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Location Name Notes

1A Classic Rock
1B Sub Machine
1C Slap Happy
1D String Theory
2A RnB Standard
2B 4 the Love of $
2C California
2D Power Pop
3B Pepperland
3C How Many More
3D Auto Wah
4A Jazz Deluxe
4B It's Sabotage
4C Huge 360
4D Cosmology
5A Modern Slurry
5B Have A Cigar
5C Adam and Eve
5D Live at Leeds
6A Zodiac
6B Live Spoonful
6C Love/Haight
6D Microbial
7A Continental
7B 70'S Freak
7C Prog Metal Chops
7D Furry Friend
8A Memphis Bottom
8B The Fish
8D Tetracycline
9A Fullerton
9B Crytocercus
9C Silverface Bass
9D Witch Hazel
10A Classic Jazz
10B Sunshine
10C Tom Sawyer
10D Irritant
11A Post Modern Rock
11B Seattle Coffee
11C Detroit Groove
11D Longhorn
12A Chihuahua
12B Dub King
12C All Right Now
12D 60's Sci-fi
13A VAR/Vintage '61
13B VAR/Manta
13C VAR/Jazz Upright
13D VAR/Synth Stab
14A VAR/Jeremy 12STG
14B VAR/Woodstock
14C VAR/White Album
14D VAR/Green Synth
15A VAR/Swedish 8
15B VAR/Fretless
15C VAR/Blue Upright
15D VAR/Uranium 238
16A User 1
16B User 2
16C User 3
16D Calibration
Amp Setups
Amp 0 Bypass Cab: No Cabinet
Amp 1 Tube Preamp Cab: No Cabinet
Amp 2 L6 Classic Jazz Cab: 8x10 Classic
Amp 3 L6 Brit Invader Cab: 4x15 Big Boy
Amp 4 L6 Super Thor Cab: 1x18 Amp 360
Amp 5 L6 Frankenstein Cab: 4x10 Session
Amp 6 L6 Ebony Lux Cab: 2x15 Doubleshow
Amp 7 L6 Doppelganger Cab: 4x10 Tweed
Amp 8 Sub Dub Cab: No Cabinet
Amp 9 Amp 360 Cab: 1x18 Amp 360
Amp 10 Jaguar Cab: 2x10 Modern UK
Amp 11 Alchemist Cab: 4x10 Adam Eve
Amp 12 Rock Classic Cab: 8x10 Classic
Amp 13 Flip Top Cab: 1x15 Flip Top
Amp 14 Adam and Eve Cab: 4x10 Adam Eve
Amp 15 Tweed B-Man Cab: 4x10 Tweed
Amp 16 Silverface Bass Cab: 2x15 Doubleshow
Amp 17 Double Show Cab: 2x15 Doubleshow
Amp 18 Eighties Cab: 4x10 Silvercone
Amp 19 Hiway 100 Cab: 4x12 Hiway
Amp 20 Hiway 200 Cab: 4x12 Hiway
Amp 21 Brit Major Cab: 4x15 Big Boy
Amp 22 British Bass Cab: 4x12 Green 20's
Amp 23 California Cab: 2x15 California
Amp 24 Jazz Tone Cab: 1x15 Jazz Tone
Amp 25 Stadium Cab: 1x18+12 Stadium
Amp 26 Studio Tone Cab: 4x10 Session
Amp 27 Motor City Cab: 1x12 Motor City
Amp 28 Brit Class A100 Cab: 2x15 Class A
FX Setups
FX1 Bass Overdrive
FX2 Raspy Distortion
FX3 Bass Screamer
FX4 Fuzz 1-Pi
FX5 Fuzz 2-Facial
FX6 Fuzz 3-Bronze
FX7 Fuzz 4-Octave
FX8 Slinky Drive
FX9 Phased Classic
FX10 Facial Rotor
FX11 Pi a'la Mod
FX12 Thick 'n' Juicy
FX13 Dr Fizzle
FX14 Synth 1-Buzz
FX15 Synth 2-Seismik
FX16 Synth 3-Rez
FX17 Synth 4-Saturn
FX18 Synth 5-Analog
FX19 Synth 6-FX
FX20 Synth 7-Harmony
FX21 Synth 8-Lead
FX22 Synth 9-String
FX23 Synth 10-Octave
FX24 Funky Touch
FX25 Dingo-tron
FX26 Deluxe Chorus
FX27 Chorus Tube Echo
FX28 Analog Chorus
FX29 Deluxe Flanger
FX30 Jet Flanger
FX31 Phazed
FX32 Good Vibes
FX33 Bad Vibes
FX34 Ambient Rotary
FX35 Siouxper Bass
FX36 Sheen
FX37 Hi-Talk
FX38 Opto Tremolo
FX39 Bias Tremolo
FX40 Analog Delay
FX41 Swell Box
FX42 Wet Deluxe
FX43 Slapback Delay
FX44 Multi-head 1234
FX45 Rotorhead
FX46 Sweep 'em Up
FX47 Dotted 8ths Echo
FX48 Comb Filter
FX49 esreveR
FX50 Surf's Up
FX51 Room Reverb
FX52 Dark Hall Reverb
FX53 Rich Reverb
FX54 Plate Reverb
FX55 The Mothership
FX56 Pulse Code
FX57 Tape Eater
FX58 Jet Swell
FX59 Pulsar
FX60 Computer Data
FX61 Infinite Layers
FX62 Finite Layers
FX63 (User FX Setup)
FX64 (User FX Setup)