&, "ould be grinding a"ay in medical school if it "asn<t for ;a#oleon !ill&

"(eam of Rivals" 4oris earns 5ood"in Lincoln member Ross 5ibson: Lincoln<s understanding of #eo#le. to bring divergent o#inions into the conversation and ta-e decisive action = are all things "e should learn& .1 . of the necessity to listen.