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March 10-14, 2014

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important dates:
Friday, March 14: Spelling Test (Negative Prefixes) Monday, March 17: Assembly Hosted by 5A! (8:45 am) Thursday, March 20: Early Dismissal 11:15 am Friday, March 21: No School

In Unit 8 students will review the concept of renaming fractions as equivalent fractions. They will be introduced to algorithms for multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers, and they will practice estimating and calculating a percent. The main topics of Unit 8 are: equivalent fractions, multiplying fractions and mixed numbers, and percents. Check out the parent information for more ways to support your child. We will continue with the flipped classroom. Students need to watch the lesson video at home and complete the quick check in order to be prepared for class the next day. If they cannot

Math: Unit 8

WEEKLY vocabulary
!Math Unit 8: area model, discount, majority, quick common denominator, unit fraction, unit percent, and mixed number (Everyday Math Vocabulary List) !Spelling: Pattern- Negative Prefixes illegal, illiterate, illogical, immature, immobile, impatient, imperfect, impolite, impossible, inactive, inappropriate, incorrect, indefinite, independent, inexpensive, informal, invisible, irregular, irresistible, irresponsible

The skill of the week is drawing conclusions and the strategy of the week is visualizing. To reinforce these important reading functions students will be creating a book quilt based on their literature circle book. Students will draw a conclusion about the theme of the book and will support their opinion with evidence from the text. The middle of the quilt students will draw a picture of what they visualized as the most important scene of the book. In writing students will begin researching a famous inventor. Students will fill out a graphic

Language arts:

The Invention Convention is coming up! This week in class we will create checklists of our progress using Trello. We will also review the Scientific Method by completing a fun experiment in class!


The Think Tank is hard at work using the other classes clues to figure out where they are!

Giovanni presents his Inventor RAFT, for more student work check out our class site

mrs. ks notes:
!5A will be hosting the March Assembly on Monday, March 17th at 8:45. The theme for the assembly is Be Wise. The students will write the script and present for the entire elementary school. Please come and enjoy our presentation. !We have done three Mystery Skypes this year, and will do our 4th on Tuesday. So far we have Skyped with classes in the United States (Illinois and South Carolina) and Sweden. We cant wait to see where the next class is! !Please feel free to comment on the website posts. It is always fun for students to see their parents involved in their learning.