Quick guide on how to make $143 (£80) within 30 minutes.

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$200 Daily System without any risks - you do not use your own money never
Roulette Sniper - Tool Download and Guide
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Downloading and Installing the casino software
Roulette System Checker - Tool Download and Guide
Killer Roulette - Tool Download and Guide
Recommended casino sites - all tested all works flawlessly with all the tools and systems
Congratulations - You really do want to make easy money!
The Golden Rule - Don't Be Lazy
If you want to actually make money, you have to get started. Get started NOW. Don't put this off
until tomorrow, or the next day, or else you will forget about it. You will not have achieved anything,
and you will be left searching for other ways to make money. START NOW!
Please remember, you should follow these instructions and what this guide tells you to do every
step of the way. Deviation, no matter how small or trivial, can throw this whole system off course.
DO NOT attempt to use this guide and it's content unless you can follow simple instructions.
Please read all these instructions before attempting to do anything.
About The Game
You are going to use my guide to beat the odds on the roulette table. It's very simple, and it works.
All you have to do is follow the instructions provided, and you will come out a winner.
A quick note for you as well – I came across a many similar systems and decided to give one a try,
as I knew there was nothing to lose. After playing the system - and winning - I became convinced
that this is something other people can use, so I decided to write down my expirience to let all of you
this guide and the tools I've used and worked for me and that you are now going to use today.
The Law Of Averages
Roulette is based on the "Law of Averages", minus one or two points. In theory, the average bettor is
usually betting against this law. This way, the Casino can only gain money from you playing the table,
because you don't know how to predict on what to bet. UNTIL NOW!
This guide along with the softwares takes this "Law of Averages" and kicks its ass out the window.
Please keep in mind that you are not using your own money - you are using the casino's money.
More on this later...
It almost guarantees you a winning spin every time you bet.
Safe Betting - Two Things To Know
First, to practice safe betting at online casino's you have to be patient. If you are patient with the way
my software calls bets, then you can rest assured that you will always win.
Also, don't let the simplicity of the techniques and softwares fool you. It will win you money.
Second, keep in mind you are not using your own money - you are using the casino's money.
The casino that I will be recommending

to you has a "100% Matching Bonus".
This bonus is the money you will be playing with. If you were to lose the entire bonus,
your money has not yet been touched, and you can withdraw it from the casino, leaving
absolutly zero risk to you (unless you can't control yourself ;-).
Now on with the show...
Make sure you TRY this using PRACTICE PLAY before you deposit money.
First of all, you have to install the recommended casino's software.
The download and installation are explained in details on the following pages


Casino-on-Net was launched in May 1997 and is offered in 11 different
languages. It is available on two platforms, allowing new members to
choose either a download or a non-download version. The download
version offers a more comprehensive gaming experience and quicker
access to Casino-on-Net on subsequent gaming sessions whereas the
non-download version offers the advantage of quicker initial access and
addresses potential concerns of some prospective members about
downloading software from the internet.

Casino-on-Net offers a variety of traditional casino products such as
blackjack (available also in multi-hand version), craps, roulette, baccarat,
keno and various types of poker, including Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean
Poker and Power Poker, where 888 Holdings acts as the ‘‘house’’. It also
has 15 slot machines (five of which have progressive jackpot features), six
video poker machines (one of which has progressive jackpot features) and
a Pachislo Deep Ocean slot machine. A variety of stakes are offered, from
US$0.25 up to US$1,000 games.

Casino-on-Net also features private tables, multi-member tables, private
group tables and VIP tables. There are also two playing modes for users to
choose from, namely a practice play mode and real money play mode.
5nce you're in the 888.com site you'll get a pop-up message asking you to download the casino
software. Go ahead and click on OK. If the pop-up doesn't show simply click on "Download Casino"
, that is located on the upper right square (colored in orange)

The first thing you want to do is download the casino software. You can do this by clicking here
or on this banner
The Following process may seem to take a long time but it's really less than 5 minutes

Once you hit the OK button you'll be redirected to the download page and another pop-up
will show asking you to Run or Save the casino software installer. You want to click on the
Run button. (you can also click on "save" but you really have no need for having the installer
on you computer all you need is the software itself and not the installer).

