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School-Wide Expectations and Etiquette for the Freshman Class

Classroom Expectations
Be Respectful: Every student has the right to learn in a safe and secure classroom; you do not have the right to impede or jeopardize that in any way. Be respectful of yourself, your environment and equipment, your fellow classmates, and your teacher. Be Responsible: Defined as: Liable to be called into account or morally accountable for ones action, capable of rational conduct. Act rationally; be timely; choose wisely. Recognize your own role in building a fun and productive community of learners. Understand there will be consequences, both good and bad, for your actions. Be Cooperative: Time and again you will be asked to do something that you may not like or think is worthless. Be mature; work through it. You may find that getting there is half the fun. Our world demands that you work well with others. Think choose wisely. Be A Contributor: Do your job! Challenge yourself to be productive. You are here; use your time wisely. Be Peaceful: Simply put, be kind to each otherexercise self-control.

Rules & Procedures

Echo: Students and parents have 24 hour access to the online grade book, behavior tracker, and assignment log. Echo is a tool for learning and should not be used as a social network site. Students should not share their passwords and anything that happens under their name will be the students responsibility. Plagiarism: All students are expected to maintain academic honesty and integrity as students at New Tech High by doing their own work to the best of their abilities. Academic dishonesty will result in the student receiving a zero for that activity. Repeated academic dishonesty may result in the pursuit of an escalation of more severe consequences. Cell Phone Etiquette: Students are NOT TO USE the telephone or texting capabilities of cell phones in the classroom unless instructed by the instructor. Cell phones used inappropriately during the class period will be confiscated and turned into the main office to be recorded and dealt with as per the student handbook. Electronic Etiquette: Electronic devices, including headphones, must remain stowed away UNLESS EXPRESS PERMISSION IS GRANTED BY THE INSTRUCTOR. Electronic devices used inappropriately during the school day will be confiscated and turned into the main office to be recorded and dealt with as per the student handbook. Technology Etiquette: Computers are a tool for learning at New Tech. Inappropriate use of computers or computer programs may result in loss of use for a class period. Students should follow all instructions given by the teacher regarding computer use. Abuse of technology in any way may result in disciplinary action. Late Work: Work received after the due date and time will NOT be graded unless the late work is due to an excused absence. In the case of an excused absence, the student will receive a grace period equaling the number of days absent to turn in missing work.

Anne Buck, Principal 1634 23rd Street, Zion, Illinois, 60099 Phone: 847-731-9800 Fax: 847-746-5428

Call to Order: If it becomes necessary to call for the classs attention more than twice, there will immediately be a pop quiz. Students will be asked to take out a piece of paper or to open a word document if they are already logged into a computer and to put their name at the top. The instructor will count down from ten; when the instructor reaches one, the quiz will begin. The quiz will be 5 questions, asked 1 at a time, and no question will be repeated. Papers must be turned in immediately. Drop Box: All digital assignments are to be turned into the Drop Box in the appropriate assignment folder. Assignments must be labeled as LAST NAME -FIRST INITIAL TITLE OF THE ASSIGNMENT. Assignments not turned in accordingly will not be graded. Preparedness: Students will bring the following to class daily: 3-ring binder with notes and handouts, planner, pen or pencil, and flash/pen/thumb/usb drive (optional). Students must keep backpacks and coats in their lockers at all times. Daily Professionalism Points: Each day a student can receive up to 5 professionalism points. Students earn professionalism "points" according to the teachers discretion. If a student cannot demonstrate the classroom expectations, the student will forfeit the assigned points. Right to Learn: All students have a right to seek scholarship uninhibited by fellow classmates. Students found to be interfering with another students right to learn will be dealt with in the following manner: 1. The offending student will be asked to stop or correct the offending behavior. 2. If the student chooses not to correct the offending behavior, the student will forfeit the days professionalism points and have a conference with the teacher. 3. If the student continues to choose not to correct the offending behavior, a telephone call will be placed to the offenders parent or guardian. 4. If the offending behavior continues, the student will be asked to leave the classroom and report to the principal's office. Offending behaviors include, but are not limited to: damaging or tampering with another students possessions, disrupting instructional time, physically assaulting another student, chronic tardiness, not wearing ID or appropriate dress, using explicit or rude language, moving about the classroom without purpose, using electronic devices at inappropriate time, remaining chronically off-task, distracting other students from their work, using the internet inappropriately, playing games, copying another students work or allowing anyone to copy your work, or any actions contrary to the classroom expectations

Anne Buck, Principal 1634 23rd Street, Zion, Illinois, 60099 Phone: 847-731-9800 Fax: 847-746-5428