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Prayers for the Departed in the Coptic Orthodox Church

Priest: Again,let us ask God the Pantocrator, the Father of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ. We ask and entreat Your goodness, O lover of ankind, re e !er, O Lord, the souls of Your servants "ho have fallen aslee#, our fathers and our !rethren. Deacon: Pra$ for our fathers and !rethren "ho have fallen aslee# and re#osed in the faith of Christ since the !eginning% our hol$ fathers the arch!isho#s, our fathers the !isho#s, our fathers the hego ens, our fathers the #riests, our !rethren the deacons, our fathers the onks, and our fathers the la$ en, and for the full re#ose of the Christians, that Christ our God a$ re#ose all their souls in the #aradise of &o$% and "e too, accord erc$ unto us, and forgive us our sins.

Congregation: Lord have


Priest: Graciousl$, O Lord, re#ose all their souls in the !oso of our hol$ fathers A!raha , 'saac and Jaco!. Sustain the in a green #asture, !$ the "ater of rest, in the #aradise of &o$% the #lace out of "hich grief, sorro" and groaning have fled a"a$, in the light of Your saints. (aise u# their !odies also, on the da$ "hich You have a##ointed, according to Your true #ro ises, "hich are "ithout lie. Grant the the good things of Your #ro ises% that "hich an e$e has not seen nor an ear heard, neither have co e u#on the heart of an% the things "hich You, O God, have #re#ared for the that love Your )ol$ *a e. For there is no death for Your servants, !ut a de#arture. +ven if an$ negligence or heedlessness has overtaken the as en, since the$ "ere clothed in flesh and d"elt in this "orld, O God, as the Good One and Lover of ,ankind, graciousl$ accord, O Lord, Your servants the orthodo- Christians, "ho are in the "hole "orld, fro the east to the "est and fro the north to the south, each one according to his na e and each one according to her na e, O Lord re#ose and forgive the . For no one is #ure and "ithout !le ish even though his life on earth is a single da$. As for those, O Lord, "hose souls You have taken, re#ose the , and a$ the$ !e "orth$ of the kingdo of the heavens. As for us all, grant us our Christian #erfection that "ould !e #leasing unto You, and give the , and us, a share and an inheritance "ith all Your saints.

[Depending on who has reposed, the following prayers are then prayed] Prayer for Departed Men
O God eternal, Who kno"s the unrevealed !efore it is done, Who kno"s ever$thing You ade all things and !rought the to !eing fro nothing, in Whose hands lies the #o"er of life and death, Who descended into )ades and ascended. Your creation of an "as through Your o"n unfatho a!le $ster$, O our ,aster, &ust as the transience of Your li ited creatures unto eternal resurrection. You are the One Who "e thank for ever$ condition, for our entrance to the "orld, and for our de#arture on the ho#e of resurrection. We !less the a##earance of Your Christ, and the sonshi# that You gave us through )i "hen descended to our suffering and

resurrected us "ith )i to no suffering. O ,aster, acce#t this hol$ trust that is the soul of Your servant ..../, and #reserve it in co fort until the resurrection and a##earance of Your Christ, in the !oso of our fathers, A!raha , 'saac, and Jaco! in the #lace that esca#ed fro #ain, sadness and sighing. And if he co itted an$ sin to"ard You, like the rest of ankind, forgive and #ardon hi . A!olish the re ainder of his #unish ent, for You have created an for life and not death. (e#ose hi in that #lace, and "e also "ho are here, have erc$ u#on us. ,ake us "orth$ to "orshi# You "ithout interru#tion. 0hose "ho are ourning, console the . 0hose "ho are left !ehind, hel# the . 0hose "ho are !ereaved of hi , aid the . 0hose "ho have attended and #artici#ated in grievances, have erc$ u#on the and !less the . Grant the a heavenl$ reco #ense in the ne" da"ning unto the age of ages. 1ecause You are erciful and co #assionate and unto 2You do "e send all glor$, honor, and "orshi#% O Father, Son, and )ol$ S#irit, no" and ever and unto the ages of ages. A en. Our Father...

