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This is the era where technology is taking up so much place in humans lifestyle that it was unimaginable only a few decades before.

Information technology provides a good basis for the effective and creative use of knowledge. Today, the use of information technology is, with the knowledge of reading, writing and calculating, an element of literacy.

Previous research shows that learning via multimedia teaching is more effective up to 30% because the students concentration is held at high level.

When we speak of technology equipment in schools, we can say that equipment is average, with old computers and programs.

In Serbia, there are several wellequipped schools, but not enough for the needs of students, which are large.

In our school, the most used are calculator, computer, printer and slide projector, but depending of the type of school, there are and microscope, overhead projector, video recorder, portable stereo and other.

In Serbia, the use of cell phones in the classroom is considered a nuisance and ends with a reprimand. Today, they are in many countries, one of the most useful tools in the classroom. 73% of teachers in the U.K., and their students are using mobile phones for studying on it.


The survey included 2,462 teachers in the United Kingdom and almost half of the teachers use e-readers and tablets in regular classes, and most of students use mobile phones and other gadgets in the classroom.

Do you use the internet?

Devastating fact is that of 300 surveyed students who have a home computer, only 130 use the internet in educational purposes.

Use the internet Don't use the internet

Would you like to via internet at home re-look things youve learned at school?
Of 130 students who use the internet at home, 121 said thay would like, and 9 students wouldnt like.

Would Wouldn't

What do you think about technology in classroom? What gadget you use most? Do you use internet in educational purposes?