Fall 2011/2012. Level Code ME 341
thermal systems one

Semester Fall Title Controls and safety of

Date: November 21th Answer all questions

Mid Term Exam

Duration: One Hour

1- Explain what is mean by control and safety in thermal system. 2- Sketch the multivariable control system in a boiler. 3- State the types of controller and explain the effect of each element on circuit’s performance? 4- Explained the main hazard and their control in pressure vessel? 5- Draw the temperature control system with independent alarm? 6- At t=0 a temperature sensor was suddenly changed from 25o C to 100o C. The sensor output voltage given by the expression V=(0.06 )*[T-20]. The table below gives the voltage measured and the times. Determine the average time constant of the sensor and the expected reading after one second? t (seconds) V (volts) 0 0.1 0.2 2.8 0.3 3.4 0.4 3.9 0.5 4.2 0.3 1.8

Good Luck

Dr. Mohamed Elgohary

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