Prayer for Departed Women
0rul$, the a!undance of Your co #assion has !een #erfected, and Your "ords have never !eco e o!solete, O Al ight$ God, the Father of our Savior and 3ing, Christ, our life our healer, and rescuer, Jesus our Lord. Who ca e do"n and saved us fro death tra#s !$ )is life2giving death% )e rene"ed our life once ore !$ )is resurrection fro the dead, and gave us the #ledge of resurrection% )e crushed the !itter thorn !$ )is cross, and "as not asha ed of "hat ha##ened to )i , !ecause it fell to )is lot through hu !leness for our salvation. We "orshi# You "ith )i , and the )ol$ S#irit% "e !o" our heads !efore You, as slaves and servants, to Your hol$ co ands. 1$ Your co and and #o"er, You have united !od$ and s#irit in the life of sorro", #ain, and toil in this "orld as a #unish ent for sin. We ackno"ledge You "ith songs of #raise for all Your "orks% and that ri! taken fro the !od$ of an has cast sin on our hu an race, !ut You have forgiven that sin through $our Onl$2 !egotten Son, Who "as incarnated in the "o ! of a 4irgin other% )e a!olished the curse of our !eing cast do"n for &udg ent% )e rene"ed our nature. We hu !le ourselves !efore You for Your servant .*./, "ho has #assed a"a$ and has returned to the earth, her original #lace, "hile her soul has returned to You. We entreat You, O Philanthro#ic One, the co #assionate at all ti es, to have erc$ on her, re#ose her soul, and forgive her all her sins and disregard the , for You have not created hu ans for curses !ut for !lessings. *o", Your de#arted servant .*./ is standing !efore the throne of Your Christ, grant re#ose, rest, coolness, and &o$ to her soul. Give solace and co fort to those she has left !ehind% su##ort those "ho have !eco e or#hans% !less those "ho are #resent "ith us here "ho share the sorro" "ith us and grant the a heavenl$ re"ard and good lot in Your kingdo , !ecause ever$one "ill co e to You. O lord, give rest to the soul of this Your servant, for You are the One and Onl$ 0rue God, "ith Your Onl$2!egotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, and the )ol$ S#irit, the Giver of Life, Who is One of +ssence "ith You, no" and al"a$s and forever and ever. A en. Our Father...

Prayer for Departed Children
Our true God, the Word of the Al ight$ Father, ,aster of ever$ one, the inco #rehensi!le, +-istent in the

1oso of the Father, the Onl$ God, our ,aster, Savior and Philanthro#ic One, Who does all good "ith us at all ti es. You kno" the unrevealed kno"ledge, a##arent and conceited. For that "e ask and !eseech You, O Philanthro#ic One, that through Your co #assion, forgiveness, and &ust #eace, do acce#t this trust "ithout !le ish that is for Your servant ..../ that no longer continues to live on earth and didn5t en&o$ the good, neither did give nor take. 1ut has !een drinking fro the ilk of truth, i #erisha!le !eaut$, and undefiled virginit$. We ask, re#ose hi and have co #assion u#on his6her childhood. 'f You take !$ istakes O God, no one "ill !e #ure !efore You% even if his6her life "as one da$ on earth. You have granted the children fro Your #ure outh co anding for the sa$ing7 8See, do not ignore an$ of those $oungsters !ecause ' sa$ to $ou that their angels in the heavens see $ Father5s face all the ti e in the heavens.9 So if this great grace has !een given the in heaven, let Your servant ..../ !e a ong the children that #receded hi , that are gathered at the #eaceful #laces in Your kingdo 7 those that are the hundred and fort$ four thousands. Clothe hi 6her "ith the the #ure gar ent and unending &o$ in the sovereignt$ of light that You have #re#ared for those "ho #lease You. We "orshi# You, O Lord, Jesus Christ, Who e-a ines our nature, Creator of the heart and kno"ing !ecause You kno" the revea:ed and unrevealed. For the sake of Your servant‟s father and other, "ho in their sadness, "ee#ing and ourning have attained to You. You, O Philanthro#ic One Who "ent to *ain and raise the "ido"5s son "ithout corru#tion, raise for the an offs#ring, a su!stitute for the dead, so that the$ a$ re&oice in e-change for the sadness, !ecause You have taken a"a$ our sadness, O Jesus Christ our God. For to You is due all glor$, honor and #o"er "ith Your good Father and the )ol$ S#irit, no" and ever and unto ages of ages. A en. Our Father...

