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recognitions of clement

recognitions of clement

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Published by: Photon on Feb 21, 2008
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"As we spoke these and such like words with looks suited to the occasion, this
most vain fellow believed that we were deceived; and being thereby the more
elated, he added also this: 'I shall now be propitious to you, for the affection
which you bear towards me as God; for you loved me while you did not know
me, and were seeking me in ignorance. But I would not have you doubt that
this is truly to be God, when one is able to become small or great as he
pleases; for I am able to appear to man in whatever manner I please. Now,
then, I shall begin to unfold to you what is true. Once on a time, I, by my
power, turning air into water, and water again into blood, and solidifying it into
flesh, formed a new human creature -- a boy -- and produced a much nobler
work than God the Creator. For He created a man from the earth, but I from air
-- a far more difficult matter; and again I unmade him and restored him to air,
but not until I had placed his picture and image in my bed-chamber, as a proof
and memorial of my work.'

"Then we understood that he spake concerning that boy, whose soul, after he
had been slain by violence, he made use of for those services which he

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