••• JR.,J Building Applications

m.'1R (r-'~) _., - ~&J csa (GUANGZHOU) BUILDlNG MATERIALS CO •• LTD'.




CSR Profile

i!!ilWli $:, III tJlitlJ i"1855$, ;l!JI:;I;:: 'J!lP.Bi !t.:t3 A leg ~ ~ :t. -., .~ ~ B :ftI150:;; $~Bi*.~M*.III ••• *~~.*~~~~2-,** ••• *W!lP..!lP. ~~~i!!i~.~~.i!!i!Wli*.meg.-~~*.~~~~*$A ••• ~.~~ a.*~.*~&.~~E*~.~*«_.i!!ilWli*m~~.ft~&eg.~m~ ... , _* tIIJ.MtIUilllJ. *.lUiwa**lllE. =*itt •. r - -TOMAGo«U!r 25%a94X§..

CSR Umlied (CSR) Is onll ,of AUlltl'8l1a's leadlngl manufa.ctul'lng cornpanlea wlth o,pIIl'8tJone throug heut A:ustl'8l1a lUI weHas In .AIIla and New Zelliland. Throu,gh Its three principal: businesses, 'CSR Is a.:lllading sU,ppller of building procluct.and sug,ar and holds an effeetl:vlI 25% Interest In tile, iomago aluminium ameKer. CSR Iia also ,cleveloplng a Inumber ,of fOmler Industrial s'llesfor fll.lure· land sales .. Each of the, CSR g~oup"s businesses has leadIng cr established poslUonsln lle: tal'get malrkele. Oliglnal~ founded :In 1855 allEi sugar company, CSR 1'8 one '01 Austl'8Ua's oldest companIes, 'wlth a proven Ireooro of cons!lfwnt returns and strong ea.shflow.


CSR Rockwool Story

liM IF..~ iijJlA* •• fi'!Ik~ 7'1934$. tlIJAil:lJII* 'J ft •. $: *m*7.-m~.Ira*. B~.~q*ii~ .• l , fH;!.;j:fl.:tl;T~.W.#Ma:tm. 10~~tI!J~.lftam m~~ae~ii~.a~~.M ••• &~~ •• ~ ••• • mw~tt_~.~m~ .• nM.p~e~~R~.a~ ~~~p~ •• &m*.~ •• , *~~~~.~~P~. *~ PAa.~~MRt~.~ ••.

The, CSR IRoekwoolstory began In 1934 with the opening 'of CSR Bradford's fl1'II1 Roc'kwool factory InAustnlUa. CSR halsucc8ulvely set up rockwool pl'anm In China, Mal'aysls and ThaJl'a.nd. With over 70 years of experience In manufactullng rocwkool. CSR hall firmly established a reputation In the hl·tech fleld of thennaland acoustic IMUlatlon. CSR maintains 8, researoh 'and developmentC$nter dedloatedi to the oontlnuous Improvement andl d!evelopment 0' new and eXisting pr;()(luem to meet the ,aver cMnglng, market neede aM demands.


.1995~:t£!P IIIlr*.* •• t!.*~"':!£F'<.:III!

IEetab'llehed In 1!995It1e. filCllt rockwooll facio!,), In Dongguel!, G uengdongl Province .

• 200Jlf.:t£~IIIiI""* •• IM.I&t!.= 1-!.WM:r.r

E«tBb!l&hed In 2007 the, s_nd rookwooll 'factory In IHub11ou" 'GuangdongllF'mvtnce, •

• 2008&t':t£~ ----:r*ilrfM ~.,::::. • WM:r.ralQ:jO=

The thIrd rockwool' faclo.ry In Guangmou started opMation In early 2008.,

• *.~&~~ .• ~,m~, •••••• ~ ••• a~m~~~m*.~~ *.M.r*:!£jO=.~. m~~.- ••• ~~a •.

Devote to the development of Insulation I'nduetry In ChIna thmugh InvesUng Inadvanoed teohno!o:gy and prcxluolion ce;ps.olty. Aotlvely Invol:ved In petroohemlcel, oll &: ,gas, power, construction. Sh(p building, ete.

