Project Execution Plan/Master Project Schedule


execution plan is the best tool to identify and avoid pitfalls early in the project. It plan. based on whatever must be prepared as early as possible.Apreliminary available information, will do the job until a firm plan can be prepared. If one worker requires ten days to perform one activity, it may be argued that ten workers could perform it in one day.Unfortunately, that is not the case in projectexecution; all projectsinvolve hundreds, even thousands. of activities, many of whichmust be performed sequentially. If the activities to be performed in ten days were ten sequential ones instead of a single activity, ten workers could not perform them in one day. More likely. they would perform them in three or four daysexpending thirty or fortyman-daysinstead of ten. The shortestpossible schedule is dictatedbythelongest string of sequential activities as well as the minimum chronological time and labor hours required to perform each one. The duration of the construction effort is dependent on a number of factors:
- Totalconstruction hours.

Availability of: 1. Accurate design and installation details. 2 . Necessary equipment and materials. 3. Construction equipment and tools. 4. Qualifiedpersonnel. Size of construction area.


- Weather conditions. - Number of hours worked per week.

Fig. 5.1 included in Chapter 5 represents theaverageofmany chemical and pharmaceutical projects. It relates the construction hours to construction duration for "normal" grassroots and retrofit projects indicating the peak staffing expected. It assumes the timely availability of accurate design information, materials, and qualifiedconstructionpersonnel. This chart, together with the planning rules of thumb included in Chapter 5, is used as the starting point for all execution plans.

Preliminary Execution Plan
A firm Execution Plan cannot be firmed up until:

The appropriation estimate available.

and the

master project

schedule are

The execution approach - small or conventional - has been decided. Long equipment and materials deliveries have been determined.

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