The last thing you need to do for this stage is to hit on Run again once the securiity warning
pops-up. Please check and verify that the publisher is 888 Holdings Plc as seen here :
Please wait a moment while the casino is being downloaded.
This ends the downloading part and the casino installation begins.
The next couple of page will guide you through the installation process
and will explain exactly how to set up your new money making account.
Click on 'Next' to complete the installation.
When the installation completes, run the casino software.
Select 'Money Play' to get started. You can select 'Practice Play' if you wish, but you will not get your
matching bonus, and you will not make any money.
If you want to build your confidence in the techniques and / or softwares, then choose 'Practice Play'.
I recommend you choose 'Practice Play' and wager $6 on the five dollar tables so you can get
a good feel of the potential this guide and tools can make you.
Register a 'Money Play' account so you can get your matching bonus.
You can now log in to your 'Money Play' account.
The casino will send you a password to your registered email account.
Click on 'Cashier' on the lower left corner of the screen.
Click on the 'Deposit' graphic.
This is where you actually deposit your money.
I highly recommend that you deposit $200 because that is what the casino will match you on.
You also need to start with this much for the betting to properly work. If you feel that $200 is too much,
then you should put at least $100 in to start, but you are also reducing your matchup bonus and it will
take you longer to build up you bankroll (it doesn't really matter you'll make the money I just like sooner...)
Once you have made your deposit, your Cashier amount will be $400 (or double what you deposited).
At this point, you can either withdraw your initial $200, or you can leave it in your account.
I highly recommend that you leave that money in your account as the casino software has a tendancy
to be more favorable to accounts that keep their deposit.

As I have said before, You will not put any of your money at risk!
At this point your are set up and ready to start playing. Once you are done adding money
to the Cashier, you will be taken to the Casino Lobby. Click on the Roulette icon.
Select 'Private Table'.
Select 'Standard'.
We are betting on all area's of the table. Some area's include Dozens (3rd 12, 2nd 12, 1st 12),
the Rows (any 2 to 1) and all the Even bets (Red/Black, Odd/Even).
There are also Line bets, Trio bets, and Split bets.
The Roulette Sniper and Roulette Killer tools keep track of all numbers that come up during
a session and calculates the best time to bet. Both tools will tell you to bet when it feels that
there is a good chance of a win for you.
If you lose on that bet, they will tell you to bet again, until you win (which you absolutely will).

But before going through these great tools I want to build your confidence in me so I'm going
to show you how you can make about $144 in around half an hour or so...
check out the guide on the next page.

This is the first and only time I will ask you to trust me and to deposit your own money in the
interest of trust. I need you to trust what I'm saying here is true and unless you take that first step
that can't happen. So, please read the guide on the next page and make sure you understand it
completely. If it will make sense to you (like it did me when I first found it) deposit the money and
I guarantee you won't be sorry.
If you think you trust me already, let me remind you something - I can be a scammer too.
The truth is you don't know me and I can be that guy that is trying to earn from your losses.
That's why it's crucial that you read and understand the following technique thoroughly and only try
implementing it once you're sure you've got it and that you trust the logic of it.
If and when you'll trust the logic of that technique, try it and as I said - you'll make the money
I guaranteed, then you can trust me that all the other techniques in this guide and all the tools
and all the recommendations I suggest including where and when to do it - all of it is true and you
can trust me on that. Plus, the benefit is that once you trusted me you've made your initial money
and thus you'll start trusting yourself and that will lead to your success (and also you now know that
from now on that really isn't your own money you'll be "risking" it's the casino's money.
One last peace of advise : after trying it and making you first money be sure to do it at each and
every casino on the list at the end of this guide.
You can only do this once at each casino but you have about 14 of those so you can make
something like $144 X 14 = $2016 in about 30 minutes per casino.
So, that's $2016 in a total of 7 hours (not bad for a day's work, not too bad at all)
But start with one and build your confidence first.
Go on I know you can see the next page and you can't wait to read it...