.1 ~ml lEI lllIB.t~.*l!&9!& .~F:J!,fC .~~! ~ •• ~ •• *~.~ •• fi11'ttk~ ~~, ~!i:$.~IJA{i

.1 • fti II!II5 a •• 1m -t$ ~1:S0900 1 :2000i!fTiiH1=

• fi!: ~ M!liltl-:-*, it;t- * i! &9'~ _dill :ii jf:: .iI!z.-

.1 Employstlile latest.IEuropeall rockwool technology .

• 1 Funy equipped In house QC/QAtesting faclllUes .

• 1 Dedicated, p~ofesslollal and 'e,xpell1sllcediwork.force. • Qperattlsaccordlng to IISO 9001 :20(l0 quaUty systems

.1 'One ofthe Ilargest Rockwooli manufactllrersandi sup;pliars in Asia. Pacific Region



o I§
:::0 Ii
o ffl
0 Ci
"tJ "
a. 8CJ
.... ~
"tJ F-
o ,I
tn '!; E~*~ •• ~.a~~~w~,~£a~.a~ •• ~*.§UM.§~~ ~ (>1460-'C) .1t, d:l1!!I, •• v$l"lI.~Jlf;f, A!l>.,'UtHf1j,tjll{t ~,~.$~~m~~m~M~~ .• W~I~~.~ .•• RMW~~ •. F:i!!,W.II m 11130kglm~:"'200kg/m'.

CS'R R.ookwoolls: made fr'om ,nalural rocl<s basa'itand,. The rooks are melted In a eu:pola at a,pp~oxlmately >14!50·C, and tile molten lava III flberlzed by 8, spl'nner. The fibers are then coatedw:lttla 1hll~ollettlng, b'I'nder whleh bonda the, fibers, Into a mat. The mat, Is then ,cut Into lIullal:>l:e, slz,ell for ,ease 'of hall<lllll;'9l and InstaUation. Other p.roduets such as wired ! p~pe' cover 'or NC4Id produetsare produeed bys800ndary proce8ges. Ty,plc:al densities 'range from 30kg/rno-200kglm·.

Oharaoterlstlos of CSR. Rockwool Products


Energy ConeervaUon

1iM$iiUl.~~~=fi"~$L Wm.ii~ilJlit~lUltUE7o,~.t. ~U.iJ. FJI tl¥ JI: lag •. !j!, '~1! ::r:'.~ '¥i .. 7;;1;: 1'1 t9 • III, 1!;. ~ t§l, d~' JiJ a.m·~ Ii fit WiT it •.

When it comes,tosQ,V:ing energy and saving m.oney YOUI can't basI CSR. With CSR roc!kwoollnslilatlon In your horns" you'll be re'I'axed. comforiableand ,f5·ave· as mllc'h as 10% on you r heating endeoollng1oosts.


:FIre Safety

1iM~~~ •• M~~~~~~, .~.~F~. *.~~F~a.m~~ •• ntl:.!It!. m .IIT ~IIUH:tt I. :Me fit.a - it ~* Jj ., FiT I;t m.!I * 11UfliL ~~~~~A.~*~a.~F •• ~.~~~.

(:SR Roc:kwool Iproducts afe mad& from natllral rocks and are deemed to, be noncembustlble Insulation maten'al which could wlt!hstand temperatures ,above 1000,'0. Using CSR Riockwool Ihelps protect!'ng people and property by stopping or delaying SpreEtI:i 'of fire.



1i.*~UlM~* ••• ~., ~ •• ~.~t9~.M' •• ~m~~.,~.a~ •• ~~~~.&-~9.~~OO.

With Its unlq,u9 pOl'Ol.Isfiber structure, CSR :Roekwoo! 'has ex,c:ellent acoustlc: performanCE! 'fnsolJndabsol'Jltlonond no'ise Ireductlon.