Prayer for Departed Deacons and Arch-Deacons
We also ask God the Pantocrator, Father of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ to Who is due all glor$ "ith )i and the )ol$ S#irit, the eternal forever. For through Your good, and &ust "isdo You !rought on us &udge ent of death, and "e #assed it on fro one generation to the other. 0he earth;s cla$ and street s dust is tread u#on us, and "e !eca e under death;s authorit$ due to our falling into &udg ent, deserving the &ust &udge, for "e have sinned against You "ith our o"n "ill !ecause of the en it$ of the old ser#ent. 1ut You !eca e our hel# and co fort continuousl$ through Your #ro#hets and saints, and at the end of ages You a##eared to us alive, caring, co #assionate and erciful. You re e !ered us, "e "ho "ere sitting in the darkness and shado" of death, through Your Onl$2!egotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, Philanthro#ic One, creator of all good, Who a!olished death;s authorit$ !$ )is life2giving death on the hol$ "ooden cross "hen )e died !$ the flesh that )e took fro us. )e destro$ed the old ser#ent and de olished its thorn and #o"er for all of ankind. )e freed us once ore e anci#ating us fro slaver$, "e sinners. )e ade us children of light, heirs of the heavens "ith the ranks of heaven through the Orthodo- co ands, and the !lessings of the angels, and the h$ ns of the non2incarnate. For this "e ask and !eseech You O Philanthro#ic One, for Your servant ..../ the deacon. )e that "ent to You and !eca e "ithout flesh, a stranger fro this "orld. Acce#t unto You his soul, righteousl$ and hol$. And as he served Your earthl$ altar, let hi also !e a servant for Your heavenl$ one, un!le ished and i aculate. Let hi !e #leasing to Your )ol$ "ill and if he sinned against You in an$thing as the rest of ankind, forgive hi , for You are co #assionate, erciful, righteous, and !eneficent to all those "ho "orshi# You. For there is no death to Your servant !ut a de#arture fro death to life, and no death "ill overco e us !ecause of the death of Your Onl$2!egotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. 0o You is due all glor$ "ith )i and the )ol$ S#irit, the Life2giver and one in essence "ith You, no" and ever and unto the age of all ages. A en.

Our Father...

Prayer for Departed Priests
Great is Your "orks O Lord, You have done ever$thing in "isdo . +arth is filled "ith Your creatures. You have granted life and #lanned death, and all are alive "ith You, those "ho are "orth$ for Your greatness. You are God of the living, You are the 1lessed eternal "ithout end, for the sake of Your kno"ledge that our Lord Jesus Christ revealed unto us. We ask and !eseech You for the sake of our fathers "ho re#osed, and for the !lessed e or$ of Your servant.../, "ho left the flesh and ca e to You, O Lord of all. )e returned to the earth "hich he "as taken fro , !ut his soul is a !lessed and hol$ trust. ,a$ he !e in rest, coolness and re#ose. ,a$ he !e at a fine rank in the #resence of $our saints. ,a$ he !e a ong those "ho #receded hi in the saintl$ inheritance "ho have "on in the church of the virgins in the order of the #riesthood, the #lace "hich You #ro ised those "ho #leased You, ,a$ he raise !efore You in holiness, righteousness and #urit$, O God of ever$ living one. As for us, #rotect us fro ever$ evil and struggle tra# "hich is foreign to Your true #urit$, for our life on earth is short. ,a$ "e a##roach Your hol$ #lace and !e a ong Your saints, here, in this age and in the co ing one. 0his is our ho#e, "e Your servants the !elievers on Your )ol$ *a e and Your Onl$ !egotten Son Jesus Christ our Lord and the )ol$ S#irit, no" and ever and unto the age of ages. A en. Our Father....