Quick Roulette Guide

Quick guide on how to make $143 (£80) within 30 minutes.

Many online casino and poker websites offer 1
Deposit bonuses. This is given as an
incentive for you to make a deposit and then spend money on their website. There is
one flaw with most of these as you are required to bet a certain amount to receive this
extra money.

The next few lines will explain how to use this to your advantage and
cash out your bonus without risking any of your own money by playing online roulette on
THIS CASINO - Our Number One Choice!

We've tested the casino and found the system to work flawless on it.

By clicking on THIS LINK
, you will get a 100% bonus of up to $200 when you
make your first deposit. Therefore if you deposit $200, you will receive a $500 bonus
which is immediately credited to your account for your gambling pleasure.

This bonus can only be withdrawn as cash into your bank account once you have
staked 10x your bonus which in the case of a $200 bonus, would be $2000.

This seems like a lot of money. This casino also doesn’t count bets on red or black
towards the 10x stake so therefore I had to think of an alternative way to cash out this
bonus without risking my own money. They do however count bets on all the
numbers (0-36) in the 10x stake.

Therefore by betting $3 on each number you are betting 37 x $3=$111 each time and
losing $3 as each time you are winning 36 x $3 back.

If we do this 19 times we will have staked ove $2000 and only lost 19x$3=$57 of our
deposit. Therefore leaving us with $143 of our bonus intact! (there is a button called
repeat bet which you can keep pressing, therefore you don’t have to do each bet from
1 to 36 and 0 individually time and time again!).

So by depositing $200 and playing 19 spins in the way I have described above,
you will walk away with $343 cash profit for less than 30 minutes work!
That means you'll walk away with a $343 in total when you only started with $200 !!!

If you haven't done so already CLICK HERE to download the casino software and
install it.



If for some reason you can click on the link go to http://www.p2pheaven.com/roulettesniper.html and the
download will start automatically.
Roulette Sniper Review: What is Roulette Sniper?

Here is the deal about Roulette Sniper. Its a roulette system that claims it can help you win at roulette
more consistently using it. Unlike many other roulette systems, roulette sniper is softwre based.

I first learned about Roulette Sniper from an online gambling forum. Many of the members talked highly about it so I
decided to check it out and see if the hype lived up to its claims and jargon plastered all over the sales page.
The first thing I did was try it out. They believe in their software so much they allow you to try it out before you buy it.
The Roulette Sniper trial software is a limited edition of the full version, but has enough features unlocked to test the
software. I also should mention the trial software locks up after an hour of play. So I downloaded it and tried it out
at a real casino. I only bet $1 per bet and played for the entire hour.

So What Happened?
Well I have to admit I was impressed. After about1 hour of play I made enough money to purchase the the program.
That got me excited and I decided to purchase it right away.

How Does Roulette Sniper Work?
Roulette Killer
So sum up what Roulette Sniper is, its basically a roulette bet tracking application. The software tracks roulette spins
and tells you when and where to bet based on the program settings as well as predefined user preferences.
The system is for more conservative roulette players, but it works better than you think and beats manual tracking.

You run this application while your playing roulette and input your previous results. You spin without bets until the
software alerts you of an betting opportunity.
This allows for low risk and the system does follow a hydrate progressive betting strategy.

How Much Can You Win With Roulette Sniper?
Well gambling is still gambling and comes with risk of losing, But with Roulette Sniper your making small gains with less
risk and overtime you can build up your bankroll. The software comes with some cool safety options that alert you when
its time to switch tables or stop playing, if your having a losing streak.

In my opinion roulette sniper is a must have. Its been working well for me.
Go try it out the and see what happens.


