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N. Bower p.

Nadine A. Bower
!!47 " #. $igh %t. & 'olumbus( )$ 4!&0&


Objective: To acquire a full time art teacher position

*eacher %trengths
;ntegration Assessment Behavior 0anaging %lassroom 4nvironment 2assion for <earning 0inds,On,<earning Awareness

+mployee %trengths
Optimistic %ollaborative 2roblem 8olver 9tili!es Technolog$ 4njo$s %hallenges 4nergetic 2unctual

-rtistic %trengths
%eramics Art istor$ 2ainting: Acr$lic : Oil 2hotograph$: &ilm : #igital '# : *# #esign 2rintma-ing #rawing

Otterbein University, .esterville, O Bachelor of Arts in Art 4ducation 5,)' Teaching %ertification in 6isual Art 0ajor 32A of *.*7"7.( 3raduation: #ecember '())

'urrent *eaching +,perience

Associate Kindergarten Teacher , Bright ori!ons"Battelle #iscover$ %enter, %olumbus, O &eb '()* + %urrent %ooperate with a co,teacher and Better Together %ommittee %reate and implement wee-l$ lesson plans that include all content areas and a dail$ art activit$ .or- wee-l$ to build classroom learning centers that strengthen our classroom environment/ specificall$ a strong creative arts area including multiple and changing materials and inspirational materials %ommunicate dail$ with parents, creating and maintaining a comfortable and collaborative setting for families 0anage '( four and five $ear old students dail$ Painting Instructor, Art .ith Anna, Be1le$, O Aug '()* + %urrent Teaches step,b$,step painting and painting techniques to adults and children 0anage time and )( or more painting students 2rovides constant informal assessment and feedbac 0aintains a clean and organi!ed wor-space and suppl$ area

N. Bower p. '

.ast *eaching +,perience

Student Teacher, Olentang$ <ibert$ igh 8chool, 2owell, O Aug + #ec '()) 8olo taught three Art ; classes and four #rawing classes Observed four different teach st$les from all members of the O< 8 Art #epartment %ollaborated with the O< 8 Art #epartment in creating more effective, formal assessment strategies b$ testing higher level comprehension Methods Course, Northland igh 8chool, %olumbus, O Apr + =un '()( Applied motivational strategies and classroom management strategies in an urban school setting with limited supplies and resources. ELL Tutoring, .esterville North igh 8chool, .esterville, O 8ept + #ec '((> Tutored 4nglish <anguage <earners using graphic organi!ers and alternative communication methods and remained culturall$ aware during instruction

/ele0ant 1eadership +,perience

Team Leader, Buc-le %lothing 8tore, %olumbus, O Aug '()' + &eb '()* Applied management and informal assessment strategies dail$ 2romoted sales, managed Teammate sales, and coordinated visual merchandising throughout the store 0aintained constant awareness of guest %ommunicated continuousl$ with co,leaders and teammates o!unteer, 3oodwill of %olumbus Art 8tudio and 3aller$, %olumbus, O Apr '()' Organi!ed studio suppl$ shelves and galler$ displa$s %reated a wor-space for artists that allowed for a more independent and creative process %ritiqued and evaluated artists wor- while providing constructive feedbacCommunity Chair, 8tudent Athlete Advisor$ %ommittee ?8AA%@, Otterbein 9niversit$ '((A + '()( Bepresented the Otterbein 8oftball Team in front of other 8AA% members and officials 4ased communication between team and other Otterbein and N%AA teams as well as N%AA officials in regards to rules and polic$ concerns "a!! Counci! Treasurer, Otterbein 9niversit$ Besidence alls, .esterville, O '((C , '((> %ommunicated the concerns and desires of fellow residents to the dormitor$ administration and Otterbein 9niversit$ 0anaged the budget for the residence hallDs quarterl$ activities as acting treasurer

%o2tball and 'oaching +,perience

Coach, Ath grade softball team, .alnut 8prings 0iddle 8chool, .esterville, O &eb '()) + 0a$ '()' %oached thirteen Ath grade students 2ractice behavior management and lesson planning as part of dail$ practice routine 2rovided opportunities for team members to learn goal ma-ing strategies 8trengthened team membersD independent learning and self management s-ills Team Ca#tain, Otterbein 9niversit$ 6arsit$ 8oftball, .esterville, O Aug '((C , =un '()( <ead team as both a closing pitcher and as a team captain &acilitated communication between pla$ers and coaches 2articipated in wee-l$ leadership training courses %ollaborated with co,captains to organi!e monthl$ volunteer opportunities for our team