Prayer for Departed Bishops, Metropolitans and Patriarchs
O ,aster, Lord Jesus Christ, Co2Creator of all creation, Who, according to the ultitude of Your goodness endured to !e a high #riest. Who has adorned Your hol$ church "ith graces and diverse dog as. 0his, "hich You have ac<uired "ith Your #recious !lood for the confir ation of Your #eo#le. Grant us that "e a$ re e !er, in #urit$ and truth, to offer unto You, O Lord, odes of 0hanksgiving on !ehalf of all Your "orks. For You are our hel#er and our #rotector and our savior and our ho#e and our healing and our resurrection and our eternal life altogether. You, also no", O Good One and lover of ankind, have set orders for all Your creation, seen or unseen, those in the heavens and those on earth and those !eneath the earth. And ost #articularl$, O Lord, You elect church "hich You have co itted into the hands of guardians and "atchers and she#herds, that the$ a$ she#herd Your #eo#le and catechi=e the , and divide the "ord "ithout re#roach, and #re#are for You, #eo#le and sons for Your heavenl$ !an<uet. We ask and entreat You, O Lover of ankind, and !eneficent to"ards us, receive unto You in #eace this charge unto salvation/, even the !lessed soul of our !eloved Patriarch .or ,etro#olitan or 1isho#/ A!!a.... "ho has co e unto You, O Living God. For he is Your ste"ard "ho "as over Your hol$ church, and the !ook of his ste"ardshi# is "ith hi . Grant hi a heavenl$ re"ard and a good rank, that he a$ have a fello"shi# "ith the that have #receded hi , those ."ho are/ the she#herds and teachers "ho divided the "ord of truth in u#rightness% and illu inated Your church "ith the true light of Your true kno"ledge% Who You have led into the har!or of eternal life of the co ing age. And "e ask You, O our ,aster to nu !er us "ith the , and give us rest "ith Your hol$ flock, "ho have attained to stand at Your right hand. And ake us "orth$ of .their/ #ra$ers and intercessions that "e a$ live !la eless and "ithout hindrance.

0hat "e a$ serve You in fear and a$ attain to Your inco #ara!le #ro ises. You are the giver of the eternal good things and to You are due the glor$ "ith Your Good father and the )ol$ S#irit, forever. A en. Our Father..

[ hen concl!des the prayers for the Departed with the following prayers]
Deacon: 'n Christ Jesus our Lord. Congregation: 1o" $our heads to the Lord. Deacon: 1efore You, O Lord. Congregation: Let us attend in the fear of God.

Priest: Yea, O Lord, the Lord "ho has given us authorit$ to tread on ser#ents and scor#ions and u#on all the #o"er of the ene $, crush his heads !eneath our feet s#eedil$ and scatter !efore us his ever$ design of "ickedness against us. For You are 3ing of us all, O Christ our God, and unto You "e send u# the glor$, the honor, and the "orshi# "ith Your good Father and the )ol$ S#irit, the Giver of Life, "ho is of one essence "ith You, no" and at all ti es and unto the age of all ages. A en. You, O Lord, "ho !o"ed the heavens, You descended and !eca e an for the salvation of the ankind. You are )e "ho sits u#on the cheru!i and the sera#hi , and !eholds those "ho are lo"l$. You also no", O our ,aster, are )e to "ho "e lift u# the e$es of our heart% the Lord "ho forgives our ini<uities and saves our souls fro corru#tion. We "orshi# Your ineffa!le co #assion, and "e ask You to give us Your #eace, for You have given us all things. Ac<uire us to Yourself, O God our Savior, for "e kno" none other !ut You. Your hol$ na e "e utter. 0urn us, O God, unto the fear of You and the desire of You. 1e #leased that "e a$ a!ide in the en&o$ ent of Your good things. And those "ho have !o"ed their heads !eneath Your hand, e-alt the in >their? "a$s of life and adorn the "ith virtues. And a$ "e all !e "orth$ of Your kingdo in the heavens, through the good "ill of God, Your good Father, "ith "ho You are !lessed "ith the )ol$ S#irit, the Giver of Life, "ho is of one essence "ith You, no" and at all ti es and unto the age of all ages. A en.

