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recognitions of clement

recognitions of clement

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Published by: Photon on Feb 21, 2008
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"And all the more eagerly must we strive on this account, that while there is
time, the collected vices of evil custom may be cut off. And this you shall not
be able to do otherwise, than by being angry with yourselves on account of
your profitless and base doings.

"For this is righteous and necessary anger, by which every one is indignant with
himself, and accuses himself for those things in which he has erred and done
amiss; and by this indignation a certain fire is kindled in us, which, applied as
it were to a barren field, consumes and burns up the roots of vile pleasure, and
renders the soil of the heart more fertile for the good seed of the word of

"And I think that you have sufficiently worthy causes of anger, from which that
most righteous fire may be kindled, if you consider into what errors the evil of
ignorance has drawn you, and how it has caused you to fall and rush headlong
into sin, from what good things it has withdrawn you, and into what evils it has
driven you, and, what is of more importance than all the rest, how it has made
you liable to eternal punishments in the world to come.

"Is not the fire of most righteous indignation kindled within you for all these
things, now that the light of truth has shone upon you; and does not the flame
of that anger which is pleasing to God rise within you, that every sprout may be
burnt up and destroyed from the root, if haply any shoot of evil concupiscence
has budded within you?

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