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This nonsensical alphabet poem is the daily "exercise" recited by Bob Scarlet, a character in Charles E.

Carryl's children's book The Admiral's Caravan (1891). When you can answer all the questions in these verses, Bob says, "you can answer anything." Memorandum The Alphabet Poem from The Admiral's Caravan by Charles Edward Carryl Have Angleworms attractive homes? Do Bumblebees have brains? Do Caterpillars carry combs? Do Dodos dote on drains? Can Eels elude elastic earls? Do Flatfish fish for flats? Are Grigs agreeable to girls? Do Hares have hunting-hats? Do Ices make an Ibex ill? Do Jackdaws jug their jam? Do Kites kiss all the kids they kill? Do Llamas live on lamb? Will Moles molest a mounted mink? Do Newts deny the news? Are Oysters boisterous when they drink? Do Parrots prowl in pews? Do Quakers get their quills from Quails? Do Rabbits rob on roads? Are Snakes supposed to sneer at snails? Do Tortoises tease toads? Can Unicorns perform on horns? Do Vipers value veal? Do Weasels weep when fast asleep? Can Xylophagans squeal? Do Yaks in packs invite attacks? Are Zebras full of zeal?