Priest: Peace !e "ith all. Congregation: And "ith $our s#irit. Priest: O ,aster, Lord Jesus Christ, the onl$ !egotten Son and Logos of Godthe Father, "ho has !roken ever$ !ond of our sins through )is saving, life2giving sufferings% "ho !reathed into the face of )is hol$ disci#les and saintl$ a#ostles, and said to the , 8(eceive the )ol$ S#irit. 'f $ou forgive the sins of an$, the$ are forgiven% if $ou retain the sins of an$, the$ are retained. 8You also no", O our ,aster, have given grace through Your hol$ a#ostles to those "ho for a ti e la!or in the #riesthood in Your hol$ Church to forgive sin u#on the earth and to !ind and to loose ever$ !ond of ini<uit$. *o" also "e ask and entreat Your goodness, O Lover of ,ankind, for Your servants, $ fathers and $ !rethren, and $ "eakness, those "ho !o" their heads !efore Your hol$ glor$. @is#ense to us Your erc$ and loose ever$ !ond of our sins, and, if "e have co itted an$ sin against You kno"ingl$ or unkno"ingl$, or through anguish of heart, or indeed or "ord, or fro faintheartedness, O ,aster "ho kno" the "eakness of en, as a Good One and Lover of ,ankind, O God, grant us the forgiveness of our

sins, !less us, #urif$ us, a!solve us, and all Your #eo#le. Fill us "ith Your fear and straighten us for Your hol$ good"ill, for You are our God, and the glor$, the honor, the do inion, and the "orshi# are due unto You, "ith Your good Father and the )ol$ S#irit, the Giver of Life, "ho is of one essence "ith You, no" and at all ti es and unto the age of all ages. A en.

Congregation: A en. Lord have

erc$. Lord have

erc$. Lord have


A en. Alleluia. Glor$ !e to the Father and to the Son, and to the )ol$ S#irit, no" and ever and unto the ages of the ages. A en. We cr$ out sa$ing, our Lord Jesus Christ "ho "as crucified on the cross, tra #le do"n the satan under our feet. Save us and have erc$. Lord have erc$. Lord have the !lessing. erc$. Lord !less. A en. 1less e. 1less e. 1ehold the etania. Forgive e. Sa$

Priest: ,a$ God have co #assion u#on us, !less us, anifest )is face u#on us, and have erc$ u#on us. O Lord, save Your #eo#le, !less Your inheritance, she#herd the , and raise the u# forever. +-alt the horn of Christians through the #o"er of the life2giving Cross and through the su##lications and #ra$ers "hich our Lad$, the Lad$ of us all, the hol$ 0heotokos, Saint ,ar$, akes for us. And >through the su##lications and #ra$ers of? the three great hol$ lu inaries ,ichael, Ga!riel, and (a#hael% all the heavenl$ orders% and the #ra$ers of the #atriarchs,the #ro#hets, thea#ostles, the art$rs, the "hole choir of the cross2!earers% the &ust% the righteous% the angel of this !lessed da$% the angel of this church% and the !lessing of the hol$ 0heotokos Saint ,ar$, first and last. ,a$ their hol$ !lessing, their grace, their #o"er, their gift, their love, and their hel# rest u#on us all for ever. A en. Priest: O Christ our God. Congregation: A en, so !e it. Priest: O 3ing of Peace, grant us Your Peace, esta!lish for us Your #eace, and forgive us our sins. For Yours is the #o"er, the Glor$, the 1lessing, and the ,ight, forever. A en. ,ake us "orth$ to #ra$ thankfull$7 Our Father...

Priest "Benediction#: 0he love of God the Father% the Grace of the Onl$21egotten Son our Lord, God, and our Savior Jesus Christ% and the Co union and Gift of the )ol$ S#irit !e "ith $ou all. Go in #eace. 0he #eace of the Lord !e "ith $ou all. Congregation: And "ith $our s#irit. $inging: (e e !er e O Great Frida$ )$ n/