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recognitions of clement

recognitions of clement

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Having then stopped for a few days, and having in some measure finished the
business of collecting what was owing to me (for I neglected many things
through my desire of hastening, that I might not be hindered from my
purpose ), I set sail direct for Judaea, and after fifteen days landed at
Caesarea Stratonis, which is the largest city in Palestine.5

When I had landed, and was seeking for an inn, I learned from the conversation
of the people, that one Peter, a most approved disciple of Him who appeared in
Judaea, and showed many signs and miracles divinely performed among men,
was going to hold a discussion of words and questions the next day with one
Simon, a Samaritan. Having heard this, I asked to be shown his lodging; and
having founder it, and standing before the door, I informed the doorkeeper who
I was, and whence I came; and, behold, Barnabas coming out, as soon as he
saw me rushed into my arms, weeping for joy, and, seizing me by the hand, led
me in to Peter, having pointed him out to me at a distance.

"This," said he, "is Peter, of whom I spoke, to you as the greatest in the wisdom
of God, and to whom also I have spoken constantly of you. Enter, therefore, as
one well known to him. For he is well acquainted with all the good that is in
thee, and has carefully made himself aware of your religious purpose, whence
also he is greatly desirous to see you. Therefore I present you to him to-day as
a great gift." At the same time, presenting me, he said, "This, O Peter, is

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