Blog Archive
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H ▼ January (1)

When the software starts up, it will look like this. First you will need to choose your Play Style.
If the button in Play Style says 'More »', then click it to get the Advanced Settings.
Play Style allows you to set up how you want RouletteSniper operate. The first section is all the betting types RouletteSniper supports.
• Even pays 1:1 • Dozen pays 2:1 - Works on the 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12
• Row pays 2:1 - Works on Rows 1 - 3 • Line pays 5:1 • Corner pays 8:1
• Trio pay 11:1 • Split pays 17:1
These betting types are ordered by risk. Normally, betting on split bets (ie. 1/4) is very risky,
but since we keep track of how long that combination hasn't come up, we are reducing our risk.
I don't recommend you bet on Corner/Trio/Split until you have built up some extra cash!
'Wins Per Table' is the number of wins you are allowed at one table before RouletteSniper will force you to change tables.
'Play for x Minutes' is the amount of time RouletteSniper will allow you to play for at a given table.
'Minimum Wager' is how much you want to start your betting at. Starting out, you will be at $1,
but as you make more money, you will be able to wager $6, enabling you to make $150/hour.
'Per Spot' tells you what table you need to be betting at in order to utilize the selected wager.
'Minumum Balance' tells you the minimum amount of money you need in your account.
In Advanced Settings, you can adjust how long you want RouletteSniper to "sleep" on different betting sequences
The higher the risk of bet, the longer it should sleep. You can play with these numbers in Practice Mode to get a better understanding.
Conservative Betting cuts your risk in half. Since you start with a $200 bonus, if you fall into a losing streak,
you don't want to blow that $200 all at once. And since the last half of the $200 will go much quicker,
it is better to cut off and start over. It will cut your loses at half your wager limit; in this case $100.
Now it’s time to start playing!
Position RouletteSniper under the Casino console like this and press Start.
Next you will Press Start, and the 'Press Start' will change to a flashing 'Spin Only'. Press the 'Spin' icon on the Casino console.
Wherever the number lands, select the matching number up on the Playing Board and press 'Submit'. Keep doing this until the betting
screen comes up.
When the betting screen comes up, follow the directions on where to bet. In this screenshot, its is telling you to bet $1 on Odd
(also indicated by a red chip icon), then spin. Select the number that comes up and simply press 'Submit'.
After a certain amount of wins or time, RouletteSniper will tell you to 'Switch Table/Press Start'. Follow these directions
by pressing 'Switch Table' on the Casino console, and when it loads, press the 'Start' button, then make your spin.
If for any reason that RouletteSniper doesn't win through out all the betting, the 'Quit Now' screen will show.
You will notice that your original $200 is still in the Casino console account, and you can go withdraw it.
If you had Conservative Betting checked, you would have only lost half of your bank role,
so now you can continue to play and recover the losses.
As you can see, there is a lot of potential cash here for you to win.
I hope you have fun and take as much of the casino's money as possible.
If you want to manually restart the software, you can click File > Restart.
Watch a video explanation of RouletteSniper
Watch it makes $215 in 3 easy minutes!

Watch it makes $90 in 3 measly minutes!



If for some reason you can click on the link go to
and the download will start automatically.
What is Roulette Killer
Roulette Killer
is my favorite roulette system. It's a cool piece of software that claims use the
law of averages to tip the odds of winning in your favor. The software calculates over 100 factors
in the background, filters them and spits out the most accurate prediction.
I can't comment on how accurate the softwares claims are, but I know from experience that the
betting strategy alone is what make this software so great.

How Does Roulette Killer Work?
Roulette Killer is not like many of the progressive or martingale betting strategies many systems use.
With Roulette Killer your placing bets every spin, 5 bets per spin. You spin the wheel without betting for 10 spins and
place your results into the software. After you do this, the software starts to generate predictions of the next spin.
Your only playing the outsides of the tables with this systems so the odds are more in your favor. You won't have
to wait forever for the perfect betting opportunity like you many have with other systems.
You can win more with a system like this, although the same can be said about your losses.

How Well Does Roulette Killer Work?
Roulette Sniper
I'm sure it varies from player to player but from my own experiences the software has worked well. At the end of the day,
the only thing that matters is how much profit you are in, and I'm well in the green.