INonhazardous, Enllironmentall friendly

i§iM~~tll:J'*:ti**, CFC, H:CFC, :::f'!E •• , ;C .• ~.~*&III,. ~MB. I~m~m~ •• fi~~~~~ ••• m.

'CSR Rockwoo'ils free, of asbestos'. CFC. IHC'FC and does not pr'omote growth of fungi and bacteria.

R.ockwooilis clas·slfled In Gr~up 3 by IARC ,(lintemational Association for Researcllinto 'Cancer).lli.e. '·'undl'asslfla'ble as to It's carcino,gen'lclty to humans,",



Fibertex R I f'ibertex B - Rigid Rockwool SI!ab I Flexible Rockwool

~.~.ft-~ .. ~B~., ••• ~~~M~.~@PAW.~ ••• *~p~~~e.~ •• ,.W.8~~~~ iliftMiiT •• a.

!Flbertex R Is ,lIiigld l'Ookwool ;board, Flbertex 19 Is 'In fI~I;ble 1'011 form fOr ease of In.stallatlon ,over large areas. Both: products are avail' ble to order with a wIde irange of density and th'loim8ss. and with various type 'offaolnga,pplled.

Standard slze

• Flbel1:ex R. W"_

• •• Density "'.: 410-2,00Ikglm'

• ~iII Size, (LXW) : 1200mmX600mm •• Thl~ckness, 30-1,60 mm

• Flbel1:ex B !i!l'Mla

• .ft. Density: ,50-11'00 ikg/m"

• .!tIUlze (LXW) I SOOOmmX600(911,O)mm 1150IHlmmX600(910)mm

• •• Thickness ~ 30-100 mm




GBIT 19686 - 2005


Denllty tolerance


Fire performance

... ~. @lIIlIJU26'C

Thermal condutrtlvlty (_.It ThIcOOmm)


i*'1145_ ~ ... ..iI .·"'_Ilk
Product code Nominal densIty R-value Thermall eond'ueUV:tty
~gJm~) '(m'kIW) ,(WlmK)
'Fiberte,x R.40 40 1.28, 0.0,39
Flbertex R.5IH 50 1.35 0.'0'37
flbertex B50
IFI Dertex RM I '60 1.35 0.,1)37
flbertex B'60
Flbertex RSIH BO 1.39 0.,006
Flbertex BSO
Flbertex R11'OO I 1100 1.39' 0.036
fl bertex 8·100
flberte,x R120 1.20 1.39' 0.'1)36
,Flbertex R160 160 1.35 0, .. 0.37
IFlbertex R180 180 1.32 0.(1'38 ASTMC1335

":;;5% (>O.25mmtr!J_) ":;:30% (>O.oeSmm~iIEl)



• ~~flP~~~mm~.~~.w,~_ ••.• ~g •.•• MM.~~~ M~~ ••• S~~~* .• ~.W,~._.,M* s .

• ~lJIi:¥;e~mm:r-ttfaM1.~~ ijl$IJilJt" ,.·:fl:JGfi '*fUUIlIIIJfl! ~ RS1!:W.

I. Flbert.ex, R I Elbert.ex B Is Widely used In ccmmerclal building., res Idence. ptant and pub'llc. applying fot roofing, extemaI wall, partition wall, floating floor with excellent pelrfo.rmane-e In 111'8 proteotion.thermali Insulation. acoustlQ control and QondEinsation ,control.

I. The lower density range, (40-80kg/m,) of Filbel'l6X R.! Flber1:e,j( B Is ,eapeelally suItable for lining meta'i deck roofs and wall sheeting to' reduce heat load and penetration of nols'e Into the building'.


IHiCom - High Compression Resistance Roofing Slab

5 ••••• ' ~ ••• n~ft~~~*_m~.~.g •• *~.~ •• ~~a~-~F ~ .• m.n~E~~~~I~,~mA.~~M~*,~ ••. a~ •• w~a*~H.m AW ll1l1Ia1JMtJ!.tl. maRIJtJlEiBlI.fIlVtAl8. ~ ••

HIC<lm 1$ a rlg'ldtodc woo'l ,slab paltloolarly suited to bunt 'up' waterprQof roofing and melallroofing ()Qn~1ruotlon. In addltionsl to, Its thermal, acoustic and fire Iinsulation propertlas, It has a;>ecellent durability and compreaelon withstand ca.pabillty.


