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march08.2014 b.docSolons propose special license for public utility drivers

march08.2014 b.docSolons propose special license for public utility drivers

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Solons propose special license for public utility drivers
Solons propose special license for public utility drivers

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Published by: pribhor2 on Mar 10, 2014
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MARCH 8, 2014

NR # 3399B

Solons propose special license for public utility drivers
Lawmakers have filed a bill requiring all public utility drivers to secure a Utility Driver’s License before being allowed to drive any form of public utility transportation. Reps. Mariano iamonte! "r. and "ulieta #ortuna $ arty%list! & '(&#)(R* said )ouse +ill ,-,.! to be known as ublic Utility Driver’s Licensing &ct! would pave the way towards improving the skills! attitude and safe driving habits of public utility drivers. /'his is due to the fact that their skills! attitude and driving habits will be considered prior to the issuance of a public utility driver’s license!0 iamonte said. iamonte said the number of bus or any other public transport accidents lately has come to alarming rates that leave doubts on the safety of public transport. 1n most cases! iamonte said! drivers have been blamed for negligence that leads to these accidents. 2n the other hand! #ortuna underscored that under current regulations3 any driver without the necessary e4perience and inherent attitude or habit of safe driving could drive or operate public utility vehicles. /1t is about time that we introduce an improved system of allowing any person to drive or operate a public utility vehicle!0 #ortuna stressed. Under the bill! no public utility driver’s license shall be issued unless the applicant has complied with the mandated 56 days of actual driving e4amination for public utility train! 6 days for bus drivers! 6 days for public utility 7eeps and , days for tricycles that will show the actual safe driving habits of the utility bus! 7eep or tricycle driver applicant. 'he driver applicant should also provide a certificate of safe driving habits issued by an accredited private driving evaluation entity. 'he measure mandates the Land 'ransportation 2ffice $L'2* to create a 8pecial Driver’s Licensing Division that will administer the issuance of Utility Driver’s Licenses. 'he bill further provides that before a driver applicant can be issued a ublic Utility Driver’s License! the applicant shall have purchased or contracted an insurance agreement with a reliable insurance firm to compensate damages! in7uries or death to passengers or third parties in case of intentional! wrongful! negligent or accidental in7uries in the course of driving a utility vehicle.

Moreover! all public utility vehicles are prohibited to run faster than 9: kilometers per hour of speed. &ll drivers and or operators of public utility vehicles must ensure that speed meters are functioning while in operation. ;iolators will be penali<ed with three months license suspension and fined with 6:! ::: for driving without the Utility Driver’s License. =or violation of any traffic regulation! violators will be slapped with a penalty of three months license suspension and fine of 5:!::: for first time offenders3 .:!::: fine and si4 months license suspension will be meted for the second offense and one year license suspension and 6:!::: fine for succeeding violations. $,:* lvc

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