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recognitions of clement

recognitions of clement

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Published by: Photon on Feb 21, 2008
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"There are also innumerable adulteries of his, of which no offspring was the
result, which it were tedious to enumerate. But amongst those whom we have
mentioned, he violated some being transformed, like a magician. In short, he

seduced Antiope, the daughter of Nycteus, when turned into a satyr, and of her
were born Amphion and Zethus; Alemene, when changed into her husband
Amphitryon, and of her was born Hercules; Aegina, the daughter of Asopus,
when changed into an eagle, of whom Aeacus was born.

"So also he defiled Ganymede, the son of Dardanus, being changed into an
eagle; Manthea, the daughter of Phocus, when changed into a bear, of whom
was born Arctos; Danae, the daughter of Acrisius, being changed into gold, of
whom Perseus; Europa, the daughter of Phoenix, changed into a bull, of whom
were born Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Sarpedon; Eurymedusa, the daughter of
Achelaus, being changed into an ant, of whom Myrmidon; Thalia, the nymph,
being changed into a vulture, of whom were born the Palisci, in Sicily; Imandra,
the daughter of Geneanus, at Rhodes, being changed into a shower; Cassiopeia,
being changed into her husband Phoenix, and of her was born Anchinos; Leda,
the daughter of Thestius, being changed into a swan, of whom was born Helen;
and again the same, being changed into a star, and of her were born Castor and
Pollux; Lamia, being changed into a lapwing; Mnemosyne, being changed into a
shepherd, of whom were born the nine Muses; Nemesis, being changed into a
goose; the Cadmian Semele, being changed into fire, and of her was born

"By his own daughter Ceres he begot Persephone, whom also herself he defiled,
being changed into a dragon."

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