Standard sl:ze

• &a (Density) I 140-180 kg/m'

• * X * (I.. X W) , 1200mmX'61l0mm

• 1J! (Thickness.) I 40-100mm


CnaracterieUc".*R~~*P~~.M~~ •• ~.O .

•• c ••• m~~.~~U~.~ •• A~.6~ •. ~~ •• ft.,

• .T:;rc~#ft, ~:fit. ~=:t!:lU.~.

• ,.,I.fIl~M1'II'.'*.tlUt. QtiiEaA ~tfm!if\ •• III iiTt7J'iil'fI.· 9'e.1il~'fII:!I>, .J:~ •.

• Fire safe .• No· toxlc fume and flaming dro;pletJ In case of fire.

• Improve themtal ilnaulatJon of roofing, Imal'ntaJn [ndoor'comfort level, reduce, enel'g.y Ilost.

• PhysIcally & chamlcally stable, aging reslsta.nt and ,consistent tharmal perfOrmance.

• .Su;pert:or materla'lll for 8CQus1I'o ·Q(lntrol.

• Easy hand lin gl and IMtaliatton ..

Techl1l'I'cal! P·arameters







iff Unit

Jll ·iit.Jj;./I Standards





Compression slNngih at 10% defonnation


EN 8.26

.Q ••

Point load 5mm deformation







F,I~8 pelformance

::f:.t!t:tM Non~combustlble'

EN 1801182

.SJ •• 20'C .....

Thermal conductIVIty >..





Water l'epe,lIanoe


Dimensional etablllty


Me'ltlnll point




GB 10299




• i'liWi$lIIi5!i:lIi: ilitillJIIT:ftiWUnmB*fQ,Q:tt,UUIUliAM*!J, fi§IUIft:""~iI!;lf1i*._ ~~M~.m~§.UM",.~.I.~~.~~B.~ •.

HICom Is used forth8~mal. llcouellcllnd fIre, InsulatIon In a wl'de, range of bull'dlng: ,Ilndlindustrlalllppllclltion and Is partlcularty applicable where a Mgld product Is required. It II's partl'cularly6uite<l to buUt up waterproof l'(Iof1'ng ami metal foonng, conatriYctlon In which the pI'oduct Is fixed by gluing! or mechanleal anchol'8.


F-reseal - Fire Protection lnsulation

Flreseal hli 8 I'Oc.kwool iboa~d of dark brown colour; It Is made of epeelail)" fomulated fI're l'aslstant fibres which nave fusion temperature or above 1150'(: and I'El'malikable resl'81anee W shrinkage at tempe.ratures eneeu ntered In tire condltJons.,

• eM49uLFlititUUA.i£.

Ul marking for products are, awllabla upon req,uest.

Standard size



"IE I~!f\! ~ Proc:il.lIlt code,

*.11" .Nominal denslt,),



SIZi& ,(LXWXThk), mm

Fire-seal 60

1200X600X 1185

•• '.1Ih *- •• E.!II

Appl,y for eu'llng ,gapel'n constJructl'on wl\err& smoke or fire may penetrate,



12,00 X600X50

Flreseal 110

' ••••• Jh,*,UlJH

ApplY for any penelr8llon, In non-visible 8_






Techlil'l:caJ ,Data


•• II! ••

Smoke developed Index





lUI Val'lle

A.S 1530.4 - 1997 ISO 834

A.STM 1[119 JIS·A1304


1-41)\ II't hours


Fire lre.l,ta.nce,

(#ii::rfi .. :j;:III •• fillIl9.!I(, ••• '.U ••••• .J;jCSR$ ••• AJII •• )

