Price and Specifications of U-shaped Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels

Product Picture Wall Overall Overall Internal Model Load T h i c k n e s s Width Height Height No. Class (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) MU300 F900 40 380 400 360 Drawing No. MU300-30330CI Matching CI Grating (kg/0.5m) 25 CI Grating Price (USD/m) US$76.00 Revised Date 2014.03.06 Channel Total Price Price (USD/m) (USD/m) US$81.00 US$157.00

Remarks: drawing No. meaning: take MU300-40400CI as an example, MU300 stands for M-style channel,U-shaped opening and internal diameter 300mm; 40 means 40mm wall thickness; 400 means 400mm overall height; CI stands for cast iron safe edge.

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