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Mngt Ai Case

Mngt Ai Case

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Published by: Misti Walker on Oct 16, 2009
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Misti Walker MNGT 5223.


Keeping the Volunteers Working Hard at Amnesty International (AI) Amnesty International is a global group nobly dedicated to taking “action that prevents and ends mental and physical abuses of people around the world.” The commitment to the cause is what initially attracts volunteers. Veronique DuPont has the challenge of keeping those volunteers motivated to do mundane, routine, yet very necessary tasks. She does this by integrating them into AI’s projects. Volunteers are informed and have access to information. They are also encouraged to attend meetings, workshops, and lectures to get a sense of the organization’s workings and see what they are contributing. One might argue that the challenge of motivating unpaid volunteers is more difficult than motivating their salaried counterparts. However, according to Robson, pay is only one factor that motivates employees. Today’s employees or volunteers are motivated more by meaningful work and a sense of being part of a team than pay. DuPont has found a way to show her volunteers how they contribute to the big picture, giving them a sense of meaningful work. Because the volunteers are included in what the organization is doing from the top down, there is a strong team culture. These things, combined with the desire to help others, are what motivate these volunteers. I currently work for the university as a graduate assistant and while it is akin to the volunteer work in its level of importance, we are provided a modest salary. The JMSB could motivate its graduate assistants by integrating our work into the big picture. Recently we were asked to sit in on an AACSB advisory meeting. Our attendance at this meeting not only provided us with a view of how our efforts contribute to the goal of accreditation, but was also useful in keeping us informed and updated and made to feel a part of the team. Therefore, even though the pay is meager, the JMSB does a good job motivating its employees.

Greenberg, J. and Baron, R.A. (2008). Behavior in Organizations, 9/e . New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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