How Do You Use Roulette Killer?
Many criticisms with Roulette Killer is the lack of instructions on how to properly use the system.
I myself am a more conservative player, although I have been known to go a little over the edge.
The reason I like roulette killer over the other softwares is I'm placing 5 bets a time every spin, in my case thats $25 dollars
per spin. Using the the systems betting strategy in many cases you only need to win 2 of your 5 bets to break even and you
can even profit if 2 of the right bets hit. This happens often because your playing the outsides of the table, but its when
you hit 3,4, or 5 of your bets the money starts to pile up rather quickly. In my opinion Roulette Killer is a must have.



By Andy Veerhoven, RouletteKiller.com
Thank you for ordering my «Roulette Killer» software!
1. Open online casino site (Only use the casino in the autorun) and choose
European Roulette game. Now open the RouletteKiller software.
2. Spin the roulette 10 times and record each result into RouletteKiller just by clicking
on appropriate numbers in table.
3. Press «Calculate» button to calculate probable next spin result. Program will show
you where to place the next bets and full statistics with probability of each bet.
Remember – program can’t guess 100% of results and I also have losing sessions
from time to time but the goal is to win good profit in long term.
1. Deposit the maximum cash in order to get the maximum bonus.
When you start out, deposit the maximum cash to rake in the maximum bonus. Play the rounds
necessary to be entitled to withdraw your profits. Withdraw your capital + eventually the price
for our software. From then on you will just gamble with house money.
2. Prepare to lose!
You will lose, that’s 100% sure. Don’t let yourself down, the software works. The YouTube
videos you probably watched on the site are 100% real! Those are the days when the
software and Lady Luck work together in perfect harmony :) Those days will happen too.
Remember what I said earlier? MONTHLY profits. Always keep the big picture in mind.
3. Keep a tight money management
Never ever go on frenzy. Don’t panic. When you start losing QUIT it. Call it a day go jogging,
spend some time with friends, and come back tomorrow. The mind is very important here.
Never ever bet all your money. I’m playing with only 5% of my bankroll on every bet. This rule
is very hard. I used to break it myself too. It’s dangerous, keep a cool mind and follow the
4. Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose!
Please, be cautious when playing. If you have a family and kids and need to feed them make
sure you have enough money power to come by. Even if the software is great and the money
making potential awesome, it’s still gambling.
5. Have fun!
You need to enjoy gambling. If using the software or gambling in general makes you nervous
& sweaty please stop it immediately.
1. You should use RouletteKiller on a demo account ("Play for fun") first. If you make
money on the demo account and gain experience, only then go to a real money account.
2. Do not play with large sums! It is better to make stable small income every day!
3. Roulette Killer works perfect in casinos with honest MD5 systems. And the one you
installed is perfect for this software. 100% tested.
4. If you lost a bet try to double bet. But do not double more than 2-3 times, it is too risky!
5. Try to find series of same types of numbers (for example 5-6 Black numbers in a row) and
then start to make bets on Red using Roulette Killer advices.
6. Do not make bets larger than 5-15% of your balance!
7. Do not try to win more than 40% of your balance in 1 day!
8. Roulette Killer is a great helper, but don't forget to think yourself before making real bets!
Only you can be responsible for any losses. Remember - Online Casino is risky business with
the potential for substantial losses. Do not spend what you cannot afford to lose.
And at last but not least, enjoy the game and the thrill when playing!

Roulette System Checker - DOWNLOAD THE TOOL FROM HERE

If for some reason you can click on the link go to
and the download will start automatically.


The Roulette System Checker has been designed to help the gambler to work on their
systems without having to outlay any money.

If you would like to start playing now, just read the QuickStart for basic instructions.

There are 2 types of Roulette wheel. The American wheel with (0,00) and the European wheel
with only 1 (0). It is always better to play the European wheel as it only has 1 (0), that means
that the house has the lowest advantage against the player.

With this program you are able to select a variety of betting units and you can play either the
American wheel or the European wheel. This program is just like what you play in the casino.

The Roulette System Checker© keeps you up-to-date with information that you may need when
working with your system.