IfYO!!Illeedltl!e <lmibor 1iW·~oflba·~·~. ~_I.OI_~

ASTMI[84 (U.l123)


Flame 'pl'9o(l1 ilndex

ASTM:Es.f (U.l72S)



iI:tl1 Pass

ISO 11:82, GB 5464 ~ 1997 A.STM IEi3E1 or equIvalent

JW;fl\ __ (Jf·BJfI)

M'aa" tflermal conduotl:'l!ty


II ASTM C 518@75·F(24'C) GBIr 19686-2005


App'lI catJolI

Apply for '9ap$ln constructiOI1 where' smoke or fire, may pelletrate

Flresea'16Cl: fIlIFIreseal110 ,m T •• !jMJiI •• , lI.zlflilfJU,tI\I'fi*mJIJi mit, *,tIt ~g~(~._)tI\IM.~ •• tI\I ••••• tI\I.R •• ~~~Mfi*~.~~tI\I*~ • •• 'ii)i~/J\JI'lJ'tI\IfI*m •

F1r9$eal eo & Flreseal110 are suitable tor seallng g:ap : In constructIon where, smoke, or fire may panente. Common applications ilnclude the top perimeter 01 party wall's between houses and Isola.tion be,tween building level's lneurtaln wall appllll8t1ons. CSR IFlreseal preduets ean provide, for 1111'8 res'lstan.C& lrequlrements of up to 4 hours.

• all, •• Ft*aml

Ap,ply for any penetration,s In no:n~vislble areas

.11 CSAFl' .... I"O •• ti 'I!lCSRFl_oIlO1t ... IOZ.,.i

0 ••

Flres&a.'1110 In IFlresealPrllmlum .bY:.IJI-F..Ilr!l{lZJfjj!/{, :I!-$IIlI •• fIIJ.ilfl~*~II, '€ili:ltlmJ:"'Fm*lmttf*;1lr!l I!'Jji *;t 111ft: Jill. Jfjj JI: ** ft!t JI'lJ'iilllUJ HI EI'J'*mIlHlil£.J:UdWiHh*4\5t.

FlrMeaJ 110 &. Flr&$eal P,remlum ara developed as 'a fire protection In\lulatlon. A key application area III to fully ,cover any peneuations In non.-vlslbl'e areasslloI:i as In those In 'wrta'in wall .s.ystems •. In, o~der to provide 8 fire barrier. thIs pro'll des pass'lve fire protectl:on by compartmllntallzlng Ihe building Into Isolated sections In 'ol'derto preve:nt the spread of fire shou.ld ,one oCQurwlthln tile bulldln,g.


IFibertex SW - Sandwich Panel Core Insullation

5~*~ •• W~ •• ~~~MW~ •• ~.~~mM~~ •. m~~.~.M.~~~m .• ~~~ ••.• MB •• )il OOO°c. sc ~p:f:::r: ~1" ~ •• fI ""t. • III $: !tHt.1" Ii F l% ~ If! T •• 11 'liJ;lIJI.~, I!h *.ltI Ill. III ft •

CSR Aberte,x SW IRockwooI Is, manufact.ured from a molt.en mIxture of natu~a'i rock which Is pJlOcessed Int.o 'lIbe:rs by advanced European technology and !bonded with II tIIermosettlng Iresln. The produet Is no:n.-oombustlble end 'lire, fetllstant. with a high fusIon 'temperature, In excess o11000oC. Nosmllk.a de,velopment anti does' not pJlOduce, toldc gases In ,ease of fire .• CSR Rock wool products are, paltJcula~l.y lIultab'le, for tIIermallna ulatlon,. fire pJlOtect/on andaoundl attenuation.


Standard :81~e,


Product code

SW40 SW'60 SW80 SW100
105 120 140 150
12.00 x'600
100 100 80 80 J;\Dr 10>.--

:44 . .pJ\.""," .

Nominal density (kg/m'l


Size. (LXW) (mm)


Tihlokn&ss (mm),


TecMlce'l Parameters


Propertl ..







