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Lab Equipment

22 August 2011 07:16

Create a table in your notebook. Your table should have 4 columns with the headings below. Each row should contain 3 lines.

Name Beaker

Use Holding solids or liquids


Scientific Drawing

Test Tube

Holding and heating chemicals

Boiling Tube

Heating liquids and solids

Test Tube Rack

Holding boiling tubes and test tubes

Graduated Cylinder (measuring cylinder)

Measuring the volume of liquids


Heating objects above Bunsen Burner or spirit lamp Used as heat source for experiments

Bunsen Burner

Spirit Lamp

Used as heat source for experiments


Hold objects on tripod

Heat Proof Mat

Goes under hot objects

Retort Stand

Used to hold objects above heat


Holding objects

Conical Flask

Mixing chemicals

Scientific Method Page 1

Conical Flask

Mixing chemicals

Evaporating Dish

Separating solids from liquids

Funnel & Filter Paper Spatula

Separating liquids from solids

Scooping small amounts of chemicals

Stirring Rod

Used to stir chemicals

Tongs (test tube & glassware) Thermometer

Used to hold or carry items a short distance Used to take temperature of different substances Must be worn when using chemicals, heat or glassware

Safety Goggles & Lab Coat

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