Such as:
Keeps a tally on the number of spins
Tells you whether you are in Profit of Loss
Keeps track of the amount you have bet for each spin
Displays the amount in units of your payout when you have a win
Shows you the last 10 numbers that have been spun up

Other Features:
Play on American or European table
A great random number generator
Has a Reset Button to allow you to set all values to 0 and start again
Bet in .25¢, .50¢, $1.00 or $5.00 units
Realistic table limits, similar to a real casino

Future Additions:
Will enable winning chips to remain on the table
You will be able to program in your next bets in response to a win or loss for a
selected number of spins

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

This program may not be free of bugs, so please report any bugs to sydney@ans.com.au

Quick Start

Place your bets using the LEFT mouse button.

To cancel a bet, point to it and press the RIGHT button.

Once you have placed your bets press the START button. All wins will be credited to you and
shown in the Winnings Display Box.

Table minimums are placed with the first mouse click.

Display Boxes

Each Display Box in the Roulette System Checker© supplies you with up to date
information of your current session.

The Spin Number Display Box keeps a running total of how many spins there has been in your
current session.

The Winnings Display Box indicates the current total of your Winnings or Losses.

The Amount Bet Display Box tells you how much you have bet for the next spin of the wheel.

The Win Pay Out box tells you how much in total units you are paid for the last spin result. It
includes the initial chips you outlayed prior to the last spin.

The Last Number Display Box keeps a record of the last 10 results of the wheel.

The Winning Number display is where you will see the result of the last spin of the wheel.

When you press the Reset button ALL values will be set to 0
You can select the unit you would like to bet with, through the Menu Bar 'Select' and then choose
'betting units' then click on the unit type you want to use.

Check The System With This Great Tool And See For Yourself - It Really Works !!!

Rules of Roulette

There are 38 numbers on the American wheel and 37 on the European wheel.

As a player you can place any number of chips on the layout to allow you the chance to win if you
happen to choose the number that is the same that is spun up by the dealer.

Here is a picture indicating the types of bets you can place on a Roulette table.

All pays are calculated according to the type of bet.

Payout Table
Bet Payout
Straight Up 35-1
Split 17-1
Street 11-1
Corner 8-1
Sixline 5-1
Dozens 2-1
Columns 2-1
Outside Chances 1-1

Table Limits

Anytime you play Roulette at a Casino there will always be a table minimum bet and also a table
maximum bet in place.

Minimum Bets
Bet Minimum
Straight Up 1 unit
Split 1 unit
Street 1 unit
Corner 1 unit
Sixline 1 unit
Dozens 5 units
Columns 5 units
Outside Chances 10 units

If you are playing the $5.00 unit. Table minimums on the Dozens and Columns bets are 2 units
and on the Outside Chances the minimum bet is 5 units.

A click on the LEFT mouse button will place your minimum bet allowed.

Maximum Bets
Bet Maximum
Straight Up 100 units
Split 200 units
Street 300 units
Corner 400 units
Sixline 600 units
Dozens 100 units
Columns 100 units
Outside Chances 200 units

If you try to bet over the table maximum a Message Box will inform you that you are trying to bet
more than you are allowed.

