Diagnostic Issues in CrossCultural Settings

Sherona Rawat Phd Community Psychology 2008 Prof. S. Ncgobo

• System of coding information • Cross Cultural method- experimental method • Concept of Personality • What is normality?

Similarity and differences
• Different backgrounds • Transcent cultural biases • Several distinct syndromes appear to be characteristic for all cultures • Difficult to draw conclusions about the aetiology of most disorders

Different studies
• • • • Substance abuse Culture specific syndromes Chinese- Koro Eskimo- Piblokto

• Culture
• Depression • Dementia

• Dependent upon western diagnostic criteria

• Outline of culture formulation and a glossary of Culture-bound syndromes • Claim that the syndromes are common among that particular community • Community preceded DSM in mading reference to such syndromes

Five guidelines
• • • • Cultural identity Cultural explanation Cultural contributing factors Cultural elements of relation between patient and clinician • Overall assessment

• Understanding of concepts • Individual’s capabilities and capacity for therapeutic intervention • Professional responsibilities • Understanding ones self • Objective non-biased attitude • Respect, interest, care, concern and compassion

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