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Acoustic Guide

Acoustic Guide


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Published by: pol@scheerlinck.be on Oct 16, 2009
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External walls of residential buildings usually consist of

•brick veneer construction, or lightweight concrete

•a cladding material, usually timber or fibre cement or

•occasionally double brick.

For better acoustic performance, use building materials
with more mass. Clay bricks provide high surface density
(or mass per square metre) to enable high transmission

The use of CSR Gyprock®


or Fyrchek™
plasterboard is recommended for interior walls. For even
higher wall STC, the use of CSR Gyprock®


Mounts and Furring Channels is recommended.

For brick veneer walls add the thickest possible
rockwool or glasswool batts inside wall cavities during
construction of the building.

Granulated rockwool can be retro-fitted into existing
walls of a building using a special machine which blows
granulated rockwool under pressure into the wall cavities.

Wall sheeting usually has solid connections (ie screw
or nail fixed) to the timber or steel studs and transmits
noise through these solid connections. CSR Gyprock®
Resilient Mounts can reduce both noise and vibration

To improve STC performance of single timber studs,
consider the use of Rondo resilient channels or CSR

resilient mounts with furring channels, which
can improve STC (or Rw) by 6 to 8.

Buildings with double brick walls should use vibration
isolated wall ties to reduce the amount of noise and
vibration transmitted from one wall to the other.

Note that building elements of low acoustic
performance will derate the improvements made to other
building elements ie. walls and ceilings. For example,
lightweight windows and doors can reduce the overall
STC rating of the wall.


Bradford Glasswool Wall Batts

Bradford Rockwool Wall and Ceiling Batts

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