$200 Daily Roulette System - N!# IC( Ti'e T! M%ke 0!'e M!$e.1
&ow that you have your account open and you have at least $200 in it. +lease follow the
instructions below. You must &5 deviate from these instructions. 'ny deviation, whether big
or small, can end in disaster. herefore, it is very important that you read and follow the
instructions carefully and do e$actly as * outline. *t will not take long to digest.
Cefore you are introduced to this system, we would like to provide you with some information
that will help to build a clearer picture of what we are trying to achieve.
&ot many people out there can win at roulette successfully. he reason for this is because the
house edge is almost impossible to beat in a random scenario. You see, the odds at the
roulette table are based on the H(aw of 'verages,H minus one or two points. hat way, when
you're playing the table, the casino always has the odds on its side. his system works the law
of averages and uses them to your advantage.
You may be thinking 'surely the casino will reali-e'. his is a perfectly rational thought when
applied to traditional casinos, however, on!line there are literally millions of people playing,
all over the world# *f you consider the amount of people who are using this system to e$ploit
this flaw you will be something like one in three million.
T&e 0.(e'
he way this system works is that you lay bets on the (ow I :iddle I )igh rows of the roulette
table. 'll you need to do in order to win is bet on the same one, with only a slight raise in
stake each time until it wins. his may sound risky, but the bets and odds have been
calculated for you to ensure that you are a winner every time, couple this with the fact that all
we are betting is free money and you simply can't lose#
&ow, these fields have a 1 in 8 chance of winning according to the H(aw of 'verages,H and they
pay a return of 2 to 1. /o if you follow this system, you only need 1 in 19 in order to be a
26epending on your balance3. 6oing this means that you've Fuadrupled the H(aw of
'veragesH and you've given yourself an incredible advantage#
'nother factor working in your favour is the casino software, which was programmed to rarely
pick numbers from the same section of the table more than a few times in row. he intent of
the developers was to avoid situations that might cause players to doubt the randomness of
the game. Cy making sure that the game appeared random, however, the developers
inadvertently built in an e$ploitable flaw that could allow an observant player to easily win.
'nd the beauty is that it's so simple#
*f you've never played roulette before, you need to understand what (ow I :iddle I )igh bets
he picture below is an e$ample of a H(owH bet. *f any number between 1 and 12 comes in,
you win.
&ow let's take a look at a bet on H:iddle.H *f any number from 18 through 29 comes in, you
'nd lastly, let's take a look at a H)ighH bet. *f any number from 2; through 8< comes in, you
N!#> leC( ;e+i$/
,lick on the 7oulette link to start playing. &e$t, click on '+rivate able' and then '/tandard'
2min $1 bet ma$ $8003.
You will see the roulette table on your screen. You can spin the wheel as much as you like,
even without betting 2try it and see3.
&otice how the winning number in indicated by a peg each time. You need to keep an eye on
this peg.
HereC( &!# .!, ,(e .!,r *ree $200 ! '%ke e)e$ '!re '!$e. : *!ll!# &i(
(.(e' EGACTLY-
's you can see the roulette table can be divided up into the first 12 numbers, second 12
numbers and the third 12 numbers. "e will call these 1, 2 and 8 respectively for ease of use of
this system.
You will be placing bets on one of these sets of 12 numbers. he odds on this are 241, so when
we bet $1 we get $2 in winnings and our original $1 back.
(et's start off with a simple pen and paper pro0ect. &ow, what you're going to do is every time
you spin the wheel, you'll record whether a (ow 213, :iddle 223 or )igh 283 drops in by by
writing down 1 if the winning number is in the first 12 numbers, 2 if the winning number is in
the second 12 and 8 if the winning number is in the third 12 numbers.
,lick to spin again, at the moment you are still not placing any bets.
"hen this spin ends record the in the form e$plained above. /ay it was 2<, this is in the third
12 numbers so we would write down 8. &ow continue to do this, be sure to make a note of
each number that drops in.
(et's say that you're at a table and 08, 11, 8<, 1<, 22, 2<, 08, 89, 19, and 1= drop in.
You'll write down4 A A 5 2 2 5 A 5 2 2
@asy, rightJ
W&% .!,r "!i$+ i( #%ii$+ *!r H (8i$( !* &e #&eel #&ere !$e !* &e (eci!$( !*
$,';er &%( $! c!'e ,8- O$ce &ere &%( ;ee$ H (8i$( #i&!, !$e !* &e +r!,8(
c!'i$+ ,8> .!, (%r ;ei$+-
(et's say you spin the numbers 0H> A0> 0=> AH> 2A-
You would write down4
A A A 2 2
hat means that 8 2the third set of 12 numbers3 hasn't dropped in for ; consecutive spins. *t's
time to start betting.
+atience is paramount here ! a run of ; spins without one of the groups coming up will
happen, 0ust keep spinning the wheel without placing any bets until it does.
H!# T! 3e
5n the bottom left part of the screen you'll see your chips ! $200 worth of them. here will be
a gold heart by the pile of $1 chips. :ake sure that the gold heart is ne$t to the $1 chips before
starting to bet. ,lick on the left of the row you want to bet on. Your $1 chip will appear in this
position 2if you misplace it, right!click it to move it back to your bank3.
/o when we have ; spins without one of the groups coming up we bet $1 on the group that has
not come up.
/o, in the e$ample given you would bet $1 on )*K). /pin the wheel.
/o, what you're going to do is place $1 on )*K) !! so if any number between 2; and 8< drops
in, you win. You will win $8 and be in profit $2, now start the process again. 7emember to
include the winning number in your seFuence of results.
*f it doesn't land in )*K), don't worry. +lace a $2 bet on )igh again !! and if it drops in, you
win $< 2which means you've made $8 in profit3.
&ow if you still don't win, keep on betting using the staking plan below until you win.
Cy doing this and sticking to the system above, you will never lose when your number drops
"hen your number finally drops in, it's time to stop betting and beginning over by finding the
seFuence where either a low, middle, or high doesn't appear for ; consecutive spins.
* would suggest you write this list of numbers on the sheet of paper you are recording this list
of groups of numbers that come up.
IMPORTANT/ 's soon as you win, you go back to $1 bets. 'lways keep a note of which
group of numbers has not come up and when it gets to ; spins, start betting.
WARNING : 3E CARE7UL/ "hen you win, you must stop betting, )5"@E@7, the casino
wants you to go on betting, so as soon as you win, it changes the '/pinH button to a '7epeat Cet'
button. o counter this, 0ust click anywhere on the board to place a $1 bet, and then
*::@6*'@(Y '7*K)!,(*,?' this chip to remove it again to your bank pile. You will now
be able to spin again without betting.
@asyJ Yes, but * "57?/#
&ow, you're probably thinking that the gains don't appear to be huge but the fact is that if you
use this system, you will make a steady profit, hour by hour. here is a huge potential here if
you 0ust stick with the system. Celieve me !! * should know. *'ve been using the system every
"hen you start off, you're not going to be making $800 a day, obviously. "hat * want you to
shoot for is to make $L0 to $M0. You should be able to do that in <0 to M0 minutes. his
causes your bankroll to build up to the point where you can start putting more money down.
7i$%l 8!i$er( I T! &el8 .!, %l!$+ &e #%.-
)ere are some helpful pointers that *'ve learned along the way. /ince *'m not a computer
programmer, * can't e$plain why these things happen, only that they do.
1. ry not to spend more than 1;!20 minutes at each table. * don't know why but after this
amount of time, every table seems to get harder to play.
2. /witch casinos every 80!9; minutes, this greatly increases your winnings. "e get great
results doing this. /imply follow the same guidelines as above and you'll increase your profits
even more. "e have found PARTY Casino to be the ne$t best casino for this system. Cy
taking advantage of their bonus offers as well, you can use the bonus money to get started so
you don't risk any of your own money. To Take Advantage Of PARTY Casino Bonus Offer NOW!