SW 100'

C' •• ~UIl •••• ~.{l

M'echanloalstrrength (Average, value of lame'lla)

•• lfall ••• (16"11 •• )

Compre"lon .tftlngt/l at 10% deformation



EN 826

< 5% (Coarse shot size MilJlRv =- 0.25mm)

-e 30% (UI.Umate s:llotslze fStI.ElR-V > 6311· m)

... it •• ,$llot.'Conten1

ASTIM C11385

w •• aH~Ib •• 1.10

TII&rmal Conductivity 01 Rockwool !dab




GB 10.295

._ .m.~.~.ft~.~«~~P~.~.~~*M.~~.

Long tenn du mbfllty on high 'level after agelng te~tln high tempsratufieand !PrE N14509'

moisture conditions

1fA.~ Durability


(ft~tIi*~j6:m GB 10.299

(on request)


Water repellence,



it*, I:SO 1182

Pass '1385464



• J§' Ifi * ~ ;g:tli~ flgt.t ... ~ *., iIi,~;g;:t!»tT.t ,.~iM.1II ""h II'Hi •• ~ . fICJ ~ ~t!um.

• i!UU~ ~;r,;:tUUfU!;:tf .-81• &I. R!J tt~~ tUx. .1QUt *.l:1)'1t] tJJ., Rift iij1 - $Wta... lilT ~ftUI·JiJ"Ii I~I- B:. l:tJll!~trUi. iiI m itllJ - ~ M: milUJJ, t1i:fi~ ttUliIII.Ir:. (:h 11 ~.!\jff .Jil1i ll\1:i!'ff )

.~.&.~*.m.±~B~ ••• *,~Im.*.m~.~g •.

• CSR flbert.8x SW R.ookwool! Is IU.8edi for thermal, aooustlo and flr·e 'Insulation. In metall'ao&d sandwl'ch, panels.

• CSR Flbertex SW Rookwl)():1 Slab are high quality r&sIn beonded slabs Wlthl ve~ hlghl ,oomprQ$slon elrenglh. lit can be oUi 81:ong the, lien,"" and Iturned'to form lamellas. Vertical orientated flber:s of lamelfa$provlde '8 :p.roof baEll1l for design,.

• imn!l'atlon lamelia!! al'e glued under Ipres" to tM panel CQvering sheels, Produo1i propertlea of theflnlsned Ipanel depend :aI80' on the manufacturlngtedlnology oUlla panel.

TihermoG1uard - External Wall Thermal Insulation Slab

ThermoGual'd ~_{; .. JU!:ittfimEb iIi:~!tli:g •• fi.,u!~jlifUr¢.Ii1t:~., ;lmA!P.fU~$!!l it lit.. ~;-: Ii! "'.~ flttltIIJ IIIh * •• HM. m~=lle: j1UIOO°C. III.ltt 'I'~;-:~".Ift ~. EI1f


'CSR T/larmoGuard ROCikWool SI'ab 115 manufactured from a molten mlxtunl ,of nshu'el rock Ylfl'I'ch 1$ proce$$ed Into.f1berll with advanced Eiuropea:ntechnotogy and bonded With a thermosettlng tea,". The product ils non. combustible and fire Il'EIslata.nt 'with a Ihlghtuslon temperatul'EI' ln excess ,of 1000't) .• No smoke, development and d:oes not produ.ce toJdc gase~ In ca~ of fire·. CGR Roc'k wool ,products are partlcuI8r~)" suitable fo,'fthe!'T!1al Insulallon, fl're protection! a.nd sound attenuation,

Standard $Ill&

• ,*X:R (L x W) , 12011mmX600mm •• 11. <Thlcknesa) I aO-1100mm

Technlca'l: Parameters






iMiit5Jt Standards


Co.mprealon strength ....




itiUl1I ( •••• )

Ten.lle alrengfh


II EN 1607


fire pelifonnanoe

::f' !II tt. ** M NOIil-combustl b~I'a

EN IS01182

GBrr 5484-1999

jt,j:*!'i& --Ai.

