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recognitions of clement

recognitions of clement

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Published by: Photon on Feb 21, 2008
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"For whereas at first, men worshipping a righteous and all-seeing God, neither
dared sin nor do injury to their neighbours, being persuaded that God sees the
actions and movements of every one; when religious worship was directed to

lifeless images, concerning which they were certain that they were incapable
of hearing, or sight, or motion, they began to sin licentiously, and to go forward
to every crime, because they had no fear of suffering anything at the hands of
those whom they worshipped as gods.

"Hence the madness of wars burst out; hence plunderings, rapines, captivities,
and liberty reduced to slavery; each one, as he could, satisfied his lust and his
covetousness, although no power can satisfy covetousness. For as fire, the
more fuel it gets, is the more extensively kindled and strengthened, so also the
madness of covetousness is made greater and more vehement by means of
those things which it acquires."

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