8. 'lways use a private table so you can spin the roulette wheel when you want to.
9. *f you have been at a table for longer than ; minutes and -ero comes up when you are not
betting, switch tables. *f you are betting, 0ust carry on with the system as normal until you win,
then switch tables.
;. 6on't play about 2 +: and 8 +:. * don't know why but the casinos seem harder to play
during this particular hour.
<- ?eep the money in your casino account until you have over $;00 then withdraw $200 so
always leaving at least $800B in your account.
=. 7emember that you don't want to get greedy. his is where most players make their worst
mistakes. "hat you need to do is set yourself a target amount stick to it. "hen you reach it,
walk away and come back tomorrow.
L. You can only bet what you can afford to lose. hat's common sense but you'd be ama-ed at
how many people don't take this advice#
M. :aintain your discipline# his is the most important rule there is# /tick to the system and
do not deviate#
Kood luck and have fun#
P-0- ! /till not sureJ "ell, think of it like this ! what do you have to loseJ Cy following these
instructions @N',(Y, you are K.'7'&@@6 to have $500 to play with, without spending a
penny of your own money# "hat's the worst that can happenJ You spend two hours playing a
game with someone else's moneyJ You have absolutely &5)*&K to lose, if you haven't
already done so, click &ere to download the free casino software to play on!line roulette and
give the system a try...you'll be glad you did#

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