Reaction tofl're- OlassA1'

EN 13501, .. 1 GB 8624-2006

lP-SJil1I20°C8 •••

Thermal COMUctlY\ty A.

ASTM C171/C618 or GBfT 110295

IIhk 1* (B ~jJ;)..)

Wl.ter absorption (paJtial immersion)


flit ••• Melting point



EN 1009' BS2»72

> 1000



~1t¢iM, CfO, IHOFO

No asbestos, CFOs, HOFCs flies


., ~'JIM-§:.:~UkJim-F ••• Ut:fi •• *JlB9fijiIUl"'n~ •

• , ThermoGuard :\i,'-timmTa·." •• ±J.tJ!t •• 'f!!Uat$t$· _fl*Jt ••• STFli.JUUitlUtUittlt.!t.lI.. ~tl fifo :J"~1"~ •• Bld:lltf!ll, 1Jt;fit:. !i1ll.,trtJ •• 1!fif5tta, •• II~ •••• ~., ~*JU:R,tI.'t"mjfl· -~fIII~ ••

• , .iSr.*R,IUI1l'R~MiEIIJ*, B..m~IEIIJ{i 'Ffi •

• , EXteflnalTl1ermallnsulallon 'Composite, Systems (ETICS) are applied to 'extemal $urfece8of new or 6](Ja1lng, walla and/or sol'ms to Ilmprove, ,on thermallnsule.tlon performance.

• ThermoGuard lis 'rntended for most types of bulldlng,swlth compact waJIs. e.g'. concrete 'or brick 31nJotures. ThIs product hasexeeltent compressive, andtens!!a strength properties, Is dImensionally stable and the, thermal _fflolento' expansIon Is vi rtUII!!)!' zero .. The produot has; a h'lgh agelng resl'atence and Is, eompatl biela, use, with most quanty rendering systems.

ThermoGu·ard will provldea.l1 effective means to Increasing thermal ,efflclency. fire ,safety and exceptional weather prot.ectlon, •.

• , The I'nsulation requirements will dependent on the load and the p'laster work ,system proposed.

.~ I

:ltil:m!liAS80""\m* Bel]jngAirpoJtAsaO Hanger ~5!1;! H'i COlli '180

• ~t~I4~:IJI

Beijing Spaceflight CI~

*.-~*~---PQ3~ 0 ~!&$I(B] .JFiii(JI:.~ 0

IfAWWOLKSWAGEN AUTOMOTIVE '00" LTD. Coloplut (ZhuhaJ!), Pr91ect

F,ail IFlbertex SW 80, Fliu HICom 80

• J:1Ii1J6'~$=.J;il'i EI

SGM (Shanghai) Pl'oJect II phase

I. rfHliaii:~Iii:'Ui

Guangzhou NewlBalyun International AJrport.

I •. ;iIi!lr5j!±*~ (:I~jjf) JifO Andrew Firult Supermarket (Beijing)

I. ..I: •• m Jltl$lJi' O~

SG'M (ShanghaI) Project

• .$.111 eJe;1:lQflJiO

Phoenix (l.eshan), Semi-conduct P~Jeet

• .JIlI~.1iP1b

Shenzhen 'Conference & Exhlbltron

• ~~1.fI; (.li!ttlD AT17_iiiJ1ili EI Ilntel(Chengdu)A7i7 Roofing Project

• ttllHlIlIlf-!:$:r.I EI

SSM (Shenyang)' Project

• *= (7iVlII) ·lJl!EI IK!EA(Shenzhen) Pml:ect

• .Ilf~ (;;I;::]i) .J;ltEI Intel(Dallsn) Pro]:ect.

• .,·tliltnl]~ft.

Hohehot Municipality Tetra Pak Pil'Ojeet

• lHtllf 9:1;5:11 EI

Qlmond's SuzhoIJ ProJect.

