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By: Adelene Ung

September 27, 1984

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Grew up singing country music Was in a church choir Wrote her own songs every time she got home, the songs would talk about her day

Taught herself how to play the guitar since she was 12 years old

Joined many talent shows

Left hometown when she was 16 years old.

Early Career:
Won a radio contest to sing with Shania Twain Signed to Arista Records in New York When she was signed to she dropped out of high school after the 11th grade major label immediately She moved to Los Angeles California,

than she moved to the west coast She sold her first album on June 4, 2002 called Let Go with the hit single Complicated

Late Career:
She sold three more albums Under My Skin (2005) The Best Damn Thing (2007) and Goodbye Lullaby (2011)

She also has a new album coming out this year

Her Musical Influences are from punk bands such as Green Day and Blink 182, and also from country artists

She also gets her inspiration by what her feelings are and what her feelings are

Wont Let You Go was written somewhere in 2000 by Avril Lavigne

The song was in the Avril B-Sides album