Sherona Rawat

Clinical Psychologist
PR.NO. 0285897 Tel.: (031) 309 3930 Fax: (031) 309 3932

I am forming a therapeutic group for nurses. The group will address the debriefing of nurses on a weekly basis.
Due to the demand of the job, nurses are faced with trauma, loss and grief on a daily basis. Unfortunately, nurses are a greatly neglected fraternity when it comes to debriefing. Nurses are likely to experience the accumulation of such traumatic experiences as stress and strain on the job as well as with their children and family at home. For more information or if you are interested in joining the group, please contact my rooms at the above telephone number or visit us at Suite 803, 8th Floor, Medi Center, 78 Lorne Street, Durban.

Debriefing is a successful psychological intervention in the management and treatment of crisis, trauma and stressful working conditions.
(Standard medical aid rates apply)

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