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WMHD - WCDMA 2.1GHz AISG dual Mast Head Amplifier 471443A
WMHD MicroMHA comprises two identical amplifiers in one compact integrated package which is easy to transport and install. A state of the art Low Noise amplifier design provides a nominal 12dB of gain, compensating feeder loss and improving coverage. In the unlikely event of component or power failure, a bypass path allows the BTS to continue operation. Power is fed via the feeder cable, in Flexi BTS no BiasTs are needed, WMHD gets it’s power and control directly from BTS. With Ultrasite one BiasT is needed. WMHD has also RET connector for remote antenna tilt adjustor, RTA.

RECEIVE PATH SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range Rx gain Gain variation 1920 – 1980 MHz 12 dB +/- 0.5 dB max. at room temperature +/- 0.9 dB max. over entire operating temperature range 2.7 dB max. in bypass mode 1.7 dB max. at room temperature 1.9 dB max. over entire operating temperature range

Rx Insertion Loss Noise Figure

TRANSMIT PATH SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range Tx insertion loss 2110 – 2170 MHz 0.4 dB max. at room temperature 0.5 dB max. over entire operating temperature range 18.0 dB min. -116 dBm max. (MHA on, Rx band 7th order; 2 x Tx carrier at 43dBm )

Return loss Intermodulation

5 kg 7-16 female IEC 60130-9 as in AISG M8 ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating temperature Enclosure protection EMC Lightning protection MTBF -40º . <3. +25 dBm min.5 litre approx. +25 dBm min.000 hours .07 2 (3) MHA POWER HANDLING Input power without damage on ANT port: RX band (1920 – 1980MHz) Interferers in GSM900 transmit bands Interferers in GSM1800 +5 dBm min.DATASHEET WMHD 17.+55ºC IP67 In accordance with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC In accordance with IEC 801-5 and IEC 61312 >700.10. Power handling capability on BTS port: Single carrier 3 carriers +49 dBm continuous RMS power +49 dBm continuous RMS power total MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (H x W x D) 190 x 150 x 50 Volume Weight RF connector type RET connector Grounding Stud 1.

etc current window mode via BTS2 port .104 with Nokia WCDMA BTS .DATASHEET WMHD 17.0 ED2 or later with Nokia WCDMA BTS (Before WBTS4. using hose band clamps Orientation Powering Can be installed in multiple orientations .0 onwards) OTHERS Compatibility SW WN2.10.07 3 (3) INSTALLATION Wall Mounting Pole Mounting Using 4 x M8 bolts or screws Pole diameter 40 – 110mm.0 According to 3GPP AISG mode via BTS1 (WBTS4. Blocking.0 commissioning done as WMHC) AISG Spurious emissions.

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