I. .~~ -liP 'I1lJiOI

Chong.qlngl Exh'lblUonand' Fare CenterP~Jeot

• .. ~B C~.)fj EI Colo,lIlast (Zhuhal) ProJect

I. :l1::l{T~.rB,r

KafIJ Food IProcesslng Beljlngl

• ttl'lJtilff1fJJiO McCain Food CO'."itd

I. ft,.' (Jlt II) I:Ji ,EI IIKJU\:(Chengdu) Project

• :It.~·mfiA38cm"

B.eIJI ng Airport A380 Hanger

• :fl:~.iI*·4l

German School (Beijing)

• t" *I'1iP f"ti Guangzhou Cltle PIaza

I. !UUIMr-ii SliIenzhenSeg Plaza,

• JIt:ijij IBM =* •• SliIelilzhe~nl!BM 81111'clln9

• t: iUtUlli:. I

GlJang,~hou Underground Railway ProJect

• J:Mhta=*JI

Shanghai iBIlUdlng

I. ..I:j'nli.·ttI~

Shanghai New JlnJlangl Bulldlngl

• ;fl:~ IJI !1!l.:E. ifj , ff =* II

IBelJlng China Commercial BS.lilk Bulldlllg

.~tlf ,iii IJItt,,= WI

IBelJlng Internatlona'i Trade, Center (II Phase)

SiC.@ Zhuhal Bosch ,j!!I:lib Flbelie>! :RaO

• ~tJil!*1.i,rti

IBellln9 Orlellltal Plaza

• r-'i;i'.''$' ,~, • r

GuangXI Nanning Cigarette Plant

•• nli!§ r

Xlamen LOlilgyan Cigarette 'Pliant,

.r~I\1H11f1 ~ l'Mlr

GU8.lIlgXllIuZhou J,latlanxla Clg,arcetl.e Plant

• JUd1!:l2i!*

Shell,zhe:n World Trade, Building

.,flll •• ShenzhenlK'EA

FBI HICom 80 ... FU)artax.IR112,I),


Slilenzhell ,Jilangs'u Bull'dlng

• iJll~U $,~ ijIi ~

Slilenzhen Huawel Project

• t"HlIt"lIlt!.a''''·b

Guangzh,ou Bfoa,dcast& Television center

· ..1:.1'1. t"ii ShangHallluwan Plaza

• IInllfiirS(1M)

Xlarnen Amel Planl,(, 1)

rHl,al''R Ii &;,~i.t,,,,,1'b

G uanQ2houBa'~yun Intematlonal Confel'ence Cenue,

j!k,M1,; Flresea.1 60 & F£be.i'tex R80

1.-~*~(1.2JUlrm) f:AW..:volkswageli Automotive Project

I. ~t.L'G*,m.*1I ILG (BeJlng) Pr()J:ect

.**.*ft~.m.~~~rm~~ IDG Texwlnoo Textile & Garment LTD.

• }:t11lEl.:-a=r:r$ Shenyang Sanyl



._M (i.) .t;fW.~!J

CSR.(Gllan,gzholl) BIIUdlngl Malarlals Co., Ltd.

' ••• U •• Marketlng 8cTec:hnlcal Center '.llIr*srlHiIJ •• *lIim6@a:hJl:llrii251S.

UnH 251,5" Profit: Plaza, No. 78 West Hu.angpu IRoadi" Guangzhou,. 'Guangdong'. PR.C •• ZiI'p code: 51,0823

III! iI!i Tel: +86 20 5889, tau fta iFax: +S6 20 M39 GElS? !!tit. Website:

:tr- Plant1

U I IIIllIr*.rlll1triiilftt$;lftU:I::iU'lE:f;·It!_llt.

Add: South of lliefeng ,Road, Yonghe Dlstrl'~. of GUeJlg~hou Economlo & T ec'hnoiogy

Develo,pme.n.t District, Guangzhou, GUMgdlong, PRC

:r.r = PI •. nt!

fUI:.:lllili r *' •• M 1!J!a.' •• III • .q.:.t:* II:

Add: Yuanzhou Mas'I,lndustr!aIZone, Beluo,. iliu!mou, Guangdong, IPRC


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